Breaking: Kari Lake loses to Katie Hobbs in Arizona governor’s race


Katie Hobbs is the governor-elect of Arizona after winning a close race against Kari Lake, a former television news broadcaster who was widely considered to be a win for the Trump side of the Republican Party and a possible running mate for Trump in 2024.

The loss of Lake means Arizona’s governorship has gone from the Republicans to the Democrats for the first time since Gov. Janet Napolitano served from 2003-2009. Current Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, has reached the end of his second term, which ends Jan. 1, 2023.

Hobbs is a technocrat, former legislator, and serves as the current secretary of state. She is a Democrat who was a social worker before going into politics, and whose style is in stark contrast to Lake, the firebrand and electrifying communicator who was unafraid to take the biased media on toe to toe.

Hobbs, in her role as secretary of state, oversees elections, and she has been widely criticized for not stepping down, but maintaining a clear conflict of interest. Hobbs has spent the past two years fighting claims that the 2020 election was stolen in Arizona. She also refused to debate Lake, who called her a “chicken” and a “coward.” Hobbs said she did not want to dignify an election denier.

The loss for Lake was not unexpected inside her campaign, as her team had gathered over the weekend in Scottsdale to prepare the fiery candidate for the likelihood that Hobbs would squeak by her. Hobbs won 50.4% to 49.6%, with about a 20,000 vote advantage out of the 2,510,181 million votes cast in the race.

Kari Lake

Like Sarah Palin in Alaska, Kari Lake enjoyed the support and endorsement of Trump. Unlike Palin, Lake has not run for office before, and in her first run has lost by only a tiny fraction of votes. Like Palin, Lake has a broadcast media background, is good on camera, and pushed back against the news media and the establishment Republicans. The two both had the support of Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser, and other right-side luminaries.

Unlike Palin, who was the running mate for John McCain in 2008 for president, Lake attacked McCain earlier this year, ordering anyone who supported McCain to leave her rally.


  1. Anyone who runs for office in AZ and who fiercely attacks the great John McCain does so at their peril. Lake couldn’t learn from Trump’s faux pas and now pays the price. Reminiscent of Palin and her shaming of Uncle Ted – how’d that work out, Sarah? Donald? Katie?

          • I am not saying that. We don’t HAVE to say everything that passes through our minds. Conservatives didn’t like McCain or Romney or the Bushes.
            Just state they are too liberal, or not conservative enough or un-electable.

            Having a NYC billionaire, draft dodging, ex-Democrat, who grew up w/ a silver spoon in his mouth and got out of the war with a phony doctors note his father set up call a Vietnam Vet/ POW a loser is no way to WIN.

            That’s reality.

      • Unless you served and went thru what mr McCain did, you probably should keep the “traitor” rhetoric to yourself.

        • Anything that McCain did or did not do while in the military is irrelevant to his traitorous, anti-freedom, anti-American voting record in the Senate, just one example of which was his refusal to vote with EVERY other Republican to overturn ObamaCare. That alone makes that chipmunk-cheeked egregious warmonger a traitor in my eyes.

    • Yeah, calling out someone that was a poor politician and terrible person is what the problem is here. Not the fact that Hobbs didn’t get the votes but manufactured them as they went along. Allowing the person running in the race to count the votes was never ethical and this is why. How can you lose when you have the final day of the tally? If Hobbs had lost then it would have shown that the system worked but since she didn’t and it took a week to manufacture, sorry count the votes this was a stolen election as was the presidency in 2020 if you don’t understand that then you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      • Not that you care about facts but the Secretary of State doesn’t count the votes. That’s done at the county level. The Secretary of State signs off on the certification, along with the Governor, the Attorney General and the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.

  2. If it was a fair election, Kari Lake would be governor. Maricopa County is a mess with ballots. This wasn’t a clean victory.

  3. It’s a scam. GOP did not want her to win.
    Welcome to the new normal
    Uniparty. Welcome to the new America.
    Das kamrades.
    Thanks Mitch. And Lisa.

  4. Wow this is a major L. Arizona has chosen to be Colorado 2.0, what a shame. Why are all the beautiful states becoming leftist?

    • Because she clung just a bit too tightly to the Orange Man.

      He motivates Dems to vote, he gains Dems donations, he alienates moderates, and he gives real conservatives pause.

      These midterms were a referendum on Trump. If it weren’t for his last minute mouth spouting, no doubt the GOP would have the Senate.

      • These elections were a referendum on the political steal. If you believe that it takes a week to count the votes then you’re a moron. Florida has way more people and they had the votes counted same day. The only reason to drag out vote counting is to allow you to manufacture votes as you need them. Ever wonder why these extended vote counting schemes NEVER end up with a republican winning? I don’t because it’s all a scam. The WEF has bought and paid for our politicians and that includes both sides. It’s now the uniparty of communists. Apparently you’re one of them.

    • Nope.

      What he does do is motivate the party of the fearful to get out to vote…the Dems.

      He also alienates moderates and traditional conservatives, always has.

      His base is the same, others are just more involved now.

      As much as I dislike the man, he was far more effective than Biden is.

  5. How is the Secretary of State of AZ, overseer of AZ elections, not in a conflict of interest when concurrently seeking the governor’s office? The hungry fox guarding the henhouse.

    • Well, how is the Governor in charge of setting the PFD amount not in conflict of interest when he is running for reelection. 3k looks like a pretty good bribe!

      • Uh, MO, are you educated past 10th grade? Dunleavy followed the statutory law, unlike your Left-wing lawyer Bill Walker who bastardized the process of stealing the PFD for his friends who believe in bigger government. Unfortunately for big government backers, the law prevailed and so did Big Mike. MO, study harder and learn to argue with reason. It will make you look a tad smarter. But only a tad.

    • Judie, this is the heart of the problem. The AZ election needs to be set aside. Hobbs overseeing the election that she purports to have won is election fraud on its face. How could it possibly be considered a fair, neutral election when the person in charge of election procedure won the election? The ballots should automatically be disqualified due to tampering by the Secretary of State. All of Hobb’s election officials are paid actors of the state of AZ and have an interest in Hobb’s victory. No wonder Hobb’s wouldn’t debate Lake. Lake would have put doubt of Hobb’s neutrality for all of AZ to see. FRAUD election here.

  6. Everyone who watched this unfold knows perfectly well that Hobbs did NOT win this election.
    She blatantly stole it….

    • Nope.

      What he does do is motivate the party of the fearful to get out to vote…the Dems.

      He also alienates moderates and traditional conservatives, always has.

      His base is the same, others are just more involved now.

      As much as I dislike the man, he was far more effective than Biden is.

    • No, Hobbs didn’t steal it.

      Kari Lake didn’t lose Arizona.

      Donald Trump lost Arizona, and Pennsylvania, and by encouraging Palin, he helped lose Alaska.

      Donald J. Trump, the best friend the Democrats have had for years.

    • Then why does the GOP control the Ariz legislature?
      Were all those Republican state victories from cheating.also?
      Lake was a TV star & a fake candidate, as were Oz, & H. Walker
      ALL famous for being on TV like Sarah Palin, but they are not smart & not good politicians/ candidates.

      Republicans have to run better people, like DeSantis, Kemp and Youngkin. Not TV stars.

      • Count, count, count. Keep counting past the election day. Count, count, count. This is how Democrats win. They keep counting.

        • Then why is the Ariz. State legislature GOP.
          Do the libs only want certain races, why don’t they cheat & take the State races?

          You have to win the fence sitters, the suburban women, the young parents.
          These Trump backed candidates (including Palin) were terrible.
          It’s not enough to get the red necks to vote for you, they will anyway.
          The GOP needs better candidates. Youngkin, DeSantis, Kemp etc…
          Not these phony TV stars

  7. Analysis from many: The whole “stop the steal” stuff is a complete loser when it comes to running for office. Almost all Trump candidates lost. We need to improve the integrity of the process but contesting elections drives independent voters away.

      • Just because you LOST doesn’t mean the other side cheated.

        Get a grip on reality, a Donald Trump endorsement is a kiss of death.

        I say you can’t prove he helped get one R elected, but it’s obvious he helped out many D candidates.

        • Rabbi, your denial of the obviously gamed, compromised and corrupted voting system in this country is disingenuous in the extreme. ANYONE with half a brain can see that all the ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, extended voting season, and rank-choice voting gimmicks have been expressly put in place to facilitate election fraud, as they all provide much less transparency, and much more intermediated opportunity for tampering with the results.
          But the response from all you radical leftists and shills for the power establishment? “Just trust us!”. No, that is not how accountability and honesty work, Rabbi.
          And if you are a real rabbi, I pity the misinformed and misled flock to whom someone like you preaches.

          • Jefferson – why do you (and a majority of the other deniers and trump apostles on here) find it necessary to insult and name call people that disagree with you.

            It shows weakness in your argument. It’s the trumpist version of the woke crowd calling everyone with a varied opinion a “racist”. Use your words and present a good argument – it works better.

            So, tell me why, if this and 2020 were obviously “stolen”, why didn’t the strongly conservative Supreme Court (as well as district courts), who overturned roe v wade, refuse to weigh in on an “obviously stolen election”?

            I’ll wait while you explain that the supremes are in George soros pocket too.

            Trumps policies were good for the country. However, the man himself is highly unlikable. That’s why he lost and his candidates in close states lost as well. It’s simple.

    • J,
      Actually, MOST of Trump’s candidates won. You only heard about the three or four controversial races in the swing states.

      • I suppose a candidate-by-candidate analysis is in order but at least to me Trump candidates lost the races that mattered for the US Senate. There is a lot of evidence that the “stolen-election” message drives independent voters away. The base of Trump voters tops out at about forty-four percent. After that it is increasingly difficult to add to the totals. And that circumstance means defeat. Let’s stop losing.

  8. At least the Arizona State Attorney General is keeping an eye on the problematic conditions. Lots of activity listed at ‘

  9. Another in a long line of blatantly manipulated, corrupt and stolen elections.
    Welcome to the United States of North Korea.
    I expect that in the next ‘election’, Usurper Hobbs will win with 99.7% of the vote.

      • The proof is in front of your eyes, Reality Denialist, but you refuse to see, as the obvious manipulation and gaming of elections since 2020 only serves ‘your side’, so ANYTHING that furthers your political agenda is ‘good’, and cannot be questioned.

    • News for you.

      Trump gets attention. Lots of attention.

      He motivates Democrats and leftists to vote.

      He convinces moderates, even moderate Republicans, to vote for Democrats.

      He convinces many conservative Republicans to withhold their votes from anyone.

      DJT has been the greatest gift the Democrats of 2022 ever received.

      News for you, I’m fairly typical. I’m a hardcore conservative who is well-educated, has had a great and profitable career, spent a big chunk of my life in uniform, and I Won’t Vote for Trump. Yes, and I’m fairly typical.

      I just want one candidate that doesn’t sound like a three year old with poor impulse control.

      If he can’t get successful conservatives or moderates to vote for him, all that will be left is his b****ing about “stolen elections.”

      • I was looking at election data that seems to indicate fear/dislike for any candidate endorsed by Trump had an average of 13% of Republicans voting democrat.

        He was an effective president, but is rapidly becoming a cancer on the right.

  10. I guess it was the wanting to secure the southern border that Arizona voted against.
    Pretty safe bet there are stacks of never folded mail in ballots counted multiple times.
    All to just disappear very soon,if they haven’t already.

  11. If you do not know history, you are doomed to repeat it. Here we go again. The same old BS factor of a free, honest election. How stupid are you to think that this election cycle would be any different than the past? The Devil is in the details of voter FRAUD.

  12. I love the way Liz Cheney trolled Kari Lake and also enjoy the anonymous MRAK trolling. Getting crowded under the bridge

    • “Frank”, what is it about you radical leftist extremists, and quislings and shills for the establishment power structure, that makes you think that sensible anonymity in an online setting somehow discredits or diminishes the logic of an argument? Really, come on already, you and the troll Maureen Suttman, and try to explain this pretzel-logic of yours.

  13. The attack on a dead guy (McCain) was a mistake that likely lost her the election. All she had to do was thank him for his service and promise to do better. Cheers –

  14. After watching Katie Hobbs speak on several occasions, I have to wonder how such a moron could be taken seriously. I really like Karrie Lake and I think she has a bright future – if she steps away from Trump.

  15. Now the rest of the story. Once again Maricopa County and the RINOS pulled out all the stops making sure to delay the voting long enough to know how many fake ballots were needed to overcome Kari’s massive number of votes. Now consider this fact. Registered Democrats in Maricopa County were only 17% of the votes. Republicans and Independant’s were the rest. Polling showed the majority of Independant’s were supporting Kari Lake. Now answer me how Hobbs somehow garnered over 50% of the Maricopa County votes? This is total voter fraud at its finest. They did it in 2020 and now in 2022. Do not for a second think Kari will walk away and accept this crime against Arizona voters. Get ready for lawfare, as her campaign will ask for a hand recount.

  16. As Keri Lake said herself, “you can smell the B.S.”
    I believe that Lake never trailed in any of the polls in the general. Hobbs, on the other hand, stayed hidden away from all but a small number of friendly interviews and refused to debate. And then you have the curious fact that Hobbs is actually the one in charge of counting ballots. Hmmm. Nothing non ‘transparent here’, lol.
    So go ahead and spout off your predictable drivel about it being Trumps fault or ‘don’t attack McCain!’. Even YOU don’t believe that crap. It’s just another case of ‘counting will continue until we win’. Hobbs never needed to leave her hideout because she already knew she was going to win.
    And for you no conspiracy here, conspiracy theorists, is it just a coincidence that the least trustworthy elections were, again, conducted in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia?

    • Lake wasn’t interested in debating either. What she was interested in was getting the opportunity to spend some time name-calling, interrupting and generally throwing one-off “gotchas”. There would have been no discussion of substantive issues from her.

      To your point about her being in charge of “counting ballots” that is 100% not accurate. The election process and ballot counting is highly decentralized in Arizona and it is done within each county, NOT at the Secretary of State level. The Secretary of State does sign off on the certification, but so does the Governor, the Attorney General and the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. I suppose you think they’re all in on the “steal” as well?

  17. I was in AZ this last summer and there were large groups of people wandering the streets getting people to register to vote. I imagine they got all the pertinent info and probably voted for them.

  18. No she didnt!!! Only 30% of voters were democrats and exit polls showed 70% of the voters voted republican.
    Don’t fall for the fraud, or the fake news.

  19. Yep and only took 17% of democrats to elect her. Another bull —- election with to many anomalies going on brought to you from Maricopa county. We are toast.

    • Some of the anomalies were detailed at ‘ I hope those who weren’t able to vote because of the shenanigans file complaints with the AG’s office. There needs to be a record.

  20. cman
    I’m glad you chimed in with your crystal ball to tell us all what might have happened if a debate took place. Every staffer tells the client to stay off the stage as long as you’re ahead. As long as Hobbs knew she was picked to win, she simply needed to avoid public comments. If Lake would only sling ‘gotchas’ and innuendo, you should have pushed for the debate, as it would have hurt her standings. But, hey, protect your high paid assets.
    Read and understand the law; secretary of state’s main job is overseeing elections. No worries here? Even if she was in one of the elections she was supposed to oversee? Hmm. That’s similar to going to court and finding out the judge is married to the opposition. Then someone telling you ‘relax and wait for a jury verdict’ Yeah, real warm and fuzzy.

  21. cman
    By the way collecting all ballots to one spot in a highly populated county is the exact opposite of ‘decentralization’. Ballot counting needs to be down at the precinct level, in front of God and everybody, then called into the state for tallying. Putting hundreds of thousands of ballots in one spot makes it easy to cheat and slows the counting.

  22. Anybody who can’t see the voter fraud all across the country is either in on it or flat out stupid! Then I have to laugh when these speech police moron millennials and lib tard socialist call the people who see thru it all a election denier LOL. They think they can win the argument by pasting people as election deniers, Of course were a election denier, because we’re not stupid or morally corrupt Lol. Just Like Miss Lake Said when she said Arizonans know what BS is when they see it. Anytime they stop counting votes or slow rolling it out and cherry picking what votes get counted first. Right then and there, you know the fix is in 100% . It’s happening in about 12 to 15 states regularly and probably more now. The fraud has always been there but not so obvious as it’s been in the last 12 years or so, the most solid proof there’s fraud is how many elections end up in dead heat or ties now, ties rarely ever happen in politics and statisticly its almost impossible because of human trends, then when they try to say people who vote blue and red on the same ticket. Total BS, the real problem is the self entitled democrats have figured out so many different ways to cheat. They forgot what a real honest election is! So they call honest people election deniers all would be laughable if it wasn’t so Totally pathetic !

  23. So, the woman who “won” the election for Governor of Arizona was also in charge of running a fair election in that state! How banana republic is that! Buckle up, folks. If this is allowed to stand we are in for some rough times.

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