Austin Quinn-Davidson says she ‘saved many lives,’ but won’t run for reelection to Anchorage Assembly


A leftist lawyer who represents West Anchorage on the Anchorage Assembly is calling it quits. She will not run for reelection, Austin Quinn-Davidson said in a news release today. There was no announcement of who might run in her place, but Democrats often line up such decisions in advance.

The next Anchorage municipal election starts in March, with people able to vote as early as March 14. Filing for office opens Jan. 13, and closes Jan. 27 at the close of business. Anchorage has all-mail elections and ballots must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

“After more than four years of elected service to the Anchorage community, including eight months serving as the Acting Mayor of the Municipality, Austin Quinn-Davidson has announced that she will not run for re-election in 2023,” her news release said.

She and her wife have a five-month-old son, “and I want to spend more time with him and my wife at such a special time for our family.”

AQD, as she is sometimes called, said she is proud of her service and how she stepped up to serve as mayor. She was vice chair of the Assembly when former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz resigned in disgrace after being caught having an inappropriate relationship. Quinn-Davidson and her colleagues on the Assembly reshuffled the officers so she could become chair, and then become acting mayor, while Assemblyman Felix Rivera stepped back from becoming mayor, out of a lack of support from the Assembly. AQD continued the shutdown and masking policies begun by former Mayor Berkowitz.

She said, “I literally saved many lives by making difficult decisions — decisions that were not always politically popular. We were called to demonstrate true leadership and we met that challenge.”

She also took credit for a drop in crime in Anchorage, enacting an alcohol tax to fund programs intended to prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.


  1. “I literally saved many lives by making difficult decisions”

    You made arbitrary decisions based on fear and/or your love as a low status person to impose your will on others. You are among the worst of the worst.

    • You won’t have to do without Forrest for long. I expect him to run for governor. And if you thought Walker or Gara would be bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Cheers –

  2. “I literally shut down many small businesses, needlessly disrupted the education of thousands of children, and imposed stoopid restrictions and mandates, by making illegal and totalitarian decisions….”


  3. Let me guess, she is retiring from public service to spend more time with ‘family’.
    Illegally-Acting Pseudo-Mayor Davidson, you and your illegal, authoritarian reign of terror will not be missed.

    • More likely she’s been offered a higher paying higher profile position. She’s a lawyer after all so maybe professor at a small liberal private college, or litigator for a small liberal law firm. Either way I can’t wait for this one to be off the assembly, the real travesty in all of this is that the residents of anchorage just rolled over and took it. We couldn’t even build a strong enough coalition to deal with this illegal mayor and her illegal “emergency action” plan. We deserved it what we got.

  4. To say you have saved many lives means you look upon yourself as a better person with more know-how then others. Well, We know better and lived your actions. Enjoy your family. Blessings

  5. Well! She and her gang teaches us all what immorality, stubborn pride looks likes on leaders. Hope she doesn’t read dumb low quality books
    to the boy, cause no child deserve remain dumb.

  6. Let’s hope a conservative will take her place. Remember when she gave the go-ahead to demolish the Anchorage muni website when Mayor Dave Bronson got elected? Real classy move.

  7. The money train is coming to a stop so the exodus will continue. Dunbar is going to Juneau, where there is a huge pot of money he can get into and this useless human is getting out, now that the city has been put into a fiscally unsustainable position by her actions with her cabal on the assembly. The handwriting is on the wall. Our city is going to be cash strapped in the future.

  8. I am proud to say ADQ is a friend, she took a lot of undeserved criticism during a difficult time. Maybe some of the anonymous trolls could come out of the darkness and do better?

    • I personally know I could have done MUCH better than this empty suit.
      Aside from her sexual preference, what, exactly did she bring to the position? She filled a seat, and voted in lockstep with her leftists allies.
      Oh… and she ignored her constituents as well, unless you were cheering her on to do whatever the leftist majority wants. Cannot count the number of times I got canned responses to e-mails and phone calls. Never bothered to read them, just sent a reply with a standard response.

        • Voting in lockstep with other leftist members of the Assembly is not majority support. there is no evidence whatsoever that ADQ’s positions were supported by her constituents.
          Besides, there is no difference between majority rule and mob rule. What is the majority, say 50% plus one individual, thinks it is a good idea to beat Frank Rast senseless, throw him into the inlet, and steal all of his belongings/net worth? Would that be OK? It is, afterall, democracy in action.

        • That’s the lowest very common denominator of mob rule not capitalist Constitutional republic form of government that all states have guaranteed.

    • That POS destroyed our city, illegally took power, illegally refused a vote for mayor (shes a power monster), locked us down, destroyed our cities small businesses, and now pats herself on the back.
      The decisions were easy for her and her Commie Assembly comrades, they were, and remain, dedicated to our citys destruction.
      Look at the petty ordinances and laws they have enacted.
      They have locked the public out of the public process, AUSTIN was their “leader”.
      Dont sing her praises, pray she STAYS AWAY.
      Goid riddance to her and her ilk.

      • Fortunately our local government government is represented by democratically elected citizens, anonymous trolls are a small price.

        • Stolen elections aren’t democratic, unless you are a Democrat. Try again, Frank. You need a little more help. Try using linear logic with sylogistic conclusions. Then, come back to MRAK with your BS.

        • She was never elected mayor, dullard. She took over for the pants dropper and stayed. We were told explicitly that we couldn’t have a special election for mayor “ cuz Covid” and “too much money”. You’re incredibly thick, and seem to suffer from short term memory loss.

          • Could not have a special election for mayor because of COVID?
            So… how did we have the normal election? Same exact process. Just a few weeks later.
            Stop making excuses solely because she is a fellow leftist.

        • You learned a new word. Troll. Can you say it out loud?

          I’m beginning to think Frank is not a single person but a pseudonym used by a group of people. The messaging isn’t consistent and the tenor of the posts vary wildly.

          The only common threats are
          -contrarian snark
          -left of center political rants
          -a love for fascism.

    • God, that explains a lot! You and her are friends…………cripes that speaks volumes about you and your posts, opinions, ideas and thoughts. Eww.

  9. The sad truth, she will most likely remain an Anchorage resident, as well as her followers – supporters. A true blight on Anchorage, a price – burden that our community will be saddled with.
    WAKE-UP Anchorage(!!!), the true “Enemy Within” will continue to reside in our community and continue to diminish its greatness.

  10. Wow the sun does shine every once in awhile. She can’t prove she save 1 life let alone how many she did not save. History will tell the truth not her fabricated stories.

  11. I’m happy Biden’s representative will no longer be delivering infinite soliloquies in lieu of Anchorage residents at the servants boss around on Chewsdays at the lieberry.

  12. Austin Quinn-Davidson will be remembered for exposing the cowardly shepherds of Anchorage’s organized-religion industry, bending them to her will by closing churches, showing fearful congregations once and for all that freedom of assembly and religion mean what the Mayor says they mean, and can be revoked at any time for any reason the Mayor sees fit
    In other words, no American and no culture in America who accept the absolute power of deputized code-enforcement officials and a fraudulently appointed mayor can do anything but obey.
    Sadly, Anchorage congregations will be remembered for their quiet submissiveness to Austin Quinn-Davidson’s suspension of their Constitutional rights and God-given freedoms. Undoubtedly, they’re humbly grateful for restoration of their rights, restored until the next government emergency, that is.
    Say what you will about Austin Quinn-Davidson. Her successful, groundbreaking social experiment, observed with great interest by other government officials, will have predictable, profound consequences, none favorable for constituents, congregations, or Kriner’s Diner customers.
    In other words, if Mayor Bronson loses re-election, stock up on face masks.
    Or secede from Anchorage, whatever works.

  13. It is against the Constitution (Amendment 5) for the government to prevent businesses from operating, thus preventing profit and causing the business to go out of business (a “taking”), and the government shall pay the fair market value for the business. AQD caused us to lose The Perfect Cup in Dimond Center whom many patrons had loved since the 1980’s! And there were others. Not a single business was compensated. We understand now, that was part of the covid goal all along. Mayor Bronson was going to do the right things and try to make it up to those businesses, but of course the media would never share that kind of news, so I don’t know if it happened or not. Anchorage must never again sleep though local elections!

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