Then and now: ‘Bam-Bam,’ Democrat former legislative aide and rising star, sentenced for raping child in Bethel


Benjamin “Bam-Bam” Anderson-Agimuk, a former legislative aide to Democrats in the Alaska State House, received a 36-year prison term in Bethel, after he changed his not guilty plea.

The incident happened in 2020. Now 30 years old, Anderson-Agimuk pleaded guilty to one count of sexually assaulting a minor, with the victim being under 11 years old at the time. To add insult to injury, the victim was incapacitated.

In plain terms, Benjamin Anderson-Agimuk raped a child who was incapacitated by alcohol and weed he had plied her with before penetrating her.

After serving his sentence, Anderson-Agimuk will serve 15 years on probation and will have to register as a sex offender for 30 years, and he will have to have no contact with any minors under the age of 16.

However, his scheduled release from Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center in Bethel is April 1, 2032, when he will be 39 years old. He will have served 19 years in all for his crimes against children.

In the Alaska Legislature, Anderson-Agimuk was a legislative aide for Democrat Rep. Zach Fansler of Bethel, who was accused by a woman of getting too rough with her during a sexual encounter. After Fansler left the Legislature in disgrace, Anderson-Agimuk shifted over to Fansler’s replacement, Democrat Rep. Tiffany Zulkosky.

Anderson-Agimuk, a rising Democrat star in the Bethel area, had been picked by the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Democrats to come up with a replacement for Fansler, and he chose Zulkosky, who has also since resigned.

The Alaska Federation of Natives awarded Anderson-Agimuk the Roger Lang Youth Leadership Award in 2018.

Then, in 2020, police responded to a report about a young girl passed out on the street. The girl’s mother, who was 16, said that Anderson-Agimuk had given her daughter alcohol and then raped her. The police reported that Anderson-Agimuk said “even if he did have sex with her, she was 16 so it was legal.”

Instead of detaining Anderson-Agimuk while they got a search warrant for DNA, the police in Bethel let him go, because the predator’s lawyer insisted he be released, since there was no search warrant. Anderson-Agimuk disappeared, and police, with their search warrant, were not able to locate him.

A few weeks later came another report — two young girls were lying in front of the library. The 11-year-old told police that “Bam-Bam” had raped her.

The 11-year-old victim explained that Anderson-Agimuk had gotten her and the 14-year-old drunk and have given them marijuana. The 11-year-old also told officers that she had been able to protect her 14-year-old friend, who had passed out, from being raped by Anderson-Agimuk.

Police then found Anderson-Agimuk at his home and arrested him.


  1. Now he has the credentials to be a top notch liberal politician when he gets out. Well, if he doesn’t get shanked in prison first for raping kids.

  2. The article reads, “Then, in 2020, police responded to a report about a young girl passed out on the street. The girl’s mother, who was 16, said that Anderson-Agimuk had given her daughter alcohol and then raped her. The police reported that Anderson-Agimuk said ‘even if he did have sex with her, she was 16 so it was legal.'”
    Problems of logic in the text.

  3. Suzanne – The ninth paragraph needs some correction “The girls mother, who was 16, …..’ assuming it is the victim who was 16 not the mother?

      • Okay, I have seen “bush life” first hand back in the 80’s. But, this one throws me just a bit.

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    • I believe they recognize different deities and enjoy a different series of fables than you do. They have a rich tradition of being pretty hard on their females though for sure.

      I bet if you subtracted village rape statistics from Alaska rape statistics we non-rural Alaskan men would seem pretty angelic.

    • Wasn’t Hagar and her “child” “Sent away” far away from the father’s household because she was such a pestilence to his wife. Let that be a lesson to you also.

    • Regarding your “Takeaways-our men” etc “we” don’t have any “our men”. It is your revelatory and revolting thinking pattern. We have your man and there is my man. Never is there “our men”, capice? We don’t typically have harems here in this village. I am not your procurer. Just so you know.

  5. Anybody surprised? Anyone at all??
    Yeah, didn’t think so.
    Way to go on keeping up your pedophile stereotype Democrats!
    Tania Clucas should give this guy an award!

  6. Just put him in gen pop and left Justice be served by inmates.

    Even if he survives, he’ll wish he didn’t.

  7. I’m shocked: a man can give drugs and alcohol to two minors, rape those two minors, and get only 36 years in prison, out in 19?!?!?!

  8. Since he is a Democrat, he is not a pedophile, he is merely “minor attracted”.
    That makes it all OK.
    And you are homophobic, transphobic and racist if you believe otherwise.

  9. One has to wonder how many times he was accused in Juneau and released by Juneau’s version of the keystone cops?

  10. This event is part of the Democrat’s woke, child perversion indoctrination. He graduated…….with honors.

  11. God is the judge. Masked are you a proponant of murder in prisons and elsewhere? Why is that? We will account for every word to God and Jesus. God is the Judge.

  12. You may think you know better than God. Perhaps you have been watching too much TV. Garbage in? Garbage out.

      • It depends. It’s personal. It depends if your name is written in the Book of Life or not. Jesus suffered a great deal to cover all the horrible sins in the world. We cannot save ourself. We all need a Savior but we must not presume upon it. We must not practice sin like knowingly being a false witness, knowingly shedding blood. We do have the right to defend ourselves. Blood is sacred. We must give evidence we are following the way. Jesus says “I love you guys so much”. There is a scripture that says: ” He remembers we are dust”. He is the one who does have the divine right to rule. He will complete his conquest and he will not lose one of his. ALL the bad things will not even be remembered or talked about. Jesus still owns this estate. He will do His Father’s will.

        • I wasn’t asking for a Bible lesson so much. I was just saying that if you whip a dog, and then you turn that dog into a monster and he bite someone, in the eyes of God the dog is not at fault but the guy who whipped him.

      • No. I read. I take notes. I research. I have done this for many years. I love justice . And mercy. I through out tv programming a long time ago. The scriptures say if you walk with wise persons you will become wise. You can’t walk with wise persons if you are not peers. I’m not a peer with wealthy people. You can read and comprehend writings and walk with wise persons in that manner. I am a scholar. That is is all. 🕌 Most People can’t sit still long enough to learn much these days. The scriptures say “To the making of books there is no end”. I find that to be good news.

        • Why does it appear that when you write, there is more than one person writing on any given time. Does your wife or husband or whatever you call your significant other share your account?

          • Obvious answer. Several devices. None work well. Hostile carriers. Old. Your knee jerk hypothesis quick and wrong. I’m not a stereotype.

          • All of us have read a ton of Granny Galeutian posts and no one here has afterward concluded that you’re a tea totaler. Many of your posts are only marginally coherent and drift badly. Whatever your deal is, if you think you’re hiding it well enough that no one else notices that’s far from the case and this is not news to you.

            Fork’s odd notion that you might be multiple people works only if one of them is absolutely hammered and does most of the typing.

      • I do not drink. It’s important to each of you to stereotype native women with booze. You intend harm to me. Each of you are prone to bullying minorities. You think you are cute when you do it. Each of you physically push minorities off economic fields or harm them when feasible. You think it is your God given birth right. You each have lower intellect and limited reasoning ability and will never learn another newvthing. You are more often wrong more than accurate. You are each limited in your ability to assess character and worth. Each of you deserve to be investigated EACH OF YOU SHOULD BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE. You are each trolls. You enjoy bullying Bother someone else. You are unworthy of conversation.

  13. I wonder how many other victims of his that went unreported. He deserves much worse than YK corrections. He should be at a labor camp. Doing things He has never had to do.

  14. Another thing. I bet Rep. Zulkosky won’t even regularly visit her former aide in jail. Nor any other legislature employee who spend time around him. The legislature is a tight knit group of supposedly friends. Since he going to be in jail for long long time, his so-called legislature friends could at least visit him in jail. I doubt it. The only ones who go visit those forgotten in prison are Christians. Where would be his Yupik sister Representative Tiffany Zulkosky? I Just have to point out atheists and agnostics hypocrisy. The young man may had friends in the legislature, I doubt not one of his legislature friends not even his old boss will remember to visit him behind bars.

    • Are you suggesting that we all should seek to include child molesters in our social plans? I’ve read a lot of loony stuff you’ve shaken from your sleeve but even against the backdrop of all you’ve written prior your suggestion that atheists and/or agnostics are hypocrites for not wanting to hang with a child molester is truly crazy talk.

        • In what way, exactly do I back us Ms. Jen. If I do I haven’t said that yet. GF responds to things before he hears them like many taunters
          I would say the Christian visits in the prisons is God’s work. Jesus is a deliverer of freedom. And accepted the faith of the short lived one who was put to death at the same time. But more over he gives wisdom to the poor and the meek and eternal freedom regardless of the taunts of the Godless. No change there. Satan the devil accuses others day and night in the synagogue. Satan does not prevail regardless.

    • Many are planned by our enemies to die inside prisons their life captured by Satan worshippers. It’s an organized old religion. They have set it up. Jesus did say he was going to prepare a place for you. Humans materialistically think positively in terms of “a mansion just over the hilltop”. But for some who hate God the Father might have everlasting life in a box with stinky insects they can’t get out of forever for loving lies, fantasies, borrowing other’s mates (tear). There will be nothing bad allowed. We won’t knock on your door any more or ask of total strangers (“Do you know God””. “That go therefore into all the world…teaching them all the things I commanded you …thing” The Great Commission. So after we witness what we will we will not need to do that. Everyone left will know God as deep as the ocean. They will not do harm anymore.

  15. Did his accusers face him as is required by the US Constitution or is Alaska too ladylike to make accusers have a conversation with their victimizer? Did they skip that fact finding detail? They couldn’t figure out if the child was sixteen. With such imprescision it’s a he said she said. Meanwhile everyone is traumatized thinking about it. And again some woman thinks we must listen to her describe private experiences. I wonder if the woman is just naturally insane fixated upon sex and sexual activities or as a sociopath needed to ruin the life of a promising young man. I guess we’ll never know. God knows. My know someone who was raped. She talked about it a constantly to me. I was too young to be the confidante she needed. She went out of her mind and thought about it for many decades. She thought it was one man and said so and it was terrible. Then 60 years later knew it was someone else. If we had these brutal laws we currently have the wrong man would have been incarcerated and no one cared. Instead she terrorized me with her personal fixation which was wrong about this encounter. She has passed away now. She told everyone and told me at the end of her life the perp was was someone else. Oh the power we give insane women. It never changes. What if none of it was true. It easily have been a dream.

    • You’re insane. You want a child to face the person that abused them in court? Live and in person? All I can do is chuckle and wonder what the hell happened to you when you were a child to cause this.

      • Yes. It may be helpful to them to see truth if they make up things under another adult’s spell to pick up bill of attainder reward money from the practicers of life catching. Why wouldn’t you want to break the spell?. You might be surprised how many want to collect a lifetime of assets from their unfortunate highly prized prey. Oh yes. The US Constitution says plainly that the accused must confront his accusers. Must. YOU don’t gedda accuse and run away. That is your obligation before you gedda pick up the life catching bill of attainder reward money. The American criminal code says it is your civic duty. Are you against doing your civic duty, accusers and the US Constitution as well? The US Constituon was meant to operate together with the unalterable Criminal Code attorneys do not have authority to alter the US Constitution or the Criminal code.

        • Have some common sense. What you suggest would cause more damage than what has already been done. Their kids. They’re innocence has already been destroyed and you want to light another fire? I think you better get a hold of yourself before God comes and ask you why you did that.

          • So the US Constitution says the accused has the right to CONFRONT his accuser. IT does not say “But not if it’s a child”. The accused has THE RIGHT TO CONFRONT THE ACCUSER. No matter who the accuser is. CONFRONT. In this fact scenario what date exactly did this accused CONFRONT his accuser. I mean really. Who, what, where, when, why. Who was there, transcript, who was his counsel. What was due process. Was it process due. Just like in any criminal proceeding in Alaska. NO special treatment. We are all equal before the law. I don’t know if the guy is literally guilty or not. Did he have a jury of his visenage?

  16. DR. M. Scott Peck, MD a military psychologist wrote a novel. A true story called “A Room With A View”. It was about a real patient he treated who was a sociopath. He believes sociopaths are sociopaths generally from the cradle to the grave. An old person in a nursing home can be a sociopath without a conscience. In this case the older lady killed a young man in the nursing room because she was jealous he could love someone and be loved. He was a quadropolegic and had fallen in love. She didn’t think he had the right to a loving relationship so she took him out. She was lucid. Just a sociopath. One in four it is estimated is also a sociopath as we approach the end of a very corrupt era. I give everyone of these dirty stories a grain of salt. Titillation is not interesting to me. Insane people must be shunned.

  17. So what was her reward. It is a helpful theory socially to recall that the punishment money can be a big influencer to induce these titillating complaints. So what was the bill of attainder reward money and the “guidance” on that. Surely some brilliant disinterested bystander knows. What was her tangible reward in this case. That is often what makes the wheel go round. It will be reported in the DOL annual report. Bragged about. The collected reward for this case. HOW MUCH? Who got it. How long was this lawfare planned. Tell us about the dynamic proud team of public employees. Did reward money seep back into their department. Is it “revenue”? I think it is.

  18. Speculating about children is not a primrose path. I had a wonderful childhood among poor but principled Christian people. What happened to you? I am not so spiritually impertinent and disrespectful to ask anyone including an idiot that question.

  19. In what way, exactly do I back up Ms. Jen. If I do I haven’t said that yet. GF responds to things before he hears them like many taunters
    I would say the Christian visits in the prisons is God’s work. Jesus is a deliverer of freedom. And accepted the faith of the short lived prisoner who was put to death at the same time. But more over He gives wisdom to the poor and the meek and eternal freedom regardless of the taunts of the Godless. No change there. Satan the devil accuses others day and night in the synagogue. Satan does not prevail regardless.

    • Who , IanL, Told you “raping minors are run of the mill practices in these Native villages”? Then you taunt “prove me wrong”. You got this stereotype from somewhere. Are you an Alaska person. When you see or speak with a “Native” person is it your go to position then that due to racial type do you default to this assumption you are speaking to a rapist? Would you hire a Native if you believe he is run of the mill raping” due to the inevitably of the race linkage? Where did this ideation come from? If you are working with natives would you feel friction around them even if they were a 72 year old woman? raping is a sex act. Sex are caused by hormones. Old post menopausal women do not have these hormones in their bodies. That is a medical fact.

  20. Certain people in the US think the Constitution is not or should not be the laid down law of this nation. Why are they operating in the United States of America.

  21. I had some awful children living in the apartment plex across the street for a while
    They were pure evil.
    I had to go speak with the Manager over there to keep them away from my home and Family.
    This is the only benefit of the doubt that I could extend.
    But honestly, if he did this to one, there are more.
    And he fit’s the description.

  22. Doubting you that you agree about liberty and rights for all. Just you clan and cloister. I know your architype.

  23. DOWNing is this your boyfriend?. What’s the deal. very typical racial harrassments. The devil is this guy’s God. HE is a man with bad manners. I am not the topic of this story. If you are such journalist get this idiot bully off this page. WE Were discussing thoughts around this case.

  24. Thanks Greg for your empathy. don’t drop a load a cavalcade of words now. YOU do not have the ability.

  25. So, I have slept ten minutes tonight. Are there any other challenges we think about this fine morning?

  26. I still am undisturbed that generally speak legislators tend to write bills of attainders which are not allowed Under the US Constitution. Do you know what a bill of attainder is?

  27. Like the ones applied in this case and others. These are bills that have a price tag attached for future events. The pricing is claimed and it acts as an inducement rather like bills of pains and penalties. Alaska and its residents, legislators, oliticians, globalists yearn for these ennactments. Who knows about them?

  28. Oh, the US Constitution disallows them but they go on anyway. Some globalist apologists are anxiously awaiting the cessation of Writs of Habeous Corpus. Where did those come from. Do we have any British friends out there? How about the Magna Carta. That’s gone away hasn’t it? No these were written into founding documents. There are those who appear to be dismantling the structures of our country. What will you do when the Roman Code goes away for instance. The truth sets us free. But trolls like to avoid substantive discussions.

  29. A fake account above IanL states in dyslexic syntax that “I thought all natives rape”. Rape is a sex act. Old native women have few to no

  30. I believe that about IanL because it is not possible to reply to his hate speech. So it was necessary to respond down the string from it. That is unusual, special behavior. IS THERE SOME REASON HE CANNOT BEHAVE IN A BUSINESSLIKE MANNER?

  31. Who knows what bills of attainder are. I doubt that legislators in Alaska know. I doubt they know what debt slavery is. I doubt any if them know what bills of pains and penalties are. And yet they write them regularly and the flawed products are eagerly awaited and publicly embraced. WHO KNOWS ABOUT THESE ODIOUS WRITINGS? Lawyers know what they are AND THEIR EXTENDED FAMILIES. How many extended families are there attached to the racially segregated public employment LEGAL DEPARTMENTS IN AK. A growing industry. T o enrich themselves these families will lawfare against hated minorities to what? Reach for their assets. It is another illegal coddige industry like human trafficing departments. No one else will execute on these on these bills of attainders but the legal guys who write them up and salivate on them on weekends. Sick.. They are the only ones who know how to do it! THAT’S why they love this case. WHERE DID THIS GUY WORK? This/was a set up. THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT. The creep from Flahda is in it. ARE you in on it? NO. YOU have no idea. When I try to talk about these illegal pretended acts of legislation and actual bills of attainder here they come with innuendo. That’s all they can do. WHERE DID THIS GUY WORK AGAIN AND WITH WHOM EXACTLY. Who were the primary plaintiffS IT’S IMPRECISE? Rather unclearly reported. LOOK FOR MORE EXCITING STUFF LIKE THIS IN YOUR VISONAGE. AND BEWARE.

  32. Who asked you Greg. What’s your expertise? How many native kids got lost in Alaska in custody of the racist state.

  33. THey don’t teach high school kids that they’ll bill of attaindered, billed of pains and penalties and their life snatched by the Godless with out writs of Habeous just like DC. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT.

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