Baby formula shortage worsens in Alaska, Utah, Wyoming


Nine months after the Biden Administration was warned about a growing infant formula shortage, the Wall Street Journal reports that availability of powdered baby formula has “dropped to the lowest level so far this year” in July. According to the Journal, “out-of-stock levels remain higher than in recent months, and shortages remain acute in states including Alaska, Utah and Wyoming.”

About 30% of infant formula products across the country were out of stock for the week ending July 3, according to the market-research firm IRI Worldwide. Consumers are finding fewer choices of brands, sizes, or formats of formula on grocery-store shelves, the Journal reports.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is in the Middle East this week, and today is meeting with Israel Prime Minister Yair Lapid in Jerusalem, where former President Donald Trump reestablished an embassy in 2018. Biden is expected to recommit to his plan to open a consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem during this trip.


  1. I am curious as to why you left out the fact that nearly 200 house Republicans voted AGAINST a bill that would ease the issues related to the formula shortage.

      • A simple Google search will yield verification of Derek’s statement. It did indeed happen. And for the rest of the commenters, blaming Biden is nonsensical. The shortage largely stems from a major producer of baby formula having a production facility shut down for safety concerns after some babies were harmed. The plant was reopened later only to have it shut down again after severe weather caused flooding. This is significant as there are only a handful of companies that dominate baby formula in the United States. Supply chain challenges have also played a role but to a much smaller degree. The fact that Susanne mentions Biden in this article gives the wrong impression of the problem.

  2. Where are our elected representatives? Lisa Murkowski, who has ads all over this site, is having a wonderful summer vacation travelling all over Alaska. Dan Sullivan is utterly silent. Sky high fuel prices, inflation, and more food shortages to come. We hear nothing from them.

  3. Joe Biden had to bury his mother with a rotisserie in her coffin. Can you imagine how many times that lady has had to roll over in her grave. How evil how low can an oath breaker go?? Mock away DEMS play away dems so help you GOD dems. Oath breakers are the lowest of low.

    • History tells us that many of them didn’t. Historically more than 25% died in the first year, now it’s somewhere around 3% globally. Modern technology and science really are a thing to behold!

  4. It’s a shame that baby formula is unsustainable in Alaska. Better get the Health Department to work on it.

  5. Just as the saying that safety regulations are written in blood, the baby formula shortage will result in more regulations to be ignored.
    There’s no way to fix stupid!

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