Governor: Tyson Gallagher to stay as chief of staff


Tyson Gallagher, longtime ally to Gov. Mike Dunleavy, has been acting chief of staff for months. Today, Dunleavy named him to the permanent role, another sign that the governor is confident his 52% lead in the governor’s race will not change substantially. It also means that Randy Ruaro, who left the role in July due to family and health reasons, will not be returning to state service.

“I have the utmost confidence in Mr. Gallagher’s ability to manage the day to day operations of my administration, while simultaneously advancing the policy goals I have laid out for the next four years,” said Gov. Dunleavy. “He has served the state in a variety of roles and demonstrated an ability to understand the complexities of public policy and to create solutions that move our state forward.”

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, Gallagher has over 13 years’ experience working on Alaska policy and budget issues. 

Gallagher began working for the State of Alaska in the Office of Gov. Sean Parnell, and then in the Office of Management and Budget. While at OMB, he worked on transportation and revenue issues, as well as coordinating the Governor’s capital budget, and participating on behalf of the Administration in the National Association of State Budget Officers. After leaving OMB, Gallagher served in the Commissioner’s Office at the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities where he focused on Community Engagement. 

Interest in politics took him to the legislative branch, where he worked for Rep. Lynn Gattis during her tenure on the House Finance Committee. Gallagher also spent nearly five years managing government relations at GCI working on telecom issues on both the state and federal level. 

Gallagher returned to state service in 2021, when he took the position of deputy chief of staff in Governor Dunleavy’s first administration and has served as acting chief of staff since July 2022.


  1. We could still use someone at ADOT&PF to work on community engagement & relations. I trust he will do much better for the Guv.

  2. I see the Guv is off to a running start. I will still be happiest when the confirmation comes in and Walker and Gara concede. Go Dunleavy!

  3. Oh goody, dunleavy and his incompetent staff are taking care of us!? What has been will continue! What a comforting thought! NOT!

  4. Gallagher is smart, knows his facts and gets along well with both sides of the aisle. Solid decision by Dunleavy. Glad to see Tyson receive the full-time gig.

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