State judge says State of Alaska must be part of case against Rep. Eastman over membership in Oath Keepers

David Eastman

An Alaska Superior Court judge ruled that the State of Alaska must be part of the lawsuit in which a constituent of Rep. David Eastman says Eastman has violated the constitution’s “disloyalty” clause and should be removed from office because of his membership in the Oath Keepers.

The State had asked to be let out of the case, and let it proceed between plaintiff Randall Kowalke and his legal team at the Northern Justice Project, and Rep. Eastman. Judge Jack McKenna said no, the State is in the case because the Division of Elections is in charge of removing someone from the ballot due to a violation of that state constitutional clause.

State lawyers said there is no provision for enforcing the “disloyalty” clause, but McKenna was unmoved. Monday’s hearing was not on the merits of the case itself, but was procedural. The actual court date is the week of Dec. 12. Still unknown is if the case will remain in Anchorage Superior Court or be moved to Palmer, which is in the same borough that Eastman and Kowalke reside.

Oath Keepers, which has thousands of members across the country, including over 250 members in Alaska, had significant involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021 events around the U.S. Capitol in an effort to prevent certification of the election of Joe Biden as president.

The Oath Keepers are made up of former members of the military and law enforcement who have taken oaths of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. The group is unstructured; members agree they will not follow any unconstitutional order. Many members of the group are concerned about voter fraud and fraudulent elections.

Last week in New Mexico, a state judge ruled that a founder of a group known as “Cowboys for Trump” must be stripped of his office as an Otero County commissioner because of his participation in the Jan. 6, 2021 events at the U.S. Capitol. County Commissioner Couy Griffin was to be decommissioned immediately and prohibited from holding public office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment because he “engaged in” the Jan. 6 protest, and thus is disqualified from serving in federal or state elected positions, according to the judge.

Judge Francis Mathew in Santa Fe leaned on a little-known provision in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states “no person shall be a senator or representative in Congress” or “hold any office, civil or military” if after swearing an oath to support the Constitution, they “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” That provision was originally written to prevent members of the Confederacy from attaining an elected position after the Civil War.

Eastman, too, attended the protest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, along with several other Alaskans and thousands of Americans, but he never went inside the building, nor did he participate in any violence. Instead, the representative from Wasilla spent time waving an American flag with friends, listening to President Donald Trump’s speech, and socializing.

Eastman’s attorney is political activist Joe Miller, who argues that Judge McKenna is allowing the bureaucratic machine to decide who can and cannot be a candidate. He said McKenna is expanding the state’s role in making political criteria a key component for what is a subjective decision. Miller is a former candidate for U.S. Senate.

Kowalke’s attorney at the Northern Justice Project is liberal Fairbanks North Star Borough Assemblywoman Savannah Fletcher.

A list of members of the Oath Keepers was leaked by the Anti-Defamation League and shows that hundreds of elected officials, military members and law enforcement officers belong to the group. That list is at this link. ADL’s analysis as of August, 2022 shows that 42 current candidates for office are on the list and over 80 are on the list who are currently serving in elected office.

“Though none of these elected officials explicitly offered to use the powers of their office to aid the Oath Keepers, their support for the Oath Keepers – demonstrated by their willingness to sign up for the group – raises questions about how the group’s ideology may influence their thinking and how they wield the power afforded to them,” wrote the ADL, which lists Oath Keepers as an extremist group.

President Joe Biden has also opened the door to making enemies of patriots during his speech at Independence Hall, when he said that Trump-supporting Republicans are a threat to the democracy.

Read the grand jury indictment against several members of the Oath Keepers below:


  1. How does Randall Kowalke have standing to bring this case to court? He doesn’t live in the District that Eastman is a candidate for. Kowalke lives in District 30. Eastman is running for District 27.

  2. The retaliation against Otero County Commissioner Griffin in New Mexico only makes sense once you realize that Griffin and his fellow county commissioners in Otero County voted unanimously to join Texas in rejecting Dominion Voting machines earlier this summer. (‘

    Despite all the pressure placed on them, Otero County broke with the status quo and voted to put the people first and end Otero County’s relationship with Dominion. That took guts. The response from the powers that be was to have a judge declare Commissioner Griffin’s election void.

    Remember, the cry from the establishment for the last two years has been that elections are sacred. To question the result of an election, much less seek to have one overturned, is heretical. It risks one being deemed an enemy of the state.

    And yet, rather than abide hand-counted ballots in a single county in New Mexico, here we have the establishment choosing to throw out an entire election, lock, stock and barrel, instead of recalling Griffin or seeking to beat him in the next election.

    What is happening in New Mexico is all too familiar. I’ve had front-row seats as the Democrats have pursued a very similar campaign for the last year and a half here in Alaska. After touting for months that election results are sacrosanct, the Alaska Democratic Party publicly declared that the election in my district in the Mat-Su should be annulled…as if it never happened. This was the race where I won with 74% of the vote in November.

    According to the Democratic Party the voters in my district (in the heart of the Mat-Su) got it wrong, and should therefore have their votes corrected by expelling me from the Alaska Legislature. I was accused of no crime other than wrong-think, and being vocal in representing the views of my district.

    When Democrats weren’t able to convince enough Republicans to go along with the expulsion, they switched tactics. I am still accused of no crime. And yet the Democratic Party believes it is perfectly acceptable to take me to court to, in effect, force me to prove that I am not an Enemy of the State.

    An Enemy of the State loses the right to serve in public office, to run for office, and to have any Alaskan cast a vote for them. That is the charge.

    And the state doesn’t provide you an attorney for that kind of charge. You have to raise the money yourself.
    (Please visit

    The lawsuit is to remove me from office, and also to prohibit me from being able to win election in November. They have given up trying to beat me in an election. Now they want the judge to do it for them.

    I was fortunate to receive more than 50% of the vote in the primary, even with it being a 3-way race. But, no matter, if you are going to fight to truly represent the will of conservatives in Otero County or in a conservative district like Wasilla, you now may not only have to win the primary, but also the general and a court case too. That is what the view looks like from the front lines today, not just in New Mexico and Alaska, but also in Georgia, and many other places today.

    I would say I was never close enough to the Capitol to step inside or take part in the melee on January 6th, but then, Commissioner Couy Griffin never stepped foot inside the capitol or took part in the melee either. Even so, he was deemed (by one federal judge at least) to be an Enemy of the State.

    Do you remember when AOC declared, three days after the November election, that they needed to create an “Enemies List” of Trump supporters? (‘

    This is what she was talking about.

    As someone who went to hear the president’s speech, and has not recanted my doing so, I find myself on the front lines today, alongside Couy Griffin, and a good many others. It’s not about Oath Keepers. The calls to remove me from the legislature began months before anyone even knew there were hundreds of Oath Keepers in Alaska, or that I had joined the group over a dozen years ago. I accepted the president’s call to come to Washington DC on January 6th. That, to some, made me an Enemy of the State. And the Democratic Party is now attempting to purge from public office everyone on their Enemies List.

    I am willing to stand. But my family and I cannot do it alone. If you want me to continue to stand, please make a donation to help me afford the legal expenses of doing so. Please visit:

    The Enemies List they’ve compiled is long. If they make it through those of us nearer to the top, you can bet they will keep on going until they’ve reached the end of it, even if it is 74 million Americans long.

    Know that, no matter who is in the White House, the Constitution is still worth fighting for, and freedom and the right to dissent are still worth defending. I will continue to do my part, and welcome as many others as can, to come alongside and take a place on the front lines. Easy Company wasn’t the first Band of Brothers, and it won’t be the last.

    “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…” – Shakespeare

    • Good grief. What a load of hooey. The leader of the Oath Keepers has been charged with seditious conspiracy in planning, coordinating, and carrying out the attacks on the U.S. Capitol on January 6. The Alaska Constitution plainly states that a person who is a member of a group that seeks to violently overthrow the U.S. government is disqualified from holding public office. You have had months to condemn the actions of the leader of the Oath Keepers and to disassociate yourself from this group. You have said nothing to condemn the actions of those who stormed the Capitol on January 6, or to condemn the alleged criminal activities of the Oath Keepers. Instead, you continue to perpetuate lies about Dominion voting machines and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. So here’s your chance to set the record straight: do you condemn the actions of those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6? If the leader of the Oath Keepers is found guilty will you condemn him and disassociate yourself from this group? Seems like that would be a very easy way for you to end this. Why should hard working Alaskans send you money to pay Joe Miller to represent you when you won’t even condemn the events of January 6?

      • No Thanks, ? hey sweet heart you don’t have a name? Seems like you might be proud of your comments, absent that your comments are of little merit.

      • “No Thanks”: Charlottesville all over again. You believe fabricated truth which is a lie. Trump condemned the actions of extremists at Charlottesville right away, but because he said there was anybody good on the side that wanted to preserve the history of the South, the media and the Democrat party latched on and thought there was something racist there and a “dog whistle”. They spun it up so hard immediately that they edited out when he did condemn the actions of the extremists by name on BOTH sides. Then they asked Trump “will you FINALLY condemn the actions…” and when he didn’t like the question because it implies that he never did condemn the actions of the extremists “oh see he won’t condemn the actions of neo nazi’s” even though he has condemned the actions repeatedly. It’s so childish and they only reason you believe such lies are not childish is because it flatters you and those that think like you in mass, and “how can some many people be so wrong”. Maybe you should evaluate history with a new lens because it isn’t about other people, it’s about human beings.

        A good place to start is witch trials because essentially what you are saying is a witch will deny that they are a witch and that’s how you know they are a witch.

        • Justin. Science, reason, rational thought, critical thinking are really hard in the best of times. But when a mind is tangled in a knot of conspiracy theories and unsupported conclusions, it’s even harder. And for you , apparently, impossible. I hope you retreat a bit and assess the veracity of your news sources.

          • You are correct in your first statement, Lucinda. It is just too bad that you have nothing more than a passing acquaintance, at best, with science, reason, rational thought and critical thinking, all of which are clearly, to you, nothing more than talismanic buzzwords devoid of any real meaning.

    • Since my original post didn’t pass muster, let me try this one.

      Comparing yourself to paratroopers who fought across Europe and took substantial casualties is proof you are clearly delusional and not fit to be a school crosswalk guard, much less serve in the Assembly.

      I suppose the Trinity is now a Quad so you can sit at the left hand of God? You’re truly vulgar.

    • Restricting my response to pointing out only a few obvious lies of yours:

      —former commissioner Griffin was convicted (by a Trump-appointed judge) of criminal trespass
      —you yourself were in fact on the grounds of the Capitol (you were photographed in front of the Grant memorial)

  3. There was no insurrection. Calling it an insurrection really is a lie and media has successfully gaslit everyone, including the person that wrote this article. It was a protest that broke into a riot at the capitol. There is 14,000 hours of video footage that won’t be released because it shows how the cops really handled the situation and provoked the crowd. It also highlights how many of the people that did the actual breach into the capitol and broke glass and took out the windows were never prosecuted. There is also footage of the Oath keepers assisting police evacuate other police and people from the building and into safety.

    Eventually the truth will be revealed about Jan. 6th. Democrats pretend no republicans condemned the violence and rioting that occurred that day, but everyone condemned those actions. Democrats and the media have zero interest in objective truth about how things escalated on Jan. 6th and why there wasn’t more law enforcement there and who were the worst instigators that still remain unidentified and have no ties with Proud Boys or Oath Keepers. The only motivation Democrats have is political motivation which is just another way to say they are only motivated by power. I have never seen something so slanted and actual witch hunt like this in the US in my life time. And there are still people waiting to have their trials because the prosecutors and judges are doing everything they can to delay and leverage confessions out of people by making people suffer through long term limbo in captivity, sometimes solitary captivity, with threatened 20 years for only walking on capitol grounds. And people involved with trying to stop the aggravated crowd from advancing are being prosecuted just because they were present. That’s obviously not a pursuit of justice.

    Meanwhile BLM embezzles money and burned down a church right next to the White House and much much more and none of its members are being prosecuted for the actions of a few. I hope this guy fights everything. They are using everyone that buckles as a confession and it’s working. It’s so disturbing.

    • Justin: your side tried to hang the Vice President of the United States and murder the Speaker of the House of the United States. Your side tried to nullify the Constitution of the United States. Your side is composed of domestic terrorists.

      • Exaggerate much, Lucinda? Yes, you do.
        Your astronomical exaggerations are in fact nothing but insulting lies, and only further the cancerous divisions within this nation that have largely been fostered by you and your fellow radical leftist extremists.

        • Geez Jefferson; as usual, you are flitting between the troposphere and the earth’s mantle looking for a receptor for bullshit. And, as usual, you missed and landed back in your parent’s basement.

          • I do not need to engage in any such flitting, Lucinda, as I have found that receptor of bovine excrement, and it is you (and Sophie, and Whidbey the Dog, and Frank(ly) Rancid).

        • Asking her for concrete proof usually shuts her down.

          Was it a riot? Yes.
          Did it get out of hand? Clearly.
          Should the people who actually did violence be punished? Obviously.

          But let’s also not forget the American Geatapo (FBI) openly goading and assisting events with the goal they get out of hand.

          Was it an insurrection? Only in the fever dreams of people like her.

          • The FBI didn’t assist with the domestic Terrorism encouraged by Trump and supported by Opie Eastman. January 6 was a violent, planned, last ditch effort for Trump to avoid admitting what is kryptonite to him – he is a loser.

            To downplay the severity of the insurrection suggests that you do not back the blue, are NOT for law and order and do NOT value the constitution.

      • I’m flattered you responded. At least you think there is enough possible believable truth in what I’m saying that you feel a need to squash it with whatever straws you can grasp on to. But you should realize that there is definitely other perspectives besides the ones fabricated by the Democrat media and the more you push to radicalize people that see basic truths that don’t flatter the Democrat party, the more you personally bring on dark times and darkness in your own heart.

        • Justin. You are about twenty degrees of separation from the truth. You can wallow in the christian mud puddle and bitch all you want, but defensible reality is that those you support, and you, are enemies of the state. You are domestic terrorists.

          I value democracy, my country, the rule of law. Do you?

          • Wow Lucinda. You just spit out bigotry and hate, and it is understandable because when you act that way, you will receive lots of flack that just fuels more of your bigotry. Now that’s all you know how to do. But I carry some hope that we can have a civil discourse in this country again, but it will require the left to be humbled. I have met many on the left that are capable of such humility and some that have always had some humility and integrity the entire time and don’t like what mainstream media is doing to this country. It is those people that need to be empowered for this country to be truly healed. And if that ever happens, there will still be plenty on the left that will refuse to find any humility, and will continue to say the most arrogant baseless and mindless things that only have one goal: to attack and stuff people into their preconceived extreme notions and avoid any kind of sincere understanding of anybody they identify as their enemy so they can continue to feel righteous in their hatred. Those people will always exist on both sides. I just have a hope that those kind of people will realize that most people see them as nut jobs again and that will make them simmer down.

            Then there will be many people that will keep holding pitchforks, like you are now, feeling the validation by size and power of the mob, not by logic and facts, but as soon as the mob disperses and arrests are made, they will hope no one knows they were ever part of that crazy hate filled mob.

    • You are in denial. The attack on the Capitol onJanuary 6 was no accident. Trump called his sheep to Washington and directed the to march on the Capitol to stop it from certifying the election. While his deluded followers may not be guilty of sedition and treason, Trump and those who orchestrated the events of January 6 are guilty and should be prosecuted.

  4. My complaint with Eastman is that promised he would support a full PFD. A full PFD of over $5,000, and when the finale vote came he VOTED AGAINST the budget and the Full PFD in it. The defeated budget went to a 4 person committee for resolution, they cut the PFD to $3200. Kelly Merrick was one of the 4. Eastman is in my district. I am supporting his opponent Stuwart—Stu Graham. He is a GOOD MAN, and for a full PFD. As far as I’m concerned Eastman is an Oath Lier. Just like Ketty Merrick, Josh Revak, Cathy Geisel etc. Time to vote out the VIPERS. Time to vote in some CHAMPIONS. Like Roger Holland, Mike Shower, Shelly Huges, Tilton., and Stu Graham.

    • Hey bud do yourself a favor read this article. You will see why David Eastman voted no.


    • Taking you at your word, you have been misled. Support for the dividend is far worse in Juneau than the public has been led to believe. Each of the many times we brought it up for a vote, the full dividend failed. It was consistently opposed by the binding caucus in the House 100% of the time.

      Even when the only item being voted on was the dividend, at no point this year did a full dividend receive support from a majority of the legislators in the house (or a majority of legislators in the senate either…though in the senate it came close).

      That is why we don’t have a full dividend today, because even when the dividend was the only item being voted on, it never received support from a majority of legislators in the house or a majority of legislators in the senate…and we brought it up for a vote repeatedly (some two dozen votes are available for the public to see). The only reason the senate allowed a budget to go forward that included a full dividend is because they were assured that it would be killed in the house.

      And it should have been killed.

      Those legislators who truly supported the monstrosity that was put before us engaged in legislative malpractice. And the strongest excuse they had for doing so was that they knew that it wouldn’t really pass. Those who voted for it did not actually know what was in it. I can say that with certainty because my office and I tried fervently to find out what was in it before the vote and we couldn’t get answers to basic questions. It wasn’t until a full month after the vote that the administration finally got back to us with a final answer on what was actually in the bill, and that was just the portion dealing with the nearly dozen union contracts that were included in the bill.

      Even so, by the time it came to us for a vote, not only had Republicans and the governor already caved on the much anticipated $5,500 dividend, but even the budget including a lesser dividend still came up short on votes.

      Despite all the press coverage and pandering, it was never a close vote, which is probably why those supporting the bill did not make it a priority to answer my office’s extremely basic questions about what would be included in it if I were to cast my vote to pass it.

      I could have joined those signaling their support for the dividend and helped make the Democrats look bad for steadfastly opposing the dividend all year long, but that’s the best my vote could have done. I was never in a position to affect the outcome.

      And if that’s all the vote would have done, I would have been glad to do it, just like I was glad to vote for the dividend each of the many times it came up for a vote. But that’s not all it would have done. This year’s budget was a repudiation of virtually everything I have been standing for as a conservative legislator and everything my district is against. No Republican should have been caught dead voting for this year’s budget. Many did so to try and save face after voting against prioritizing the dividend over other spending earlier in the year.

      I didn’t have to do that because I never abandoned the PFD earlier this year. Neither did Kurka. But we were the only two in the house.

      This is why Rep. Kurka and I were the only two legislators (in the house or senate) not to lose our endorsement from Save The PFD, and to be endorsed again this year.

      The PFD is only $3,284 this year because that is what legislators voted to put into law, and that is what the governor signed. Any legislator (or the governor) could have objected and insisted on following the law. I did.

      Republicans (and the governor) telegraphed as far back as last year that they would be ok with a lesser amount. When the governor formally proposed his budget to the legislature this year it only included a partial amount of $2,600 per Alaskan for this year’s dividend. He also requested partial backpay for last year’s dividend, which didn’t pass.

      In the end, even after leadership had sequestered $650 of the money for this year’s dividend in a separate account, effectively making it impossible to send out to Alaskans, Republicans and Democrats still voted to put their stamp of approval on it and send it to the governor to sign.

      The dividend is $3,284 this year because 52 legislators (out of 60) said that was good enough to get their vote, and voted to send that bill to the legislature, and the governor said that was good enough to get his signature and signed it.

      Remember, last year the governor vetoed the PFD because he said it wasn’t large enough. This year he didn’t veto it and boasted that it is “the largest in the program’s 41-year history.”

      I was one of the 8 legislators who voted on behalf of my constituents not to send a budget to the governor that did not follow the law and include a full PFD.

      Following the law and distributing a full PFD to Alaskans is one of the reasons I ran for office in the first place. I’m certainly not going to set aside that commitment now. Nor am I going to abandon the commitment I have made to my constituents to support conservative policies. While I spent a great deal of time digging into this year’s budget and trying to make sure I knew what was in it, when it came time to vote against it, it wasn’t a hard decision. The budget put forward this year by the senate was an abject surrender to everything that is wrong about Juneau today and the way it takes the people’s money and diverts it to the special interests in a completely unsustainable way. It literally spent future PFD’s…that the people of Alaska will never get back.

      That is NOT what the people of my district asked me to go to Juneau to do.

      And notice that nothing in the above references abortion, even though there are many voters in my district who find it morally repugnant that leadership would add abortion funding back into the budget and then ask their legislator to vote for it (on their behalf).

      Yes, the proposed budget this year was repugnant. Republicans recognized this when my senator, Sen. Dunleavy, was punished for voting against a budget that was far more conservative. Republicans recognized this when Rep. Lora Reinbold was punished for voting against a more conservative version of the budget a few years back. Republicans in my district recognized this when I was the only House Republican to vote against concurrence two years ago for many of the same reasons.

      I haven’t walked back my commitment to Alaskans and to the PFD. My vote has remained exactly the same. The change this year wasn’t my vote or Kurka’s vote, or Kaufman’s vote, but the votes of all the Republicans who surrendered, en masse, to the Democrats. In response, rather than mourn the surrender, too many Republicans chose to celebrate it as some kind of victory. But Juneau still stole another $1,000 from every Alaskan’s PFD this year…just like it has done for each of the last seven years now. So why are Republicans celebrating this as an achievement?

          • David Eastman is going to win. So you all should get over it and accept it. If you all live in Anchorage, don’t tell us valley folks how to vote.

          • Sarge, maybe you are onto something, this taking out the trash as it were. I know that Sarah rarely is in Alaska, but it occurs to me that if she plans on staying here more often it might not be a bad idea to elect her to Congress! Put me down as one who might swing out of her 61% negative rating column IF she promises to stay away. Can you get her to commit to a stay away deal?
            Thanks Sarge!

          • Mike Shower represented every family of four that lost 8,000 because of Mr Eastman, Mr Kurka, and Mr Kaufman’s vote. I appreciate Mr Eastman’s Millitary service. I do not appreciate his vote on the PFD. Sen. Shower tried but Eastman and crew let us down.

    • Sarge Rudd: You’re beef with Eastman doesn’t have anything to do with him being in DC or part of the Oath Keepers. He should get to hold office like anyone else unless, of course, there is enough people like you that vote him out. I personally see the witch hunt the left is doing to conservatives a much larger issue than any promises broken about the size of the PFD. Do you realize if you were in full support of Eastman or anyone else, the left elitist mob will strip your right to vote for such a person if they can find any way, full of double standards, to overrule the will of the people.

      I get nervous about people that make promises that can’t be kept under all circumstances, and I get nervous about people that want to hold people to their promises regardless of any other circumstances. But that’s a different topic of discussion.

  5. This judge is a raving idiot. The 14th Amendment is specifically aimed at Confederate soldiers. Specifically.

    As an alleged law school grad, he should know that.

    Is there any part of our state government which isn’t corrupt?

    • Oh he knows just like doctors know they should treat patients with a novel disease however they can. The mass formation is about fear but it isn’t fear for their safety. It’s fear that they have been so wrong. They need to make truth, not listen to it. It’s like a herd of animals that know there is safety in numbers but the predator isn’t a wolf, it’s objective truth. This judge has taken it upon himself to make sure he leads the herd to safety and bucks and kicks at the threat however he can. He sincerely thinks it’s his civic duty.

    • Well someone is an idiot, but it’s not the Judge. As a starting point, the trial involving Mr. Eastman is based on a clause in the Alaska constitution, not the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, while the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was adopted in the wake of the civil war, its disqualification clause is not limited to those who fought for the confederacy:

      No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

      • Idiot, it is you radical leftist extremists who are engaging in the REAL insurrection, the one that is subverting what is left of our constitutional freedoms, much less sanity itself. YOU and your demonic, demolitional, neo-Bolshevik fellow travelers are the REAL enemy!

        • Jefferson, you really need to stop taking that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin. It’s causing you to suffer from delusions that make you fall for one dumb conspiracy theory after another. You apparently believe in the ridiculous election fraud claims that Trump has perpetuated in order to fleece millions of dollars from his MAGA-minions. You’ve also posted comments that make it clear that you believe the conspiracy theories perpetrated by anti-vaxxers about Covid vaccines. Are you a Q follower also?

          • And you, Washington, are clearly nothing but a willing sheep and quisling, who naively and unthinkingly follows, and swallows, the official establishment propaganda and lies hook, line and sinker..
            The vast and systemic voting fraud in the 2020 election is incontrovertible and undeniable, at least for anyone willing to read, see and listen to non-establishment sources of information. And the scientific facts surrounding the inefficacy, dangers and manifold negative health effects of the unsafe and ineffective covid so-called “vaccines” (which are nothing of the sort) are also manifest and undeniable — only the most willingly blind and rigidly conformist pro-establishment shill can deny that.
            I wonder, how much does DHS pay you to post your lies and pro-establishment pablum online here?

          • Washington, anti vax theories are not conspiratorial, they are established fact old boy. Pity you are so incurious, most of the predictions made by the scientific community about how poorly the Vax would perform and the degrading side effects have proven true.
            Oh, you listen to Fauci still???

        • Ya gotta love this Jefferson fellow. I would never have taken a ride into a “demonic, demolitional [sic] ,neo-Bolshevik” world without his prompting.

      • Oh you’re trying so hard. So hard. And failing so badly.

        -14th Amendment SPECIFICALLY was aimed at the Confederacy. That canard has been dealt with too many times in to list.

        -even if your interpretation was somehow made valid, Mr Eastman would have to have been actively participating in violence to even remotely be guilty.

        If it’s the standard that attending a protest, even a violent one (ANTIFA, line one), is cause for punishment there are gonna be a whole lot of leftists being deported or imprisoned in 2024.

        You wanna dance this dance? Fine. Just no whining when we turn your rules back on you.

        It’s a mistake the left makes over and over. NEVER give yourself power you don’t want your opponent to have. Ask Harry Reid how SCOTUS worked out for you.

        For the record I think Eastman is a vile POS. I’m not defending him. I’m defending a concept he just benefits from.

  6. Put me down as one who is unconvinced that this group called the “Oath Keepers” are a dangerous subversive movement seeking to over throw the U.S. Government. For the student of such things it is plainly obvious that the Constitution is a document that clearly constrains the Federal Government, it locks it into a cage so to speak. Madison himself expressed concerns that the original 10 Amendments, (Bill of Rights) might be construed as being the only or “exclusive rights” enjoyed by the people while just the opposite is the reality of the matter. Our Founders realized that Central Power was the greatest threat to individual liberty and rightly constrained the power of the Federal Government within the Constitution.

    A wise man from across the Atlantic named Edmund Burke once noted “it is an obvious truth, that no constitution can defend itself: it must be defended by the wisdom and fortitude of men”.

    Given the truth of Burkes thought above I find it curious that when a group of distinguished people such as these Oath Keepers forms to defend the Constitution it should cause such persecution from their political opponents. (Democrats) Where is the evidence linking David Eastman to some heinous crime? Did Eastman participate in the burning down of a Police Station? Didn’t think so. Have the Oath Keepers killed people through acts of violence during riots across the the United States during an election year? I cannot recall this ever happening. Clearly this selective prosecution of folks like Eastman is a political vendetta, it is what your political opponent does when he /she/ them or it, are morally and intellectually bankrupt. The Democrats have no solutions only a zeal to retain their power. Furthermore Democrats have absolutely zero respect for the Constitution which is why this farce promulgated against Eastman by the Democrats is so despicable.

  7. So, will any of the politicians in Alaska who support. or are members, of Black Lives Matter or Antifa be subject to the same degree of legal harassment? This is straight out of the Obama/Biden Gestapo playbook to squash any political dissent through the use of weaponized law enforcement and the judiciary. We are rapidly descending into third world status.

    • Can you name any single person in Alaska that is demonstrably antifa or BLM? And then tell me why you oppose these SPECIFIC people?

      • Lucinda,
        Clearly the Fascist Groups, (BLM, ANTIFA) mentioned above are mere extensions of the large corporate donners of the Democrat Party. These riots and hideous crimes against the peace and felicity of the American People are planned, financed and directed by someone… The looters and Burners chant such slogans as “EVERY CITY, EVERY TOWN, EVERY PRECINCT, BURN IT DOWN! And NO BORDER, NO WALL ,NO USA AT ALL.
        Nothing insurrectionist about that message is there Lucy?
        Yes, these lovely folks who do the chanting above have been aided and abetted by your benevolent Democrat Party, either by commission or omission.
        However their “mostly peaceful demonstrations” are protected free speech, right? I’m down with that as long as I am able to also express myself and defend myself and my loved ones and property.
        Weird how this works isn’t it Lucy?

      • Lucinda – yes, I can. What’s your point? If there are supporters or members of BLM & Antifa in the political arena in Alaska is it your position that you would support subjecting them to the same legal persecution as Rep Eastman is experiencing? Didn’t think so.

      • Does someone with a lawn sign count? Just about any smug Democrat would count then and many on the Anchorage assembly. So no, a yard sign doesn’t count. So if I had an Oath Keepers sign on my yard, that wouldn’t count? How about the Anchorage assembly allowing BLM protesters to disrupt the meetings, is that ok? I’m sure that’s fine, right. So if Oath Keepers were to protest and disrupt an official meeting, they should be allowed too right? Wait a second…

  8. These people have taken oaths. As a child I attended a church sponsored social group, “Indian Maidens”. ” An Indian Maiden is True: True to Jesus, True to her wigwam, True to her leaders, True to herself.” I am over 70 plus years years old. I still remember this oath. Some of my friends have made it through storms of life with this inculcatedinto their souls. These are patriots who have sworn to defend the US Constitution. They are vilified by their fellow countrymen for doing so. Would the villifiers be happy for Constitution defenders to swear an oath to defend the fuhrers of the WEF or CCP or CCCP? It appears they themselves have already switched allegiances. More is the pity.

  9. First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Rep. Eastman, like all of us, is allowed to peacefully assembly. He also protected in his rights of freedom of association. “The right to expressive association refers to the right of people to associate together for expressive purposes – often for political purposes. The U.S. Supreme Court recognized this right in NAACP v. Alabama (1958), reasoning that individual members of the civil rights group had a right to associate together free from undue state interference.” The First Amendment Encyclopedia.”

  10. So, the State doesn’t want to own this mess, but hoist it on a judge. Stolen elections have consequences. Nothing more, nothing less.

  11. First, a stolen election. Now, an attempt by the corrupt Democrats to steal your freedom and right to protest. A civil war is coming!

    • Wut? A stolen election? All evidence of election tampering falls on republicans. You talk of civil war. That’s dangerous stuff. Try using critical thinking instead of emotional futwup.

      • Lucinda, it is solely YOU and your radical leftist extremists who are bringing civil war to this nation, via your wildly coercive, deconstructionist and insane political and social agenda. And I say it cannot come soon enough, so that honest, rational, freedom-loving people like me and the sane majority can purge the sickness of your kind from our society. You and your radical leftist extremist bedfellows are evil, and it is really that simple.

  12. Wow! the Fascist, excuse me, the Democrats have every right to be upset here. I mean someone taking their Oath to Defend the Constitution against all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic would be an existential threat to their base. Groups like BLM, Antifa, WEF, the Chi-Com’s, Public Employees Unions et al and Soros would be sorely offended if this trend were to continue. I understand now how come Joe with Poop in his diapers had to appear in that Leni Riefenstahl themed Speech Set and declare that half of all Americans were now enemies of the state.
    Good Job Democrats, you started the Civil War and now you are trying to tear America apart a second time.
    Can’t you have fun doing something less destructive?

      • Reed, on the Face of it Making America Great isn’t offensive, is it? Unless I misunderstand your comment I’ll put you in the “Donald Trump is such a Jack Ass” column. I get it, I do, but despite what Donald Trump might think or any of his followers might believe it’s hard to find a comparison between, say, the Freedom Grabbing, 87,000 new armed IRS agents, Jab Mandating, In your Face Transgenderism at your daughters High School, Military” Wokeism”, Soviet Style Green Energy Programs disguised as an anti – inflation measures against that pain in the ass DJT fellow.
        You see, I could turn off the T.V. and not watch Donald Trump, he mostly left me alone and his policies were benign for the most part. This little Fascist group cannot stand being quiet, they are in your face 24 -7 grabbing everything they can including your gun.

        I’m not a big DJT fan and Sarah a certified looney tune is cringeworthy at best, but I’ll take both of these narcissistic Baboons over poopy pant’s handlers.

        So Reed, there is a difference, we don’t have to be steamrolled by this group of Brownshirts

  13. “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” With the second part of that, a case can be made to include your opposing party EVERY election of giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies!

    This is why I hate laws that give enforcers cover to find anyone they choose guilty of a crime. They will only prosecute their political opponents. What ever happened to Equal Protection?

    • My goodness. You have real issues treating others as you want to be treated. You can continue to be a drone and just keep serving the masters of your mind, but if you ever decide that they have gone too far and you decide finally you want to stop the madness, they will use these tactics on you. Then you will feel the weight of their immense power against little you. You will see how they do not care about fairness, facts, logic, reason, and ultimately justice. The only thing they will care about is that you are a threat to their moral authority and political power. You will see the worthy fight in front of you and that you can’t compromise in your fight because if you lay down it won’t just affect you, it will affect everyone that can see the undeniable madness that you see and take away their power too. So you will seek support because you can’t win alone and as soon as you do that, a mindless drone like yourself will say “oh Lucinda. Always the victim. You are just looking for a way into people’s wallets”.

        • Lucinda: Too difficult to understand or unwilling to make the effort to understand? You have lost any sense of a purpose to comment here. You have lost the plot. You aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any good. You are in a toxic state. You are doing harm to your own cause and vision.

  14. Lucinda, I support David Eastman’s legal defense because he is being railroaded here, I would do the same even for you Lucy whether we agree or not.
    You see Lucinda, today it’s Eastman, tomorrow, who knows, maybe you?
    These Fascist Tactics have no place in our Republic.

  15. I do not agree with trying defer Mr Eastman from running for office. However, his laziness along with Kurka, and Kaufman cost a family of 4 in his district 8,000. I appreciate his military service. But laziness and not doing your job is unexplainable. At least have the courage to apologize. I have little use for Eastman, Kurka, and Kaufman. The valley ought to clean up its mess.

  16. An interesting point of the article: “Judge Mathew leaned on a provision in the 14th Amendment stating, ‘no person shall be a senator or representative in Congress, or hold any office, civil or military if, after swearing to support the Constitution they engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.’ That provision was originally written to prevent members of the Confederacy from attaining an elected position after the Civil War.” That begs the question: how were senators and representatives, of that time, elected and sent to congress from the formerly confederate states? These legal attacks are such obviously irrational grand leaps of interpretation that only an equally irrational activist judge would take them seriously. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely–Lord Acton

  17. In my reading of Court Decisions over the years and especially SCOTUS decisions I have noticed a tendency even in regards to Amendments to flesh out to whom the provisions of the Amendment are directed. Let me explain, Clearly the 14th Amendment was written at the close of the Civil War, in section 3., for example it enumerates who these persons are “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion … or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof” We are talking about active participation under arms here. An armed Rebellion, not some Jack Ass Unarmed Crowd. Know the difference.
    Clearly David Eastman has not engaged in the above for no other reason then the fact that he was born on June 11, 1981, some 115 years after the last shot of the Civil War was fired. Furthermore the 14th Amendment cannot deprive an individual of his First, Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights, unless he has been proven Guilty by a jury of his peers and has exhausted his rights of due process after actually being charged with a crime. There isn’t any evidence that Eastman did anything except stand behind a Trump Flag. This guilt by association theory is ridiculous at best. It is nothing more then a politically driven witch hunt.
    BTW, wasn’t Eastman also a Boy Scout? Is he a Baptist? Perhaps a Lutheran? Lots of other associations to follow up on.
    And what of Joe Biden’s Leni Riefenstahl themed speech the other night? You know where he claimed that some 74 million voters were enemies of the Republic? Kind of weird don’t you think? But then it wasn’t political in the least was it.

  18. If they are going to purge officials over membership in organizations they don’t like (or which contain a few members who have misbehaved), then we ought to sanction all members of the Democratic Party for their connection with John Wilkes Booth and Jefferson Davis.

  19. Lucinda, the democrat party is a terrorist organization, it has supported slavery, the ku klux klan, Jim Crow, segregation, put Japanese citizens in concentration camps, supported terrorist groups world wide for decades, it has promoted drug use, crime, violence, sexual perversion, it has sought to destroy the family, our faith in GOD, education, the rule of law. It has brain washed it’s “swallowers” into believing the most vile, absurd and fantastic lies one could ever imagine. More recently, it has committed riot , arson, murder, and sedition, all in the name of convicted criminals who died during the commission of criminal acts, including one who died from a fentanyl overdose. Lucinda, you democrats have been made to believe absurdities and to commit atrocities as well. There is no hope for you, no future, “The GODS of the copybook headings” will surely have their way with your ilk.

      • Says the radical leftist extremist who hyperbolically labels an entirely peaceful protest (on the part of the protestors) at the US Capitol a so-called “insurrection”.
        Hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist.

      • Really Lucy? “NO Border No Wall, No USA at ALL!” an oft heard chant at one of your parties mostly peaceful demonstrations.
        But then Democrats had no problem fire hosing civil rights protestors, or through FDR’s EXO 9066 place 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry in an American Gulag either.

        More recently that Intellectual President of your choosing, Joe ‘DEPENDS” Biden mandated clot shots for Federal Workers, Federal Contractors and the Military despite evidence known to him that the jabs were of questionable efficacy at best and down right deadly in comparison to a REAL VACCINE.
        This WAR declared by Biden during that NAZI speech upon 74 million Americans wasn’t dramatic at all either was it? Some might say he has been taunting folks in an effort to incite violence, which as we have learned is a time honored Democrat trick.
        What ever happened to the party of Truman, or JFK? Oh, I forgot, those democrats turns out were real Americans, were forced to flee their former party and became Republicans.

  20. I would like to know how the Oath Keepers oath differs from 1.) the oath of office that each and every elected or non-elected state official swears to on their first day of service, 2.) the expectations of compliance with labor union agreements that control members who serve in government agencies, 3.) the expectations imposed on all reservists who maintain rank in emergency positions and still manage to serve as a state official, and 4.) the fervent vow, stated in private prayer to be or do anything that the cancel crowd might find offensive. My understanding is the Oath Keepers is limited to those who have served this country by serving in the military and Oath Keepers is a social organization to maintain contact with other members. Are we limiting public service to those who have no other associations? Can we eliminate all union requirements in State Government? Should we limit reservists to retirees, and eliminate our fittest first responders? Do we suspect that anyone who would vow to be a better person or commission should be scrutinized for ulterior motives?
    Whether the Jan 6, 2021 event was an insurrection has yet to be determined, although many act as if the prisoners instigated the problems and are to be convicted without a trial. The January 6 hearing has the presumption of a trial but lacks elements of due process, like a judge, rebuttal of witnesses, and evidence. All critical to a defense if anyone else is charged with a crime, whoops forgot, no charges were made (as required). Time will tell, but I caution anyone challenging another citizen with allegations they didn’t commit, or associated with other members who are charged with a crime, that the group think is no substitute for the rule of law. And, none of us should stand for such abuses!

  21. Just read the Declaration of Independence. It tells us why people need the ability to disagree with or confront their governments. All federal job applications used to have a question you had to answer no to in order to even be considered for a job. That was, are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party? Or words to that effect. Is that even still there? This is a similar kind of situation. If it’s not used any more neither should this oath keeper thing be an issue.

  22. It’s interesting that the ENTIRETY of this “legal case” is solely reliant only on stolen information from over ten years ago (statute of limitations) that had to be obtained by breaking into a private computer system that somehow never purged membership roles and then ALL of this was given to a notorious black hat hacking group that then distributes that stolen information to Journalists, legal groups, and the such for only malicious purposes..OH and money. Weird! How did Tuck get that information to do what he did with it? It’s also weird how Mathew Beck doxxed Eastman relentlessly for a specific timeframe (and even had a group of 3 or 4 others do the same during only that timeframe). Then Matt became the communications director for the Democrat Party Alaska and quit all of a sudden as the blue doxxer…I mean the blue Alaskan. Just harassing a supposed militia terror member (the only one in Alaska) out of the blue one day for months on end obsessively…bunches of blank websites and “petitions” designed for ultimate impact (godaddy boi). Oddly reminiscent of how the now EX Democrat Party Alaska communications director ALSO had ties to a militia. Jeanne Devon (who quit her seat as the democrat communications director) to run the blog mudflats. Whatsup with AZ?) and even wrote a book about the Fairbanks militia with that FBI agent that “took down” the Fairbanks militia. I’m sure this is ALL a coincidence and has nothing to do with what seems like a job requisite at this point for said communications director position in that political party. I wonder if Miller would care to comment on the Fairbanks militia and that FBI agent that helped write that book on the militia frame job up here in the “Banks with Devon…That agent being Miller’s “security” on Mickey Mouse night. ~Peace!

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