Standing room only: Soldotna residents come out in force against drag queen show for kids in park; new video emerges of drag queen going into ladies’ restroom


On Wednesday, dozens of Soldotna residents showed up at the city council chambers to voice their discontent with the city for allowing drag queens to perform for children — children who were then encouraged to shove dollars at the performers who twerked and mimicked nudity in what was clearly adult material.

Some who testified blamed Must Read Alaska for the controversy. Others pointed out that even Facebook has deemed the material “adult content,” and Facebook is a known liberal organization.

Parents who left said they got the impression from Councilman Dave Carey’s comments that no one was in the park unless they wanted to see the drag queen show, and therefore there was no real problem and no laws were broken.

One parent disputes that. She said she witnessed parents leaving the playground with their children and covering their children’s eyes with their hands so they would not see what was going on on the stage. They had gone to the park to use the playground equipment and did not realize what was also about to happen.

Isaac Kolesar, a resident who testified, said the majority of people objecting to the permit having been issued to the drag queen group are not against the LGBTQ community. They are against sexualized acts that “should be done behind closed doors.”

Through a public records request, Must Read Alaska has obtained footage of one of the drag queens following a girl into the women’s restroom at the Soldotna park:

Soldotna permits drag queen shows for kids at outdoor stage next to park built for kids

Watch: New footage from Soldotna drag show reveals that children were motioned to the front by burlesque actors


  1. Nothing says social acceptance like a dude in a dress following a girl into the bathroom. Do these drag queens want to get shot? Because in this state, that is a definite possibility. Use a little sense, people. Do your nasty behind closed doors, if you must do it at all.

  2. Well, Must Read Alaska is some of us Folks a news source for the state because we don’t watch the liberal local streaming channels! ( don’t get me started there)

    That show was for the strip clubs, not a family event with little kids! And did I read right? It was by a Park! Uhmm! I’ve got concerns about that!

    That was a big No No!

  3. If it wasn’t for Suzanne Downing and Must Read Alaska, Alaskan Conservatives would be left out in the dark…….the way wacko Left-wingers and America haters would prefer.
    Thank you, Ms. Downing and MRAK.

  4. I don’t care whether you are against LGBTQ or not. Common sense says you do NOT give permits to people who are performing sexual-style acts in public and particular at a park where there is playground equipment for kids to play on. You are asking for a lawsuit if anything untoward were to happen to any child and you would deserve it.

  5. I would be curious as to how many parents took their child to the park KNOWING that a drag queen show was going on…

  6. Kenai Walmart reports today that they’ve sold out of pearl strings. They advise that rosary beads (aisle 17) serve the clutching need.

    • You obviously have a problem with religion, Lucinda, mistakenly convinced that any opposition to ‘events’ like these are based within some sort of faith.

      For some, that may indeed be the case, but for many, including myself, religion has nothing to do with it, but rather appropriateness within a public setting, or lack thereof.

      Any overtly action based upon sex or sexuality should be a matter of discretion and privacy, not flailed about within a public setting of viewership, whether said viewers are voluntarily there or not, as the content therein is not controlled to house only the voluntary viewers, such as within a strip or adult club.

      Your own obvious issue is with religion, not morality.

  7. Interesting Anchorage Identity chose the back country of Palmer and Soldotna for such events instead of Anchorage. You’d think they would choose Cuddy Park.

  8. One of the top goals of our enemies is to break the primary unit of our society down: The family. One tool is promoting and forcing upon us cultural degeneracy. We should call this out and STOP it. But–I think many can’t believe this is what is happening to our society…

  9. These people are pure and simple pedophiles. Who would want their children to see such disgusting displays.

  10. I’m going to start contributing to your news Suzanne. My apologies for not doing it sooner.

    There should be the same reaction to city council from Palmer residents for allowing this type of ‘grooming’ at our State Fair grounds!

    I’d like to hear from someone in the LGBTQ community of why they are targeting children at their shows. I’d also be interested to learn of how much funding these groups are getting from my tax payments.

  11. An interesting dodge to be sure. Public parks, are by definition, open to the public.

    Soldotna, the new Anchorage?

  12. The word “queen” is properly used to describe a female. It is illogical to call anyone a female and then contend they should not be treated as such. Calling a man a “queen” is calling him a female; which means he should then logically be allowed to use a woman’s restroom. Stop buying into the nonsense. Stop calling them queens. They are males impersonating females. Crossdressers if you will. In any case, they are men–not queens.

  13. Notice how that dude ran after that woman into the bathroom. Or did he have to pee really bad?

  14. I’m as outraged as everybody else here, but frankly, there isn’t much local governments can do without the queers taking them to court with discrimination suits. But what folks CAN do is show up EN MASSE during their events (on public property) and doing what cultural warriors do best: harass them verbally, scream, shout, wave derogatory signs, etc. Then I bet the local authorities will do something………

  15. Let’s be honest. Lies, perversion, debauchery and evil can be found easily at any time… if we make that choice. The real problem is the parents who would take their children to a “drag queen story hour.” Just imagine if you had grown up with parents like that. In fact, who of us could imagine such a ridiculous event ever even occurring in our childhood.

  16. Let’s be honest. Lies, perversion, debauchery and evil can be found easily at any time… if we make that choice. The real problem is the parents who would take their children to a “drag queen story hour.” Just imagine if you had grown up with parents like that. In fact, who of us could imagine such a ridiculous event ever even occurring in our childhood?

  17. Gay rage! continues to manifest itself in many ways and venues. Gay rage is a psychotic reaction by homosexuals who consider themselves displaced and disenfranchised in a normal, heterosexual society. Because their numbers are still relatively small, their goal to homosexualize the masses through political force and seduction is fast-tracking. Without a calculable counter measure, or neutralizing force, this country will dissolve into a giant communist retraining camp in which the family unit will be destroyed.

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