MRAK Almanac: Road trip season is here

  • Feeling the warmth: As of 4 pm Sunday, the Juneau Airport, Yakutat Airport, Skagway, and Gustavus have all tied or exceeded their record highs for the day (March 31). This makes 15 days in a row that record highs have been met or exceeded somewhere in the Panhandle.
  • This will be the 4th earliest melt-out on record in Anchorage. The earliest was March 22, 2016. The average date is April 17.
  • Flying season is here. Merrill Field had over 159,000 operations in 2018, and July alone had over 21,000 operations – the busiest month in the last 10 years. With the FAR 93 Special Air Traffic rules, it is a complex place to fly. A new set of modifications are being published this month and pilots need to be aware. More information here.

  • Driving season is here. The Taylor Highway is now open to Eagle. This gives residents there access to the rest of the state for the first time since October. If you decide to go, check before you go and be prepared for winter driving conditions. The border crossing won’t open until mid-May.
  • To check on road construction across the state this season, go to