Peltola hires Don Young’s chief of staff, the man who ordered vaccine mandate for congressional staff


Congresswoman-elect Mary Peltola announced members of her official congressional staff, as she prepares to be sworn in on Sept. 13 to serve the remainder of the late Rep. Don Young’s term through January.

Peltola brought back Alex Ortiz, who served as Congressman Young’s chief of staff, to serve as her interim chief of staff. Ortiz is from Ketchikan and had also worked for the late Sen. Ted Stevens. Ortiz is also known as the one who ordered all members of Young’s staff to get a Covid-19 vaccine or be fired. One person on Young’s staff did, indeed, lose her job over the vaccine mandate.

The former chief of staff to the late Lt. Gov. Byron Mallot will be Peltola’s interim director of constituent services. Claire Richardson is a Juneau resident who is a former long-time journalist, primarily for public broadcasting. She worked for Democrat Gov. Tony Knowles, Democrat-leaning Gov. Bill Walker, and the scandal-ridden Mallott, who slipped out of office at the end of Walker’s term.

Larry Persily, well-known journalist and political operative, will be Peltola’s senior policy advisor. Persily was appointed by former President Barack Obama to be the federal coordinator for Alaska North Slope natural gas projects, was deputy commissioner at the Alaska Department of Revenue, and was a staff member for Alaska legislators Rep. Mike Hawker and Rep. John Lincoln. He worked in newspapers for decades, including The Anchorage Times, Anchorage Daily News, Associated Press, Juneau Empire, Petroleum News, Wrangell Sentinel, and Skagway News. He was also chief of staff to former Kenai Borough Mayor Mike Navarre and worked coordinating CARES Act funds for the City of Kenai.

Hector Jimenez, deputy campaign manager for Peltola, will be her scheduler. Jimenez has lived in Alaska since 2013.

Josh Wilson is Peltola’s interim communications director, coming straight off of that role in the campaign. He has past congressional work experience and worked in the administration of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.


  1. I hope Claire Richardson writes a book and tells the true story of how the late pedophile Byron Mallott screwed-up Bill Walker’s plans for a second term in the governor’s office. Walker has zero chance of becoming governor this fall because Alaskan’s have already decided they don’t want an enabler back in the governor’s seat.

    • Ms. Richardson is another one of those lying White leftist journalists. She will never write anything close to being the truth that Native elder men have been preying on underaged children for
      many many seasons. Incest and pedophilism is part of the way of life in the Alaska villages. Mr. Byron Mallott took advantage, and thought he was clever enough to hide it by using the VPSO to shield his pedophilism. Mary Peltola will try to hide it too, out of fear of what the Elders will think of her later. She will not try to correct the village problem in Alaska. She will cover it up and blame White men for corrupting the villages. More lies.

  2. This is what you get when the republicans run flawed candidates who can’t play nice together.

    Happy Porcaro? This is your baby in action.

    • Mike Porcaro was “all in” for Ranked Choice Voting (RDV) when he was (directly or indirectly) well-paid to do so. He asserted wrongly that RCV was a great alternative to a system that had worked well in Alaska for decades and then convinced Alaskans to vote for it. Now, unless he gets another advertising contract to promote it, he is against RCV.

      The truth is, Porcaro has no particular foundational ethics, morals, or integrity.

    • Does this make you happy? Feel superior somehow?

      Since Sarah can’t have it, burn it all down? I thought military people were supposed to be good at tactical thinking. But you do you, boo.

      Are you ever gonna answer if it’s possible not to like Sarah (60+% negative rating) and not be a RINO?

      No matter what, Sarah will never love you.

  3. Mr. Ortiz sounds like a man of common sense and good judgment. It would have easy for him and Don Young to do what so many other republicans did, and politicize the pandemic by denying the seriousness of the situation, repeating anti-vac conspiracy theory nonsense, and promoting worthless treatments like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, Thankfully the vast majority of Americans refused to listen to o the idiots promoting this nonsense and we are fast putting the pandemic behind us. Sadly, this misinformation caused some parents to stop vaccinating their children for diseases like polio and measles, and these diseases that were once almost eradicated are now making a comeback.

    • Respectfully, I beg to differ.
      The actual effectiveness of the vaccine has never been proven and the long term side effects have yet to be established. Considering fully vaccinated and boosted individuals still required hospitalization, one wonders about the vaccine’s usefulness. The MRNA approach with its narrowly defined active parameters, seems unsuited for a constantly mutating virus. We are winning the war on the pandemic, because most individuals have had some form of the disease and now have at least some real natural immunity to the entire virus structure.
      You are incorrect, claiming that “Covid misinformation” has made parents more reluctant to immunize their children. Immunization rates have decreased over the last decade and we have seen measles outbreaks at colleges for years. “Natural” and alternative lifestyles of parents have much more to do with their unwillingness to immunize their offspring. The recent Covid vaccine push exacerbated the issue, simply confirmed what these parents already believed. The lock-downs and inaccessibility to normal care did the rest. You can not get an immunization via zoom.
      Ironically all those parents and young adults in college were allowed to “opt out” of measles or polio vaccinations, yet the same courtesy was never shown to anyone unwilling to take the Covid vaccine.

    • Hi, “save lives!” I was vax’d in early 2021, and like tens or hundreds of millions of other vax’d persons I later contracted the Wuhan, China lab virus. (The vaccines being pretty much worthless, and perhaps life-threatening, I decided not to be boosted.) My Anchorage doc, bless his independent and Alaskan heart, prescribed for me a well-known and safe medication named (wait for it) — hydroxychloroquine! I felt vey much better by the next day, and was symptom-free by day four. No rebound illness! But you may go ahead and use Paxlovid, which didn’t work too well for the prez and for Dr. Fauci. Cheers!

    • So speaks the willing lackey for the corrupt and evil power establishment!
      I would find much humor in your post, if it were not so reprehensibly and maliciously false in every detail, most particularly regarding the so-called “pandemic” (which was actually a bad flu season whipped into a panic-demic by the deep state and their handmaidens in the corporate media), as well as your laughable lies regarding the experimental and now-proven unsafe and utterly ineffective so-called “vaccines” against the Wuhan Virus, which are still killing many of those who foolishly succumbed to the establishment-fostered fearmongering and coercion that led them to subject themselves to the most widespread, ill-advised and outright criminal medical experiment in human history.

    • How many times do you need to be schooled that the Covid jab was Not a vaccine at all… My God.. People need to stop vaccinating if this is the crap they are gonna pull lady.
      You go right ahead and vaccinate yourself to death. I have two people in my life that had perfect health before getting the jab. Guess what? One is dead, and the other now has bleeding issues that she never had.
      Keep your death jab. This was no conspiracy, it’s fact. Educate yourself!

    • COVID vaccines save lives!
      No they do not.
      The vaccines do not stop you from catching COVID, they do not stop you from spreading COVID, they do not stop you from getting sick/symptoms. Frankly, the COVID vaccines are useless.
      Any “benefit” shown in the rate of COVID deaths is not proof the vaccines work. It is EXACTLY how every other pandemic ran its course. initially, those susceptible will get sick, hospitalized, or die, and those that are not susceptible do not. As time goes on, the number who are susceptible and have not caught the disease diminish. Not only that, but the virus mutates over time, becoming less and less deadly.
      COVID-19 is acting like every other pandemic.
      By the way, did you hear about the new Stealth COVID variant? It has no symptoms and cannot be detected by a test.

      • A majority of Americans may have gotten at least one clot shot largely to keep their jobs, but as the evidence of the “vaccine’s” failure at protecting the “vaccinated” from Covid became abundantly clear, and the list of serious side effects became more widely known, I doubt if there is a majority of Americans today who are fully “vaccinated”. Add to this the sudden surge in 2021 of non-Covid excess deaths throughout the world, and I think we can safely state that the majority of Americans are willfully NOT FULLY “vaccinated”. Of course, there will always be the low information outliers who go against the science. How many shots are you up to now, Greg? Four, five? My head spins just thinking about the idiocy & future hospitalization costs these “vaccination” junkies will generate for society down the road.

    • Yo, I was 56 years old when COVID hit. I’m a first responder, critical personnel, have had hundreds of contacts, unvaccinated, and tested positive twice with minimal symptoms. I have 100% excellent health today. My secret? Vigorous daily exercise and vitamin supplements. Don’t need your worthless vaccines and boosters!

  4. Where exactly did Peltola receive her knowledge of the US Constititution? Was it a rigorous study? I don’t think so. No candidates for office educated in Alaska have even had access to the US Constitution. I believe there is just one set of the Annals of America under lock and key at UofA in Alaska. I doubt she has even laid eyes on it. Senator Sullivan is the only elected representative who has had any KSA’s regarding the US Constitution. So, she won’t be defending any of your rights she can’t even articulate. She has: no idea of what they are or where they came from. She doesn’t state them because she doesn’t know them and believes like so many women that a mere winsome smile and intercultural feminine placidity and feminine manners are all that is needed to “defend” the US Constitution during an invasion we are now experiencing and external reformation of blocks of nations who we are funding their wars by payments of installments from the winnowing Americans who are couch surfing the Biden inflation wave. Keep working your rear ends off all you stalled out Alaskans. Don’t worry kids. Mommy and Daddy are on top of things. LOL 😂.

  5. Steel sharpens steel. Please start really studying the idea of rights (ecumenical, property, political, Constitutional) and how they were authorized and are they limited and how. What are usurpations and enforcement options with penal enforcement etc. until you’re satisfied. Hint: the framers of this nation personally, systemically and formally studied twenty eight years to prepare this nation’s Constitution. Once over lightly doesn’t get you there.

  6. Wait a second.
    Peltola is running TV and radio ads saying that she supports freedom, and keeping the Federal Government out of our freedoms.
    But, she is hiring on a Chief of Staff that does the opposite?

    • No no, you are clearly not in the club…when she talks about “Freedom” she talks about abortion and the “freedom” to get one when you want one. In her ads she claims the federal government has not business messing with “our rights”. She is using peoples’ ignorance to score votes, since the supreme court obliged her and got the feds’ nose out of the abortion debate, by returning the matter back to the states. As for our actual constitutionally guaranteed rights, I don’t think she supports any of them, as they are so very inconvenient to the democrats agenda.

  7. Peltola’s TV ads saying she supports freedom and keeping the Fed Gov out of our lives means one thing…she wants unlimited abortion. Probably even after birth abortion. It’s safe to say she’s on board with the 87K new IRS agents (some armed).

    • Your right Jim, also does all the bodily autonomy talk extend to those of us who are unvaccinated? It’s my body and I will decide what happens to it.
      Or does that train of thought only work for “people who can become pregnant”? It’s rather revealing that the same ones one all the left who were shrieking “get vaxxed or die!” are now such virulent defenders of “my body my choice.”.
      Mary, a mother of seven(???) now wants to be able to abort at any time for any reason, with no delay or repercussion. That says a lot about what she thinks of children and motherhood. Also makes her a typical democrat, which is one more thing we don’t need.


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