Trump says he’s been told he is target of grand jury for Jan. 6 role


Former President Donald Trump released a statement on his social media site on Monday, saying the Department of Justice sent him a letter stating he is a target of the Jan. 6, [2021] grand jury investigation, and that he must report to the grand jury.

“Deranged Jack Smith, the prosecutor with Joe Biden’s DOJ, sent a letter… stating that I am a TARGET of the January 6th Grand Jury investigation, and giving me a very short 4 days to report to the Grand Jury, which almost always means an Arrest and Indictment,” Trump wrote.

January 6 refers to the protest at the U.S. Capitol on that day in 2021, when the results of the election were being certified by the Senate. Protesters swarmed into the Capitol and disrupted the proceedings, and some of them were unruly. Several still are in jail for their participation in what became a spectacle that continues to divide Americans to this day.

In his statement, Trump called the letter from the Justice Department a witch-hunt and election interference, since his is leading all others in the polls for the 2024 election.

If indicted, it would be the third time for Trump. He was indicted by the Department of Justice on 37 charges relating to alleged mishandling of classified documents, which were found at his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, after he left office. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

He was also indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for allegedly taking part in paying $130,000 in hush money to former porn star Stormy Daniels, a payment made by his former attorney, Michael Cohen.


  1. Regardless of how one feels about Trump’s politics it is inescapable to see that the entire Trump “package” is a mess. Do folks actually believe that this man is the ONLY person who can save the nation? Really?

    Count me out, BTW.

    • JMARK, Trouble is many people believe, that Trump is being persecuted. This perceived injustice has galvanized a large portion of the Republican Party and ensures that Trump will ultimately be the Republican Nominee.
      I agree that Trump is a mess but the Biden administration is an absolute disaster, which helps perpetuate loyality amongst his supporters.
      I believe that Trump is the Key for Democrats to retain power. They cannot win unless Trump is the Nominee. Trump could ensure that ’24 is a red landslide, if he stepped aside and supported one or more of the candidates. He won’t though, because this is about Donald Trump, not America. That is the most pitiful part of it all.

      • Biden’s a disaster? Not according to MTG. Her attempt at shaming and blaming was the biggest political backfire of the 21st century. Biden even endorsed her ad!
        MTG is the poster child of the Republican party. She, Trump and all the rest of those political gangsters are why the so-call GOP is doomed to the ash heap of history.

    • OK, who is not a mess?
      Perhaps you can name this politician that has it all together, and will do everything you want from a politician.
      Asking for a friend.

      • CBMTTek, To answer your question, obviously nobody ‘gets it all” as the saying goes. So no, a perfect Candidate does not exist.

        That said it occurs to me that politics might be similar to Tag Team Wrestling, and your champion, Trump, out fighting in the ring has taken more than a few folding chairs to the head and needs to be relieved. Trump however has become deluded into thinking that he is some sort of Messianic figure and that he alone can win this Wrestling Match. Trump has eschewed offers of relief from his team because that would mean benching himself. Sadly, Trump has further infected into his fan base the notion that others on his team are disloyal to him and actually are double agents for the opposition and should be derided and not trusted. This action on Trumps part has the effect of dividing the teams strength and further weakening the team. Defeat is the inescapable outcome to Trumps strategy. Looks like a mess for all of us.

        Is that everything your friend wants from a politician? Personal Glory,( or ignominy in Trumps case) for one man instead of Triumph for a Nation?

      • Your question, as framed, suggests that every candidate is flawed to the same degree. They are not. Most Republican candidates are not facing felony indictments in multiple jurisdictions. Time to move on from seventy-seven year old Donald Trump with an unfavorable rating exceeding fifty percent. In a word: Unelectable.

  2. He might as well start looking up that list of unextraditable countries. Start hiding those offshore accounts. His orange hair is going to start to be Brown because this boy is toast.

  3. The dems are guaranteeing Trump’s election by overplaying their lying hand. This will come back and bite them hard… Think Binky with the tennis shoe.

  4. Jack Smith is making America Great Again one indictment at a time. Mark Meadows undoubtedly turned on him.

  5. I really dislike Trump as a person, but to deny that this ongoing witch hunt against him is anything but baldly politically motivated is to be either egregiously dishonest or profoundly gullible. Or both.

    • It’s deliberate death by 1000 cuts. Lawfare at its finest.

      Until the (alleged) GOP gets its head out of its butt and learns to fight back, it gets nothing but worse.

  6. This is all about lawfare. President Trump will be charged in federal court in Washington DC. The population in Washington is 76% registered Democrats and 95% of the votes in Washington DC were for Joe Biden in the last election, so he won’t get a fair trial. Expect President Trump to be convicted. Because of the 14th Amendment, a conviction for insurrection would prevent President Trump from running for President while his case is on appeal. This case would likely be appealed to the US Supreme Court where President Trump could win, but that isn’t the point. The point of this exercise is all about the timing and something the Democrats call Lawfare, which is the intentional misuse of the justice system to make the process the punishment. If the Democrats can tie President Trump up in court and drag the appeals out until after next year’s election, then President Trump will be ineligible to run for president while his appeals are heard, and the Dems win. A Trump indictment/conviction means 4 more years of Joe Biden. You heard it here first.

      • You really should study civics.

        There is no Constitutional stipulation against him running if indicted, convicted, currently in trial, none of it.

        Your simple vote of Congress, dubious in merit, will never happen and would be in court so long Trump could compete his second term.

        • You really should study civics, There is a constitutional stipulation against him running. Its called the 14th amendment. Are you a slow adult?

          • So sad. Come back when you’re older and have read some books.

            And maybe kissed a girl.

  7. The instant he was sworn in he encountered refusal of democrats to work with him. They said things like “We aren’t going to let him…(fill in the gap)”. They seemed to reject his duly elected by the people status. Why was that not insurrection? Too much thwarting of a duly elected person.

  8. Some Americans secure and defend the US Constitution. Some believe it is merely optional. It is our republic form of government formed by continental convention.

    • Maybe Jack Smith is one of Joe Biden’s illegitimate kids. Do any of Smith’s kids call Joe, “Grandpa?”

  9. He’s also facing charges (bogus, to be sure) in Atlanta.

    Facing four, one is probably gonna stick.

    So it’s very possible a major party candidate for president will be an active participant in at least one criminal trial.

    No matter how it ultimately turns out, the nation ultimately loses. One party has chosen to use lawfare against a former president.

    Franklin famously said, “a republic, if you can keep it”.

    We couldn’t.

    • And, it seems, the other party is playing into the hands of the first by preparing to nominate a deeply flawed and unelectable candidate under criminal indictment. This feels more like a suicide pact than a rational country. This is crazy.

      If for some reason the Left does not nominate Biden and comes up with someone other than Kamala, Trump loses by a wider margin.

      • The race isn’t over yet, but it does look grim. There is an opening for DeSantis IF (big IF) his people can use it.

        I’m not sure Trump loses to anyone besides Biden. He was the “sane” choice last time. Most of the rest of the potential field is even worse.

  10. I really hope this is worth it to grandpa Sniffy. He’s just served up his son, wife, and everybody related to him to hell.

    The GOP will eventually gain back power and rain hell in any Biden they can find.

    The progressive zealots wanted this. And you’re gonna get it.

    • And why do you believe the Republicans will eventually regain power? Is it not obvious the the democrat party will do anything to retain control?

      Gone are the days of playing fair, being honest and doing what is right for the country (and that goes for both sides).

      We have entered a post republic era. Authoritarian control is here and those that hold power will use courts, media, DOJ, FBI, CIA, election interference, IRS, and any other form of intimidation to keep it.

      I believe you are naive to think the next election or next scandal will change the direction the country has turned.

      • Because I actually pay attention to what is happening around the country.

        And because I study history.

        Try both, sometime.

        • TMA, you make many intelligent posts in this forum, but you have a consistent blind spot when it comes to the obvious and undeniable manipulation and orruption of the voting process in this country in recent years, manipulation and corruption which overwhelmingly if not exclusively favors one party over the other. And I don’t think that even you can fail to guess to which party I am referring here.

          • Where we disagree is the depth of the manipulation. I don’t see it was insurmountable, at least not yet.

            I agree there is always malfeasance. But the facts on the ground (IMO) show me it’s not insurmountable – provided people actually get off their asses and work the system as the Founders intended.

            Regarding corruption: no argument at all. I’d vote for Jeffery Epstein if he put forward a realistic plan to give DC an enema.

      • If you really believe there is no hope, I invite you to immigrate to Canada. They have a state sponsored end of life program you might want to explore.

        Yours is exactly the attitude which has lead us here.

      • Scott unfortunately is correct. It’s too far gone. Too corrupt! I won’t be going to Canada. I won’t be signing up for any end of life programs in Canada either. There are places you can go in the US for that also.

    • What does grandpa sniffy have to do with this matter? He did not commit the crimes Trump has been/will be indicted for or appoint SC Smith. Trump force the appointment by declaring early. As far as the GOP brain trust, you can dream. These guys are so inept. Looking forward to their next credible witness!

  11. The more they harass this guy the dirtier the Bidens and the already filthy DOJ look. I am willing to bet at some point in time there will be an insurrection.

    FJB will take on a whole new meaning in his second term.

  12. Every politician is guilty of crimes they just don’t care. They are not going to give up the power and money easily. We need to clean out DC and start over with common sense and a level judicial system.

  13. This is exactly why I didn’t want Trump to run again. He is too divisive and most people are incapable of discussing him rationally.

      • I am gifted in that way. And I’m not the only one.

        I see Trump for what he is and isn’t. A man who was a good president who was brought down by his personal flaws.

    • What exactly is there to discuss? He is a despicable human being, was a horrible president, and is a career criminal. Genius suggestions include injecting bleach to kill COVID and using fireman’s ladders for cattle to climb over the border wall to graze and water at the Rio Grande.

      • Maybe, but can you remember as far back as Hillary Clinton? She had the dirtiest tramp mouth. Remember when she cussed out that poor state trooper who was part of her security detail in Arkansas? And talk about fibs, remember when she got off the plane and ran to the armored car under sniper fire? That was an oldie but a goodie. And didn’t she try to steal the China and cutlery out of the White House when she left? And let’s not even go into her smashing those blackberries with a sledgehammer or the over 1 million dollars that is missing from the state department when she left, or the Clinton foundation supposedly using most of its donations pay salary and not help the needy, and let’s not even consider the pay for play and all that money she had to give back. Trump certainly wasn’t a choir boy and I’ll never vote for him again, but consider the alternative in that election. There was no clear winner only losers.

  14. This is the final legacy of the stupidity of both parties. Trump v Hilary has broken this country.

    Both sides kept pushing incompetent people with “connections” who would keep the corrupt boat steady.

    The Democrats rebelled and made Bernie Sanders a legitimate thing. The Republicans rebelled and chose Trump. Both picks born from frustration and anger.

    Worst of all, neither side learned what their voters were telling them.

    And here we are, to the detriment of everyone.

  15. There is no way Trump can lose. The Democrats know this and that’s why they are trying so hard to get him convicted of a fake “crime” and perpetuating a ridiculous fairy tale that he would somehow lose to Biden. Biden wouldn’t even have won if there wasn’t a cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop that implicated both Hunter and the “Big Guy”. And that’s even before Biden had a chance to screw up everything he touched. The Democrats are trying to use the same playbook they used with Ted Stevens as a roadmap as to what they want to do to Trump. Get a conviction in a Washington DC court by damaging Trump with enough made up lies to ruin his chances of ever being elected. But Americans have caught onto the scam and aren’t buying it this time.
    DeSantis is too young and not ready for the role as President. He will be eventually but not yet. His campaign has been a disaster and as far as negotiating with foreign enemies, he is a child compared to Trump. Face it, DeSantis can’t even come away with a deal with Disney. What makes anyone think China would ever take him seriously.
    America needs a STRONG President NOW!! And that man is TRUMP…

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