MAGA derangement syndrome: Biden condemns ‘Make America Great Again,’ says Trump Republicans are threat


In a widely panned speech on Thursday night in Philadelphia, President Joe Biden attacked Republicans and other supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The speech, given in Independence Hall, is being widely seen as a condemnation of Republicans in the same way that Hillary Clinton called Republicans “deplorables” in 2016, only this time Biden painted Republicans who support Trump with the “extremist” label and said they are a threat to democracy.

“Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal,” Biden said. “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

Biden said, “Not every Republican, not even a majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans. Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology. But there is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. And that is a threat to this country.”

The White House insisted the speech was not political, but Biden implored his listeners to “vote, vote, vote.” He brought up Trump many times, and spoke to the differences between his vision of America and what he perceived to be Trump’s vision. On the White House Facebook page, numerous messages condemning MAGA Republicans, including lawmakers, were posted throughout the day by the Biden social media staff. Some found his message to be menacing. Behind him stood two U.S. Marines, in uniform.

The bulk of his speech, after the introduction, focused on “MAGA Republicans,” the danger of Trump, and how scary these Americans are who have influenced the Republican Party. Watch the speech at this White House Facebook link.

The transcript of the majority of the speech not summarized above:

These are hard things, but I’m an American president, not a president of red America or blue America, but of all America. And I believe it’s my duty, my duty to level with you, to tell the truth no matter how difficult, no matter how painful.

And here, in my view, is what is true: MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people. They refuse to accept the results of a free election, and they’re working right now as I speak in state after state to give power to decide elections in America to partisans and cronies, empowering election deniers to undermine democracy itself.

MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards, backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love. They promote authoritarian leaders, and they fanned the flames of political violence that are a threat to our personal rights, to the pursuit of justice, to the rule of law, to the very soul of this country.

They look at the mob that stormed the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, brutally attacking law enforcement, not as insurrectionists who placed a dagger at the throat of our democracy, but they look at them as patriots. And they see their MAGA failure to stop a peaceful transfer of power after the 2020 election as preparation for the 2022 and 2024 elections.

They tried everything last time to nullify the votes of 81 million people. This time, they’re determined to succeed in thwarting the will of the people. That’s why respected conservatives like Federal Circuit Court Judge Michael Luttig has called Trump and the extreme MAGA Republicans “a clear and present danger” to our democracy.

But while the threat to American democracy is real, I want to say as clearly as we can, we are not powerless in the face of these threats. We are not bystanders in this ongoing attack on democracy. There are far more Americans, far more Americans from every background and belief, who reject the extreme MAGA ideology than those that accept it. And folks, it’s within our power, it’s in our hands, yours and mine, to stop the assault on American democracy.

I believe America is at an inflection point, one of those moments that determine the shape of everything that’s to come after. And now, America must choose to move forward or to move backwards, to build a future or obsess about the past, to be a nation of hope and unity and optimism or a nation of fear, division and of darkness.

MAGA Republicans have made their choice. They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live, not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies. But together, together, we can choose a different path. We can choose a better path forward to the future, a future of possibility, a future to build a dream and hope, and we’re on that path moving ahead.

I know this nation. I know you, the American people. I know your courage, I know your hearts, and I know our history. This is a nation that honors our Constitution. We do not reject it. This is a nation that believes in the rule of law. We do not repudiate it. This is a nation that respects free and fair elections. We honor the will of the people. We do not deny it. And this is a nation that rejects violence as a political tool. We do not encourage violence. We are still an America that believes in honesty and decency and respect for others. Patriotism, liberty, justice for all, hope, possibilities — we are still at our core a democracy.

And yet, history tells us that blind loyalty to a single leader and a willingness to engage in political violence is fatal to democracy.

For a long time, we’ve told ourselves that American democracy is guaranteed, but it’s not. We have to defend it, protect it, stand up for it, each and every one of us. That’s why tonight, I’m asking our nation to come together, unite behind the single purpose of defending our democracy regardless of your ideology.

We’re all called by duty and conscience to confront extremists who put their own pursuit of power above all else. Democrats, independents, mainstream Republicans, we must be stronger, more determined and more committed to saving American democracy. And MAGA Republicans are destroying American democracy.

We, the people, will not let anyone or anything tear us apart. Today, there are dangers around us we cannot allow to prevail. We hear — you’ve heard it, more and more talk about violence as an acceptable political tool in this country. It’s not. It can never be an acceptable tool. So, I want to say this plain and simple: There is no place for political violence in America, period, none, ever.

You saw law enforcement brutally attacked on January the 6th. We’ve seen election officials, poll workers, many of them volunteers of both parties, subject to intimidation and death threats. And, can you believe it, F.B.I. agents just doing their job as directed, facing threats to their own lives from their own fellow citizens.

On top of that, there are public figures today, yesterday and the day before predicting and all but calling for mass violence and rioting in the streets. This is inflammatory. It’s dangerous. It’s against the rule of law. And we, the people, must say this is not who we are.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can’t be pro-insurrectionist and pro-American. They’re incompatible. We can’t allow violence to be normalized in this country. It’s wrong. We each have to reject political violence with all the moral clarity and conviction this nation can muster now.We can’t let the integrity of our elections be undermined, for that is a path to chaos. Look, I know politics can be fierce and mean and nasty in America. I get it. I believe in the give and take of politics, in disagreement and debate and dissent. We’re a big complicated country, but democracy endures only if we, the people, respect the guardrails of the Republic. Only if, we the people accept the results of free and fair elections. Only if, we the people see politics, not as total war, but mediation of our differences. Democracy cannot survive on one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election: Either they win or they were cheated. And that’s where the MAGA Republicans are today.They don’t understand what every patriotic American knows. You can’t love your country only when you win. It’s fundamental.

American democracy only works only if we choose to respect the rule of law and the institutions that were set up in this chamber behind me. Only if we respect our legitimate political differences.

I will not stand by and watch — I will not — the will of the American people be overturned by wild conspiracy theories and baseless evidence-free claims of fraud. I will not stand by and watch elections in this country stolen by people who simply refuse to accept that they lost. I will not stand by and watch the most fundamental freedom in this country, the freedom to vote and have your vote counted, and be taken from you and the American people.

Look, as your president, I will defend our democracy with every fiber of my being, and I’m asking every American to join me.

Throughout our history, America has often made the greatest progress coming out of some of our darkest moments like you’re hearing in that bullhorn. I believe we can and must do that again, and we are.

MAGA Republicans look at America and see carnage and darkness and despair. They spread fear and lies. Lies told for profit and power.But I see a different America — an America with an unlimited future, an America that’s about to take off. I hope you see it as well. Just look around. I believe we could lift America from the depths of Covid, so we passed the largest economic recovery package since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and today America’s economy is faster, stronger than any other advanced nation in the world. We have more to go. I believe we can build a better America, so we passed the biggest infrastructure investment since President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and we’ve now embarked on a decade of rebuilding the nation’s roads, bridges, highways, ports, water systems, high-speed internet, railroads.I believe we can make America safer, so we passed the most significant gun safety law since President Clinton.

I believe we could go from being the highest cost of prescriptions to the world to making prescription drugs and health care more affordable, so we passed the most significant health care reform since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act.

And I believed we could create a clean energy future and save the planet, so we passed the most important climate initiative ever, ever, ever.

The cynics and the critics tell us nothing can get done, but they’re wrong.

There is not a single thing America cannot do, not a single thing beyond our capacity if we do it together. It’s never easy. But we’re proving that America, no matter how long the road, progress does come.

Look, I know the last year, few years have been tough, but today Covid no longer controls our lives. More Americans are working than ever. Businesses are growing, our schools are open, millions of Americans have been lifted out of poverty. Millions of veterans once exposed to toxic burn pits will now get what they deserve for their families in compensation. American manufacturing has come alive across the heartland, and the future will be made in America, no matter what the white supremacists and the extremists say.

I made a bet on you, the American people, and that bet is paying off, proving that from darkness, the darkness of Charlottesville, of Covid, of gun violence, of insurrection, we can see the light. Light is now visible. Light that will guide us forward. Not only in words but in actions. Actions for you, for your children, for your grandchildren, for America.Even in this moment with all the challenges we face, I give you my word as a Biden, I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s future. Not because of me, but because of who you are.We’re going to end cancer as we know it, mark my words. We’re going to create millions of new jobs and a clean energy economy. We’re going to think big. We’re going to make the 21st century another American century because the world needs us to. That’s where we need to focus our energy. Not in the past, not on divisive culture wars, not on the politics of grievance, but on a future we can build together.

The MAGA Republicans believe that for them to succeed, everyone else has to fail. They believe America, not like what I believe about America. I believe America is big enough for all of us to succeed, and that is the nation we’re building, a nation where no one is left behind.

I ran for president because I believed we were in a battle of the soul of this nation. I still believe that to be true. I believe the soul is the breadth, the life and the essence of who we are. The soul is what makes us, us.

The soul of America is defined by the sacred proposition that all are created equal in the image of God, that all are entitled to be treated with decency, dignity and respect, that all deserve justice and a shot at lives of prosperity and consequence. And that democracy, democracy must be defended, for democracy makes all these things possible.

Folks, and it’s up to us. Democracy begins and will be preserved, and we the people’s habits of the heart — in our character, optimism that is tested, yet endures, courage that digs deep when we need it. Empathy that fuels democracy. The willingness to see each other not as enemies but as fellow Americans.

Look, our democracy isn’t perfect. It always has been. Notwithstanding those folks you hear on the other side there. They’re entitled to be outrageous. This is a democracy. But history and common sense — good manners is nothing they have ever suffered from — but history and common sense tell us that opportunity, liberty and justice for all are most likely to come to pass in a democracy. We have never fully realized the aspirations of our founding, but every generation has opened those doors a little bit wider to include more people who have been excluded before.My fellow Americans, America is an idea; the most powerful idea in the history of the world, and it beats in the hearts of the people of this country. It beats in all our hearts. It unites America. It is the American creed.The idea that America guarantees that everyone be treated with dignity. It gives hate no safe harbor. It installs in everyone the belief that no matter where you start in life, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. That’s who we are. That’s what we stand for. That’s what we believe.

And that’s precisely what we’re doing — opening doors, creating possibilities, focusing on the future — and we’re only just beginning.

Our task is to make our nation free and fair, just and strong, noble and whole, and this work is the work of democracy, the work of this generation. It is the work of our time for all time. We can’t afford to leave anyone on the sidelines. We need everyone to do their part, so speak up, speak out, get engaged, vote, vote, vote!

And if we do our duty, if we do our duty, in 2022 and beyond, then ages still to come will say we, all of us here, we kept the faith. We preserved democracy. We heeded our words. We heeded not our worst instincts but our better angels. We proved that for all its imperfections, America is still the beacon to the world, an ideal to be realized, a promise to be kept. There’s nothing more important. Nothing more sacred. Nothing more American. That’s our soul. That’s who we truly are. And that’s who we must always be.

I have no doubt, none, that this is who we will be and that we’ll come together as a nation that will secure our democracy. That for the next 200 years we’ll have what we had the past 200 years, the greatest nation on the face of the earth. We just need to remember who we are. We are the United States of America, the United States of America. And may God protect our nation, and may God protect all those who stand watch over our democracy.

God bless you all. Democracy. Thank you.


  1. That man’s speech tone gave me the impression the commander-in-chief has declared war just as
    george w bush spoke about sept 11 and iraq when he declared war.

    • And, as usual with Stalinists, Maoists and other radical leftist extremists, Pretendent Biden’s pathetic and divisive rant is just another example of their classic psychological projection, assigning to their opponents the very sins and crimes of which they themselves are guilty.

    • Apples and ranges, two completely different scenarios, two completely different contexts. Bush against the threat of a Middle East inspired threat to the principles and people of the United States, Biden against a conservative and law abiding political party and political leader in the United States with. Proven record of accomplishment IN EVERY ARENA that makes his party, administration and accomplishments look sick, pathetic, disastrous and very much in need of replacement . Basically a knee jerk reaction by a very frightened and ineffectual unduly elected President!!

  2. Notice Biden never defined what a “MAGA Republican” is. If he did, he would be forced to admit we are normal patriotic Americans who just want what is best for America. Biden wants to make it a crime to be a Republican. And he will wield the power of the federal government as a weapon to suppress us.

  3. I feel like this speech has put him into a rabbit hole there’s no coming out of, no matter who you are.
    if you ever wondered where Joe stood, ranked among other Presidents, this puts him easily on the path to worst conceivable. How long DC and media continue to prop him up is how dangerous things are gonna get.
    My heart is for MAGA and my gut says it’ll get worse before it gets better.

    • You’re ‘mad” because he’s telling the truth. The vast majority of the American public agree with him that it’s 1860 and 1940 all over again in this country.

      MAGA Republicans and their insurrectionist acts, threats and acts of political violence, and the fact that you totally abjure the rule of law make you an imminent threat to the American experiment. Total evil. Your days as a political scourge on American democracy are numbered.

      Your leader Trump is going to either Leavenworth or Florence CO. I prefer the SuperMAX in Florence. We all know he sold those TSIC and NDA Nuclear files to the Russians, among others. He’s a domestic terrorists, so let him live with all the other terrorists.

      • Take a breath Sophie! I am very concerned for your health. This much hate is bad for your blood pressure!
        Why is it that this administration can not handle political opposition?
        Why is it that this administration has to vilify those who do not bow at its altar? That’s not America. In this country people have burned the flag, protested, rioted and still in the end we all respected the fact that we are ALL Americans and entitled to our own opinions. Your hate and the president’s vitriol is shockingly reminiscent of pictures I saw in history class. The background of military personnel reinforces that image.
        Those who entered the Capitol are being prosecuted and punished under the law, but that is not enough for you. You sound like you want EVERYONE, who ever had a conservative thought in a “Re-education Camp”. Your hate and arrogance saddens me, especially since you bill yourself as the “party of tolerance and acceptance”

        • Political opposition?

          That’s what you call Trumpazees who hang from trees on the Ellipse wielding AR-15s, waiting to execute the “wild” event their “Dear Leader” promised. They refused to pass through magnatometers for ScumBag 45’s speech because they would be required to surrender those beloved weapons of war. No one thinks re-education is a solution. Bans and criminalization are solutions.

          Gen Z has it right. They are the generation annihilated in school shootings. Not you selfish, vicious child-murder worshipping weapons of war fetishists.. They want weapons of war banned. They want the creation, sale, and use of ghost guns made unclassified felonies or capital crimes.

          They’re right. They don’t want to live in the twisted. despicable world created by your gerrymandered dominantion of American politics. I’ll do everything I can to help them achieve their goal before I leave this world.

          • Interesting analysis, considering that you support child-murder on a epic scale cloaked in “a woman’s right to choose”. I don’t think your opinion holds any water. Also please be aware that at one point in time knifes were considered a weapon of war and in some cultures still are. Banning or criminalizing anything rarely achieves the desired result. Remember prohibition? How about the 40 year old war on drugs? I wish you find some peace and a way to spend your last years on this planet, seeing the good in people instead of hating them.

      • Sophie, is is the rabid authoritarianism, statism and extremism of you radical so-called leftists that is bringing civil war to this country. And as relentless as you , and they, are in doing so, I say bring it on — it frankly cannot come soon enough, so that normal, decent, rational and sane Americans can wipe the curse of your insane wokeist death cult from existence.

      • As a nonpartisan, I vehemently disagree. I’m not a Republican, but I am MAGA. Who in our country doesn’t want us to be great again? Well, one of those people would be Biden. Just look what he’s done to our country and our people, and here he is, practically declaring war on people like me. God knows his policies have declared war on Alaska.

        The violence was all over our cities, but apparently, some people have blinders on so tight, all they see is a January 6th insurrection. Documents taken by presidents have occurred for decades, but those blinders, again; all they see is the one they’ve been told to fear. And your speculations don’t make it so. Me, I’ll wait for the trial AGAIN.

          • “…….there have not been decades of of presidents removing documents…….”
            What do you think presidential libraries have in them? Coloring books? Have you ever been to a presidential library?

          • Obama has over 30 million pages of Presidential records in his possession.
            But, he is a leftist, so I guess that does not count.

          • Uh, what about Hillary’s hundreds (maybe thousands) of deleted emails from her private server that got hacked? Why do so many of China’s latest fighter jets and even aircraft carriers look so much like ours? Hillary…

        • Ronald Reagan never publicly and overtly sicced Republicans on anyone who disagreed with him…and it was Reagan who coined the political phrase ” Make America Great Again.” Scumbag 45 — true to his former in business — stole a successful (political) theme, presented it to the manifestly ignorant, gullible, and racist masses — and remade himself as a “Republican” Huey P. Long.

          Realize this:
          You MAGAs are nothing but mid-20th Century Southern Dems, [i.e., 20th -21st century Republicans devoid of any cross-cultural inclinations or manipulations] slingshotted forward into the 21st Century — rabid racism and xenophobia intact — to do ScumBag 45’s bidding.

          Even the robot in “Lost In Space” had more agency than the MAGA mob ever ‘Will.’

          • You are correct. President Reagan never targeted his political enemies, publicly or behind the scenes. Then again, neither did President Donald J. Trump.
            The man could have initiated an investigation into the Hillary Clinton server, or the Obama Justice Department’s Fast and Furious effort. But, he did not.
            Yes, he was an ass on Twitter, but at no point did the FBI start raiding the homes of his political opponents.
            But, we now have a pResident who is calling about 47% of the country enemies of the Republic. A pResident who is weaponizing the FDA, ATF, IRS, EPA, FBI, CIA, and the US military against US citizens who disagree with him, and his party.
            So… why bring up Reagan? And, neglect to mention that Trump also did not sic his minions on people who disagree with him.

        • International traitor?

          Maybe you need to think about that little bit.

          First, the term is by definition an oxymoron.

          Second, only a leftist would even think there is such a thing as international loyalty.

        • Wow…. Lucinda… seriously. You did not just write this:
          “Don’t know what you mean by international loyalty.”
          First of all, there was the thing about you needing to prepare for a lecture. I assumed that meant you were giving the lecture, but I have no evidence to support that assumption, nor did you refute it.
          But, if you are, in fact, giving lectures to anyone, and you cannot figure out what Scott means by “international loyalty” you should never be allowed to stand behind a lectern ever again.
          Then again, you are a leftist, which means you have the reasoning capacity of a child, so I will spell it out for you.
          1. You cannot be a traitor unless you have acknowledged and accepted loyalty to something, and then you violate that bond.
          2. There is no such thing as international loyalty. What could you declare loyalty to on an international basis? Hint: Nothing.
          3. Trump cannot be a traitor to something he has not sworn loyalty to.
          Oh, and by the way. Trump is still causing you to stop thinking. I am actually beginning to think your brain turns completely off when his name is mentioned. It is difficult to believe someone with, what appears to be, no ability to perform a simple cause and effect analysis is still alive. Surely some accident would have killed you if you were this incapable of analysis. So, I am guessing the word Trump is the equivalent of the bell to Pavlov’s dogs. Total brain shutdown, instinctual reaction without intelligent consideration.

      • I am not a D or a R (though I once was one respectively). A pox on both your houses for what you have done to this country and culture over the last 30+ years. But the D’s are far worse these days, as evidenced by your post. The former president was a low character, low quality fool, but he did a fairly decent job of staying out of my life and staying out of wars. The current president is one of the worst in this countries history. To know him is to listen to what he calls his opponents. I remember “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” and the “winter of death” for them. I see all the oppression for nothing he imposed with his reaction to covid. I see he has colluded with tech platforms to censor speech. I see he has stoked the flames of war at every opportunity. I see instead of empowering individuals in this horrific economy, he has hired legions of irs agents to grind taxes further. And I see that he has sent his state police to his main political opponents home and is threatening to incarcerate him (or worse). Those are facts in light of the blind hate you have written. I am so thankful I do not have your soul. What a bitter and ugly thing that must be.

        • I see you: Let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Reality is not your thing. Especially since you spout all the right wing talking points.

          Halloween only comes once a year. Take the bloody mask off, MAGA.

          • LOL how convenient for you Sophie, can’t make a coherent argument you insult and belittle people, so you can stay in your fantasy bubble. We are not the enemy. If you like Biden and his policies fine, but YOU are not the arbiter of whom all of us have to support and follow. Seek help for your delusions of grandeur!

          • “Reality is not your thing. Especially since you spout all the right wing talking points.”

            Typical Leftist deflection, accusing your “enemy” of what you yourself is doing. Nice, but no go. People are wise to the lying, deceitful ways of the Left.

          • “It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.”
            – Thomas Sowell

      • “…….The vast majority of the American public agree with him that it’s 1860 and 1940 all over again in this country……..”
        Well, better get your Liberty Garden planted. It’s going to get tough. I kinda’ doubt that the Trumpists are going to just lay down and die for you, and burning downtown businesses didn’t get it done, either. Maybe if the FBI starts by shooting Trump’s dog like they did at Ruby Ridge instead of shuffling around looking for papers, you might feel safer.

          • I don’t believe you know nothing about the internet. Do research sometimes instead of spending all your time here, wallowing in self delusion.

          • Behold psychotic Sophie personality #1 arguing with psychotic Sophie personality #2.
            I don’t know about anyone else, but I find this spectacle as morbidly fascinating as it is entertaining.

          • Jefferson, I’m almost flattered that you effort reflecting my syntax to me. Almost.
            Psychotic? Your desperately cruel verbal attempts to attract and provoke responses from me over the past days are overt displays of your psychosis and psycopathy.

      • Sophie – your guy, Sloppy Joe, is the one who will be going to prison for treason & corruption. He is talking tough now because he is scared & desperate of what the midterm elections will bring. Of course, the Republicans have a knack for pulling defeat from the jaws of victory, but it seems to be stormy seas ahead for the Left.

          • “…….On what grounds would Biden go to prison?”
            Corruption. Lots of copies of the famous laptop hard drive out there. The FBI can’t destroy them all.
            Do you see the haters hounding Trump well after he’s out of the White House? Biden haters will do that, too. That’s how hatred works.
            Both ways.
            Enjoy the heat.

        • Chi-Com? That post WWII/John Bircher name-calling registers you as 85-to-90 years old.

          Whoosh! The sand is almost through the hourglass!

          Soon we can sing “Another One Bites the Dust!”

      • Sophie: you have sided with treason against our Constitutional Republic. You, and your ilk need some time in those prisons.

      • “The vast majority of the American public agree with him that it’s 1860 and 1940 all over again in this country.”

        That’s laughable, at best.

        “…threats and acts of political violence, and the fact that you totally abjure the rule of law make you an imminent threat to the American experiment. Total evil.”

        Nope, that’s you and your Antifa brothers and sisters, along with your BLM crowd.

    • Yeah, I think Trump’s heart is in the right place, and I’ll probably vote for him – if the Democrats now running the DOJ permit it.

      Main issue with his administration came down to two words: Jared Kushner.
      I get it, he wormed his way into Ivanka’s panties, so now he’s family – and Trump loves his family.

      But allowing Kushner into the White House is malpractice, akin to letting a venomous snake into your bed.
      If Trump makes clear moves to insure Kushner is permanently sidelined in 2024, I might even consider getting a new MAGA hat instead of just dutifully voting against the commie candidate.

  4. Joe’s awkward attempt at deflection. Now that Ashley Biden’s journal has been outed, it’s confirmed that Joe Biden is a pedophile. The entire Biden family is one mixed-up pot of sh*t.

  5. Ms Downing, you wrote that President Biden’s speech was « widely panned ».
    Could you please give your source(s) for this statement?
    Thank you in advance.
    Respectfully yours,

    • I tend to hold my breath through each April 19th and September 11th now. Have you noticed that the American flag is flown at half staff more often than full staff anymore?

  6. Biden wants only Republicans to turn the other cheek. His Communist mentality is showing. He blames the other side for what he is doing. Time for him to look in the mirror.

  7. Wonder how long it took them to translate from the original German text? Had to cross out Jew and write in MAGA, but the implication was the same. All that was missing was Sieg Heil!

    Gonna start painting “MAGA” with a skull on the front of conservative businesses?

    It’s an interesting strategy. Claim half of the country is a threat to democracy. He’s already said 2nd Amendment supporters would have to fight the US military.

    This the uniter you were looking for America? A deranged, angry man who seems determined to stoke more political violence.

    Clearly this man is mentally unbalanced. Can’t help but wonder if the Cabinet would invoke the 25th Amendment if it didn’t mean Cackles became President.

  8. Also speaks to just how bad the Democrats internal polling is. No other sane reason to pull this stunt.

    Dangerous waters ahead.

  9. Only 2 years, 2 months, 4 days until we flip the switch on Ol’ Joe and his cronies and vote for a new president.

    • Not if we turn Congress this fall. They impeached Trump twice within two years. If it’s good enough for the elephant, it’s good enough for the ass.

      • You’re really avoiding the writing on the wall, aren’t you?

        MAGA and the Supreme Court burned bridges to the vast majority of the Voting population with the overturn of Roe. Add ScumBag 45’s sale of our National Security to the highest bidder to his MAGA Insurrection.

        No amount of gerrymandering or voter suppression can save the MAGA party from a voter-instigated purge of your ilk from Congress and state houses.

        • “You’re really avoiding the writing on the wall, aren’t you?…….”
          Graffiti defacing the architecture? I don’t read it. It was put there by morons. I wash it off and turn in the surveillance videos to the cops.

  10. Under Obama it was the Tea Party that was the threat to the nation. Through Lois Lerner and the IRS, they drove it underground.. When Hillary referred to them as The DEPLORABLES, they came out in mass and voted for Trump. They had to stand by and watch their Leader be accused, and humiliated every day, even after his Presidency..Biden and company are PREPPING THE NARRATIVE for their Final Solution to MAGA, TRUMP, and his Supporters. That’s what President Biden speech was all about. I was surprised he delivered it so well—didn’t stutter , lose track, shake hands with ghosts, or load his pants. He was like Super Joe. Trump has been a good role model for how to behave. Just remember —Everything you say or do can be used against you.

    • Watch the end again. He did stick his hand out like he was going to shake hands, but then he made it look like he was directing famed pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Jill Biden, where to walk. But you nailed it on the Hitler ‘Final Solution ‘ speech. You could easily replace ‘Jew’ with MAGA and you couldn’t tell the difference.

    • That’s right. The Tea Party is considered a threat by Alaskan Republicans, too.

      Why else would 11,000 Republicans who voted for Nick Begich III in the first round REFUSE to select The Queen of the Tea Party, one Sarah Palin, for their second choice? And why would the vast majority of Republican voters choose Mary Peltola as their second choice?

      You’re losers in politics and life. Your racism, anti-women’s reproductive autonomy, book-burning, gay and trans-bashing, climate change denialism, voter suppression, insurrectionisism, FBI and law enforcement attacking, total denial of the rule of law make total enemies of the American experiment.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      • Sophie, take your pills. You people are the party of defund the police and Burn Loot Murder, not us. Your party is directly to blame for the divisiveness in America not, not us. Your party spent four years stoking the fires, not ours. You’re pathetic and unhinged and dangerously brainwashed. Get thee to a nunnery. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

        • What temerity!

          Tell that to the FBI, D. C. and Federal law enforcement and members of the Federal judiciary who have been and continue being doxxed, harassed and threatened with death by you law enforcement supporting MAGAs.

          You “soldiers” would do well to abandon that mobster you claim was a President. He’s on this way to SuperMAX to live with all the other enemies of the country.

          • That is not weird at all.
            In fact, I fully expect it. And, I expect that we will have different conclusions about the Biden pResidency in two or six years.
            It is actually surprising that you think it is weird. Tell me, do you think you have the same opinion on the Reagan Presidency as I do? Or the Clinton Presidency? Do you think they are relatively close?
            Please answer honestly.

          • No, it is not weird at all, Lucinda. Because your “conclusions” are not your own, but merely the mindlessly repeated parroting of ruling class propaganda and hysterical anti-Trump (and therefore pro-establishment, pro-rulilng-class) talking points. You do not think, you do not reflect, you do not draw conclusions or inferences, you and every other mindlessly conformist radical leftist extremist simply emote.

      • The tea party isn’t a threat to any Republican Alaskan or otherwise. Alaskans didn’t vote for Palin cuz they can’t stand her. Can’t stand the hear her Big fat mouth anymore

      • “……anti-women’s reproductive autonomy……..”
        If women could get pregnant autonomously, I bless their desire to kill their offspring in the womb……..heck, I’d support it openly.
        If women were reproductively autonomous, they wouldn’t need a father’s financial support.
        And, in the spirit of the Demonrat Party…….., what is a woman, anyway?

    • “……..Biden and company are PREPPING THE NARRATIVE for their Final Solution……”
      Those wussies wet their pants each time a snotty nosed teenager opens up with a rifle at a school, mall, or church. The people they hate are armed to the teeth. They don’t even have enough police to handle the increased theft and carjacking in their crumbling cities because they stopped paying them. If you think those cops are coming back, look at the school bus driver mess they jumped into. Those morons left enough heavy weapons in Kabul to keep the Taliban armed for a decade just because they had an imaginary schedule they couldn’t slip.
      Dude, these people are feckless morons. They couldn’t drag up a “final solution” even if they fell into a hole full of them. They’re even afraid of pronouns, for God’s sake.
      Ignore the old fool babbling, yelling, and shaking his trembling fists. He has been a freaking moron putting on a comedy show for the past 40 years.

  11. This is what desperation looks like. And it’s also a ploy to take focus off the now exposing of a himself and his perverted, degenerate family. However, now with the RCV scam in place–it may not matter and our decline will accelerate. Unless a certain electorate can start to pay attention and coalesce around the right candidates / leaders–we’re heading for a bottom, and we’re going to hit hard.

    • How is RCV a scam when 11,000 “Republicans” refused to list a second choice. That’s on you.

      Once again, PRESIDENT BIDEN is spot on: ” Elections are only fair if you win. If you lose, they’re “rigged.” You’re nothing but a bunch of criminals, cowardly bullies, and sore losers.

      You and your parents must have put your teachers through hell – to say nothing of the fact that more than half of your “friends” growing up are probably either dead or in prison.

      • Oh, stop. RCV has never been done here, so even IF the election wasn’t rigged, it surely seems that way. Especially when 60% of the people voted Republican, but a Democrat won. That’s definitely NOT giving us what the people voted for. It’s starkly obvious.

        • Stop lying about HRC. She called 45 to concede. She did what every presidential candidate until 45 did: guarantee the orderly transition of power.

          • Sure, Hillary conceded. Then immediately turned around and put her minions into action. Perhaps you were not aware the entire Russian collusion farce was fabricated by her campaign?
            Oh… and perhaps you forgot all about 2000, where the Sore Loserman, errr… I mean Gore Lieberman campaign refused to concede.

        • True to petulant MAGA form you think “the people” are only those who look like you, behave like you, and believe as you believe.

          • You are making assumptions not in evidence. I suggest a nice calming walk, tranquil music and camomile tea. After that look up the demographics and be surprised!

          • Sophie:
            That is true on both sides of the political aisle. One does not have to be MAGA to think that it would be nice if others thought along the same lines. I need look no further than the demands that everyone use the “preferred pronouns” otherwise, it is a visit to HR, or expulsion from school.
            Please do not think the folks that want America to be the greatest country on earth have some kind of monopoly on thinking that way.

      • Wow! You truly lost it. What’s with the personal attacks?
        As to “elections are only fair if you win……” Talked to Hillary lately? She still screams about her “Stolen election”.
        RCV did not reflect the will of the voters. 2/3 of Alaskans voted conservative, but by eliminating the party primaries the Sarah-Nick question could not be settled before the general. With Al Gross dropping out, the democrats manipulated the process to win. You want to talk about bullies, maybe check with them first. If you find out WHY Al Gross dropped out, we would love to know.

        • If you take what I write personally, the mirror in your house must be talking to you even when you’re nowhere near it.

          Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I’ve no blame.

          • Did it ever occur to your dumba- – , Jefferson, that– as a native-born American citizen, I’ve lived in, and been educated in more than one country…courtesy of the United States Armed Forces.

            There are a multitude of military brats just like me.

            You are one narrowly experienced, pathetic piece of work.

          • Don’t flatter yourself…considering it appears you support a philosophy of teaching, were mean words (tweets) are “violence” and “assaults”, you certainly do not practice what you preach. Making personal insults towards others simply reveals your inability to have a coherent and civilized discussion, and diminishes any statement made, to be discounted and ignored as bringing no value to move the understanding and solution generation forward.

          • Respectfully, Sophie, I beg to differ. Having know many “military brats”, I can not say I have encountered one, who is so virulently nasty towards this country and its leaders and people, like you. Quite the opposite. They, through their ability to live in other parts of the world, appreciate the blessings we have in this country and respect its institutions, regardless of who is in office. Many were not enamored with Clinton or Obama, but acknowledged that the people elected them. That’s what this country is ALL about. The will of the people not just a select few like you, who think they are smarter and know better. It is sad you really learned nothing from those opportunities abroad. It leaves me to wonder if you are just making it all up…….

      • Actually- elections are only fair if you show up with an ID and vote in person. Otherwise, you can’t confirm that there isn’t fraud happening but you can confirm that there is.
        It’s a shame that you have to resort to name calling and making this personal. It was a good system before and now it has flaws.

      • In addition to analyzing RCV wrong, it appears you are just fine with a man that showered with his daughter who was almost a teenager at the time. But then again, cultural degeneracy is a hallmark of the left. There’s a lot going on there with the daughters diary and sons laptop, but there are no baseline minimums for leftists. Truly, the ends justify the means and honesty has not much meaning in an leftists heart.

      • Sophie, if you must lower yourself to ad hominem attacks, maybe it is not us but you who have an issue with reality. Take your meds and an extra chill pill, already.

      • “…….Once again, PRESIDENT BIDEN is spot on: ‘ Elections are only fair if you win. If you lose, they’re ‘rigged.’……..”
        That’s the narrative they started in 2000 with the hanging chad BS. Every new attempted trick the Demonrats try will come back and bite a big bunch of flesh from their behinds, guaranteed. So hang on for a while. RCV is no exception. The Republicans and RINOs will live to rue the day they dragged this slime out of their swamp, too.

      • RCV is not the real scam.
        Open/jungle primaries are.
        There is no justification whatsoever for allowing people who are not registered members of the party to have a say in who that party puts on the ballot. None.
        And the general election should have only one candidate representing each party. Not some number between zero and four depending on the open/jungle/BS primary
        As to complaining about the outcome, that is a valid point. No one wants to see their team lose. Of course terms like rigged will be tossed around. I cannot speak for you, but I am old enough to remember 2000, 2004, and 2016.
        Being upset is one thing. Spending the next two years, and tens of millions of tax payer dollars to investigate the “rigged” election, only to come up with nothing is where conservatives and leftists differ.

      • “Elections are only fair if you win. If you lose, they’re rigged.”

        You’re absolutely right. Remember Al Gore? Remember Shrillary Clinton?

        No, I’m sure you’ve completely forgotten. Or, more likely, you suffer from selective amnesia.

  12. Creepy Joe is absolutely deranged. Everything he accused MAGA of is exactly the progressive’s playbook. Sickening how the Marxists twist things. And this all being read from a teleprompter by a nearly brain-dead criminal.

  13. This is absolute rubbish! DJT is the one true patriot who can lead us out of darkness. The entire Deep State is against him, against us!

    How can such a man as DJT, who has show absolute virtue, humility, humbleness, and selflessness, be so maligned and hated? He has done nothing but give to this country, nay! To the WORLD! To be treated like he is, it is just unfathomable. He is being persecuted much like another man in history, a man who was also blameless…

      • So–you prefer one that will shower with a 12 yo daughter and has a crackhead son that got kicked out from the USN and was used as funnel for illegal Chinese and Ukraine money. Nice to see what you call ‘values’…

      • Lucinda, you are not a liberal. Not even close. You are a dyed in the wool leftists.
        A liberal would be tolerant of those that have different political beliefs than you. You would accept the fact that some people like Trump. But, you demonstrate on a daily basis that you are not accepting in any way of those that disagree with you politically. Especially when it comes to President Donald J. Trump.
        So, please stop calling yourself a liberal. There is nothing liberal about your behavior in these comment sections.

        • CB. You sure like to argue with me. I know who I am better than you. I could certainly list all the negative and positive attributes I think you possess, and include strings of extreme unsupported adjectives like Jefferson does, but I’d likely be off the mark.

          • No, Lucinda, you are wrong and CBM is absolutely correct — based on your posting history here, you are as ILLIBERAL as anyone could come (aside perhaps from the virulently vitriolic and hateful Sophie). Virtually every sentiment you express here supports the corrupt and failing ruling class, and their divisive, destructive, demolitional, authoritarian and dystopian political agenda. You insult true and honest liberals by your (mis)appropriation of that label.

          • “I could certainly list all the negative and positive attributes I think you possess”
            OK. Go for it. I am game.
            In fact, I am going to ask you, very strongly to do so.
            What is this worth to you. I will paypal you a reasonable sum. I want an outside perspective on how my comments on MRAK are taken. It is well worth it to me to make me more aware of how I present myself.

  14. What if Corn Pop was really a GOOD guy trying to protect the neighborhood kids from a creepy lifeguard with hairy legs? Asking for a friend…!

  15. Alaska gave Trump and MAGA a big middle finger when Mary Peltola got elected. The anonymous trolls are wetting all over themselves

    • Republicans combined received more votes, meaning Alaska as usual voted in republicans favor. Your delusion and/or self aggrandizing is embarrassing Frank. Why do you even post crap?

        • “……Make your bed…….”
          The election is over. It’s time to sleep in it……..for two months……….

        • What do you mean 11,000 MAGA chose not to select Palin as second choice?
          Surely you are aware that Sarah Palin IS the MAGA candidate. Choosing not to select her means you are NOT a MAGA supporter.

          • It appears your first statement occurred while severely under the influence and the second while sobering up.

            Worst vs worse = Still wrong

        • Here’s a pro tip, Sophie.
          Do not accuse others of posting under the influence, when you have not actually read their comment, AND the comment you posted which they were referring to.

    • Perhaps we did. Or, perhaps the RCV and the open primaries worked exactly how the architects of the system wanted, and there was no middle finger given. Time will tell.
      But, seriously the gloating? That is childish, infantile really. It suits you.

  16. The FACT of the matter is that even if Trump doesn’t run or get elected again, America sees the value of a bright future not under democrats new definition of democracy. Americans want Liberty and a sound Republic, politicians want Democracy and see it as a control factor. Trump opened up the eyes to show that dirt in our government and they don’t like to have their laundry hanging out for everyone to see. This is the truth and we all know it. The old guard must go and we can return to a government by the people and for the people. Not special interests and small minorities.

  17. They want this over-the-top harangue to provoke a violent response, which would justify all their hollering. Once again, they are trying to push those upper middle class soccer mom voters over to the democratic side.

    • He’s a great man much like many thought of Hitler. “Hitler was the archetypal “charismatic leader”. He was not a “normal” politician – someone who promises policies like lower taxes and better health care”. Rex Tillerson (Trump’s first Sec of State and former Exxon CEO) assessed Trump accurately as a F@ing Moron!

      • Ah, the old “he’s Hitler” trope. Hitler was a monster. DJT was sent by God Almighty to lead us into a new era of peace and prosperity! Yet so many fail to recognize it. Hitler wanted to lead his people into new prosperity, but he was evil and only wanted some people to see that prosperity. DJT wants peace and prosperity for all peoples.

        There has not been a man like him in 2000 years.

  18. Good job mush brain. You just declared a large swath of Americans as insurrectionists.
    Right out of the communist playbook. It’s happening before our eyes.
    This will not end well.

  19. The left is turning those that hold the true intent of the constitution, those that value freedom over big government, those that truly care about pulling this country out of the death spiral that it is in, into the next pandemic. The previous one is over, their control is slipping, they need to find something to codify the masses into a controllable force to promote their agenda. In this case it is eradication of independent thought and personal responsibility, and ultimately the removal of their greatest ire – the US constitution.

    The US is not a Democracy, we are a constitutional republic. We are not beholden to the whims of the mob, the individual liberties of the US citizen are protected from the mob rule of a Democracy.

    George didn’t like the thought of our independence in 1776, and the left doesn’t like it today for the same reason.

    Food for thought – Those that threw tea into the harbor back in the day were considered extremists by the crown.

  20. The very worst thing Biden did was hand over the high ground to whomever decides to grab that available real estate. Trump made a career of grabbing the high ground in both real estate and politics.

    Staging was interesting, channeling his inner High Chancellor dam Sutler (John Hurt character in V for Vendetta) with active duty troops in the background. Anyone else remember when JCS Chairman Milley took exception with doing that under Trump? Apparently it is ok these days. Cheers –

    • Joe showed some swagger. Under Trump Republicans lost the House and Senate. So I do not understand the high ground Trump grabbed in politics. This was an effort to divide the Republicans and weaken them before the upcoming elections. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. We just saw in Alaska how the divisiveness in the Republican party cost them an election.

      • Oh come on idiots, history always shows that Clinton and even the anointed one Obama lost control of Congress. It’s what happens in every presidency if it lasts 8 years.

        • Actually Trump was only in office 4 years. Obama and Clinton both lost control in their first midterms. So if Biden loses the house and Senate no one here will see it as a referendum on his administration. Trump just came to Alaska to campaign. End result a Democrat is elected. You can blame RCV. But republicans should of easily won this election. The divisiveness cost them the election. You don’t win elections voting for candidates out of spite.

          • Oh… lookee at that.
            I post a comment about the midterm elections generally going against the party who holds the White House, and suddenly Leo is talking about how meaningless it is.
            Leo, there is hope for you. Keep those eyes open my friend.

      • Leo:
        It is common for the party in the White House to lose seats in Congress during midterm elections. Very common. Happened to Clinton, Obama, and it is likely to happen to Biden.
        But, you are correct. The fact that any Begich voter, well… assuming they were not Democrats, chose Petola rather than leaving the 2nd choice blank is a clear indication that some Republicans would rather see a Democrat get elected than allow someone they do not like to represent their party.

  21. FAIL. Brandon’s angry, deranged speech was a grotesque, if unintended, parody of the fascist Benito Mussolini, and he now loses any lingering respect that one might yet have for his position in government. From Day 1 this presidency has posed a clear and present danger to the peace and prosperity of our republic. And then there is VP “what’s-her-name.” Fasting and penitent prayer may be the best first step that will bring us out of this calamity.

        • El Hombre, you know she/he Lucinda does not want to get into an argument regarding “their” hero Killary. Hill and Bill have killed more people than smallpox but please let’s keep the focus on President Trumps mean tweets. Lucinda is a troll. He/she posts here because “they” get a small thrill cat calling and haranguing the MRAK readers. Lucinda’s got a penis.

      • You prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was nothing planted there in the illegal raid. You can’t, so your gratuitous assertion is equally denied.

      • You have no idea how classified markings work, or how they remain even after documents have been unclassified. You also have no idea that the president is able to de-classify anything he wants to do. And what about the reference to his bed? That’s positively unhinged. The FBI did go through Melania’s underwear drawer, though, so maybe that’s what you are thinking of.

      • “The clear and present danger is the empty file folders marked classified found under Trump’s bed.”
        Yup. They’re a clear and present danger to the FBI and DOJ gangsters who tried framing a presidential candidate and then POTUS with lies and manufactured “evidence”. My bet is that those documents are already destroyed, but I also believe that they can be traced. It was a desperate move to try and take them under legal auspices.

      • Wow, an empty folder.
        As in no contents. Devoid of content. Hollow.
        Definitely a threat to the nation. I am now terrified.

        • CB. Are you pretending to be stupid? Any errant five year old could understand that a now empty folder marked classified likely once held classified information. You claim you don’t like Trump, but you sure are in denial about who he really is.

          • And… what makes you so sure the empty folders were not empty when they were put into the shipping box?
            Why would Trump have empty folders anyway? If he wanted to give/sell national secrets, he would copy them. I have a copier in my home office, I am pretty sure President Trump has one. Why sell the actual document, when the copy is just as good. Added bonus, Trump could voluntarily return the document he sold, a “Whoops, got something I was not supposed to have” thing.
            But, I just pretending to be stupid.

          • Nice one Sophie!
            It’s no pretense. Love it!
            Mind backing that up with… oh… I do not know, something that supports your belief that I am stupid? Or, is your statement solely based on the fact that I have a different view of the world than you do?

  22. I keep wondering who thought a semi declaration of war on your political opponents was a good idea? Or a sound political strategy.

    If Chairman Joe is so worried about political violence, start with ANTIFA. Or Janes Revenge. Or BLM. Or the protests outside of SCOTUS homes.

    But he clearly doesn’t care about it. Unless his handlers think it scores them points.

    • You think ANTIFA and BLM are really much of a thing? They faded. They made their point. Opie Taylor Eastman’s undersized Oath Keepers scare me more.

      • They should, they are not grifters and scumbag inner city knuckleheads. This might be the only post you ever make here that has merit.

      • I guess you are fully aware of Antifa and BLM activities across the nation because you get your news from the mainstream press. The press that is comprehensive and fair.
        Yep. This comment is all I need to see. It says to me that you think you are much better informed than you actually are.

        • Exactly. Compare the article at: ‘ vs what’s reported by a bit more balanced outlet: ‘

          The Dallas Morning News conveniently calls those are wearing “…riot gear and carrying guns”, who are clearly dressed as Antifa typically does, “counterprotesters” while other major news outlets call them for what they really are: Antifa.


      • “You think ANTIFA and BLM are really much of a thing?…….”
        Nah. Downtown Portland spontaneously ignited. All those kids in black were just there to roast their wienies.

      • “You think ANTIFA and BLM are really much of a thing? They faded.”

        Oh, look, another deluded Leftist. How cute.

        And how ignorant you truly are.

  23. Joe Biden and his Democrats. Great uniters.
    Crooked and disgraceful Americans. Kick their a—- hard in November. Then, impeach this pedophile and corrupt idiot. Or worse.

    • You MAGAs can’t stand the fact that President Biden and Democrats have a true American coalition now.

      Thanks to your “dog who caught the car” anti-abortion “win” from the 15th Century Alito Supreme Court, American Democrats, traditional Republicans, and Independents are united to dig MAGA’s political grave.

      The special elections in Kansas, New York, and Alaska are just the tip of the iceberg that is sinking MAGA to the bottom of an ice-cold ocean of your own creation.

      • Honestly Sophie, you are truly unhinged. Do you need to have a bogey man to scream at in order to look yourself in the mirror in the morning, or is there another pathological issue in that low lizard brain you are engaging? Get help.

        • I would take care, Tamra Nygaard casting aspersions. You have much in common with your fellow Norseman — Vidkun Quisling — Norwegian military officer, politician and Nazi collaborator.

          Your fealty to ScumBag 45 makes clear you are another Quisling indeed.

      • “……American Democrats, traditional Republicans, and Independents are united to dig MAGA’s political grave…….”
        Doing so like the 19th Century Democrats trying to save their last “peculiar institution”, you might find yourselves in that grave.

        • Wrong, Reggie Taylor.

          Alexander Stephens, writer of the Confederacy cri de coeur Cornerstone Speech (March 1861), made clear that cohesion of the traitorous Confederacy required there be NO POLITICAL PARTIES.

          Your knowledge of U S. History is either at the 1st grade level…or you just lie your a– off and think no one knows any better.

          That only works with your lowest-common-denominator, school skipping, drug-dealing, meth- smoking, gun-running MAGA thugmates.

          No one else.

          • “…….cohesion of the traitorous Confederacy required there be NO POLITICAL PARTIES…….”
            Of course. That’s because they were all Demonrats, and they wanted no opposition.
            Just like today.

          • “…….Your knowledge of U S. History is either at the 1st grade level……..”
            “…….Like much of what Stephens wrote after the war, his version of facts seems detached from reality……..”
            Sorta’ like you, Sophie.

      • “You MAGAs can’t stand the fact that President Biden and Democrats have a true American coalition now………”
        A coalition of racists, pedophiles, human sex smugglers, drug cartels, psychos, gangsters, anarchists, sexually confused freaks, mobsters, bureaucrats, and foreign spies, among so many others?
        No, I don’t mind. I just catagorize them into a basket of deplorable criminals. They all tend to live in nuclear targets, anyway. I guess you can call them a flash in the pan.

        • “A coalition of racists, pedophiles, human sex smugglers, drug cartels, psychos, gangsters, anarchists, sexually confused freaks, mobsters, bureaucrats, and foreign spies, among so many others?”

          Projection, transference and psychopathy: The Unholy Trinity of your QAnon cult doctrine grows tedious.

          • Sophie, your bitter, bilious, hateful, consistent and intellectually empty ad hominem attacks add absolutely nothing to any debate in this forum. You do, however, splendidly personify the nastiness and nihilism of the contemporary radical leftist extremist.

          • “…….The Unholy Trinity of your QAnon cult doctrine grows tedious.”
            What is growing is the impatience of the American public with the devolution of our culture. Keep it up. The force of the pushback will grow with it.

  24. Reminiscent of when Hillary called her opposition “deplorables.” I’ll take that title any day. It really is safe to assume their narrative has fallen apart and they know it hence their knee jerk decisions, Covid is a lie, Ukraine is a money laundering pit, Afghanistan they blundered and on and on they go. The Republican party has Christ on their side, with that, all things are possible, victory is ours.

  25. According to the late Zbigniew Brezesinski our first international foes remain firmly against America existing as a national republic. These groups massed pleasantly together in exclusive private syndicates are desirous of concluding this republic and the attendant liberties of Americans. They feel challenged by US nationistic identity and cohesion as their words are mouthed through this speech.

  26. So today he tries to walk it back! Reminds me of Killary with her “deplorables” label that blew up in her face. Name calling schoolyard bullies are pathetic and not to be feared.

  27. This is so weak. Fox News [with the now fascinating exceptions of Steve Doocy and the legitimate on-air news personnel — including Brit Hume (!) and Karl Rove (!)]; a USA Today article written by a journalist with deep bona fides in right-wing news and commentary (National Review, Weekly Standard, and the Washington Examiner); and shame on Brianna Kiellor for not doing adequate research on presidential military protocol. Whenever the President of the United States appears outside, he has at least two representatives of the military representatives stationed in service to the Comnander in Chief or his designated representative(s).

    How do I know this? Because my father was a member of the Presidential Honor (Army) stationed at Ft McNair in the late 1950s. Daddy was particularly annoyed with Secretary of State Jonh Dulles. He had a habit of arriving in D.C. from abroad at O’ Dark Thirty to avoid the press.

    In fact, you and this veteran only saw a portion of the honor guard (Marines) for this particular occasion. The Army honor guard were there, guaranteed — dress blues and all — but off camera. I’ve personally witnessed members of the Army contingent of the Presidential Honor Guard, overdressed in those blues, pass out from the heat (signing of the Peace Treaty between Israel and the PLO on the South lawn of the White House in 1995).

    So, Suzanne, please, don’t use misrepresentations and half-measures just to score points with the ignorant among your readers.

    • Ft McNair hasn’t done those duties since the 1960s. Its now home to the National Defense University. Those men were simply an honor guard. I used to be one in 1994.
      However: DoD Directive 1344.10, the official guidance for uniforms and political campaigning, states that uniform images may only be used if they are not the primary photo in an ad and must include a “prominent and clearly displayed disclaimer.” The disclaimer must be prominent and clearly displayed that the military personnel or photograph does not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or their particular Military Department; e.g., “John Smith is a member of the Marine Corps. Photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or the Marine Corps.” No campaign literature may use the official Marine Corps seal or official emblem

        • For some one supposedly having worked at the white house, we have to work on your people skills, as name calling does not highlight nor indicate a superior intellect. Furthermore I have far greater respect for these service members, who are standing up to be counted and willing to put themselves in harms way, than for some arrogant staff person. Your disrespectful comments regarding members of the honor guard passing out by being “over dressed” indicates a level of arrogance and ignorance, regarding military traditions and respect for the country. AK Dan is correct, this was a political propaganda speech and the uniformed personnel had no business being there.

        • Really! You worked in the White House! And…????
          I want to know what your job was. There is a HUGE difference between housekeeping and Presidential Assistant. What was your job in the White House?
          If you want to make an argument from “authority” you better expect that authority to be questioned. Predicting a non-answer in five… four… three… two…

          • CBMTTek, it is obvious that Sophie, in her spittle-flecked mental fog of rage, miswrote “White House” for “White Castle”. That’s what eating too many sliders will do to one.

        • I can only assume from your non answer that you did not actually work in the White House.
          Thanks, I will run with that.

        • Not your Daddy here, so feel free to ignore me. (By the way, what kind of feminazi BS is that crap about obeying men???) (Oh, and did you just assume my gender?)
          But, if you cannot substantiate your claim of expertise from your work in the White House, then frankly, why in the F should anyone believe you? You call another person dumb as a box of rocks, and make a meaningless claim with zero to back it up.
          But, I am the one who is stupid.
          Got it.

        • “…….I WORKED in the White House. Where were you in 1995?”
          Monica?! Hi! Do you still have your pretty blue dress?

      • And — work on your reading comprehension. It’s at the level of a third-grader. Nowhere written is the statement “and they ARE STILL stationed at Ft McNair.”

        Then again, poor reading comp is what an IQ barely above 100 gets you.

  28. Listen to the speech again. Replace “Maga Republican” with “Jew”, “Black” “Muslim” “Gay”.
    The effect is chilling!

  29. “And yet, history tells us that blind loyalty to a single leader and a willingness to engage in political violence is fatal to democracy.”
    Actually what he really meant is “all these conservatives have a mind of their own and do not wish to drink the Koolaid to blindly declare their loyalty to me, they know if they do our constitution is dead.”

    • All you’ve done for the past seven years is drink 45’s putrid, fetid, Kool-Aid. Supporting him through obstruction(s) of justice, violent insurrection against Congress and that Federal law enforcement described as “more brutally medieval than anything [he] ever faced in Iraq.” Blindly accepting his threat to U.S. National Security, found with 43 EMPTY folders of above Top Secret (TSCI) classification in his office. He’s selling our most sensitive secrets to ENEMIES OF OUR COUNTRY. He’s a spy and a terrorist.

      If you support him, so are you.

      • Loved the “if” in your statement, so generous! Does that mean you actually want evidence? Surely did not sound like it with your “guilt by association” diatribe. How UN-American is that??? What happened to the presumption of innocence? Inconvenient? Oh well after the above, I am pretty certain that your the one drinking the Koolaid. Most of us prefer beer anyway.

      • “…….43 EMPTY folders of above Top Secret (TSCI) classification in his office……..”
        Yeah, all those documents the DOJ and FBI classified about Crossfire Hurricane proving their complicity are still out there, as I suspected. Their panties must be so twisted up they can’t sit straight now. Imagine all those Trump buildings all over the world where they might (or might not) be hidden.
        Like the Killary emails, no?
        Scary. The truth is out there……….

      • “…that Federal law enforcement described as “more brutally medieval than anything [he] ever faced in Iraq.”


  30. Read the comments here and tell me we don’t have a problem with the maga crowd. Talk to anyone in law enforcement and tell me we don’t have a problem with the maga people. I’m for prosecuting them all if they break laws. Wake up! Biden is right. Trumpers are terrorists

    • Ah yes, another deluded Kool-Aid drinker. Run along now Jimmy, I hear Forrest Dunbar calling your name.

    • Any specifics here? The crime, who did it and where? All I see every day are crimes committed by a certain ethnic group usually on the same ethnic group, usually resulting in death. Lots of cities were burned during summer 2020, who did that? Who surrounded the homes of certain members of the SCOTUS?

    • “……tell me we don’t have a problem with the maga crowd………”
      We? Do you have an anarchist in your pocket?

  31. Dang. I was just getting used to being a deplorable and now I have to get used to being called a semi-fascist Ultra MAGA (is that MAGAot?). Joe just energized a base. Oh, and he could have picked a better venue. I could barely hear him above the sirens going off in Philly. Maybe they were for MAGA protesters.

    • You see and hear only that which suits your mendacious POV.

      When President Biden heard the MAGA with his bullhorn, and people in the audience began booing, he said “No, no. This is what American Democracy and freedom of speech look like.”

      The President is more invested in protecting your rights than you are in protecting the rights of your fellow Americans


      • Sophie, you are projecting your own sins, faults and crimes onto your (honest, intelligent and unassailable) opponents, once again. Just like a typical radical leftist extremist.
        Sophie, it is simply outside of my ability to express the depth of loathing, fear and contempt that I have for you radical leftist extremists, and that I have for the political cult of death and national suicide that you espouse and embrace.

      • Biden is the biggest hypocrite that I know of. He takes Republican words and platforms that they stood on for years and makes it his own and tries to use it against us the problem is he thinks Republicans are Democrats and Democrats are Republicans. The poor fool don’t even know what day it is or where the audience is he stood with his back to him most of the night.

      • “The President is more invested in protecting your rights than you are in protecting the rights of your fellow Americans”
        Oh, that is ripe.
        What administration tried to set up an office to combat “disinformation?”
        Which administration is pushing for gun confiscation/bans?
        Which administration is pushing for “red flag laws.” You know, the laws that violate the 4th, 5th, 6th, and possibly the 8th Amendments?
        Fighting for my rights? Not this President.

      • There you go again, Sophie, projecting, like you usually do. You poor little thing you. Bless your heart, you poor, misguided little strumpet.

  32. LOL, a pathetic speech coming from a pre geriatric ward patient, they are all circling the drain at this moment and you can almost hear a loud sucking noise from it, I went down, down, down…doo, doo, do, do! LMAO! So long suckas!

    • Biden pathetic? How about Trump? Remember when he said a particular storm was the wettest on record. In terms of water? I love that!

      • Yes, Lucinda. We all get it. You hate Trump. It is really getting a bit old.
        Aren’t you getting tired of hearing that same old song over and over and over?
        Besides, just because Trump said something stupid, does not mean no one else is pathetic. In fact, a lot of people are pathetic, in addition to Trump. Including yourself and your constant diatribes about how much you hate Trump. We all know. Drop it. It is wasting Suzanne’s bandwidth.

          • A.) I never made any such claim.
            B.) Is my statement incorrect? Do you really think that if Trump said something stupid, no one else should be called pathetic?

      • “How about Trump?”

        My, my, how I love the “whatabout-ism” from the Left. Their “man” can’t stand on his own two feet so they have to chop down the other guy to have something to compare him to.

        What a pathetic bunch.

  33. I was curious how the left was gonna try to obfuscate Chairman Joe’s Nuremberg Rally. Blame Trump and name calling.

    I guess if you only have one horse, you gotta ride it til it drops.

  34. Vlad starts a war against imaginary Nazis, and Joe wants a war with imaginary fascists. Two peas in a pod. A real pair of winners there.

  35. America is still great. It doesn’t need to have its greatness restored, as Trump has convinced his MAGA disciples.

    The whole MAGA theme is really nothing more than a very clever and indirect way of making people (who actually have it very good) feel victimized, and therefore, angry.

    Think for yourselves, folks.

    • Ain’t a politician alive that has not played exactly the same card. Does not matter which side of the political aisle you sit on.

        • Steve:
          Missing the point.
          I was responding to whidbey’s comment about politicians making people feel victimized.
          However, you do have a valid point. No President has ever decided to attack a huge swath of Americans simply because they did not vote for him.
          And, angry.. Oh, yeah. That man is borderline unhinged.
          Remember that time he was touring the car factory, and the worker asked him about his stance on the 2nd Amendment. It was golden. “I don’t work for you!” the angry puppet yelled.
          Angry deranged. Angeranged.

          • CB. Biden didn’t direct his comments to people who didn’t vote for him. He alerted the nation that there are some dangerous assholes out there – the MAGA republicans – who will deny simple and convincing evidence in favor of an insupportable grudge, like January 6.

          • Nice job walking that one back, Lucinda.
            Exactly like the White House did when questioned about it the next day.

      • Here are 6 easy answers to your question: 1. In the past 2 years we have passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that will repair decaying roads and bridges and employ millions at high wages; 2. Two years ago, the unemployment rate was 8%. Today it is 3.7%. 3. We passed legislation that will reduce the high cost of prescription drugs; 4. We passed legislation that will help the transition from a carbon-based energy economy to a green energy economy. 5. We survived and defeated an insurrection led by Trump to try to overturn the election he lost and are now imprisoning those who participated in it. 6. We successfully inoculated most Americans with safe and effective Covid vaccines that have allowed society to return to normal.

        • Yeah yeah yeah…
          That infrastructure bill is a rehash from the Obama years (plus a bunch of pet projects, that have nothing to do with infrastructure)…in the last decade we have spent trillions on “infrastructure”, yet somehow all those bridges and highways still are decrepit. The money always seemed to end up in some union coffer. Same with all those education dollars btw.
          In 2020 gas was under $3 and inflation under 2% today gas is $5 and inflation at 9%.
          So you passed legislation to transition to green energy…it would be nice if technology would be there to actually support such a change, instead of throwing us back into the stone age for the foreseeable future or getting our resource from China, Russia or Venezuela.
          You never brought all those rioters in cities to justice, who killed, maimed and destroyed property. A country without equality under the law, has no law.
          You suppressed information that was not flattering to the vaccine and created a nationwide drug trial with a vaccine that was created on the fly based on a technology that was unproven. The vaccine did very little as it never lived up to the hype of “take it and you can get back to life”. After umpteen boosters, you can still get it and pass it on…..

        • 1.) “In the past 2 years we have passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that will repair decaying roads and bridges and employ millions at high wages;”
          What has happened is the cost of the project has risen to eat up those funds. We are not getting more work done. The work that is happening is just costing more. So, not actually an improvement, but a contributor to inflation.
          2. Unemployment rates only include those that are actively seeking work. So, if you want to talk about jobs, please use the percent of workforce stat. Also, two years ago was when everything was shut down due to the panicdemic. How about comparing pre-pandemic unemployment to today’s unemployment numbers.
          3. The cost of prescription drugs? Seriously? So did Trump.
          4. Got it. The Green Economy. That legislation ignores the environmental impact of producing the batteries, electricity required to keep the “green” running, and the economic cost on the average taxpayer. Let me ask you a question. What will the average person choose, if presented with the option of feeding their family or heating their home, OR reducing carbon emissions?
          5. The insurrection. Seriously. That was the lamest insurrection ever. I want the people participating in an insurrection to… Oh.. I do not know… walk outside of the velvet ropes.
          6. Safe and effective COVID vaccines. Safe is debatable, but effective is 100% data driven. And, there is NOTHING effective about the vaccines. COVID-19 is still spreading, and the vaccine does NOTHING to stop it. Fully vaccinated individuals can still contract the disease, and spread it. And, the change in hospitalization and death rates is pretty much what is expected from any pandemic.
          Oh… and, let’s not forget. It was President Trump that got the vaccines out there, not pResident Biden.

        • “You apparently need to got out more, Reggie.”
          Retired. I’m pretty tired of the world. I never liked foreign duty, and the States now are getting as bad as a Third World ghetto. No, thanks. I like it right here, as long as I don’t have to go to Anchorage. Women out here are biological women, not imaginary ones.

  36. Hey Joni’s, yesterday’s DEPLORABLES are today’s Fascists, and Worse Than ISIS Terrorist—Joint Chiefs General Hayden. Are tomorrow’s MAGA Red Devil’s who must
    be hunted down and purged for The Greater Good of the Country. Mar a Largo will be turned into the Southern White House where the SQUAD can Snow Bird for the winter. Think it won’t happen. Just ask the folks who turned Alaska BLUE.

  37. I really thought that the dementia had hollowed out his entire brain, but it turns out he still has the mean, dirty and lying part entirely intact. Cognition, not so much. Biden is a miserable excuse for a president, and his adulterous wife is guilty of elder abuse.

  38. Someone remind prolife americans, christians, conservatives, and american groups
    as save
    anchorage don’t take the speech bait to get angry and reactive. Wait and watch.

  39. Obama is still calling the shots, everyone should know by now, that biden is not…
    Sadly, those listening to the main media, are being deceived and manipulated.. many have bitten the bait, line and sinker…sunk.
    We all need to humble ourselves and pray, so that God will save our land. ?

  40. Clearly we’ve got a troll in town. And not a good one.

    The sudden appearance of 4-5 “individuals” basically spewing the same non points, throwing insults, and using the same terms.

    I’ll give them one for free. Stop using the term swine as a pejorative. It’s not clever, original, and not commonly used. Also pay attention to your syntax. Makes it clear you’re one person using a bunch of different names.

  41. Having skimmed through the transcript, and only having seen a few clips from the entire speech, I was not qualified to make a statement about it.
    But, I have just listened to the entire thing, and it was overall a bit scary.
    There were several parts of it that I will say are well spoken, well intended. A goal of moving manufacturing back to the USA, improving infrastructure, condemning political violence. These are all good things. Ensuring that the election process is fair, and honest, I fully support.
    It is only when you look at the recent history of this pResident and his administration that you realize how hollow those statements really are. How can this man condemn political violence, but support the Vice President who openly supported it in 2020? How can he talk about election integrity, while fighting against voter ID laws? An ID not only proves who you are, but it also proves where you live, ensuring you are in fact voting for the Representative for your district.
    However, the real problem with the entire thing was his obsession about MAGA Republicans. Entirely too much of this speech was an attack on his political opponents. Support the idea of Make America Great Again, and you are an enemy. That was made abundantly clear. If you think President Trump did anything good at all, you are an enemy to the country.
    This was a campaign speech, not a speech from a sitting President.

  42. It’s amusing that the Maga-heads who frequent this blog have such thin skins. I have read countless posts on this blog in which anyone who is a democrat or who supports moderate Republican candidates is attacked with all sorts of vile and hateful language. But when you are called out for supporting a wannabe dictator who tried to overthrow our democracy and who has apparently stolen a trove of top secret classified documents, you act as though you are fragile flowers who have been unfairly maligned. When Trump is indicted for his crimes, it will be because he is a criminal, but no doubt you folks will claim he is a victim and a martyr.

    • In response to your mindless diatribe, ATN, I can only post this quote:
      “It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” – Thomas Sowell

    • Welcome!
      Please be advised this is NOT the ADN comment section (now in-operative) were lock-step leftists talk amongst themselves. You speak about a wannabe dictator. Yet you are deliberately ignoring the recent Biden speech, in which he condemned half the country as being “enemies of the state” by virtue of having a different opinion. Your problem is that there is really no hard actionable evidence for all the accusations thrown around. That’s why there is a fishing expedition to collect any and all documents regardless of legality, to find ANYTHING to make ANY charge stick. This smacks of vindictiveness instead of justice. As an American you should be concerned that our law-enforcement and other government entities are being subverted to serve one master for political gain, instead of remaining neutral and serving the American people.
      Lastly I am sorry disappoint you, but there are NO wallflowers here. Opining as one sees it, is different from just calling people insulting names and never having an actual counter point.

  43. “But when you are called out for supporting a wannabe dictator”
    You mean the guy who issued an executive order that required the removal of two or more regulations for every new one issued? That guy. Weird for a dictator to reduce regulations.
    When Trump is indicted for his crimes…
    When. I have been waiting seven years now. There has been nothing but calls to indict him since he said he was running for President. When is the indictment coming? He is probably the most investigated person in US history, and there is no indictment yet.
    By the way, do you know what exactly an indictment means? I do not think you do because of the way you use the word, but I am going to take a second and explain it to you.
    An indictment is, well in layman’s terms, pretty meaningless. Indicting someone does not mean they are guilty in any way. Let me break it down for you, and I know this is not 100% legally accurate, but it is close enough for the MRAK comment section:
    The prosecution presents to a judge, or a Grand Jury, sufficient evidence to demonstrate they have a case sufficient to call a trial by jury.
    The defense does not get to refute any of the evidence presented, or present their own evidence.
    If the grand jury thinks there is enough there to proceed with a trial, the indictment is handed down.
    Then the real trial begins.
    An indictment is nothing more than a formal accusation against the defendant. Nothing is proven at this point. Trump could be indicted for hundreds of crimes, but it does not mean he committed any of them. That will happen at the trial. it is after the conviction that he will be a criminal. Not before.

    • ScumBag 45 was in waiting-in-the Oval Office-wannabe-dictator posture all those years. Now, he has no such power or protection. Even the former head of his Gestapo, Jabba the Hut imitator Bill Barr says he’ll be indicted.

      Federal grand jury indictment: stage one. Federal court trial: stage two.
      Conviction, appeal, loss on appeal and SuperMAX here Scumbag 45 comes!

      Stick a fork in him. He’s done!

      • wanna-be-dictator posture.
        Oh… you mean like issuing an executive order that required all Federal agencies to remove two regulations for every new one they issued? Is that the dictator behavior you are talking about?
        Seriously, what executive order, legislation, or foreign policy action did Trump take that as dictatorial? Last time I checked, dictators try to squash their opponents, they do not let them appoint a Special Counsel that is 100% against their position to run an investigation into their actions.
        Com’n. What do you have that is not an opinion from Rachael Maddow, or the View?

    • CBMTTek let me break it down for you, Trump has been indicted twice for his crimes. Do you recall his two impeachments? While I will agree he is the second coming of the Teflon Don, who primary defense to his multiple crimes was that the government’s entire prosecution effort was a personal vendetta. Like Gotti, Trump has presided over an organized crime family (bank fraud, income tax fraud, property tax fraud, etc) and eventually will be held accountable.

      • Correct. Trump has been indicted twice.
        And the formal charges were so laughable the trial never started.
        And, I do not disagree with Bill Barr. The inevitable outcome of this current farce is indictment. The people behind it cannot allow any other possible outcome. And, there is zero possibility the charges/evidence will be sufficient to warrant a trial.
        But, keep hoping. Maybe after the four millionth accusation, Trump will end up on the defendant’s table.

      • One more point.
        I was very interested in the Gotti trials. And, I was paying a LOT of attention to the one where he got convicted.
        Kangaroo court is an appropriate description for it. John Gotti was barely able to mount a defense, and most of the questions his lawyer asked in cross examination were disallowed. Objections from the prosecution were almost always immediately granted, whereas objections from the defense were denied almost as quickly.
        Any human being with a functioning brain cell could tell the Judge was not going to allow any other outcome than guilty, and they were actively making it happen.

      • “……Trump has been indicted twice for his crimes……”
        Must be a double sized ham sandwich, with extra mayo and even tomato.
        Too bad that clown show Congress couldn’t seal the deal, huh?
        Stand by; Brandon’s turn soon……….

  44. He had this right: “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal…” . He and his supporters have brought numerous aberrations upon this country, and then they gaslight. That is what they do.

  45. ATN, how many time have they tried to get Trump and failed? Failed persecution for 4 years and nothing else. Two horrifically failed impeachment attempts, accusations with no merit, and just making things up. If the FBI raid would have found anything, we would have known it. Now, it’s just a scramble to keep the narrative and maybe plant something. There, no anger or hateful language.

    • The impeachments of Trump were not meritless. Impeachment and removal from office is a political proceeding, in which it takes 2/3’s or the Senate to convict after the House impeaches the President. Trump’s “acquittal” in the Senate was because the Republican toadies who are in the Senate put party over country and voted to acquit Trump to avoid enraging his followers. Brave and patriotic republicans like Lisa Murkowski voted to convict Trump, and the price she has paid has been that the Republican Party in Alaska censured her and is backing a Trump apologist (Tsibaka) to replace her. Lisa will handily defeat Kelly Tsibaka, who has yet to respond to reports that she was investigated and nearly indicted herself for fraudulently submitting false claims to the federal government while she was employed as a federal employee. That scandal is just breaking but you can read the details on other websites.

  46. MAGA Republican or MAGA whatever. You worship at the altar of ScumBag 45.

    Hive mind is hive mind.

    Just as bees without a queen seek pheremone-directed life purpose — all you’re seeking is a queen (poison-scented king) to unite your twisted ambitions.

  47. Biden is right. Trump and his most ardent supporters are seditious and represent a clear and present danger to the national security of this country. They hate democracy and want Trump as their dictator. History will prove Biden is correct. I hope we all get to see Trump arrested and doing a glorious perp walk. Lock him up!!

    • Won’t that be great! Trump, the narcissist will only be concerned with offsetting the harsh boldness of the orange jumpsuit against his orange spray tan.

    • I am curious.
      If the folks that support Trump are seditious and represent a danger to national security, why are there not hundreds, or thousands of documented examples of Trump supporters undercutting national security. Oh…sure the events of January 6th, 2021, which was the most peaceful insurrection I have ever heard of. But, what else?
      If we hate democracy so much, why are there so few instances of election fraud? It would be rampant if republicans hate democracy.
      If we are such a danger, where is the danger? Violence? Like the Jussie Smollet thing? Or the democrat operatives in the tan shirts showing up at a Governor Youngkin campaign event? Was it a republican that shot up the Congressional softball game/practice?
      National security means a strong border. Republicans want that, but you claim we are a threat to national security? Republicans also want to see this country energy independent, which is a major factor in national security. No fuel, no military movement.
      Aside from not wanting to become a socialist hellhole, and not giving a toss what your pronouns, what exactly have republicans done that is a danger to national security? Oh… Jan 6th. Going to have to ask you to get another example.

      • CB. You lost all relevance and integrity when you said the January 6 insurrection to overthrow our democracy and hang our Vice President was only a violation of a red velvet rope or some such nonsense. You are who you are. No further punishment is necessary.

        • No, Lucinda, it is your inflammatory, divisive and over-the-top exaggeration in calling the protest and riot at the capitol an “Insurrection” that completely discredits and damns you and your fellow radical leftist extremists.
          The REAL insurrection is the systematic social, economic and political demolition of this country that is being fostered by you and your ilk.

    • “……History will prove Biden is correct…….”
      LOL! I know of a laptop that might change the course of history. The Hunter should have learned Computer Smashing 101 from Killary instead of dropping it off for repair and running off to get stoned.

  48. Every time a leftie brings up “trump” it’s like free advertising for his campaign for 2024! Thank you to the lefties that can’t quit talking about him..

  49. Haha… arguing over which side has the most disingenuous and duplicitous politician. Funny.

    Trump was an attention seeking weirdo that exaggerated everything. Biden is another version of the same but w/ an unhealthy tendency to inappropriately grope children, a thick slab of incompetence, and enough alzheimers that he doesn’t realize that nothing he’s proposed has helped the US at all w/ the possible exception of his cracky, sister-in-law poking roach of a son. That nimrod has raped the US w/ his father’s support.

  50. Dems need to point out and illustrate that the vote for Republicans isn’t used by them to strengthen their individual rights, and choice, but like bundlers to take those away.

    MAGA are the crazies that look uniform but uniformly tear America down like January 6th 2021.

    Otherwise what are all these investigations for?
    McCarthy told America what the Hillary investigation was for – to keep her down.
    Citizens United was the way Republicans gather dark money funders to aid in that bundling.

    American votes are like Alaskan Evergreen trees. They have a beauty of their own. Bunding them makes them into bark mulch and kindling. Stand for each tree which together make a forest. See the forest made of trees, not to bundle and sell.

    Stand for American trees, not radical Republican bundlers who want to steal votes and money.
    Stand for trees, and forests!

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