Soldotna permits drag queen shows for kids at outdoor stage next to park built for kids


Anchorage drag queen performers twerked and pranced in front of Soldotna children at the Soldotna Creek Park. The event, sanctioned by the City of Soldotna, took place June 17 during Pride Month events, which celebrate gay-lesbian-transgender lifestyles. At least a dozen children were brought to the performance by their mothers to witness the sexually provocative spectacle, while other families were in the area by happenstance.

Soldotna Creek Park has a playground with swings and slides, and a performing stage nearby. It’s the location for many community events, such as Soldotna Progress Days, Kenai River Festival, and the Wednesday Market. The park includes 2,300 feet of riverfront boardwalk and 12 sets of stairs to the river, as well as trails to the creek.

The video of a segment of the drag queen show for children is on the Must Read Alaska Facebook page.

Not everyone was happy with the overtly sexualized programming that was done on a taxpayer-funded stage. Some parents complained to the city manager, who said in an email that no laws were broken and that the people who put on the performance had filled out the appropriate paperwork.

“We administer special event bookings and park facility rentals according to an established reservation policy,” said Stephanie Queen, city manager, in a response to one parent.  “With input from our Parks + Recreation Advisory Board, staff, and the public – the policy is ultimately approved/adopted by the Soldotna City Council.”

Queen continued, “… the policy is ‘content neutral’ in that we, City staff, do not evaluate or approve the content of a private person, business, or organization’s event as part of issuing a facility rental permit.  We do require that events comply with all laws and current regulations.”

One parent told Must Read Alaska that according to the city’s rules, strippers could come down the road from Good Time Charlie’s, and if they had pasties on their private parts there would be nothing the city could do about it. He was dismayed that he cannot even take his children to the park anymore, a place that had always been safe.

“It’s morally impacting the kids,” said one parent. “I’ve already decided this is a hill worth dying on. I don’t care if it impacts my business; if my business fails, cool. This is important. This is a fight worth having and a fight worth losing a lot over.”

The Pride events in Soldotna were organized by Bridges Community Resource Network Inc., a Soldotna nonprofit that is funded primarily by government grants.

Identity Inc. — an Anchorage-based LGBTQI group that targets children for its services — organized the drag queen show in the children’s park. Identity Inc. is the group responsible for the Anchorage Drag Queen Story Hour in the Anchorage public library.

Parents taking their children to sexualized drag queen shows is becoming normalized on the Left. In Anchorage, a gay candidate for state House took his son to a drag show and bragged about it on Facebook.

In Dallas, Texas earlier this month, a drag show for kids was performed in front of a neon sign that read, “It’s not gonna lick itself.”

It’s not the first time that Kenai has had to deal with uncomfortable celebrations in the public square. In 2016, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly started allowing satanic prayers to be said as invocations at the beginning of Assembly meetings. The borough has a prayer policy that allows members of the community to sign up to offer the invocation, and a person who said she was a member of the Satanic Temple took the borough up on the offer.


  1. This is horrible. Does anyone have any interest in reverting to the 1776 Republic? People around the world have a fierce loyalty to our 1776 Republic and would gladly lend their military to defend the US Republic form of government. Why are some Americans ambivalent toward their republic ideals? Could it be reprogramming in a shocking way the children from an early age so as to supplant the the chaste, moral republic with the slide into the vision of hession serfdom and debased enslavement for our fornerly prosperous moral neighbors?

  2. These sick people are not harmless. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. An old but timeless quote.

    • Various LGBTQ and drag events have been documented below by the following twitter accounts. These accounts have better pictures and video including 20+ different videos from the Dallas Event with the “It ain’t gonna lick itself sign”. Unfortunately you can’t post direct links to tweets or use accounts in comments so here are the account names.


  3. The most disgusting thing ever. Soldotna what is wrong with you?!? Send these “things” packing or have them be charged with indecency and exposing themselves..
    None of this should be allowed or to happen for children.
    Call CPS on every single parent that harmed their child that day… They are not parents. They are lesser humans and deserve to have their kids taken from them. Disgusting!

    • No laws were broken? So, paraphilia is legal? So it’s now legal to shove sexual deviation down the throats of children? Anyone exposing children to their sexual fantasies belongs in prison and if in society they must be labeled a sex offender. Freedom does not mean wanton disregard, freedom to do what you want has boundaries.

      • What does it say about the “parents “ that subject their children to this depravity.
        Sacrificing their childrens innocence on the alter of the woke gods- so they themselves can be looked upon favorably.

      • It’s spelled pedophilia genius and no one there was harming any children and all performers had thick tights on. You seriously need to check your fragile ego

        • A:
          Google is your friend.
          Paraphilias are persistent and recurrent sexual interests, urges, fantasies, or behaviors of marked intensity involving objects, activities, or even situations that are atypical in nature. This activity outlines the evaluation and management of paraphilia and paraphilic disorders.

  4. Here we go folks!! A repeat of Sodom and Gomorrah!! The parents and the performers should all be charged with child abuse!!!

  5. Ever hear of the “Ick” factor? In a popular city park? C’mon man. There are lots of things that might qualify.

    • I’m used to seeing passed out drug addicts and bums dominating city parks from when I lived in a major city in the lower 48. I moved to non-Anchorage Alaska to get away from that sort of thing.

  6. This is beyond the bounds of the expected acceptance of alternative lifestyles. We recall that the City and Borough of Juneau awarded $10,000.00 in CARES Act funding to those offering classes in drag queen technique and performance. The purpose of these funds was to offset losses to legitimate small business impacted by the pandemic, not the promotion of lurid sexual fantasies and the promotion of high strangeness. And now this in Soldotna at a public, family friendly event!

  7. When is “ heterosexual” month?
    When will the heterosexual flag ( if there is such a thing) be flown from the rooftop of the Conoco Phillips Building?
    We’ll call it “ W E L L “ month.
    Help me find the words to fill the acronym……..
    There was a day when you subject your children too unhealthy living environment, child protective services would intervene.

    • Heterosexuals don’t have an official pride month because they never fought for their right to marry? Literally nobody is stopping you from having a straight pride parade or flying a straight pride flag either. Google “heterosexual pride” and answer your own questions.

    • WELL is a little difficult to acronym with something positive and catchy that quickly defines the message but you could try just the words: Straight and Proud Month with the follow up: We Expel Lurid Lifestyles
      They co-opted the Rainbow that all small children love, my little Pony or Care Bears comes to mind, which my toddler boys (who are now all grown up and strong Alaskan manly men) carted around alongside their dump trucks and shovels. Needs an image universally known to children that hasn’t been stolen by these predators.
      Fluffy clouds with the suns rays shining in a straight line or better yet just straighten out their rainbow and flip the colors?? It’s all about name recognition and messing with their narrative.

    • Straight people can have a month when they get killed for being straight. Lose opportunities and jobs for being straight and even lose familial relationships because they’re straight. Get real. These kids don’t need to be protected from anyone other than you.

    • There is no heterosexual pride month because straight people do not feel compelled to push their private lives into other people’s sphere of awareness. Who I am attracted to is my business, and mine alone. I could not care whether you see me as straight or not.
      And the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+ crowd will never be considered equal if they continue to insist on special treatment. It is not about equality, it is about dominance, power, and bullying.
      Final note. If the letter crowd wants people to stop thinking they are nothing but a bunch of perverts, they should take a realistic look at what is representing them at Pride events. If the take away I get from a Pride event is every gay man walks around in little more than a leather jock strap, and the bunch that is dressed like women feel the compulsion to show off their a–, I am going to assume the whole bunch are perverts. Organizers of these events, pay attention to the message you are sharing with the world.

  8. Realistically the vast majority of young kids do not know that these are really men, pretending to be women, or why they do so. Instead they view these images as an example on how real women behave. Vulgar performances like this re-enforce the objectification of women. Small children do not have the maturity or experience to judge this in a greater societal content. Children, who learn by imitation are taking this on face value and assume it to be acceptable behavior in a group setting. The rude awakening will come when little Susie twerks in front of mature family members at the next family reunion picnic.

    • Drag queens aren’t men pretending to be women though, it’s literally just a performance. Lots of women wear drag makeup even. Look up “what is drag?”

      • Seems you missed, who put this show on and that it “celebrated” pride month. If it’s just a performance why included it, if these men are just actors and have nothing to do with the alphabet soup group?
        Also, I dispute your assertion about “lots of women wearing drag make-up”. I have not seen women wear drag make-up out in public.
        Bottom line:
        Drag queens are the worst form for chauvinism, by men who act out the fantasy of what they think women should be….over-sexualized and easy.

      • Either way, it’s not appropriate for children or next to a playground. Keep it in the bars or strip clubs. Why isn’t there an age limit law on this? Anyone who doesn’t think this is teaching children sexuality is completely ignorant.

      • You Sir, are incorrect and could not be more so. If simple distinctions are difficult for you you’ll find you’re outside your depth in this group.

        Suggesting that others look up the source of your confusion is not going to work.

      • That used to be the case. Has not been for over a decade. Now, it is mostly men who want to shock.

    • AFH, your points are well-made but fail to unpack the end goal. That is, those promoting this agenda know that, in a short time, it will become generally acceptable. If we offer no resistance then eventually little suzie’s male relatives will be throwing dollar bills during her twerking display.
      See how far these people have come? They were once a hidden fringe element but are now the number one victim identity on the victim hierarchy of our culture. Their agenda is to become the overall dominant demographic.

      • W Coogan, respectfully I disagree. The end goal here is not increasing the demographic. Instead it is a power grab by a few, to erode the guarantee rights of the average citizen, using sexuality as a shield and distraction. The best example is the Anchorage assembly, who are busy consolidating all power in their hands, while dismissing any and all criticism as an attack on their gender identity. This liberates them from actually having to debate or answer any legitimated points. While they are allowed to be rude and condescending, the regular citizen or certain members of the assembly get muzzled at every opportunity.
        In my opinion the drag queens, protestors and hyperventilating librarians are simply useful idiots, wishing to be in the “in crowd” creating a distraction and narrative to exploit.

  9. In your face FILTH. These are the people who generated AIDS and now ….. Monkeypox…. to our society. Thank you, Soldotna, for letting homosexuals show off their rear ends on stage. This is the way homosexuality advertises itself for an invitation to sickness, as Nature allows some culling for the mental ill.

      • A mother who packs her own kids to see a drag show needs to see a psychiatrist. These are adult males who want to be women.

    • Actually AIDS was spread to humans because of straight people and you may not know this because you’re uneducated but a man and a woman can both give each other AIDS. It’s not singular to lgbt people, you just have no idea how the world works.

  10. I’ve never looked into Alaska law….but I’m pretty sure I can’t take my kids around drinking let alone to the bar. Isn’t public drinking even by an adult illegal?

    Hmm maybe I need to look into this.

    • Box: so you want children further exploited in the hopes it’ll bolster your political agenda? Is that why you want them “interviewed”?

  11. The “children” in the photo look like they’re maybe 12 or 13? That looks to me like they weren’t brought to the event by their parents, but instead they *wanted* to go to this event because many young people idolize drag queens! Also, butts aren’t inherently sexual? You’d see something like that if you just went to the beach.

    • Wow the fantasy world you live in…..”idolize drag queens” really??
      As for the human behinds at beaches, I would say that it
      A) depends on the beach and
      B) twerking the aforementioned body part at the beach is also considerably frowned upon, especially because there are kids there.
      We adults recognize the above pictured pose as provocative and sexually suggestive and therefore inappropriate for mixed audiences. 12 or 13 year olds are still children, due to their immaturity to make thoughtful decisions for themselves.

    • Nothing is inherently sexual. There is nothing sexual about any part of the human body, right up until the person makes it a sexual item. Seeing a backside at the beach is not sexual, but having a man shake his backside in a manner that simulates sexual activity IS sexual.
      It is also R or NC-17 rated, and has no place in public display.

    • Have you not been paying attention to the pride parades all over the country? Parents are subjecting their young children to nudity, bondage, sex toys. C’mon, what do you think twerking is? This is only hurting their “movement”. Would you want your daughter to see a man in a thong twerking at the beach? Do you want to see children simulating these acts because nut case adults tell them it’s ok, it’s pride???

  12. Just when you think treatment of our children couldn’t possibly get worse, the Left exceeds expectations. What could possibly top this?

    • How about all those kids who just got shot in Texas that the right doesn’t care about. If you think kids having fun watching someone dance FULLY CLOTHED then you’re the sick one.

      • The right cares about the victims in Uvdale. They care a lot. Because the right is not clamoring for disarming people who have not committed any crimes does not mean they do not care. In fact, that you are tossing out this red herring pretty much demonstrates you do not have a better argument against erak’s comment.
        And, if the children were simply watching fully dressed people dancing, no one would be up in arms. Even classic drag is PG rated, this “dance” of yours is R or NC-17 rated at best. There is no place for it in a public venue.

  13. > The Pride events in Soldotna were organized by Bridges Community Resource Network Inc., a Soldotna nonprofit that is funded primarily by government grants.

    This tells me residents don’t actively support this organization if they have to subsist on government grants. This also tells me the government is actively involved in prosecuting the culture war against conservative parents.

    • And yet residents attended the march. Unless you’re completely crazy and think they were all actors or something. Wouldn’t put it past you.

      • A take a deep breath!
        I venture to assume that most of the audience was there for the food trucks and general festivities, or simply taking the kids to the park to play, not realizing that sexually suggestive performances were part of the programming. This is Alaska and people here take every opportunity to be out and enjoy the summer.

  14. Hmmm …. I guess a field trip to the Anchorage Zoo, for the kiddos, is out of bounds and not a popular adventure – destination anymore?

  15. Taking a child to these kinds of shows should be considered child sexual abuse. Performing this type of thing for a child should be considered sexual assault.

    • No one got assaulted. Maybe learn what that means before you throw it around. All the queens were fully dressed including thick tights and if you were there instead of looking at the blurriest photo of a millisecond of the performance you’d know that. Statistically speaking gay people aren’t the ones you need to worry about.

  16. This matter has nothing to do with tolerance of homosexuality. Would we want heterosexuals to engage in burlesque displays targeting children? Could the picture heading this article ever be appropriate for children?… regardless of the sexuality of the person exposing themself? Observing such overtly sexualized displays is never considered virtuous; regardless of who the observer is. The vast majority of us keep our perversions private and take no “pride” in them.

    The above said, I would defend the right of free expression for those wanting to carry on this way–ONLY IN THE APPROPRIATE VENUE. That is, in the squalid, sleazy joints where this activity has traditionally existed. That way, anyone choosing to partake can do so without affecting the vast majority choosing otherwise. We can live and let live; but sleaze belongs wear it has always been–out of sight and inaccessible to children. FACT: any Alaskan who voted for a public official allowing this nonsense is directly responsible for child abuse. Obscenity is a real thing.

    • You need serious help. It wasn’t sexual at all. If you were there you’d have seen these queens dancing around and doing things like backflips and tricks. It’s just dancing. Kids surely don’t see it as anything but that. It’s people like you who make everything gross and disgusting. Kids don’t see it that way. At the end of the day if you have a problem then just don’t attend. You don’t get to dictate other people and how they raise their kids. I personally thinks it’s abusive to force kids to stand outside all day holding anti lgbt slogans when they should be enjoying their childhood. There were some kids outside the park with their parents doing that. I think it’s messed up to force kids to do that but I’m not their parent so I have no right to dictate what they do. Every kid who was at the park was having innocent fun and were some of the happiest kids I’ve ever seen. It’s worrisome how much you can hate gay people when these kids just saw it as a fun experience and many of the young people there were lgbt and many were not. Fact is if it were a burlesque show like you said then no one would be this passionately against it. That’s the truth. Straight people subject their kids to sexual content all the time but you don’t care unless it’s a gay person dancing fully clothed in a park.

      • From your comment, it appears that you had a vested interest in this performance and you are unhappy that it was not universally liked and adored. You continue to point out that performers were fully clothed and “just dancing”. Actually the state of dress was such as to give the impression that the performer was unclothed and the above pictured pose is blatantly sexually suggestive. You state that the children only saw people dancing. You are correct. Children can not assess what is appropriate and what is not and simply take it at face value. You further bemoan that some parents made their children carry signs protesting the performance. That is their choice. You demand not to be judged, so extend that same courtesy to those parents. As for the burlesque show, you would see the same outrage as it is inappropriate for a city park. I agree with you that there are too many sexual images in our lives and many TV shows, movies or music videos add gratuitous sexuality to “spice up” their offering. You can not on the one hand claim that your “dance” was innocent fun and at the same time complain that kids are exposed to sexually suggestive imagery. That defeats your protestations of innocence. In the end it doesn’t matter if the sexual innuendo comes from a gay or straight person, it is inappropriate for a public venue with a mixed audience.

    • Trig, obscenity is obscenity when it comes to children. Would you flip your middle finger to a 6-yr old child? Would you make sexually-suggestive gestures to a 5-yr old girl? Do we really need to explain to you that obscenity does not require nudity? Do we really need to explain to you that the innocence of children has immense human value? And that when stolen from a child cannot be returned? Do we need to explain to you that images seen by a child cannot be unseen. Are you truly this dim?

  17. autogynephilia Sexuoeroticism linked to the thought or image of oneself as female.
    Autogynephilia defines a transsexual typology and provides a theory of transsexual motivation: as Ray Blanchard proposed, male to female (MtF) transsexuals are either sexually attracted exclusively to men (homosexual) or are sexually attracted primarily to the thought or image of themselves as female (autogynephilic), and that autogynephilic transsexuals seek sex reassignment to actualise their autogynephilic desires.

    Blanchard’s types of autogynephilia
    • Transvestic—Fantasy of wearing women’s clothing.
    • Behavioural—Fantasy of engaging in typical feminine behaviour (e.g., knitting with women).
    • Physiologic—Fantasy of pregnancy, breast feeding, menstruating.
    • Anatomic—Fantasy of having a woman’s body, including partial autogynephilia, where the focus is on a mix of male and female body parts.

    • They are grooming the next generation to make this acceptable or for future sexual partners. Take your pick because I think both of these things are true. It’s frankly disgusting but true.

  18. I’d like to know how many of these performers, kids, and “parents” at these events are sexually abused foster kids. It makes sense if that’s the case. I don’t want to see heterosexual people dressed like that and doing those things, so why would I be okay about kids seeing that? Why are Charlie Pierce and Governor Dunleavy not calling on OCS for an investigation and arresting a bunch of child abusers and perverts guilty of public indecency? Where is the KPB Assembly on this? Assemblyman Jesse Bjorkman? Representative Ron Gillham? Senator Peter Micciche? You’re all cool with this? It’s all good as long as business is good and people are partying and being entertained? Is this your idea of a wonderful place to raise children? Is this what you’re reimagining for the Kenai Peninsula? This is what they’re doing with our tax dollars people. Unreal! You believed them when they said there was no LGBTQ strings attached or agenda for accepting funding for the community. Homeless camps at the park is next. Maybe they’re already there. I recently saw the fire department responding to a fire started in the woods at that park earlier this spring. I was pretty sure I saw a man changing from women’s clothing in the parking lot while they were putting out the fire. I’m sure of it now. The fire was right by the kids’ playground in the woods surrounding it.

    • I have nothing to say to this other than you’re incredibly immature and ill informed about the real world.

  19. Like spruce bark beetles infesting drought-trees, maybe this plague swarms only in cultures weakened by moral complacence.

    Are they simply doing what local culture, or lack of it, allows them to do?

    Seems reasonable to ask why they chose this venue instead of an ethnocentric community or an affluent, influential neighborhood.

  20. Tell me again how conservative Alaska is.

    Regardless of all other concerns (there are many), the obvious issue remains: who benefits? The kid with no clue, the parents who are proving their progressive credentials, or the sick man who felt the need to do this in front of children?

    Who loses? All of us.

  21. No thanks. No kid of mine needs to see a man degrade himself by rudely parodying female whores in public. The female whores are bad enough, but at least they know what they are.

    When can we bring back shaming bad behavior?

    • Then don’t bring your kid tamra. Go live your incredibly repressed lifestyle somewhere else. These people don’t infringe on your rights so maybe you should do the same and live by your beliefs and leave other people to their own.

  22. Your tax dollars at work, Soldotna!

    See, you don’t have to move to Anchorage to see your children experience all the goodness that is spawned by unfettered liberalism!

  23. They are targeting Soldotna because Soldotna is the “Bible Belt” of Alaska. This pride perversion filth and satanic prayers at borough assembly meetings are being focused here because they are bringing the battle to us. There are more Christian ministries based in the Kenai/Soldotna area than anywhere else in Alaska. It’s an in-your-face action meant to rile things up, and as always, to steal, kill and destroy. This never would have happened only a few years ago but, as the Rattles put it way back in ’71, “the Devil’s On the Loose”.

  24. Soldotna? Good gosh , why would a beautiful little city like you allow this filth in front of your children? Just disgusting!

  25. Definition of perversion, deviance, and evil.
    These people need mental health help.
    What is wrong with the parents willingly bringing their children to these events.
    All part of the calculated plant to subvert the family.

  26. This kind of stuff shouldn’t be happening!

    And we need to keep the faith as we enter a tumultuous period.

  27. If dancers from the Bush Company were performing in that Soldotna park you can bet your last dollar that the liberal, Subaru driving, retired schoolteacher crowd would be going crazy. Their heads would be exploding! This is beyond sick.

  28. “The Pride events in Soldotna were organized by Bridges Community Resource Network Inc., a Soldotna nonprofit that is funded primarily by government grants.”

    This is the same group that helped pay for the homeless shelter in Nikiski.

    Something weird is going on with this group, I can put my finger on it.

  29. Hey Soldotna council, why not endorse a public strip show? This isn’t “Pride” month; it’s “Shame” month. How can you exploit children like that? Sexual expression should not be public. Keep it in the bedroom. I don’t care if it’s homo or hetero sexual. It doesn’t belong in the public.

    • Hey Dan 🙂 stfu. No one there was stripping and they all were clothed. They didn’t interact with the kids in any way other than talking. Straight people are overtly sexual all the time and I don’t see you this fired up over it no matter what you say. If you have a problem stay home. No one is forcing you to attend and everyone there had fun and enjoyed their evening. The only people who view it sexually are people like you. The kids didn’t see it that way and the dances weren’t even overly sexual you just think it was because this article is completely biased and cherry picked one photo of when the skirt flew up. You need to recognize when people are lying to you. This article is lying to you. Nothing sexual happened.

      • Sick sick sick. Our beautiful town is tainted by this totally allowed inappropriate behavior in our public park. Our city council needs to take charge of this kind of trash. I’m really disappointed in how this is portraying one of the cleanest most beautiful spots in Alaska as a low life sexually illicit place

  30. How is this not pornographic! Why do adults think this is an appropriate thing for children to see? If a random man or woman did this in front of a school yard the cops would be called and they would be arrested for indecent exposure! I have lately wondered if I unknowingly slipped into another alternate universe or if I have an onset of dementia because this new world is very strange and not at all normal. How can this be the new normal/reality? How, how, how? Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life down here!

  31. Think it’s time to change the subject, someone contacted the Anchorage Assembly to get all their buddies out to make MRAK look out of line. Sorry, didn’t work, the “fully clothed dancers” still look as disgusting as they did when Suzanne first reported this. If this wasn’t against the law it should be.

  32. I am a firm advocate of the LGBTQ community! Love who you want to love and be who you want to be! BUT there is a time and a place for these types of events! This drag show should have never been approved by city counsel to happen so close to a children’s park! The city counsel committee should have protected our community! This is an event that should have taken place in an adult only setting! Exposing our children to somethin like this so early in there life can have long lasting effects and could seriously damage our children’s thought process! Im definitely disappointed that members of our community not only allowed but approved such a disturbing display of sexual behavior!

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