Murkowski says she’s voting for Peltola first


It’s official: Sen. Lisa Murkowski is not “ranking the red.”

She is voting for Democrat Mary Peltola for Congress. The news came in the form of a Twitter post relayed by a reporter on Friday.

Murkowski has been verywarm to Peltola since the Bethel Democrat won the temporary seat in Congress to replace the late Congressman Don Young. The news of her announcement to go with the Democrat rather than a Republican as her first choice caught few by surprise. Murkowski has been leaning more and more to the left for several years and was asked this year by the Republican Party to leave the party.

Peltola won the temporary congressional seat in August, and is now in contention for the two-year seat.

Republicans have been preaching that they should “rank the red,” which means to rank either candidates Nick Begich or Sarah Palin first, and Palin or Begich second. But as Murkowski has been dismissed by the Alaska Republican Party, she evidently feels no loyalty to other Republicans at this stage of the campaign, when the Alaska GOP has clearly favored her Republican opponent Kelly Tshibaka.

By backing Peltola, Murkowski is also backing Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, said the Tshibaka campaign in a note. Is it a ‘Hail Mary” or her only obvious path to victory? Murkowski knows that 90 percent of Republicans are lost to her, so her only path to win is to get as many Democrats as possibles. It appears to be a purely political, and purely mathematical move. She cannot win more Republican voters than she already has by stating her support for a Republican.

At this point, Murkowski has abandoned the Republican Party completely in a state that went for Trump by double digits twice. She hasn’t identified Peltola as the best candidate; this is a math calculation based on political survival. She is also dropping her opposition to dark money from Outside, with Sen. Mitch McConnell attacking her Republican opponent, Kelly Tshibaka.


    • Jim; Lisa is a fiscal conservative, oil and gas, the infrastructure law, rural broadband and on and on; vast majority of her senate tenure has been great economy, prosperity.
      Murkowski and Sullivan have been Alaska’s double barrel shotgun.
      Inflation has many to blame, from uncle Joe to a monopolized corporate America that has large control of our economy.

      • Murkowski and Sullivan sold us out by approving Haaland knowing full well what she stands for. So much for supporting oil and gas.
        Even if she was a fiscal conservative, most true conservatives will reject her because she rejects defending the personhood of unborn human beings. If she can’t defend the defenseless, all the “fiscalness” in the world amounts to nothing.

      • Joe,
        Lisa and Dan voted for both Biden’s “inflation reduction bill” that increases inflation, and his $1 Trillion hugh mungus “Infrastructure bill” that started the inflation, you call that fiscal conservative? Both voted for Deb Haaland, who has shut down Alaska oil industry, closed down AWAR, closed down fracking on all federal land ,shut down the only proposed road to the West coast. Both voted for Mayorkas who is responsible for the 2,700,000 Illegal Aliens invading the USA in the last year! Don’t forget the $85 Billion in Military equipment abandoned and the humiliation withdrawal from Afghanistan, both Murky and Danny are on team Biden. Wake the hell up buddy.

      • Murkowski is a first class swamp creature, she is pro fiscal destruction of the U.S.A. she is not Conservative anything except Conserving the Swamp. She is NOT pro Alaska.

      • Then why not vote for an America First candidate? That way you’re guaranteed America’s interests will be first.

        By the way, there is no such thing as a conservative Democrat anymore.

    • Murkowski and her ilk have been enemies of The People since the get go when they first took office. The only difference now is that they have become emboldened to come out of their socialist closets and display their true colors.

    • She does not have to.
      In fact, if she continues as a R, the RINO in charge of the Senate GOP will continue to put her on committees that benefit her, get her the biggest graft, etc…
      There is a reason why pigs do not get into politics. Too dirty for them

  1. Birds of a Feather:

    Mitch McConnell Pulls PAC Ads Out of New Hampshire, Effectively Sabotaging GOP Candidate Don Bolduc


  2. Is it not ironic how they both came to be here, only dominion voting systems & rank choice voting could accomplish such evil on us. Birds of a feather should be ousted together. Oath breakers of Alaska all you have done is exposed yourselves to The Big guy, keep mocking your oath duties and your so help me GOD contact you have with GOD for of and by the citizens. SARA & KELLY TIME, nick sir you can replace Dan Sullivan for us here. Team Alaska flip the script, oath integrity time is at hand here ALL.

  3. I agree with Lisa on this one. Mary is supportive of the Conoco Phillips Willow Project. Mary will help keep the village of Nuiqsut out of years of development stopping litigation. The Willow Project and its potential 200,000 barrels of oil flowing down the pipeline is the key to Alaska’s future. The environmental activists are already talking to Nuigsut. Wake up, costly litigation will kill the project. Want a good PFD, Want to avoid a State Income Tax, Like having bills paid. BP left and Conoco Phillips could also. Worried about inflation, try limited oil revenue.

        • That said, ranking the red is the only way to promote the conservative ideology rather than the liberal wokeism that permeated the Democratic Party. The oil will flow without Petola as it would with. Difference is all the other things that go along with a blue candidate negates her value. Vote Red!!!

    • Ha! This is rich Peltola introduced the mayor Nuiqsut to the congressional committee.. Here is the article sit back read it and get back with us how meemaw has our backs..


    • Mary can support Willow to her last breath.
      It will never come to fruition under this administration. And, both Peltola and Murkowski know it. It is meaningless words, that will never require action on their part.

    • You do realize the DEMs will be in the minority in JAN don’t you. Mary won’t be getting any legislation she proposes even looked at, let alone passed in the House. The only thing I’s ever agree with Lisa on is when she says she’s resigning. Lisa isn’t a lock for the Senate seat this year, this may be one of the nails in the coffin for her.

    • Murkowski’s entire political career was based on opening ANWR. When Trump gave it to her she spit in his face and all Alaskans paid the price. Murkowski & Peltola can give all the lip service they have to fast track the Willow Project but if it doesn’t dovetail with the Dems New Green Deal it won’t amount to a hill of beans.

      • “Murkowski’s entire political career was based on opening ANWR. When Trump gave it to her she spit in his face and all Alaskans paid the price………..”
        This can’t be proclaimed loud enough. All of Alaska’s congressional delegates have been begging to open the 1002 area for the past 40+ years, and Trump did it with a signature.
        Murky stabbed him in the back.

  4. I hope this is Lisa’s Meltdown election, and she loses Big, so we don’t have to put up with her for 6 more years.. She just gets Woreser and Woreser. She’s running as a Republican, Censured by the. State Republican Party, and told not to run as a Republican. Who is now Schlepping for Democrat votes, by hooking up with Mary the Nice Baby
    in the Womb Killing Grandma. Alaska—how did we get here? Undo this mess. Vote MAGA KELLY. Rank the Red for Congress MAGA.

    • ConocoPhillips has expended lots of their cash on this project and a potential of 200,000 barrels of oil down the pipeline. Minimal effect on the state budget ? Our oil industry was not healthy with under $40 a barrel oil. Seems like now we have money in the budget and paid out a record PFD. No, let’s go back to budget cuts and BP selling out. Oil revenues should be number one on ranked choice voting. The Willow Field is our future. We can have development reducing litigation now and if you think waiting two years for a new President means no for sale signs with our oil industry you are mistaken. After the election Lisa’s seniority will matter in getting Willow on line. And Mary will help with Nuiqsut . Elections matter and bills need to be paid.

  5. Welp, there it is, folks. And the bizarre notion that Peltola can be particularly effective, in either a Democratic or a Republican-led House, in promoting the Willow Project… what’s that you’re smoking, fella?

  6. Well, I’ll just have to “rank” Murkowski #5 on the ballot.

    Nancy Pelosi and the rest of these liberals are destroying our country. Lisa needs to go.

    Sarah Palin is never going to vote to ban firearms, or amnesty for illegals, or any of the other rot the socialists support.

  7. is anybody else getting tired of the peltola fake smile. she says she dosent mind killing babies , taking away our guns and look both her and murkowski have that smile on their face all the time.

  8. Lisa Murkowski needs all the Bush votes and Democrat votes to win. So, of course she’s voting for lefty Peltola. This is always Lisa’s survival strategy. Republicans put this airhead Lisa into office, now they can take her back out.
    Kelly T to win!

  9. The Brits have a phrase that applies to the GOP. Not fit for purpose.

    The GOP needs to be completely torn down and replaced with a genuine Conservatives party.

    • Ranked-choice voting is the way that could be accomplished without splitting the conversative vote to the advantage of Democrats.

  10. Begich called it. He got up close in DC, saw the swamp, and ran against Young. People couldn’t understand why he was running to the right of Young but he knew something – our representation is completely left.

    Begich 1, Palin 2
    Kelly 1

  11. Ha, in your face Ak Republicans! And she still has a good chance of winning. What a mess. My vote for Kelly T and Nick B cancels murcky out so the rest of you need to get it done.

  12. Quite sure the State Party abandoned both Republican principles and Senator Murkowski when they nominated a grifter instead of a stand up Alaskan for US Senate. BTW a few conservatives do not have the authority to decide who is a Republican

    • Frank, ‘ll take a “grifter” ( your new popular leftist term meaning a small time hood) to the tool of an organized crime syndicate which is what the Democrap Party has devolved into. Harry Truman and JFK would Puke to see this!
      Kelly had me at ” I’m not Lisa”.
      Frank, I knew Lisa as a spoiled brat kid, guess what Frank…

  13. I thought I would mention this again ICYMI. I got my official election pamphlet in the mail. Did you see Murkowski’s photo in there? When was that thing taken, 1982? Even her pamphlet pic is a misleading half-truth and false misrepresentation.

  14. Not surprising at all! “Mary, Mary quite Constitutionally Contrary” and Lisa are soulmates.
    Answer to this dilemma?
    Vote Nick #1
    Vote Sarah #2
    Vote Kelly!!!!
    And Sweeny, Even I know better then your girl Lisa what’s good for Alaska, sorry pal.

  15. If Murkowski manages to win the rigged RCV election and the Senate balance ends up 51-49 in favor of the Republicans, she’s going to switch sides in order to give the Senate back to the dims. It’s where she belongs, anyway. Why do we let politicians pretend to be in one party when they’re not? Remember Walker, anybody?

  16. Yet more proof that she is not a Republican, and she provides proof for the Republican Party to sue her out of party representation. It’s one thing to be a registered party member voting for a candidate from another party, but it is quite another to run for office as a party member and vote for members of another party.
    We currently have an ideology trying desperately to deconstruct or destroy American and western culture and society, and Murky appears to be an operating tool if that ideology. In this specific case, she is undeniably key in the effort to destroy the Republican Party. She has been censored by the state Republican Party, and she is unrepentant.
    I hope the party sues her fanny out of the party forever, which might be necessary for the party’s mere survival.

  17. It’s long past time to “blue ticket” Murkowski out of this village.

    Even the few ethical Democrats have to admit that Murkowski has no politics besides her career. Lisa blows with whichever way the winds go.

    This is what happens when politics is more about profession than public service.

  18. With Lisa sprinting to the left and openly ignoring any attempts to represent Alaska, pairing up with a dem that espouses unrestricted abortions and restrictions on our firearms, there is no longer any excuse to tolerate Lisa voters. Anyone that still feels she has any modicum of interest in helping run the country (she is a U.S. senator after all) is actively trying to remain ignorant or is actually on board with corrupting our form of government. Don’t believe me? Why did Lisa vote against several of Trump’s appointees? Like Trump or not, Lisa is a senator ‘representing’ a state where Trump won by double digits. It’s a safe bet that the majority of the state supported those appointees. Another example is her votes in support of obamacare. This is a purely socialist system and socialism cannot exist along with capitolism/free enterprise. And now, she went and helped vote in red flag laws. This means that instead of law enforcement getting permission from a judge to remove firearms from the home of a possible troublemaker, anyone can make a claim to the police and they can directly remove said firearms. If that doesn’t bother you, consider that any ex or angry neighbor can make that initial claim tothe police.
    So if you still support Lisa, at any level, you simply support someone that wants to RETURN to the senate so she can continue to fight against constitutionally protected rights, the continued growth of an overbearing federal government, and continue to vote against the wishes of all of us.
    Remember that at this point in time, anyone voting for Lisa just wants to continue to degrade our way of life and are looking to change our way of government.

  19. The ads suggesting Lisa Murkowski has changed in recent times are false. Lisa hasn’t changed one bit. She’s always been on the left. She has always been for abortion and gun control, going back to her days in the State Senate.

  20. It warms my ♥ to see the heartwarmingness of the political season. Our 45th President, Mr. I ? Alaska, President Donald J Trump wanted nothing more than a similar, heartwarming relationship with Alaska’s Senator to enhance economic advancement for one of the newest states in the union which would have been beneficial ($$$) for Alaskans and our beneficial industries. But, no. We have “this” …instead…keep the heartwarming…going… :-[

  21. Let’s not forget Princess Murkowski didn’t vote for President Trump either.. Only thing that will keep her in office are the democrats..

  22. It’s interesting how little effort Trump has put in to defeating the Princess.

    He did make several statements about doing so, yet outside of one rally he’s been noticeably absent.

    Guess it, and we, aren’t all that important to him after all.

    • What, do you expect him to move here? He wasn’t the fool who voted for RCV. Murky and Kendall swindled the entire state into this predicament. He has no responsibility to wipe our fannies. We’ll just make another mess, anyway.

      • No. I expect him to spend part of his vast political war chest supporting Kelly.

        Pay for campaign ads, canvassers, things like that. It’s not hard nor rocket science. It’s called doing what he said he would do.

        If you wish to assign RVC blame, don’t forget to add the following:
        -the people who didn’t or refused to learn the system
        – the GOP for not organizing “ how to vote using RCV” workshops statewide
        -the people who refuse to rank red
        -the stupidity of the average voter
        -the laziness of the average voter

        This isn’t hard. Don’t let your ego overcomplicate it.

  23. We are begging Lisa to let us out of Petersburg, but she put restrictions on our travel. She censures most of our internet chat (except MRAK, which she can’t) and she has the neighbors spying on us too. She is so afraid of Kelly Tshibaka. And we are praying for Kelly’s victory ever day.

  24. It’s pure elder abuse. We keep calling the Office of Public Advocacy to come rescue us, but Lisa knows them too and cancels our pleas for help.

  25. Anyone who has been here any length of time remembers she was a Democrat -and her daddy said she had to play the Republican part to be able to take over his seat. Iykyk

  26. Murkowski and Peltola represents the generations who’d break timeless Republican and Democrat rules and protocal all for the purpose of unity. These leaders and all those who hate political parties are important for the sole use of continual work toward a one world government where there no discussions.

      • That’s what Alaska’s new election system is designed to accomplish: help moderate, consensus candidates get elected.

        • Boy, I want a part of whatever you three are smoking!
          I bet you all still believe in Santa Claus, also, and that government is just there to help and protect us, along with other such fairy tales.

  27. Talk with every registered voter you know, vote for Kelly, rank the red. Lisa was down on the AK GOP after she lost the primary to Joe Miller, and wanted the results thrown out. They said no can do. She then did exactly what she said she wouldn’t do, she ran as an independent, multiple ballots with similar handwriting on them, multiple ballots mis-spelled, multiple ballots only marked “Lisa.” Then came the rank choice voting sham. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this mockery of elections go through.

    I hold very little hope that Kelly and The Red will win this election. Prove me wrong Alaska!

  28. Gosh, this a bad move, Lisa. You now risk losing the remaining Republican support that is essential to your path to victory. If you haven’t noticed, Alaska is a fundamentally red state. I am not a fan of Ms. Tshibaka, but your move could change my mind. Have you been spending too much time with Scott Kendall?

  29. It was summer 1987 I witnessed the self serving Murkowski family love for Alaska. As I entered the bank of the north to do business I noticed Father Franks office cleaned out. I wondered what happened and it wasn’t long and FDIC answered the question. It’s time for daughter to follow her dads example!

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