Leftists on the offense: Rep. Chris Tuck to open up investigation on Oath Keepers


After the Legislature has been in session three weeks, Democrat Rep. Chris Tuck of South Anchorage has set a hearing for Feb. 10 to dig into the military veterans and police and fire veterans group known as Oath Keepers. Testimony will be by invitation only at the discretion of Tuck.

Tuck, who chairs the House Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs, said on the House floor on Monday that any Alaskan who belongs to a group that has the mission of overthrowing the government may not serve in office. He was referring to Rep. David Eastman of Wasilla, and he was referring to Eastman’s membership in the Oath Keepers, a 501(c) group that enjoys a charitable listing with the federal government.

Members of Tuck’s Democrat-dominated caucus have been attempting to remove Eastman from all of his committees because of his lifetime membership with the Oath Keepers, whose leaders are accused but not convicted of various crimes relating to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Who Tuck will get to come testify is still a secret. The only known member of Oath Keepers in the Legislature is Eastman, but he says he has not received an invitation to testify. On the floor of the House he asked people to send him names of those he should invite. Tuck says that many Alaskans are interested in the topic, especially the coalition of leftist groups that have banded together and named themselves “Expel Eastman.” Tuck himself has not served in the military but has been an officer for the IBEW, an organization that has been plagued by corruption.

The leftist majority in the House has not been able to muster the 21 votes to remove Eastman from his committees, and is far short of the 27 votes needed to expel him, so Tuck is taking charge to prove that the Oath Keepers membership violates the Alaska Constitution’s disloyalty clause, hoping to persuade some members of the Republican minority to take action against one of its members.

Democrats in the U.S. House have set up a Jan. 6 committee to investigate the chaos that ensued on Jan. 6, 2021, when members of the public stormed the Capitol to interrupt the certification of the Electoral College vote. The committee has subpoenaed dozens of people. Whether Tuck will try to turn his committee into a tribunal against veterans who went to D.C. on Jan. 6, such as Eastman, remains to be seen.


  1. Am I missing something, or is this starting to sound like McCarthyism? This is dangerous folks. This must not proceed.

    • You realize that history proved McCarthy was right, right? In fact this very episode shows just how right McCarthy was regarding the communist take over of our government, he was right then and he’d be right now.

          • McCarthy was right about nothing-the ball is in your court to show the history you suggest is anything but accidental.
            Your bathroom appears to be breeding Bolsheviks.

          • Bill,
            There’s far too much to get into here, but look up Project Venona. Look up the Nathan Silvermaster group, the Victor Perlo group, Atomic bomb espionage, Klaus Fuchs, Elizabeth Bentley, Jacob Golos, Hede Massing, Solomon Adler, William Remington, Annie Lee Moss, Frank Coe, there are many many more.
            History has proven Joseph McCarthy was not wrong. Perhaps his zeal and techniques leave a little to be desired, but history has shown that in fact communists were infiltrating the US government at a very high level.

    • You are missing nothing, AC, and this is not just starting to sound like, but IS exactly like, McCarthyistic witchhunting. It is simply another example of the attempted criminalization of dissent by dogmatic and intolerant neo-Bolshevik leftists like Tuck.

      • For most of today’s Democrats, it would seem that wallowing in irrational fear, along with the pursuit and exercise of raw, naked power, are their only reasons for existing (I myself would not call it “living”).

  2. Well if that’s all it takes to put Tuck on tilt
    … maybe everyone should sign up for Oath Keepers?
    Why not help Alaska’s very own homegrown Mcarthy right down the road to political oblivion?

  3. Work on the budget so your not late with it as usual. Waste time then have special sessions because of pour time management.

  4. Spending our money, which they stole from us by keeping our PFD’s, on smearing people with whom they disagree, and who were duly elected by the people.

    Sounds like Juneau in a nutshell.

    Bring the legislative branch to Anchorage so we can go picket their scrawny asses.

  5. 8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control.”

  6. Get a life Tuck!, forget the petty BS and get to work on the people’s business!! Our legislature is such a failure!!

  7. The Legislature can conduct inquiry for the purpose of determining facts that will lead to the drafting of legislation. If there is no “valid legislative purpose” the Legislature does not have the power to investigate. Can Representative Tuck identify, if only conceptually, what legislation he hopes to introduce? That might be fun to know. If he just wants to investigate a group or an individual for the purpose of harrassment, things will get messy very quickly.

  8. Well, I for one am very happy that the facist left have revealed their true intentions and allegiance via this Eastman affair. Obviously the DNC is calling the shots here in an effort to cover up what appears to be a tsunami of public rage against the failed policy of the Biden/ Pelosi/ Schumer regime. It is a distraction and quite frankly ridiculous for Tuck to be involved in this.

  9. “….to prove that the Oath Keepers membership violates the Alaska Constitution’s disloyalty clause.”
    That Democrats are highly suspicious of a group of people who swore a lifetime oath to defend the United States and its Constitution, and are vowing to run them out of office, really says all you need to know about today’s political landscape……

  10. So, it appears that Mr. Tuck wishes to convene some sort of Star Chamber at the public expense to further his parties chances of surviving the fall election cycle. I note that witnesses will be by invitation only. This is absurd political theater with but one goal in mind, that of attacking one’s rival for political survival!
    Obviously Mr. Tuck and his cohorts are so disabled mentally and so grievously morally challenged rendering them unable to begin to grasp the real process of governing for the good of the common wealth that they have to resort to this witch hunt to appear competent!

    I commend you Mr. Tuck!

  11. Tuck has never been in the military nor served in that capacity but chairs the House Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs for Alaska and Alaskans that have? Perhaps Tuck stayed at a holiday inn…because that’s equivalent of his expertise on military and now we are to assume he is a detective?

  12. “……Tuck is taking charge to prove that the Oath Keepers membership violates the Alaska Constitution’s disloyalty clause……..”
    What a moron. Since Oathkeepers existence is all about keeping ones oath to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, “proving” that membership to its ranks is disloyal is a definitive oxymoron. The worse he can do is establish that a particular member failed to live up to the oath that membership requires. So now we are forced to wonder if Tuck has an understanding of what an oath to the Constitution means and why those oaths exist.

  13. Will there be commensurate investigation of any members of the legislature who have donated to or are members of violent, radical, scofflaw groups such as Black Lives Matter or Antifa? If not, why not? After the midterms the Dems will have their day of reckoning which hopefully results in prison time for many of them!

    • “…….Will there be commensurate investigation of any members of the legislature who have donated to or are members of violent, radical, scofflaw groups such as Black Lives Matter or Antifa? If not, why not?……”
      If Tuck continues on this shtick, a conservative legislator needs to turn right around and submit bills to do exactly what you suggest. If we’re going to be subject to political warfare, it must be a two-way street.

  14. Surprise, Surprise. If Chris Tuck did something positive for his constituents, we would all be better off. I used to e mail him on concerns I had on issues. He never, ever replied.
    Done with him.

  15. Why is the House Committee on Military and Veteran’s Affairs involved in this personal vendetta? They need to remove their chairman and elect someone who won’t use the committee to advance his own biased agenda.

  16. Didn’t Jan 6 2021 show you anything? The leftist/communists create the problem then push their narrative down your throat. A big nothing burger that shows how if you go against their propaganda control you will be targeted. Oath keepers means defending freedom, not the commy agenda. America is a Constitutional republic not a dictatorship.

  17. We knew this session was about political posturing by the House Majority.

    Tuck needs to prove he isn’t just a political hack and bring up an equivalent investigation against Tiffany Zulkowski for leading BLM Marches in Bethel, supporting the burning of American Cities, violence against Police and First Responders.

    We have a right to look at her credit cards for donations to BLM.

    We also have a right to expect the House to do what we pay them to do, like fix the budget and pay the Statutory PFD, none of which has been discussed in almost a third of the way through the 90 day session.

  18. Forget working on the budget or PFD, that can wait until the last week of the session, as usual. The constitutional convention is coming.

    • Do you not understand that it is likely these Tuck types that will be appointed to a constitutional convention?

  19. Eastman gets nothing done for his constituents and is the primary reason the Republicans are in the House Minority. Hard to imagine how he will get re-elected again, but this is Alaska after all. If anything, Tuck is helping the Republican Party

    • If only we had more politicians, state-wide and nationally, who similarly “get nothing done”.
      I’d be more than fine with a government that got nothing done!

    • My goodness! Signs and wonders! Frank I agree with you that Mr. Tuck IS helping republicans. This farce of an investigation is irritating and energizing all conservative to throw out self-serving bums like Tuck!

  20. The lawyers in the, you know – the thing, the idyll each swore a conflicting foreign oath as members of their private monopolistic club. Let’s have a teensy investigation there shall we? Let’s get a petition that lawyers with their oath and bar cards may not re -present us in the legislative branch. Just say no.

  21. Let the Commie-Dems and Rinos gather to hear each other pontificate by themselves. Boycott the useless time and resource-consuming hearings! Do not participate.

  22. There are two kinds of people in this world. Didn’t Tuck take an oath? Which makes him an Oath keeper? So he’s either an Oath keeper or an Oath breaker. I think we know which one he is.

  23. What a hack. Instead of doing his job he wastes Alaskan’s resources. Looking forward to contributing to anyone that runs against this idiot.

  24. Right now in Juneau they are trying to find who is responsible for our freedom parade. They want an organizer bad, and they can’t figure out how it happened. I’m feeling like I live in China more and more as these witch hunts gain momentum.

  25. Tuck off Tuck! Get to work on what you were elected to do instead of wasting time and money on a witch hunt.

  26. What the Tuck! We definitely need a smarter electorate. How did this guy make it past nature’s filters?

  27. Dems, again giving service we don’t want! We like Eastman’s evident dedication to our priceless US Constitution. We dislike your deviation(s) from it. Get it? Serve the people not globalists.

  28. It is clear that Chris Tuck, who is obviously a communist sympathizer has no idea what actually occurred on January 6th at our nations Capitol. The Oath Keepers are a group of fine American Citizens who took an oath to defend this nations Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. They did not perpetrate the violence at the Capitol but were protecting the people at Trump’s rally. A couple of their members were caught up in the group going into the Capitol as Federal Agent provocateur’s removed barricades and encouraged people to push forward into the Capitol but did not instigate the violence, that was Antifa members dressed up like Trump supporters. In real time video clips you can see them take off the Trump gear and but on their hoodies, helmets and batons out of gear bags once at the Capitol steps. Nancy Pelosi refused to call in National Guard after Trump himself encouraged her to do so. Why? Why will she not release thousands of hours of video that day? Because she knows it will incriminate her thugs in the US Capitol Police who were launching stun grenades at a peaceful crowd and show how one of her undercover police officers murdered Ashley Babbitt in cold blood. You need to go to Revolver.news and read their full investigative report on January 6th. It will blow you away how our government turned on its citizens that day. The crime was the planned event to incriminate innocent people that were protesting a stolen election and were setup by Federal Agencies.

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