Trump says he expects to be arrested on Tuesday


No president in history has been prosecuted after leaving office, but Former President Donald Trump says that is about to change.

He wrote on Truth Social, his social media platform, that he will be arrested on Tuesday over claims he paid former porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged relationship between them. Six years ago, Trump’s lawyers were rumored to have paid Daniels to stay mum about the affair, and New York prosecutors considered charging him at the time. Now, he says the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office will arrest and charge him on Tuesday over these allegations.

“Now illegal leaks from a corrupt & highly political Manhattan district attorneys office, which has allowed new records to be set in violent crime & whose leader is funded by George Soros, indicate that, with no crime being able to be proven, & based on an old & fully debunked (by numerous other prosecutors!) fairytale, the far & away leading Republican candidate & former president of the United States of America, will be arrested on Tuesday of next week,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “Protest, take our nation back!”

Trump’s campaign also released another in many fundraising pitches he has made for his campaign over the past many weeks. He is using the pending possible arrest of himself as a message to supporters to pitch in.

“With the Deep State gunning for us like never before, President Trump is counting on your sustained support to DEFEND our movement from these never-ending witch hunts. Please make a contribution of any amount to help FIGHT BACK against the radical Left’s endless attacks, vile lies, and phony witch hunts – for 1,200% impact,” his fundraising pitch said.

A spokeswoman for District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office told AP that the office “will decline to confirm or comment” any queries about Trump’s legal situation. Bragg is a Democrat and the position he holds is an elected office.

“This is what they do in communist countries,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told the Washington Examiner on Saturday.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote: “No matter what the Grand Jury decides, its consideration makes it clear: no one is above the law, not even a former President of the United States. The former president’s announcement this morning is reckless: doing so to keep himself in the news & foment unrest among his supporters. He cannot hide from his violations of the law, disrespect for our elections and incitements to violence. Rightfully, our legal system will decide how to hold him accountable.”

On Twitter, Elon Musk wrote: “If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory.”


  1. Indictments come from Grand Juries, and therefore aren’t political. If he’s charged, let him be tried. If he’s convicted, let him pay the price. For once in his life, hold him accountable for his actions. And let’s hope that there are other indictments to come. Godspeed Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, and E. J. Carroll.

    Never, ever Trump again. Never.

    And, of course, I do thank him for Operation Warp Speed.

    • Have you ever served on a grand jury? Of course they can be political and are certainly one-sided as the jurors only get to see information presented by the prosecution.

    • Dawg, elected and very political DA’s never call Grand Juries furniture either, right? The old saying that a DA can get a GJ to indict a Ham Sandwich might have been lost on you.

      Trumps Operation Warp Speed, his pushing through a worthless , leaky, ineffective experimental and unvetted m- RNA treatment that apparently has devastating side effects is hardly laudable., unless of course you bought Pfizer stock in 2019.

      • Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 to go away. Hillary paid some fines for $500,000 in campaign finance violations.

        No serious person thinks this is anything other than political harassment.

        • And JFK was so protected, he didn’t even have to pay his many courtesans; the liberal press (& consequently the American people) looked the other way.
          But that was OK? Because we liked him?

          • Howdy George. Kennedy wasn’t protected enough. The Left Wing would see Trump, —EPSTEINED in jail. We have seen what they have done to hundreds of Jan 6 people who are still in jail. Once you enter The Prison System, anything can happen.

        • Clinton paid a legal settlement, most ($650,000) of which went to Paula Jones’ attorneys. Clinton’s campaign, not Clinton, paid an $8,000 fine related to misclassification of Steele dossier expenses. The DNC paid $108,000 fine for a similar reason. Not sure why you believe anything you hear on Fox, anyway, neither were hush money to a porn star.

    • Grand juries aren’t political?

      That is possibly the stupidest thing you’ve ever posted.

      I’m genuinely curious. At times you show signs of being thoughtful and considerate in your thinking. Then you follow it up with the most click bait asinine comments possible. To what end? Contrary just be be contrary?

      Dealing with you reminds me of dealing with tween age girls.

      • Trump has irreparably and intentionally damaged the Country and the national discourse. He needs to be held accountable at long last.

        I think for myself and call things as I see them. Maybe to you, that makes me an enigma.

        • I bet your 401 made a nice profit when he was president.

          How exactly did he harm our nation? Don’t say J6, we all know what a lie that is thanks to Mc Carthy and Tucker

        • Wow you really have a vision problem along with a brain wired wrong. Biden has done more damage to this country than any president. He will go down in history as the worst unelected leader ever. You really need a vacation and get your eyes checked dog.

        • Dog, I voted for Trump twice but I will not vote for him a third time. I like you tend to speak my voice on here and as such, you set yourself up for anyone who disagrees with you. You have conservatives fighting conservatives. No wonder Alaska is in turmoil and the libtards laugh all the way to the bank. People smell blood in the water or so they think and it turns into a big tag team but that’s the game. It gets amusing sometimes and you can almost hear the ding ding ding of the ringside Bell and they all come fawning to the rescue. If they’d open their minds and shut their damn mouth, they might see the light of day and determine that what you have to say makes a great deal of sense sometimes. I think it’s just amusing to them because they come back with accolades of you being butt hurt or had your widdle feelings hurt or something like that. All it does is show how small they are. So hang in there. Keep preaching to the choir.

    • Dog, you obviously know very little about the criminal Justice system.
      Any competent District Attorney can get a Grand Jury to indict anyone. It is a very one sided process with the grand jury being led by the DA. The bar for an indictment is simply whether there is probable cause, based on only one sided evidence, to believe a crime has been committed.
      If you truly believe the process in NY city is not political then there are lots of people that would love to sell you one of the many bridges that lead to Manhattan.

      • And why, do you suppose, did Trump choose to not testify when asked by this DA to give his side of the story AF? Obviously his attorneys are terrified he would commit perjury, since he can’t put more than two words together without lying.
        It’s a tough sell when the alleged perp is a wasteland of untruths-difficult to get his side of the story but that’s hardly the fault of criminal justice system.

      • OK, if you say so, but conviction comes from a jury, not a prosecutor. I’m happy to let them decide, and then I’ll accept whatever their decision is – unlike those of you who (purport to) believe the Big Lie (but really don’t), and refuse to accept judicial or electoral outcomes just because you don’t like them.

        Trump has used the legal system as a tool of intimidation for his entire life. Now let’s see how he likes it when it’s coming at him. He’s sweating, and inciting additional violence as a result. What a monster.

    • And we hope the Democratic lying stealing traitors are arrested and go to jail starting with Pelosi Biden
      Schumer and the rest of the federal Bureau of incompetence involved with illegal spying on Americans.

    • Quick, dog, close those bridge gates and bar entry to your island community! You must be terrified when supporters of the Constitution and the rule of law rear their heads! Lol!

    • Accountable for what? Paying Stormy Daniels not to talk about their affair? Is that even a crime? This is just more politicized abuse of the legal system to punish Trump and his supporters for winning an election the Democrats were confident he’d lose. It’s driven half the country mad.

      • Yes, it’s driven the Trump cult members crazy. I’m sure if he is arrested, they’ll be the first to protest and whine like the children they are.

      • Yeah, I agree that’s relatively small potatoes. The main courses are: assaulting women, trying to steal elections, and inciting violence against the government.

        There’s the Beef.

        • Dum Dum, there is no obstruction. How is it Obstruction when one party the NDA? As i mentioned earlier, this has already been to trial. Stormy ended up paying Trump 300k and his attorney fees for breaking said NDA.

          • Dumber, Dumber, Dumber. Denali where you do get your news? Stormy was ordered to pay $300 k for Trumps legal fees in connection with a failed defamation suit. Had nothing to do with any NDA. Good news for Stormy is that since Trump never pays his legal fees, she ultimately won’t have to pay up.

    • After, what…. something like eight years of constant investigation into every little corner of Trump’s life, they have come up with nothing. Seriously. Nothing.
      This one will pan out to be a huge nothing burger as well.
      But, I am sure you will get him next time…

  2. I Can’t believe how delusional these loony officials are in their efforts to Destroy this guy, his popularity and support is still very very solid, it’s almost as if they want to create violence and stir up
    His supporters and Many others!
    As for Anyone who still
    doesn’t see these corrupt people for who they really are is totally clueless! These people are entrenched lunatics in the bowels of the Deep State/ Government , and this all
    Is clearly just flat out political persecution and wrong, and They will not stop no matter who challenges them. Amazing how Trump
    Just continues to roll with the punches and steams forward irregardless of the insanity that gets thrown at him. These people need to be totally exposed and dealt with eventually, they are completely out of control. If this continues and goes forward , things could get really ugly and ignite all sorts of pushback from people all over the country, it pretty obvious they want to create another crisis.What are they hiding is my question ?

    • So absolutely true! DJT has been the most open, honest and scrupulous president we have had since George Washington! Every single thing he has done has been above board. Yeah, he’s not always “nice” about it, but he is 100% honest.

      This is a witch hunt, pure and simple. There’s nothing here. Trump has been endorsed by every major Christian leader – would these people endorse anyone who wasn’t a good, honest, God-fearing man? NO! Of course they would not!

      DJT will come out of this more powerful than ever. He might finally be in a position to stay in the White House longer than 2 terms – since one was stolen anyhow! We might finally have a leader worthy of staying in the White House until God takes him from this earth. There were many Framers who wanted this exact type of leader, because it would provide long term continuity. I know China is our adversary, but their progress has come because they have been able to stay focused on a goal. We can’t do that because of the ping pong we have going in the White House.

      DJT will rise form this, he will for a new government Of the People, By the People, and not the elites!

      DJT 2024!

      • You are truly delusional.

        And he’s endorsed by the “major Christian Leaders”? That would be people akin to: Jim Bakker, Jerry Falwell Jr., Warren Jeffs, Jimmy Swaggart, and many more upstanding Holy Men. Nice.

        Let’s explore a little further: All of us who are educated in Christian ways are familiar with The Seven Deadly Sins. How many apply to our 45th President?

        – Gluttony: Just look at him. Tick.
        – Lust, Fornication: Stormy Daniels and many others…Tick.
        – Greed: Stiffing contractors and attorneys on a colossal scale. Tick.
        – Vanity: Just look at his gold-plated residences and his narcissism. Tick.
        – Envy: Jealousy of crowds and ratings, manipulation of place on Forbes 500 list. Tick
        – Wrath: Muslim ban, and many other similar cruel actions. Tick
        – Sloth: Too lazy to read or attend his daily National Security briefings. Tick.

        That’s seven for seven. To our eternal shame, we elected this man to be our President. God help us all if we do it again.

      • Hill. You poor thing. You’ve been royally conned – you’ve probly sent money to him. You’ve been fooled and you want to be fooled.

      • Hill, let’s explore how DJT has been the most open, honest and scrupulous president since GW. A limited trip down memory lane from during his term:
        – Ordered suspension of Department of Interior’s twitter account after an NPS employee retweeted a side-by-side comparison of Trump’s and Obama’s inauguration crowds where Obama’s was significantly larger.
        – Commits obstruction of justice by firing Comey in order to attempt to halt Russian Collusion investigation. Proceeds to commit nine more counts in attempting to halt investigation.
        – Lies to world about Trump Jr.’s contact with Russian lawyer when Jr. was offered dirt on Clinton campaign. Trump Sr. said it was a meeting to discuss adoption of Russian children.
        – Attempts to extort Ukraine for dirt on Bidens.
        – Attempts coup to stay in power, including promoting Big Lie.
        – Lies to the world that Pelosi turned down his offer of National Guard troops.
        – Pressured the DOJ to protect his friends (Flynn) and go after his enemies (Kerry).
        Hill, you are correct, he is one hell of a guy, however, I am not seeing the honest and scrupulous!

  3. Trump is a fine businessman. That annoucement is an excellent sales pitch. Elon is right, if our trump is arrested, it’ll be the Best campain gift Democrats can give him.

    • Maybe he is a fine businessman (no, he isn’t, but let’s pretend anyways). In my book, a person’s ethics come way before their skill as a business person when it comes to being a Leader of any kind.

      Does anyone care if Washington or Lincoln were good businessmen? No, I didn’t think so.

  4. Reality check time.

    -this is clearly a ham handed political action. Even if there is legitimacy to the charge, it’s not something anyone ever goes to jail for. He pays a fine, fine.

    The only purpose of this persecution is to harm Trumps fundraising capacity.

    -even if convicted, he can still run for office.

    -the left desperately needs Trump. Biden is killing the nation. The left needs the MAGA boogeyman to distract from the American crapstorm going on around us.

    -if the left really wanted Trump to go away, just shut up about him. But Trump is the only thing holding the left together.

    -this is 1/2 genius and 1/2 insanity.

  5. Something that continuously amazes me. The progressives keep doing stupid things like this and expecting it will never blow back in their faces.

    Do this, and grab popcorn. The right, in every red state, will go after everyone ever named Biden. Not to mention impeachment. Obama isn’t immune either. Push this far enough even his skin color won’t save him.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid people.

    • Imagine if the GOP gets the Senate. They’ll go from calling the filibuster is a racist remnant of Jim Crow that must be abolished (Obama actually said that) to saying it is a keystone of our democracy.

  6. The ultimate political creatures fighting for their lives against a guy they have no ability to fight against. This could get interesting if they try to take him into custody.

    • You thinking Trump would refuse to turn himself in for fingerprinting and mugshot Paul? Heheh!
      I hear that some are wanting him to be frogmarched in handcuffs-likely to occur if he refuses. Now that would be “interesting.”

    • Before you mobilize, you’d better take a good hard look at where the J6’ers are today, or will be soon. Just sayin’.

          • Jefferson is incapable of not hurling insults because that’s the only thing that someone without a point has left. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. He/she does always manage to throw in the phrase radical leftist or something similar. Other than that though, I have never seen him/her post a cogent, calm, dispassionate argument on here. There ALWAYS has to be some sort of insult. Very sad.

          • Because I REFUSE to not confront abject submission to corrupt authority and to evil, Gregory. And Whidbey the Cur routinely engages and advocates for such submission, which makes him evil and my enemy as well.
            Evil and tyrannical authority have very little real power of their own, they instead rely on the acquiescence and support of those like Whidbey to advance their agendas. So people like him are really those who are leading this country into destruction.

          • See. That’s another point, dog. You lefties paint conservatives as ‘hateful’ and ‘full of anger’. We’re actually very happy citizens because we all have a common belief system centered around this fantastic country and it’s Constitution. The only time we get ‘full of anger’ is when someone claiming to be an American, comes along and tries to convince our citizens that our form of government is, gathering a breath here, racist, zenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, pro slavery, anti every race including caucasian, fill in some more . . . .
            We just blow it off when it comes from some communist state like china, but to hear it from inside our own borders just pisses us off. You claim to be an American, but I say you are an abject liar. You have claimed to be for personal freedoms and a strong country but you have repeatedly spoken against free speech and the second amendment. How do you make a claim to the title American? It takes more than simply being born here to really be an American. You have to believe in our way of life which means that individuals choose what is right for each and every one of themselves. Then you have to uphold that freedom. You claim to own firearms but continue to speak for gun control measures. Phenomenally unAmerican. If you don’t like firearms, don’t be around them, but you have no right to dictate that a citizen cannot have them.
            Remember the tea party rallies? People there of all backgrounds and all were smiling. WE enjoy this country! Look at any lefty rally. Yes any one. Nothing but doom and gloom and political agitating.
            But WE’RE the ones in a ‘cauldron of hate’?! If that’s the best you got, I’m still in a good mood.

          • And I hope you can relax in short-term peace before the full and justified wrath of myself, and millions of others like me, falls upon you and your radical leftist quisling brethren in full force.

      • They will be walking the streets free as a bird soon.
        After all, the secret is now public. There was no insurrection, the prosecution in the “trials” were in serious violation of the law (withholding exculpatory evidence from discovery), and the J6 committee was fiction.
        The only thing that will make it better is if each and every one of them sue the living daylights out of the prosecutors, DAs, the Jan 6th committee, Nancy Pelosi, and every person in management in the DOJ.

  7. Don’t look over at the progress on the Hunter Biden, Biden crime family investigation. China Joe should be indicted. We now have a proven two tier justice system where deep state criminals get away with murder, treason, conspiracy and conservative grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers and fathers are prosecuted for being domestic terrorists because they refuse to go along with woke mob and liberal agenda.

    Time to restore natural law and ethics to all organizations in ALL countries. Time for term limits at ALL levels of government. Time to defund federal reserve, IRS, DOJ, CDC, FBI, NSA, FDA, USDA and all other NGOs aka criminal organizations. Time to remove all immunity from prosecution of Soros, Gates, Fauci, Rockefeller medical establishment, pharma mafia aka Moderna, Pfizer, etc., mockingbird media, etc. etc. Time to abolish WEF, United Nations, W.H.O, Bilderberg Group, Committee of 300, etc. Unelected and selected criminals must NOT be allowed to determine the fate of humanity. No more build back better, green new deal, scamdemics, blue beam alien invasions, color revolutions, victim politics for equity (which is not equality), war mongering, weather modification, mind control, sky is falling global warming, etc. It isn’t conspiracy theory when proven true and a lie repeated a million times is still a lie. Time to restore justice and equality.

  8. This news comes out days after a House committee says they have proof the Biden family received millions in payments from China. No coincidences. They want to put the spotlight back on Trump.

    • Perhaps you could add why this is illegal? Trump recently received $8 million in alleged Russian linked loans at his affiliated medial company. You ok with this?

      • That was investigated extensively.
        Nothing was found to be remotely illegal, or unethical.
        On the other hand, you are dismissing an potentially illegal action on the part of the sitting President because a former president was accused (unjustly, I might add) of a similar offense? “It’s OK, because so and so did it too.”

        • Not sure what you are referring to here. The investigation of the alleged Russian linked loans is ongoing by the SDNY US Attorney, no conclusion have been reached. I do not dismiss anything related to Biden, if he broke the law he needs to suffer the consequences. The allegations are similar to the Big Lie as promoted by Rudy, “we’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence”. Please let me know when you have the evidence.

          • My bad. Was thinking of something else.
            Not sure there is anything illegal with that. Businesses enter into loan agreements all the time, it is a voluntary agreement. Was anyone harmed in any way?
            How is this different than the attempt of the NY AG to try and charge Trump with overvaluing property on a loan application, which the lending bank accepted, the company got the loan, the loan got paid, and no one was harmed in any way.
            Worst thing you can say about these $8M was the personal pursuing the loan (I have zero confidence Trump himself knew a thing about it) was not thinking about the bit picture. A Former President’s business accepting a loan from a less than friendly nation. Not a good picture, but it is likely on the up and up.
            Just like the Biden family doing business with Chinese held companies. Do it cleanly, and no problem.

          • Well the loans are alleged to come from unlawful activities and sources (human trafficking and sanctioned Russians) which makes the crime money laundering. You asked me if anyone was harmed, you should put that question to the people who were trafficked if that allegation is proven. These loans were approved by Donnie Jr. Regarding your approval of bank fraud, you seem to be indicating that committing a crime is ok as long as no one gets hurt? By intentionally inflating the property values Trump inflated the loan to value ratio and most likely qualified for more favorable terms and an amount that he would have otherwise qualified for. So who then is paying for that, the bank’s shareholders and other customers.

  9. Whatever happens, people need to keep their heads on straight.

    The left and the DOJ will do everything possible to try to recreate Jan 6.

    Do not take the bait.

    • Don’t take the bait? So just what, roll over?

      It’s time to unite behind DJT! For the future of America! And the free world!

      O Captain my Captain!

    • I get what you’re saying here but I’m not so worried about it.

      When the right protests, we actually protest. We walk the streets, talk to the press, get together in front of offices to insure the ‘guy inside’ gets the message we’re sending. We know that damaging people and property is NOT protesting. That’s for lefties to do.

      Besides, the only crimes committed by Trump supporters on Jan 6 were ticket offenses such as trespassing. Ashley Babitt was executed by a cop. And if you go back to the videos of doors/windows being broken, you can hear people in the crowd shouting things like ‘tell them to stop’ and ‘we don’t do things like this’.

      • I agree. My worry is the DOJ and friends will basically attempt to gin up a riot and blame Trump supporters.

        The right has got to be smarter than last time. Trump has got to be smarter than last time.

        • And what in fact would constitute “being smarter”, TMA?
          Rolling over and just taking more abuse from tyrants?
          You consistently seem to advocate for preemptive surrender in the face of governmental abuse. I’m glad that this nation’s Founding Fathers did not have your weak constitution.

      • Protests are formal written complaints typed according to federal court rules following due process not placcarding.

      • Paul what about that mostly peaceful protest (according to Tucker) on January 6, 2021 at the US capital where approximately $1.5 million in damage was caused by the right wingnuts. You are right about them walking the streets, talking to the press, however, you missed the parts about leaving biological deposits in an office, injuring dozens of police officers, and interfering with the transition of power.

        • You mean the people like Ray Epps and John Sullivan? No one interfered with the transition to brandon. And what injuries to police officers? Did someone get hurt opening a door for a protester?

          • You are citing right-wingnut conspiracy theories from Rudy or Jim Jordan, neither of which have any credibility. Do you have any proof of these claims? You may want to watch some video footage from a source other than Tucker. Perhaps watching the HBO documentary would be a start. No it wasn’t filmed on a sound stage.

        • I do not know, I watched some of the video on Fox news, and it looked like a few stanchions got knocked over. Aside from that, there were a few idiots who insisted on breaking windows. I always found it curious, until now, why the news only showed the same minute or so of video, never anything more. Now, I know.
          By the way, $1.5M is a drop in the bucket for work on the US Capital. Replacement of a failed window could set them back several hundred thousand. This isn’t like replacing a piece of glass in your house, Renewal by Anderson does not manufacture these windows.

  10. The Dems may get their perp walk pictures of President Trump, but they will rue the day it happened. Trump may be the first former president to be indicted, but once Pandora’s box is opened, he won’t be the last. We could see multiple former high Democrat government officials indicted. Pelosi for insider trading? Biden for taking indirect cash payments from China and a case against Obama could be found if a prosecutor looks hard enough. Be careful what you wish for Dems, your vindictive actions always come back to bite you in the rear.

    • Wouldn’t that be a good thing? I mean, if Trump did something illegal and he is arrested, tried and convicted, and that sets a new precedence – isn’t that a good thing? Don’t we want a single standard for everyone to be held to, even former (or sitting) presidents?

      If Trump did indeed commit a crime, I hope he is held accountable. If the rest you mentioned committed crimes, I hope they are similarly held accountable.

  11. Gee, a few folks seem to be conspicuously absent from the comment section of this article. Have even some of the most ardent TDS sufferers finally realizing that “we got him this time!” has yet to pan out?

      • OK, where are the charges?
        The Fulton County grand jury wrapped up weeks ago. Yet… nothing. Possible reasons for that is 1. They have nothing, or 2, they have less than nothing, or possibly 3. the amount of nothing they have will actually help Trump out politically.
        Same with the Manhattan jury. They are investigating an infraction that was heavily investigated, and nothing came out of it. So, what makes you think this new grand jury that is investigating something that has resulted in no charges before will suddenly come up with an indictment?
        I have heard that song before, I know how it ends. With people like you saying…”We will get him this time!”

  12. This non story is just one of many in the ongoing distractions promulgated upon the populace every day. It’s always about Donald Trump, 24-7, 365 days a year. Trump revels in the attention and the Commie left uses this to shore up their base. Tired of it yet?

    Meanwhile, real issues like the Invasion of our Southern Border, Chi- Com infiltration of our Governing bodies through graft and bribes to our elected Leaders, the complete dismantling of our Armed Forces and this moronic ” I stand with Ukraine ” swindle are left unaddressed. All of this follows in the wake of the biggest Medical Scam in history and the destruction of our economy.

    Yeah, let Trump be the focus of the publics attention. Poor guy, all he did was pay some skank hush money 💰.

    To Hell with Trump, despite some of his good deeds while in office his Mount McKinley size EGO and complete lack of anything resembling a National Leader will ultimately be his and our undoing.

    Ignore the circus and let’s elect an Adult this time, unless of course you want to continue living in a scripted Reality T.V. show.

        • Don’t think Pompeo has a chance, but I don’t like former officers in political positions so I’m kind of prejudiced on that choice.
          DeSantis would be a good choice but he’ll have to resign as governor to run and then win the primary against Trump. I don’t think he’ll do either. If he won the primary I would vote for him though. He’s in a much better position to run in 2028. He could even run, then, with Trumps support.

    • There are plenty of decent Republicans who could carry the Conservative flag without Trump’s baggage, bombast, bullying, boorishness, and BS. It’s time for the GOP to move on. He won’t do anything for you, except cause you to lose elections. It was fun and exciting while it lasted, but it’s over.

  13. The corrupt establishment, including the entire alaska congressional delegation will do anything to prevent Trump. I expect they may try to prevent the 2024 election using an emergency as the excuse. Just like the ” insurrection”, declaring an emergency usurping parliamentary procedure and preventing the congressional challenge that was going to occur and installing fjb in a coup against American democracy and preventing scotus challenges. They will do anything.

  14. I don’t understand the significance of the Elon Musk quote at the end of the article.. what does his opinion have to do with anything?

  15. I cannot believe that Beijing Biden would be stupid enough to allow Trump to be arrested on a purely politically driven charge. The Biden crime family is getting very desperate as Congressional Oversight committees continue to unravel damning evidence of influence peddling by Sloppy Joe going all the way back to his Vice Presidency. Biden needs to be impeached before he starts a nuclear war in an effort to deflect attention away from his breathtaking corruption. We are in very dangerous times.

  16. Boy, it’s a good thing that Trump did not engage in any shady, corrupt and grossly illegal financial dealings with Ukrainian gas companies and the Red Chinese — then he would surely be facing prosecution and conviction!

  17. The Democrats and Left ( including RINOs) have to nail Trump on ….s o m e t h i n g. Nothing else to date has worked……and Trump is already running for president in 2024.
    So what will they try and nail him with?…..
    A cheap, sleazy pornstar who’s images of her rear end being taken, available to any child who can log on to the internet; and a broken, disbarred, jailed lawyer who can’t tell the truth about anything.
    Way to go Democrats. You just got Trump re-elected in 2024.👏👏

      • After eight years of nothingburger followed by zip, followed by nada, followed by another “we got him now!” that turned out to be nothing by shapes in the mist, I am sure, absolutely sure, the next time you will have him…
        Seriously, even the most ardent Trump hater has got to admit, this is getting stupid. No human being has been subjected to this level of scrutiny and come out clean time and again, without actually being clean.

          • Oh, I am sorry. Perhaps you missed the last eight years where Candidate Trump, then President Trump was relentlessly hounded by investigations, and so far… nothing has come out of it.
            I know, “We got him this time!”
            I have seen that movie before, I know how it turns out.
            How many more years of constant investigation with zero results will it take before you leftists drop it? Seriously, if you do not know about the “indict a ham sandwich” game, look it up. In a country where there are laws that allow the indictment of a sandwich on felony charges, but President Trump is still to be charged, I am going to say he is not getting charged any time soon.

      • I wanna see the “client list” from Epstein’s Pedophile Island. Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, former NM governor. All Democrats. Supposedly, video tapes exist for future extortion purposes. Democrats in all of their twisted, child-sex manners. Bill Gates’ ex-wife knew. Hilary knew. Show us the tapes. Start arresting and prosecuting Democrats. Send 87,000 IRS agents to arrest Joe Biden for not paying taxes on all of the overseas money that Hunter collected for him on influence peddling junkets while Joe was VP.

    • Good?
      Really? Are you serious? Please tell me you are not advocating for a two tier justice system. A system where political opponents are targeted by the courts solely because they are your political opponent.
      I remember when a President was impeached for exactly the same thing, but you think this is “good.”
      This is some 3rd world banana republic stuff. And, you are saying “good.”
      I do not care what personal or political bias you have against President Trump, but advocating for this is unconscionable.

        • I can only assume that means I am correct. You are good with weaponizing the judicial system against people you do not like for whatever reason.
          Love Trump, or hate Trump, does not matter. Justice must be blind, but you are OK if it isn’t.

  18. Trump’s attorneys are reviewing the Constitution to verify Trump’s claims that he can do anything he wants because he was a President of the USA at one time.

    • Date, time, and context of that claim. A link to a verifiable source, preferably video would help.
      Otherwise, it did not happen.

      • There is a reason Trump never testifies, the one time he did the Trump Organization was publicly exposed to the 18 years of tax write-offs the Organization received through bankruptcies

        • So, Trump never in fact made that claim.
          Got it, thanks for confirming.
          And, refusing to testify is a fundamental human right. I fully support the right of any defendant to refuse to sit on the stand in front of a judge/jury. No judge would allow a prosecuting attorney to make the very assumption you just did, that refusal to testify in one’s defense implies guilt in any way. That is a really fast way to get to a mistrial.
          In fact, if a defense attorney pushes their client to testify, the client should immediately pay for any services rendered and get a new attorney. No defense attorney on the planet thinks it is a good idea for a defendant to testify, with very few exceptions.

  19. That US doesn’t belong to us. It is not the seat of “our government”. The government by, for and of the people was never reconstructed after the so-called Civil War. The parent corporations of the US and USA are in Edinburgh Scotland and London. Those are the only 2 we’ve found but there maybe more. If I put the UK government site up here their damn crown pops up.

  20. “They/THEY” are all the limited liability persons working for and supporting foreign interests in America pretending to be “our governments”. We have plenty of names but there is no room to list them here. Like I have said before, the government of, by and for the people was not reconstructed after the “Civil War”, so foreign corporations were given delegated powers to provide limited governmental services as long as they stayed within their corporate charters, the Constitutions. Obviously they have not. Those who tried to reconstruct the actual unincorporated government either died, gave up or were murdered. It mostly started with allowing King George power over the sea and navigable inland waterways. The offshore parent corporations just brought the sea up over the land. That’s why we have Admiralty and Maritime courts acting as debt collectors under the Administrative Procedures Act and military law of the sea. All public offices are occupied by these unregistered foreign agents, subcontractors, and that is who and what “they” are; operating businesses with corporations file numbers and DUNS numbers collecting “war” debts. It’s called hypothecation of debt, to lay their debt on the people. US citizens and citizens of the USA are sureties for their debts. Trump just didn’t know just how big and deep the swamp really is. The whole world operates under this system.


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