April fools ‘Vienna sausage’ joke hits Fairbanks funny bone


Alaska Attorney Bill Satterberg  was the subject of this prank in the Fairbanks NewsMiner today — a prank that most likely has the fingerprints of Fairbanks jokester Craig Compeau all over it.

To make matters even more “Fake News,” in this morning’s Must Read Alaska newsletter the editor credited Satterberg with winning the John Sturgeon case at the U.S. Supreme Court.

We’re sticking with the story that it was a prank. (He was the attorney for Jim Wilde , a companion case that went as far as the Ninth Circuit, but ran out of funds after that. The Sturgeon attorney was Matt Findley from Anchorage. Sorry, Matt, you just can’t get a break with all the fake news out there!)

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  1. No. Satterberg himself puts those April Foolz stories in the paper. Been doing it for years. Generally, the good people of Fairbanks view Satterberg as a bit of a prankster lawyer. His writing is also a great relief from reading the endless flow of dreary drivel coming from Dermot and Terrence Cole. The Coles are supposed to be the front line of attack for the ultra Lefties who live in the Banks. The rest of us just call them Dumb and Dumber, or The Living Dead and The Dying Living. Either way the Brown Jug always enjoys their ample business.

  2. Didn’t one of the little Cole twins conduct a “last lecture” about a year ago? Big deal about it at UAF and the extreme Left FDN. So, are these subsequent last lectures coming from the grave? Or, does the FDN just recycle? And I have yet to see either one of them in the Brown Jug during daylight hours. Of course, they could be using disguises given to them by their FLOT friends, and slipping in late at night for fuel.

    • The FairBanks NewsMinus wheels out these dwarf trolls when they need some supposed….ahhhmmm “help.” Lousy public speakers. One can write fairly well, but it’s just a bunch of regurgitated Lefty stuff. Nothing brainy. The NewsMinus always credits their books, but the books don’t sell, except to some snookered tourists, and several of their Lefty friends who need something on the coffeetable next to the cannibis tray. I mean, who reads their stuff? Old, worn-out info fit for the few remaining pioneers crawled over the Chilkoot. A real odd- looking couple of Alaskan midgets.

  3. I didn’t even know the Cole twins were still in Fairbanks. One of them was pretty sick and the other got booted from his job as a writer at the ADN. When your relevance is no more, I suppose you could always go back to your roots and hope someone (anyone) takes one last look at you (as long as you stay sober and don’t look
    90 years old). I hope those aren’t their issues.

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