Trump announces, the media pounces


The ink wasn’t dried on the midterm elections when former President Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president again in 2024, setting himself up as the first major announced candidate for a presidential election that will take place in two years.

Trump officially launched his 2024 presidential campaign at his Mar-a-Lago resort. He highlighted accomplishments of his first term, talked about inflation, the problem at the border, and the soaring cost of gas prices.

“I am officially running for president of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again,” Trump said.

“Our country needs a truly great leader, and we need a truly great leader now. We need a leader that wrote ‘The Art of the Deal.’ We need a leader that can bring back our jobs, can bring back our manufacturing, can bring back our military, take care of our vets. Our vets have been abandoned!” he said. “Your country is being destroyed before your eyes. America’s comeback starts right now.”

His announcement came as no surprise, as it had been scheduled for days. He also filed his candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission.

NPR reported it with a slant against the former president, signaling its intentions to report it from a certain angle: “Donald Trump, who tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election and inspired a deadly riot at the Capitol in a desperate attempt to keep himself in power, has filed to run for president again in 2024,” the news organization wrote, inaccurately.

NBC reported in its headline, “Trump, whose lies about the 2020 election inspired an insurrection, announces third White House bid. Trump has continued to falsely assert that he won the 2020 election but that he was denied office by rampant fraud.”

NBC continued, “Donald Trump, the only president impeached twice, launched a campaign to reclaim the Oval Office on Tuesday, two years after voters ousted him and a week after they rejected his hand-picked candidates in several pivotal Senate races.” NBC neglected to point out that four of Trump’s endorsed gubernatorial candidates won, out of nine he endorsed. Nine out of 17 of his endorsed House candidates won, and six out of 11 of his endorsed Senate candidates won.

The Washington Post reported, “Trump, who as president fomented an insurrection, says he is running again. Donald Trump, 76, refused to admit defeat in the 2020 election, was impeached twice and is the subject of multiple criminal investigations. His entry shifts the dynamics of the GOP field while increasing the likelihood that President Biden runs for reelection.”

The New York Times wrote, “Trump Announces 2024 Run, Repeating Lies and Exaggerating Record. In a rambling speech, former President Donald J. Trump said he would seek another term, ignoring Republicans’ concerns that he was to blame for the party’s weak midterm showing.”

MSNBC wrote, “Trump’s secret 2024 weapon? He’s ready to burn it all down. Republicans say they’re done with Trump. But Trump is running for president again — and he definitely isn’t done with them.”

In the Los Angeles Times, editorial writers opined, “Don’t misunderstand what Donald Trump means when he says he’s running for president again, as he did Tuesday evening. He doesn’t mean that he will present his case to the American people in 2024 in the expectation that a majority of them will choose him, as they have never done before — not in 2016, when he lost the popular vote but won the electoral college, nor in 2020, when he lost both.

“He doesn’t mean that he puts his faith in American democracy, election integrity, the laws of presidential succession or any other institution that is coterminous with the nation itself. He doesn’t mean he plans to abide by any of those things.

“The ex-president has demonstrated unmistakably that he intends to take the office by hook or by crook, by denying the validity of any vote against him, by lying to his armed and angry rabble, by pressuring state election officials, state legislatures and federal courts to lie, cheat and otherwise betray the American people and their democracy.”

President Joe Biden agreed with the mainstream media and said Trump had the worst record of any president as his campaign account took to Twitter to bash his predecessor:


  1. I do not approve of the approach taken by the media but I have seen the Trump movie before. I have no interest in seeing it again. Time to move on to a younger and much more electable candidate who can present the conservative message to voters without all the baggage. There are many good choices.

    • I will not tell you how to vote, or why to select one candidate over another.
      But, I will ask you to look at results, and not personality or image or “baggage.” There is no such thing as a candidate without image issues, personality issues, or baggage. On the other hand, the results of the Trump presidency are a matter of history, and it easily researched.
      Make your own call, but please do not decide to vote for or against any candidate because you do not like their baggage.

        • Perfectly valid question, and something that JMARK did not provide info on in his initial comment. However, he does below.
          As noted, it is his call on whether he sees President Trump as an electable candidate.
          Also of note. The biggest problem with way too many voters is they vote personality, not issues/experience/results. And, that does lead to electability.

      • The “baggage” strongly influences electability. I will not support a candidate who is not electable. The immediate past President, who is not getting any younger or more rational, has done little since 2016 to enhance his electability. (Exception: judicial appointments but that doesn’t save him). As noted, I have seen the movie before and am not interested in seeing it again.

        • Look, if Desantis decides to run I will vote for him over Trump. I think he would be more effective given the fact he does not have the same baggage Trump has, as you rightly point out. However, it is quite silly to refuse to support Trump at all. What if he wins the primary? Are you saying you would sit out the election, or worse, vote for Mr. Potato Head? I understand wanting to see Desantis in the White House rather than Trump, but Republicans should take a lesson from the commies in this case and circle the wagons after the primaries.

      • I want to add that despite our different approaches I think you are well-intentioned. May the conversation continue.

    • JMARK, did you see how Rupert Murdoch treated the announcement? The New York Post (not cited above) was absolutely vicious. But Murdoch has already stated that he and Fox would not back Trump this time, so I guess it didn’t warrant a mention in this post.

      • You do realize that Murdoch is a leftist, right?
        The fact that he owns several “conservative” news outlets is business, nothing more. He sees a market, and he fills it, and he makes LOTS of money doing so.

    • I agree with nearly all of your statement. A Trump candidacy is only harmful to this nation. He will not be the GOP’s nominee, and he will subsequently become a third-party candidate if the GOP nominee does not gain his “approval.”

      However, I’m willing to accept baggage if he’s willing to accept his baggage. It’s not even about the baggage.

      I remember a POTUS much like Obama who was incapable of dealing with dissenting and differing views. Another imperial president just like the one before him, except Trump was harsher with his “employees.”

      Everyone remembers how he often sounded so childish when he didn’t “get his way.”

      America doesn’t need jingoism, we need a good conservative candidate who can credibly ask voters “are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

      Credibility. Trump’s problem.

  2. Well, well, the pot calling the kettle black!
    Mr. Depends, you know very well your Administration is a; lying, cheating, stealing, designed and installing outfit….you know…that’s why your the Resident, and not the President of the WH…?

  3. The media is too negative for my liking. I hope like me you scrolled past after npr’s first line. Good Trump is going to run, he can run if he wants to. He’s the only proven living leader world leaders are scared over, he can even put putin back in his place which i’m unsure about typical american politicians if they can do that.

  4. In 2024 Trump (78), Biden (81), McConnell (82), Pelosi (84), …

    People, the age of the dinosaurs is about to be over whether you realize it or not.

    • Seems like tacit admission that the following generations lack leaders…maybe even lack interesting people.

      I agree.

  5. Lol. Lmao. GCI forced everyone to internet TV earlier this year. I doubt the DJT hate message, or the announcement of his candidacy, reached anyone in real time, but the few people in super remote villages dependent on NPR, or the several hundred North Slope workers still dependent on Mercury Media. The word will get out tomorrow, but I’m 100% certain that birthday program was not interrupted for the announcement.
    Before ADN sockpupets start screaming about how wrong I am, I challenge you to prove you’ve been more remote than the parks highway. Name a village or oil camp and describe something about it you can’t see on Google maps.

  6. I’m glad the President is in, his vision is good.
    I wonder if he will go 3rd party like lisa if he is not nominated as his ego can’t tolerate losing.
    That will hand the country to the liberals again.

    I would love to see the country elect Pres. Trump, just to watch the Left suffer.
    But I don’t think he can win the nomination now

    • Yeah, George, I’m with you! Wouldn’t it be something to watch Trump stuff himself down the throats of the highfalootin’ Americans to give ’em a good gagging just to let the world know that we too are as nuts as any third worlder!

      George, put your name in the hopper for trump Secretary of State. If you are dumb as a rock and lazy as hell you’d certainly qualify as one of Trump’s finest!

      • Edit (second paragraph): “George, put your name in the hopper for Trump’s Secretary of State: If you are dumb as a rock and lazy as hell you’d certainly qualify as one of Trump’s finest!”

  7. His speech was great. He focused on policy with specific ideas like death penalty for drug dealers, building a nuclear defense system like the iron dome, making us energy independent again, fixing the boarder and protecting parents rights.

    He said he wants to bring in all political parties and tried to be nice. Said he wasn’t going to use the term “fake news”.

    If he continues to just explain how his policies are much better than the current President and doesn’t return to name calling, he could win big time. Let’s hope.

  8. Trump lost his election to an aging candidate who at times didn’t appear to know his own name and barely campaigned. The candidates he endorsed in the Georgia special election lost causing the loss of the majority in the Senate. For the third strike he endorsed a slate of incredibly weak candidates who lost in this last election when they had almost everything nationally in their favor. There is no need to rig elections when you have a leader this inept and egotistical. Conservatives (MRA included) do no favors to apologize for him or minimize what happened on January 6th. He is not electable just like our crazy ant Sarah. It is time to look at the reason candidates lost and stop making excuses for them. His candidacy is a dream for the liberal media, he is the only hope of who they can beat in 2024. Look for it to be very hard for any candidate but Trump to get any press. Just like 2016. Yet again the conservative majority gets outmaneuvered by the tactical minority Democrats. You would think Alaska especially would wise up but as evidenced by the last election we did not.

    • No other person on this planet could have survived the 24/7 bashing Trump took from Democrats and their lapdog mainstream media. Trump didn’t start it, he wanted to work with everyone including high tech. Nope, instant hate from day one and it never stopped. Look at our economy and world standing pre COVID 2019. Nobody accomplished what Trump did in 3 short years. I always wondered what a true businessman, not encumbered or sold out to special interests, could accomplish in the oval office. My curiosity was fulfilled.

    • I sadly believe that he had a lot of people voting against him, not really voting for Biden. Trump really did much good for our country, but nobody really enjoyed his beating his own chest and insulting others even if it was deserved. It was just too much drama. I don’t think he was handling Covid any better than the following administration. I also believe that the people who created this pandemic got the desired results. It may be time for a new candidate, one who can speak for our needs without the drama. We can look forward to at least two more years of Trump bashing thanks to his announcement of candidacy. The present administration won’t rest until he is locked up. We need fresh meat. At present, anyone could run against Trump and stand a chance of defeating him. The best thing he could do for our country is to stand down at this point and give his support to a less vocal candidate.

      • Trump really did much good for our country, but nobody really enjoyed his beating his own chest and insulting others even if it was deserved.”
        Worst reason to vote against a sitting President ever!
        Seriously, you would rather have $5+ gas, massive inflation, Iran and North Korea back on track for nuclear weapons, China taking over as the strongest nation both economic and militarily. You would rather have more emphasis place on what a Cabinet member is, than what they do? Oh, the President is a bit of a braggart… so what? I personally liked seeing my household net worth go up instead of dropping, and I liked seeing my food costs remain stable, and most of all, I liked seeing a strong border, and energy independence.
        But, personality is, unfortunately, more important than results these days.

  9. President Trump loves his nation. He is affable and likeable. He loves his nation, America, and its wonderful republic. He wants to put the nation first in everything. That makes sense to me. He wants the energy sector going again as required. His emphasis is “make America Glorious Again”. Exactly! WHY NOT! WE LOVE TRUMP!

  10. Please don’t. This ends badly for America. It guarantees 4 more years of Biden.

    This is old fashioned hubris and ego, nothing more.

    The mid terms showed clearly America as a whole has moved past Trump. Most every Trump endorsed candidate lost. One literally to a man with brain damage. This will be a replay of 2020, with a side of Palin all over again.

    He was a good president whose personal flaws undid so many of his accomplishments.

    A good actor knows when it’s time to leave the stage. It’s past time.

  11. I’m All in For Trump. Gonna send him some money. He has worked harder for us than anyone else, and SUFFERED more than anyone else. He knows what he is getting into, and yet he is still going to Take on the Swamp—FBI— And all. TRUE GRIT.

  12. Good! If anything the last few years has brought forth is to put in plain view an unprecedented level of corruption that has never been seen before in the USA, even the judiciary is blatantly corrupt! Just look at the majority of those in this great state who hold public office, corrupt! Immoral! Am I voting Trump? You dam right I am.

  13. I would much rather have a president that tells me like it is even if it’s exaggerated than a back stabbing lier like the RHINO, daddy’s little girl or little China Billy!
    Oh my I feel better.

  14. God sent Trump to Make America Great Again. Like King David, a flawed man to heal the country and bring us back to God. If we truly want to embrace this Divine messenger, we only have two choices:
    1. Convince a majority of the voters that God’s plan is also their plan. This is difficult, because their hearts are hardened. Many can’t get past his flaws, which are actually strengths.
    2. Prevent those that don’t understand God’s plan from voting.

    • 3. Abolish the democratic party.

      I pray every night that God makes Trump our president again so that he can once and for all eliminate the democratic party and take our country back from their corruption. Hallelujah.

    • God wants you to reread the Bible. Especially the New Testament.
      God does not care about elections, or your favorite football team.

    • “Prevent those that don’t understand God’s plan from voting” sounds an awful like a crooked election tactic. How do you plan to confirm if a voter understands “God’s plan”?

      • The Elections should be held in churches, not in failing public educational centers or libraries housing liberal trans drag propaganda. Members who are verified to come to service regularly may cast their vote. This would eliminate all of the cheating and return our country to God.

  15. I, for one, am happy to see Trump announce. He did wonders for the Republican party and his influence has added millions more to our cause.

    At this time in history, we need to fight against the radical left agenda. He is a person who will do that. DeSantis is also very good, but we have no guarantees he will run. So if DeSantis doesn’t run, Trump is my clear first pick.

  16. I’m glad he’s running. I will vote for him again, just like I did the last two elections. But if the Cabal, and their minions on BOTH sides of the political aisle, continue rigging elections, as they have for decades, it won’t make much of a difference. The cheating has to be corrected, it HAS to stop!

  17. He’s got my vote in the primary. The general is anyone but Biden. Even Jeb! Would probably get my vote in the general. It would buy us 10% more time before we are completely lost and that would give me time to see where the new home for liberty will lie and if I can get there. With Steadman or Giessel running the Senate, Lord knows it ain’t Alaska.

  18. Lets see. When Trump was in office:
    -The economy was booming.
    -Inflation was minimal.
    -The military was restocked and morale was high.
    -The U.S. was viewed well by friends and feared by enemies
    Not any down side that I can see. Oh, and he was unafraid to root out criminal conduct, swampy deals, and questionable acts, regardless of the person or institute involved. In other words, he did his job well and applied pressure on those in government that did not. Even you unAmerican lefties reaped the rewards of a Trump Presidency.
    If there are primary challenges, so be it. He can handle that. The final champ will be Trump again, maybe simply because he has put his mind to it. Don’t think that Trump is a true believer in America and our Constitution? Look no further than his checkbook. He has spent and sacrificed millions of his own dollars to do a job that our country desperately needed and he knows the job isn’t over yet.
    So, sorry if his mean tweets offend you, or his blunt language is off putting, but America (REAL America) has always been know for saying it like it is. If you can’t handle blunt reality, I hear Canada is nice.

    • You must have been in Canada. Under Trump the economy tanked, stock market crashed to its lowest point in years. He kicked off inflation with the Cares Act and $400 billion a year on our numerous imports from China. He had some of the largest deficits in history and was incapable of not lying about anything and everything. Also, someday we will find out that it wasn’t his millions of dollars spent but simply loan proceeds related to his bank fraud and his money laundering fund raising schemes. Bottom line, a despicable human being (serial rapist) and even worse president. He was a total embarrassment to the office of the president.

      • When, exactly did this economy tanking happen? I wonder, was there a global event happening that was the catalyst?
        Or are you one of those people that will knowingly and deliberately select the absolute worst statistic, and ignore the rest of Trump’s term. Thinking in some childish way that no one will check your information. Remember when Bush Jr. was responsible for losing 800,000 jobs a month? Happened one month out of 96, but talk to a leftists, and they will swear it happened all the time.

        • Or I could have said Trump inherited a thriving economy and he did nothing with it. And yes Bush (and Clinton) was responsible for losing 800,000 jobs. Both he and Clinton had the opportunity to regulate derivatives and both declined. And I am a life long republican who only voted non-republican because of the orange idiot.

          • So, you are not a lifelong republican. Got it. Do you really think Trump inherited the thriving economy? What is your data? Please share it with the world.
            And, I am curious why you did not answer this, rather simple question:
            “When, exactly did this economy tanking happen?”

  19. I’d love to see Trump back in office. I don’t think the Dems or Republicans in power will allow it to happen. I will vote for him though.

  20. Love his policies and accomplishments, dislike his tweets. Best case scenario – POTUS Trump runs enough to keep the media interest focused on attacking him, while DeSantis campaigns on policies (that are Trump’s…). The policies become a focal point garnering great support around the nation – then DJT steps aside and endorses DeSantis, limiting his own role to that of a mostly-silent advisor. If timed right, this WILL result in a DeSantis presidency. I’m not looking forward to all the blood in the media – this will get ugly – but the dems won’t be able to get their message out.

    • Hated Trump as a candidate, loved him as President.
      And, do not be surprised if your prediction comes true. Trump is a lot of things, but he is not stupid. He knows how to manipulate the system, and how to get results. I would not be surprised to find out this current insult war between DeSantis and Trump is part of the overall plan. And, I would not be surprised to find out DeSantis has no idea he is being manipulated by Trump into running/winning the Presidency in 2024.

    • Not sure I agree.
      Seven, soon to be eight years of constant investigations, and all of the accusations have resulted in… bupkus. So… jail? Unlikely.

  21. President Donald J Trump is certainly reelectable by the people not the globalist influencers, invaders and paid communist propagandists.

      • Yes, a Republican made a very similar statement. The Democrats will never lose another Presidential Election.
        But, I am sure you will refuse to believe why a Republican made that statement.

  22. What does it say about candidates when the media has to lie about them to keep them out of office. Is it a coincidence that the producers of ‘2000 Mules’ and the head of ‘True The Vote’ were kept in jail during the election? You have video and phone data evidence backed by sworn affidavits. You have hacked e-mails proving the climate scam, and you have a crack head’s laptop and his sister’s diary. Of course it’s all been ‘disproven’. baaaa baaaa baaaa

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