Tshibaka on Sen. Murkowski’s betrayal: She’s playing for the wrong team — for Nancy Pelosi, not Alaska


U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka says Sen. Lisa Murkowski, by voting for a Democrat to represent Alaska in Congress, shows she wants to keep Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in power. On Friday at Alaska Federation of Natives, Murkowski said she will vote for Mary Peltola, the Democrat, for U.S. Congress, rather than either of her fellow Republicans who are running for the seat.

“Lisa Murkowski will vote to send Nancy Pelosi another foot soldier to help push the radical, leftist agenda that is battering Alaska every single day. The only people who want Pelosi to be Speaker are those who like the Biden war on Alaska’s energy workers, high gas prices, runaway inflation, and the Lower 48 taking away Alaska’s freedoms and gun rights. This isn’t some principled position – Murkowski has clearly made a political calculation that her only chance to save herself is to go full Biden enabler,” Tshibaka said.

“This is the same senator who warned everyone that dark money from the Lower 48 would try to buy this Senate seat, yet is accepting millions from Mitch McConnell to lie about me, the official, endorsed candidate of the Alaska Republican Party. With her support of Pelosi and Biden, and her support from McConnell, Lisa Murkowski has shown that she’s wearing the jersey of the D.C. establishment, rather than the home colors of Alaska,” Tshibaka said.

The Alaska Republican Party has tried for years now to divorce itself from Murkowski. In 2021, the party censured her and asked her to leave the party. Later that year, the party endorsed Tshibaka, even though Murkowski did not relinquish her Republican membership.

Further fracturing the matter is that Sen. Mitch McConnell, who controls the Senate Leadership Fund for the Republicans, is spending $7 million to bash Republican Tshibaka, who is the state party’s candidate.

Murkowski needs the support of Democrats to win, and solidified her rural support by announcing at AFN that she will support Peltola, who is Alaska Native and the first Alaska Native to serve in Congress.

The move to endorse a Democrat is especially troubling to Republicans since the U.S. House of Representatives will almost certainly come under Republican control after the November election, and Peltola, who holds Alaska’s only seat in Congress, will be a freshman in the minority, leaving Alaska in a weak position, especially if the Senate remains in Democrat Party hands.

Murkowski and Peltola have also been featured together on campaign literature left on people’s doors. That pairing was produced by the dark money behemoth Sixteen Thirty Fund, which has been part of creating ranked choice voting, and which support Democrat candidates.


  1. A vote for Murkowski is a direct vote for Chuck Schummer in the next Congress when Lisa caucuses with the Democrats. Voting Red means Kelly not Blue Lisa.

    • Carl; Lisa has no opponents, she’s running without a ligit contender, an Alaskan contender, a political upstart with no job, Long time Alaskans know it, Senate leadership knows it, long time Alaskans know it, I know it.

    • More infuriating than Lisa turning her back is that the dirty turtle running the party will reward her with even more money and power.

    • Being most voter are unaffilliated or independant and that Lisa works for the whole of the constituency, I too see her moving to unaffilliated. And she will still be voted in.

      I want a senator that works for all, not try to enforce party influences. You, too?

    • Murkowski will win handily. Ranked choice voting has assured that outcome. She does not care what the minority cares. And she will continue to win as long as she runs, provided that she does not do something stupid.
      It is something to think that our Country’s system is probably the best system of government in the world. Boy, is the world in trouble!

  2. Well if that isn’t the biggest middle finger to Alaska. Between Murkowski and McConnell, and Sullivan supporting traitor Murkowski, we are completely screwed. I was hoping we could at least get a real Republican like Nick Begich into congress, but Lisa Murkowski is why Alaska can’t have nice things.

  3. Sixteen Thirty Fund, “the indisputable heavyweight of Democratic dark money.” – The Atlantic magazine.

    The fetid Swamp will spend countless $millions of dark money to maintain its grip on power in DC. Let’s prove them to be unsuccessful in the great state of Alaska. Kelly T, the first and only in my ranking.

  4. Who’s playing for the “wrong” team? Tsibaka is a Trump loyalist. Trump tried to steal the 2020 election, knowingly lied by claiming massive voter fraud, instigated a riot of his MAGA cult disciples to storm the Capitol to attempt to prevent Congress from certifying the election, has been caught with top secret documents that he wrongfully stole and then lied about having, is being sued for fraud, and is the target of several criminal investigations. A vote for Tsibaka is a vote for Trump and his criminal enterprise, Murkowski had the integrity and the backbone to vote to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial. She is playing for the team that is trying to uphold the basic principals of our constitutional democracy, Kelly is playing on the team of a strongman wannabe dictator who will likely soon be indicted and sent to prison. I think Lisa is playing for the right team, not Kelly.

      • Ah another MAGA cult member who has been trained to say TDS whenever anyone speaks the truth about his cult leader. Sorry to intrude on your deluded worship of your cult leader with facts and truth. There is help for people like you and many of the other MAGA cultists who post comments here. But sadly the first step is for you to realize you have been duped and need help, before anyone can help you. Since you will probably just remained immersed in the cocoon of disinformation spread by the right wing media sites from which ou get our information and opinions, I doubt you will ever wake up and realize you are delusional. Which is why you and many other commentators on this site will be crying foul and claiming election fraud in a few weeks when Lisa Murkowski and Mary Peltola win their reelection bids.

        • The brainwashing is complete and beyond the point of no return. I’ve seen it before–as misery loves company, eh? Maybe they’ll come out with a mRNA ‘vaccine’ to rearrange your DNA. Until then…

        • Rick,
          My office opens tomorrow morning at 8:00am. I offer evaluations for a full plate of psychiatric illnesses. I think you have a few that you don’t know about yet. I can offer discounts if you desire group therapy too. And if you are on Part B, I have generic anti-psychotic drugs for the TDS folks. But hurry. Supplies are running out.

        • Lol the truth.. You are suffering from TDS bad.. Democrats/liberals/progressives when they have no valid argument always revert to Trump bad/MAGA bad/MAGA cult evil.. Those are your talking points. High inflation democrat voter trump bad. Record crime democrat voter trump bad record opiates death’s democrat voter trump bad.

          • We liberals DO take the easy road with the horrendous, traitorous thievery of the Trump. For educated, even-thinking Americans, Trump is/was obvious poison. For Republicans, he can do no wrong.

            Republicans need to craft an explanation for why they supported him. Your children will ask some day.

    • Rick said about Lisa: “She is playing for the team that is trying to uphold the basic principals of our constitutional democracy,…”

      Please explain how voting to convict a former president out of office for a month is a basic principle of our constitutional democracy. Show your work. From here, that single vote demonstrated that Lisa is driven by little more than personal animus, and never her Oath of Office. Cheers –

        • Terri,
          Funny, I voted to convict Bill Clinton after the House impeached him in 1997. Daughter Lisa is trying to follow in Dad’s footsteps, but Nancy and I just signed the disinheritance documents today. Have a good one in 2023.

    • Rick, you have listed too many facts here that do not pair well when those under the influence of the Orange Kool Aid.

  5. The radio ads for Peltola imply that she’s been in Congress for years, listing her many accomplishments in the short time she’s actually warmed a chair in D.C. A warm and fuzzy application of Goebbels’ “massaging the lie” technique. I can’t wait to see a fellow congressional member pin Mary P. to the wall as depicted in the infamous photo of Murk being schooled by Diane Feinstein. As for Frankie Rast’s countless comments blasting Tshibaka, I’d rather be known as a ‘grifter’ than a shameless traitor, opportunist, parasite and cretin. I’m sure Lisa’s retirement portfolio is right on par with that of the average Alaskan, right? Probably closer to Pelosi’s than anyone else.

    • Gutless, nepotistic, Primadonna. Had to ask daddy to appoint her rather than run on name recognition and daddy’s millions available to back her in a nonexistent campaign….

  6. Suzanne: What would happen if it we all vote Kelly #1 Only. But she doesn’t get 51%. Could Lisa’s and Mary’s #2 ranked votes beat her in a Second Round.?

    • Mary is running for House, so she won’t be on that section of the ballot with Lisa, Kelly, Pat, and Buzz. -sd

        • ………certainly not like the educated idiots who can’t balance checkbooks but come here to MRAK to disrupt. Did you donate to MRAK,. …..Fan?

    • Sarge, 99.9 of the voters have made up they’er minds, in fact the results are here, we just don’t know what those results are, in fact it may be a month after the election before we know.
      We cannot pin the blame for runaway inflation on just uncle Joe, a monopolized corporate America is a large part of the problem, also illegal immigration that saturates the economy is part of it, high local taxes rising, a big conglomerate mess.
      Just remember this Sarge, most of Lisa’s senate tenure has been a time of great economy and prosperity.

    • He very well will be eliminated in the first round–certainly the second round and those #2 votes will go the Kelly (unless someone is stupid enough to list Lisa first) And Chesbro’s votes will go to Lisa in the same manner. Get in touch with your local Repub district committee and they will assist in helping to get you ready to vote.

  7. Alaska’s oil and crabbing industry was shut down and Lisa does nothing. Then she takes millions of her Uncle Joe’s dark money and spends all over the state, patting herself on the back for all the hard work she’s done. A true swamp creature.

  8. Princess Lisa, you are consistently repugnant, and traitorous, and self-serving, and simply evil, as you are dishonest and arrogant. You, Lisa, are a sociopath through and through.

  9. Begich called it. He got up close in DC, saw the swamp, and ran against Young. People couldn’t understand why he was running to the right of Young but he knew something – our representation is completely left.

    Begich 1, Palin 2
    Kelly 1

    • You do “comport” yourself well as an ignoramus, Paul! Ah, yes, I can already hear the “frontiersmen” grunting in your defense!

    • Now I know what truth portends the flock of Lefties to arrive at MRAK. LOL. Lefties just age quicker. It’s a fact. Always angry and full of hate does the trick. Old and bitter is the fate. Anyway, you have to admit, Lisa has REALLY aged and wrinkled herself up. Lost her looks and has taken on the appearance of an old Democrat, glaring eyes and a shriveled prune face. They aren’t hard to see at the grocery store. Just for grins, follow them around the aisle a little bit and see what kind of food Lefties purchase. It’s kinda funny.

      • I tried that today, Paul. At Fred Meyers in Wasilla. Everyone looked pretty happy. Of course, Wasilla is a Republican stronghold and Republicans are not typically angry people like Democrats are. But you are right, in that Democrats are easily spotted. They have a sour look and shriveled up faces. Sort of like Lisa Murkowski. The food part was interesting too. They like canned beans and sunflower seeds. These are heavy flatulent foods. Where does all that CO2 go?

        • ?
          Funny as h—. Lefties, Commie lovers. America haters. Democrats. Trump haters.
          The people that lead these groups are old, radicals leftover from the 60’s. They were the druggies. The counter cultured ones who got liberal college degrees. Luckily, they are dying off quickly now. Aches and pains, and bodies breaking down from drug abuse, alcohol and plenty of anger. Unfortunately, too many of them penetrated the public school system, the NEA, the government, and politics. Their legacy left behind is a bunch of mixed-up adult children who don’t know how to work and support themselves. Trump pointed this out often and he received a beating for telling the truth.

          • Marla is correct……again. The climate change agenda has been morphed several times by these very 60’s nutcases. But enough of their grandkids have been brainwashed at the public schools and by the universities so that it has taken hold. The real agenda pursued is socialism and then, communism.

  10. Based on here tenure, it’s ever so clear that Daddy’s Little Princess has “always” played for the Wrong Team, as well as, mischievously fed that narcissistic ego of her’s.

  11. And the Turtle is pouring millions into Alaska to get her re-elected. Almost like Mitch wants to make it as hard as possible for the GOP to win the House.

  12. The capacity to think for yourself is the hallmark of a conservative! Let’s hear the party apparatchiks and other flunkies squeal!

  13. Murkowski is the poster child of the Deep State swamp and has absolutely no love for anything but power over her constituents. She is a Democrat and collaborator with leftist infiltrators within or government. She has no love for this country or its Constitution. She is the example of who not to vote for under any circumstances if you love freedom. Alaska, she is plotting against you, do not allow her to steal another election!

  14. As I’ve been saying for years, “Anybody But Lisa.” If she ever supported Alaska’s best interests, she certainly no longer does. Worse yet, she is badly damaging the entire country with her patently misguided, left-wing votes.

  15. If 43% of the 2020 presidential electorate were Democrats, is it fair for Alaska to have two conservative Republican Senators?

  16. Kelly, how can you be so sure Murkowski will vote for Peltola? She only SAID she would. To grab a phrase from Roger Hedgecock: “There are only two things I don’t like about the lady…. Her face”.

  17. Photo showing Murkowski embraced with Biden. Wonder if she slept with Biden and who else she slept with on
    the democratic party. Is that someone Alaska want to represent our state?

  18. After witnessing all the destruction the last several years I’m surprised at the number of sheep still supporting the left, clearly blinded or plain stupid.

  19. What would happen if Tshibaka used her power of prayer to ensure that she was elected and then DIDN’T get elected? Would the failure cause a religious meltdown?

  20. Mary Peltola was blessed with Don Young’s bolo tie at AFN last week. The significance of this is lost on much of the MRA Nation. If you’re going to represent Alaska in Congress, you have to have the Bush vote. Those who pander to the urbanists in the Mat Si and Anchorage just won’t cut it.

    Let’s face it folks, ranking the red isn’t going to top the energized and motivated Bush voters. We are witnessing a sea-change in Alaska politics, the divisiveness of personal destruction and party pandering is not healthy for Alaska, we need a change and Mary Peltola is that change. Not the anointed son of the political elites, not the MAGA inspired former Governor whose better days are behind her. Get used to saying it, Congressperson for all Alaska Mary Peltola

    • Did you pay attention to the last election where the vote was split Begich/Palin 60% to Peltola 40% and over 11,000 Begich votes exhausted? If you don’t think red voters and many Independents aren’t energized (and ticked off by RCV) you’re not paying attention.

      • I was a never Palin in August. Now, I will rank her #2 in November, as insurance against the Commie Mary Peltola.

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