Update: Gov. Dunleavy holding at over 51% of the vote, remains top vote-getter in 2022 election


More ballots have been counted by the Division of Elections on Tuesday, including many from the Fairbanks region.

Some 3,789 ballots were counted in the latest release of data. More early and absentee results are expected later today from Region 2, Anchorage and possibly elsewhere around the state.

There are 245,013 votes counted so far in the Nov. 8 election.

These results were updated after 6 pm.

Senate race:

  • Kelly Tshibaka: 103,972, 43.34%. On election night she was at 44.84%
  • Lisa Murkowski: 103,407, 41.11%. On election night she was at 42.13%
  • Pat Chesbro: 24,013, 10.01%. On election night she was at 9.67%
  • Buzz Kelley: 6,880, 2.87%. On election night, he was at 2.88%

In the Senate race, it becomes increasingly clear that a majority of registered Democrats voted for Sen. Lisa Murkowski first. There are but 77,000 registered Democrats in the state, and with a current turnout in this election of 36.83%, only 20,864 Democrats voted for the Democrat candidate.

Congressional race:

  • Mary Peltola: 116,322, 47.40%. On election night she was at 48.13%
  • Sarah Palin: 63,025, 26.08%. On election night she was at 26.77%
  • Nick Begich: 57,437, 23.76%. On election night he was at 24.56%
  • Chris Bye: 4,114, 1.70%. On election night he was at 1.75%

It is possible that Peltola will reach the 50%+1 threshold to avoid the ranked-choice reshuffle of votes, and if every Begich voter marked Palin second, it is also possible for her to reach 50%+1.

It’s increasingly clear that in addition to Democrat votes, Peltola swept up the nonpartisan and undeclared votes, and may have even gotten some Republican voters to mark her first.

Governors race:

  • Dunleavy/Dahlstrom: 123,479, 51.04%. On election night, they were at 51.73%
  • Gara/Cook: 57,609, 23.81%. On election night they were at 23.34%
  • Walker/Drygas: 49,398, 20.42%. On election night they were at 20.18%
  • Pierce/Grunwald: 10,789, 4.46%. On election night they were at 4.54%

Gov. Dunleavy and Nancy Dahlstrom are reigning as the top vote-getters in this election, and at 123,479 has almost 6% more votes received than the next candidate, which was Congresswoman Mary Peltola, who received 116,322 votes (so far).

In 2018, Dunleavy won with 51.4% of the vote, and he is holding slightly below that number this time, and may avoid going through the ranked choice system.

In Senate Seat P, Sen. Scott Kawasaki has made it past the 50%+1 threshold and now has 50.87%. If it holds, he will not have to go through the ranked-choice process.


  1. the Dept of elections needs to get its head out of its Palin and provide accurate, complete vote tallies in less than 72 hours.

    Otherwise the already shaky faith people have in the electoral system will continue to erode.

  2. Funny!!. I see that Palin beat Nicky the Wonder RINO begkowskiby over5000 first place votes. And somehow he was going to win it all???

    • Chuck, it is funny… see Sarah Heath claim victory, fly to DC, and then sign autographs in a foreign country a day later. We all know you have to back her up but she was never serious and she again found a new way to give Alaska another Democrat after her support of Mark Begich and Byron Mallot AND after her incompetence gave us Obama. Quite the legacy! It is clear why her x and all her non-felon kids moved as far away as possible from her. She’s a mess but as you said it’s not as though she can get a day job (most jobs don’t allow drinking during the workday anyway).

      Maybe Duguay will make an honest woman out of her and she can finally live the sort of life she tells everyone else to live.

  3. Maybe Walker will get the hint and leave Alaska and take his little puppet Scott with him. They could go to California and take their money as they have plenty.

  4. It is highly unlikely that ANY Republican marked Peltola first… Even as snarky as some Sarah worshippers have become, they wouldn’t rank the dem first.

    • I’ve heard several reports the post election data shows up to 13% of Republicans voted Democrat when the choice was a Trump endorsed candidate.

    • What, exactly has Dunleavy done that’s so wonderful? He peed his pants in Wasilla and has been neutered ever since.

      He won because his opponents were unelectable.

      • Yes I agree he coward down the first time the Legislature said no we run the state. Where is his AG on some of the unlawful acts we have seen?

  5. I am praying the Guv’s lead holds. Supposedly, they are expecting “tens of thousands” more ballots. The ballots need to be counted more quickly. And yes, send Walker and Kendall to California to help screw up that state more. Go Dunleavy!

    • If the Gov race goes to RCV, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with Gara. How many Pierce voters didn’t rank Dunleavy second? I’m guessing a lot.

  6. Be nice to see Palin spoiled this election for democrats for a change by getting every nicolas 2nd place vote. I know that i was good loyal republican she’ll be getting my 2nd place vote.

    • Yeah. But if Palin had just stayed out of it instead of jumping in at the last second to get an ego boost and 15 more minutes of attention, actual Republican Begich would have won the Special and the General. Unless her supporters would have voted against the R in preference for a D?

      Nah, that would be petulant, puerile, and self-destructive behavior.

  7. We’re lucky to have Dunleavy if you look at the other 3 West Coast Governors. The poor people of Arizona lost their Republican Governor Ducy and it looks like they’ll have Hobbs. Hobbs fits right in with Newsome and Insley.

  8. Rank Choice Voting is off-the-rails and Alaska should throw it away. In today’s world, we should be able to hold an election and know whom the victors are by the following day. It’s time to push for election reform, now!

  9. I have mixed feelings about Dunleavy.
    Big pro: he has done everything he can to protect service members’ right to object to the illegal Covid vaccine mandate.
    Big Con: he’s already rewarding HHS lockdown/mask mandate nut jobs with placements in other gov departments. That won’t end well for us, I promise.

    He should go DeSantis… cut all those jokers from their cushy jobs w the date and replace them with sane people. He’s not doing that tho. He’s keeping one very long leg on each side of the fence.

  10. I just want to thank Susan Downing for having that article on elections as a chess game. (DONNA CELIA 9/5- 22 issue.) I am not a chess game player, got too technical for me to figure out which move is supposed to go where.(Nothing like Checkers which is easier to play) First of all when I voted, I originally would have voted in another order in the “ranking of the red”. BUT FOR ALL YOU who determined to vote Mary 2nd, instead of keeping your vote ALL, RED Palin/Nick, NO THANKs to you for allowing Mary to get in, You have JUST screwed your fellow ALASKANS. I thought we were supposed to support each other..She will be the ONE added to the Congress to try to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Abortion issue. Among others; 1.cutting our throats in our ALASKAN fishing rights and 2.screw the oil companies from ever drilling anywhere in AK AND a hosts of other proposals that has the Democrats just waiting to chew us up to Destroy America.

  11. I will repeat what was just stated
    dunleavy won because his opponents were not electable! dunleavy is , has been, and will be useless!

  12. ” THEY ” have one more week to pretend to count ballots honestly. Ha! We dont even know WHO is counting them ! mary was pronounced the winner after a few hours ~ red flag, ~Kawasaki is the only one in Juneau that was actually endorsed by OBAMA years ago………..another red flag~ anyone who is pro PFD would never ever put Stedman, Bishop or Josephson in there unless they were dems ~ who is controlling the ” release of data ” ? MANY PEOPLE haVE access to that FLOOR !!!! cheaters never prosper

  13. Dunleavy a WIN for Alaska? What a joke. Agree with previous comments that dunleavy’s opponents were unelectable.
    Having dunleavy back means more Anne Zink and possible future mandates. More Kevin Meyer and no election integrity. More waffling fence sitting keeping the left happy.
    Dunleavy showed in Wasilla he is a paper tiger with no real fight in him.
    A school teacher who Morphed into a player politician.

  14. Every state with a slow count is either captured by the communists, or under attack by the communists on the way to its capture. There is no legitimate election with a slow count roll out.

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