Club for Growth poll on eve of Trump announcement: DeSantis on the rise, Trump sinking in key states


A new poll commissioned on behalf of the right-leaning Club for Growth shows Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ascending in the views of voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, Georgia, and Florida.

WPAi Intelligence polls conducted on behalf of Club for Growth Action Nov. 11-13, 2022, show that Donald Trump trails DeSantis by double-digits in both the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary as well as in Florida and Georgia.

In a separate poll commissioned by the Texas Republican Party, Republican voters in Texas support DeSantis as the Republican nominee for 2024 over Trump by more than 10 percentage points. The poll also asked voters about other potential candidates, including Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, Mike Pence and undecided. DeSantis had 43% to Trump’s 32%, but in a separate question, if Trump decided to not run again, DeSantis would have 66% of those polled, with none of the others even getting to double digits.

Meanwhile, former President Trump has said he will have a big announcement on Tuesday and politicos believe he will announce a run for president. The Club for Growth poll was released on the eve of that announcement.

In the WPAi poll for Iowa, DeSantis leads Trump by 11 points, a substantial shift from where the race stood in August, the group reported.

  • DeSantis now leads 48%, with 37% for Trump.
  • Trump has dropped by 15 points from 52% in August.

In New Hampshire, where the first Republican primary is held, DeSantis has gained a 15-point lead in a head-to-head match-up, WPAi said.

  •  DeSantis has gained seven points and Trump has lost eight since an August poll of the primary. 
  • August polls showed a tie, but DeSantis now has a 15-point lead.

DeSantis has expanded his lead over Trump in a Florida theoretical primary match-up. DeSantis just won a landslide victory in Florida for his second term as governor over former governor and recently resigned Rep. Charlie Crist. DeSantis won with 59.4% of the vote and many speculate he may be the Republican’s next rising star.

In Florida, DeSantis has high approval ratings for how he has handled the rise of the woke agenda.

  • In August the pollster found that DeSantis led Trump by seven points.
  • Now DeSantis has gained seven points and Trump has lost 12 points of support to give DeSantis a sizeable 26-point advantage.

DeSantis has also expanded his lead in a Georgia primary match-up.

  • In August, DeSantis held a six-point advantage in a head-to-head Georgia match-up.
  • The lead has now grown to 20 points as DeSantis has gained eight points and Trump has lost six points of support.

WPAi conducted polls of n = 508 likely Iowa Republican caucus voters, n = 401 likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters, n = 1,044 likely Florida Republican primary voters, and n = 843 likely Georgia Republican primary voters. Data was collected November 11-13, 2022. In Iowa, Florida, and Georgia data was collected using a mix of 50% live interviews to cell phones and 50% IVR calls to landlines. In New Hampshire data was collected by live telephone interviews with 60% of interviews conducted to cell phones and 40% to landline phones. The samples were selected from each state’s voter file and were stratified by geography, age, gender, and vote history to ensure a representative sample. The surveys have margins of error of +4.4% for Iowa, +4.9% for New Hampshire, +3.0% for Florida, and +3.4% for Georgia.


  1. God used a flawed person to save us from 16 years of Obama & do away w/ Roe – Wade …imo.
    It was a miracle. He uses flawed people to show us that he is in charge, not us.
    But that is over. DeSantis & the Fla. Red was were the only bright spot this election.
    President Trump showed the way & should step aside, but I don’t think he can, he is too flawed.
    There is a chance he will mount a 3rd party run when rejected by Republican voters.
    God help us.

  2. If Trump really loves this country, and I believe he does, he should step aside.

    The last election clearly shows he has lost the mojo that got him into office. Arguably his presence was a major factor in the massive failures of the GOP.

    He was a good POTUS. He is also not electable a second time.

    • I think it’s OK the President runs for the nomination, healthy actually.
      I fear he will mount a 3rd party run like our Princess if he loses & hand the country to liberals.

  3. Trump’s fooling around with the media during the last few weeks of the election, including his “desanctimonious” comments, tipped a lot of swing voters away from the republican party. He just couldn’t let the spotlight shine without trying to be in it.

    People are finally waking up to see the man behind the curtain.

  4. Yes, he should step aside.

    Yes, he did a Little good.

    No, he was Not a good president. His only lasting legacy is a decent SCOTUS.

    If you want good government in DC and start a return to the Republic, it’s time to push some power back to the states. Repeal the 17th.

    Don’t think so? Look at the election maps.

  5. His presidency was extremely successful and I loved how we had a president that was doing the right things for America. But denigrating two new Republican stars was stupid and divisive. He needs to move on. A house divided can not stand and tonight’s announcement won’t help him. But again, he has come back from the brink before. This does not mean I am in the camp for the RINOS. I would vote for De Santis if a race were held today.

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