Dark Money: Sixteen Thirty Fund masquerades as ‘Bristol Bay Action’ and advises Alaska voters to pick Murkowski and Peltola


The Outside dark money group called the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which backs Democrats and liberal causes and which is trying to scare Alaska voters into voting “no” on the Constitutional Convention question, is also backing Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Congresswoman Mary Peltola as the “pro-fish ticket.”

Murkowski is a nominal Republican who has been asked by the Republican Party to vacate the premises. The party censured her and proceeded to endorse Republican Kelly Tshibaka for Senate. Peltola is a Democrat who is finishing out Congressman Don Young’s term of office and running for the two-year seat.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund is running under the name of Bristol Bay Action, and has given that group some $600,000 to work with. It is the only money that Bristol Bay Action has to work with, and the group has been sitting on the funds since March.

In Anchorage, Bristol Bay Action flyers began showing up at homes this week with both Murkowski and Peltola as the “fish” candidates.

Must Read Alaska has documented the Sixteen Thirty Fund’s persistent involvement in Alaska politics for years. The group is an offshoot of Arabella Advisers, the dark money hub of leftist politics in America. Arabella funds groups such as the new media upstart Alaska Beacon, and other left-leaning news organizations around the country, as the group tries to shape the news narrative in America with news organizations that appear to be neutral.

Other candidates funded by the Sixteen Thirty Fund are hardline leftists like Stacey Abrams of Georgia.

Read: Stacey Abrams dark money group hauled in $62 million following 2018 election loss

The Atlantic, a left-leaning magazine, has called the Sixteen Thirty Fund ‘the indisputable heavyweight of Democratic dark money’ which funneled ‘roughly $61 million of effectively untraceable money to progressive causes,’ making it the ‘second-largest super-PAC donor in 2020.’ Of Arabella Advisors, the Atlantic noted that the ‘mothership’ company runs a ‘massive progressive dark-money group you’ve never heard of.’ It added: ‘Democrats have quietly pulled ahead of Republicans in untraceable political spending. One group helped make it happen,’ reports InfluenceWatch.org.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund is just one arm of the Arabella political octopus. Others include the Hopewell Fund, and New Venture Fund, and dozens of other groups just like Bristol Bay Action, with local-sounding names.

“A single, cryptically named entity that has served as a clearinghouse of undisclosed cash for the left, the Sixteen Thirty Fund, received mystery donations as large as $50 million and disseminated grants to more than 200 groups, while spending a total of $410 million in 2020 — more than the Democratic National Committee itself,” The New York Times reported in January.

Back side of flyer for Murkowski and Peltola.

Lumping Murkowski with Peltola isn’t something that the very experienced political group Sixteen Thirty Fund would do by accident; it would be the result of polling and message testing. This pairing might help Peltola, while hurting Murkowski, although Alaska pollster Ivan Moore says Murkowski has alienated her right flank to the point that all she has is the left now. It appears doubtful Murkowski will distance herself from Peltola, but instead will ride her coattails for the Democrat vote.

Bristol Bay Action is not qualified with Federal Election Commission as a multi-candidate group, but is actively supporting two candidates on this flyer, a possible campaign violation.


  1. Trump could be doing something like this. He could organize and coordinate funding of candidates nationwide.

    The left wins because they organize. The right loses because they are too busy forming circular firing squads.

    • Interesting perspective.
      I see it slightly differently, however the outcome is generally the same.
      Leftists are a top down, management driven organization. They assume any group, say the NRA, is in charge, and the gun owners will do what NRA management says to do, because they act that way. Some PAC says vote this way, and the leftists obey.
      Conservatives are a ground up organized. The NRA has power in DC because their members want that organization to have power. And, if the NRA stops doing what their members want, it will be replaced. The leftists cannot understand how something like that actually works. The average person is in charge? Nope… does not compute to leftists. They need a monarch.
      The leftists win because the ‘ARE’ organized. They are organized, and given their marching orders, by whomever has the money or political influence. They are subjects, not individuals. If the 1630 fund says vote Murkowski, they do not question, they just do.

      • Not arguing, but consider the case of Liz Cheney. She is torching the GOP because (I guess) she’s deeply in love with Trump and he’s not interested.

        The left rarely has this kind of problem because they are able to rein their people in.

        Consider Joe Manson(sp). He was enough of a thorn to get what he wanted, then fell in line.

        • “…because they are able to rein their people in.”
          See, leftists obey. It is a top down, monarchial group.

        • Manchin didn’t get what he wanted. Dems screwed him on his pipeline deal, and now the voters in WV see him for who he is, he is going down Cheney style

  2. Everybody I know thinks the 1630 group is a leftist ran has been and does not pay any attention to them or their stance.

    • It is the people you do not normally associate with that are the problem. Too many people believe Kelly T is a grifter solely because of the ads. And, they will ignore any evidence that disagrees with their stance.

      • Boy did you ever say a mouthfull there CB! And if it walks and talks like a duck. This is likely not because of the ads but because of “the truth hurts.” Heheh!

        • Speaking of people who ignore any evidence that disagrees with their stance. Hi Bill!
          If ignorance was bliss, you would be borderline orgasmic.
          Thanks for popping by anyway. Now, go sit in the corner and color. Adults are talking here.

          • Even if you do say so yourself CB. Like I said, if it walks like a duck, etc.. It’s your ignorance showing up on here along with the “adults” you think are talking here. People think Kelly is a grifter because she fits the bill and she is supported by the greatest of them all. But you know that and there is no evidence that disagrees with that stance. If there were you would likely refer to it and we are just hearing crickets.
            Tough noogies to you.

        • I thought I was a waste of your time Bill. Obviously not.
          Glad to see I can rent so much space in your (obviously limited) mental real estate.
          How’s the coloring going? Keeping within the lines?

  3. The hair on the nape of my neck always rises when I think of Pebble Mine and Bristol Bay.

    Pebble’s fatal mistake was not paying off BBNA.

    I was and am for developing Pebble Mine, I’m well aware of the environmental issues. The risks are slim to negligible, the potential benefits are huge. BBNA knows this well.

    They also know and this is what genuinely concerns the families that run BBNA is that Pebble would change the economics and demographics of Bristol Bay.

    The power over the dole is what keeps BBNA a viable unit. If the area became prosperous without their direction, the families of BBNA would lose both influence, power, and wealth.

    Also, if the population of Bristol Bay became more diverse. The politicians endorsed by BBNA would very likely lose their caretaking roles and BBNA would lose government funding amounts.

    The Pebble fight was never about salmon, it was about preserving BBNA privilege.

    • Wearing my tin foil fedora here, but I think the Pebble Mine is a red herring.
      How many other mines, drill sites, etc… were permitted with little to no opposition because the entire environmental world is focused on Pebble? If I was a petro or mining company, I would absolutely pony up several hundred million or a billion to fund a bogus mine like Pebble to get the heat off of what I am doing. Money well spent in my opinion.

    • I’ve been saying the very same thing for years. Their caste system, preserved from aeons ago, gives the high castes their privilege, their control over the local economy, over the commoners.
      Rio Tinto gifted 19% of Pebble to BBNC and another related non-profit. That would have put a BBNC person on the Northern Dynasty Minerals (NDM) board of directors, giving a lot of veto power to the BBNC. Instead, they sold that 19% back to NDM, for about 8 million, when the fair market value on the NYSE was hovering around 54 to 57 million. Google: “history of Pebble mine”.
      Stupid? Corrupt? Drunk? Or all of the above?

  4. I think that you are correct Rabbl. I remember an anti Pebble add on the radio a year or more back with a young woman who claimed to be a Bristol Bay fisherwoman who was all against the development of Pebble, yet she worked for a oil development company in Cok Inlet. I might be wrong about this, but I think the company that this young fisherwoman worked for was/is owned by the Bristal Bay Native Corporation. So, I guess that it is OK for oil and gas to be developed in the Cook Inlet and the Cook Inlet fisheries be dammed.

    • The last thing the BBNA wants is for the people of Bristol Bay to not be dependent upon them.

      Heaven forbid if more non-shareholder voters moved to the area, they’d have had a conniption. Edgmon probably would stroke out.

      • Wow, finally got someone to tell the truth about these so-called native corporations that have been pretending to care about the indigenous peoples for years, but really are just using them to get rich. Yes, they do send out enough money to keep everyone happy and ensure their positions, but it’s chump change compared to what the board members take.

  5. Always read the comments. Some if not most will always be enlightening. As a recovering democrat (got hoodwinked by Obama the first time, but saw the light when he got the so-called “Peace Prize” for doing absolutely nothing and followed that with a “war as a means of achieving peace” speech at the acceptance of the Nobel prize. The main problem is that the democrats have been peddled the “Republicans are the party of big business” for so long they are mostly brainwashed. Think cult and you get the picture. Many dems are now waking up and leaving. The African-Americans and the Latinos are leaving in droves. They are, like myself, waking up from a deep sleep/hypnosis and finally thinking for themselves. Among them today is a true American, Tulsi Gabbard, who was on Tucker Carlson’s show. She has been a dissenter for some time. Like me, she was probably raised in the old party, which had passed on when the “Identity politics” became the norm, replacing the “big tent” of inclusion politics. So don’t give up, people are waking up, hopefully soon enough to make a difference.

  6. This is hilarious!! Two peas in a pod, so to speak. Peltola is not smart and I doubt she is capable of doing anything without a higher up failure working her for votes, Murkowski.. I checked on the two bills she wrote and came out of the US congress site of bills and acts just laughing and laughing. Peltola put in a bill number and one sentence on each bill number. It has no co-sponsors and no signatures nor is there any activity but she put in the two sentences and then touts them as action on her part to initiate a new law. HA!HA!HA! all the people that voted for her the first time, and hopefully you will see the end of the tunnel and the way out of a bad representation of your votes. Get busy and follow up on these idiots, Peltola and Murkowski. Check everything. They are frauds. HA!HA!HA!HA!

  7. This same dark money group joined forces with union thugs (the NEA and the IBEW PAC) to fund the “vote No on One” campaign.

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