Restraining order requested against co-founder of Lincoln Project, who brought Sarah Palin to national scene in 2008 and attacked Sen. Dan Sullivan in 2020


The former wife of Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt has filed for a temporary restraining order against the famous political operative who has ties to Alaska elections, court records obtained by the Daily Caller show.

Schmidt denies the report and has demanded a retraction from the news group, which reports from the conservative side.

Schmidt is furious and has several times threatened on Twitter to sue the news group over the story. The Daily Caller, in response, stands by its story in this editorial.

“In our view, ‘litigation by Twitter’ is little more than public relations. Mr. Schmidt complained that we referred to The Lincoln Project as “his” organization. While he might like everyone to forget that he was in fact a cofounder, we again as a courtesy, corrected the story to clarify that he left the organization after it was embroiled in a scandal involving homosexual harassment,” the editorial says.

Angela Schmidt, Steve Schmidt’s ex-wife requested the temporary restraining order in mid-October in a Utah state court, according to a legal history of the Schmidts’ divorce. A hearing on her filing was held on Nov. 4, according to the records obtained by the Daily Caller. The partial divorce history is at this link.

In the years before and since the restraining order was requested, Schmidt has been a regular on social media accusing Republican candidates of inappropriate gestures or behaviors. He’s now facing accusations of being a perpetrator. Schmidt is a “never-Trumper” and a “never-Sarah Palin,” although during the 2008 presidential race, he took credit for bringing Palin to the ticket with presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain.

In 2020, one of the Lincoln Project top goals was flipping the Alaska Senate seat blue and propping up candidate Al Gross, a Democrat disguised as an unaligned candidate, to beat Sen. Dan Sullivan. The main attack on Sullivan was that he wasn’t Alaskan enough, unlike the “Bear Doctor” who has once killed a bear.

The Lincoln Project spent well over $1 million that year on ads romanticizing Gross, who ran with the Alaska Democratic Party’s endorsement.

In 2022, the Lincoln Project attacked Sarah Palin in her bid for Congress. But by then, Schmidt was out of the by-then scandal-ridden Lincoln Project and was attacking Palin on his own time.

In 2018, 10 years after running McCain’s campaign into the ground, Schmidt left the Republican Party, which he called corrupt and immoral: “29 years and nine months ago I registered to vote and became a member of The Republican Party which was founded in 1854 to oppose slavery and stand for the dignity of human life. Today I renounce my membership in the Republican Party. It is fully the party of Trump.” He became a Democrat in 2020.

Schmidt resigned from the board of the Lincoln Project in 2021 after another co-founder, John Weaver, was accused of sexually harassing young men for years.

Now, he is threatening the Daily Caller with a lawsuit for reporting on the restraining order, which appears to be in the court record in Utah and would be considered newsworthy, based on the fame and past habits Schmidt has had of attacking others for their behavior.

The Lincoln Project is a Super PAC developed by Schmidt and other former Republican political operatives, who are dedicated to opposing Donald Trump and any Republican candidate who is vulnerable. It nearly collapsed in 2021, but has been back in action during the 2022 cycle.


  1. Lincoln Project was the brainchild of people who wanted to undermine Trump. A collective of has beens and never will be’s. Grifters who badly needed a new grift.

    One (Conway) went so far as to undermine his wife publicly due to his childlike jealousy.

    Ironically they have proven themselves guilty of the very things they accused Trump of. Lack of character and discipline

  2. “……He became a Democrat in 2020………”
    That fits. He was never truly a Republican. He was a RINO.

  3. Because the judiciary has subject matter jurisdiction over sacred marital vows made to the personage Creator God. YES? NO? Show me that delegation, in writing in the Constitution okay eee? NO? YOU don’t want to right now? I don’t UNDERSTAND!

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  6. Yoohoo, stone casting party in the garden at 10:00. (Stone pile available starting at $300 per stone. Innocents only may apply). Cyclops NOT invited.

  7. Well if it’s unfinished business, then let’s talk about it. Over the waves. Internet. TV. Radio.
    Tell us what Sarah Palin did to others Steve.

  8. Perhaps we need to elect some “DINOS”. Infiltration of the Democrat Party as they have done to the Republicans.

  9. Thanks for correcting your previous misnomer in this story, holding out the Lincoln Project as being “scandal-ridden”. So let’s see if someone around R land can get this one correct . . . what U.S. President will go down as the most scandal-ridden in U.S. history?

    • FDR.
      From an rich, oligarch family he attempted to become a King & sought 4 terms as President (we had to pass the 8 year limit because of him)
      Not getting everything he desired from those pesky opponents, he tried to expand (pack) the Supreme Court w/ people that would rubber stamp all his demands.
      Prolong a torturous recession into a 13 year depression w/ bad policy & then dragged the US into a long, brutal war to get out of it.
      Worked behind the scenes to goad Japan into that war.
      Caved into Joseph Stalin, who then went on to enslave his country & kill over 25 million people.
      Was married to a communist.
      Died in the arms of his longtime lover, not his wife.

      Imagine if President Trump did these things? The Left would go ballistic.
      Oh wait, they already did …. forgot.

  10. “Schmidt resigned from the board of the Lincoln Project in 2021 after another co-founder, John Weaver, was accused of sexually harassing young men for years”.
    The Lincoln Log Cabin Years.

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