Which congressional hopefuls dropped from regular primary ballot?

The confusion ballot

The withdrawal deadline for a candidate to remove his or her name from the regular primary election ballot was Saturday, June 25. Several removed their names from consideration, while 21 did not take action to drop out by the deadline.

Tara Sweeney, one of the candidates for the special primary election, did not drop out for the regular primary, and instead said she will stay on the regular primary ballot, as she intends to be a come-back candidate. She had received less than 6% of the vote.

Among those removing their names from the regular congressional race:

  • John Coghill
  • Chris Constant
  • Bill Hibler
  • Alan Gross
  • Jeff Lowenfels
  • Mikel Melander
  • Mike Milligan
  • Josh Revak
  • Adam Wool

That leaves 21 names on the regular primary ballot, including Sweeney, whose team sued the Division of Elections to have her included on the special general election ballot that would allow her to compete for the remainder of Congressman Don Young’s term, until January.

A Superior Court denied the demand from the Sweeney camp, and the Supreme Court agreed with the lower court.

Meanwhile, special general election at this point has just three candidates: Sarah Palin, Nick Begich, and Mary Peltola.


  1. Weird Al dropped from the regular election, well color me surprised. Maybe he signed a deal to get a favorable nod in the local dog catcher election?

  2. Tara lost the race, lost in court, lost the respect of the Republican Party, lost when (despite her team’s best efforts at destroying his life) Gross endorsed Peltola too. Even her rich friends couldn’t save her losing campaign. She would make a terrible representative in Congress and all of Alaska knows it. Don Young knew it too and it’s the reason he could not support her. Tara has had almost everything in life handed to her and can’t believe Alaska wouldn’t just give her what she deserved.

  3. Since there is little published consultation of we the people is this what the new and unknown (framers or) one world order had in mind? If you would care to come out of your secret thicket to stamp out a new path to your utopian fervent dream to stitch this strange new globalist ideal together for your hedonistic serfs to celebrate ? your new WEF dream together. We the people are curious ar clueless and censored into near speechlessness. Of course, your President is wandering off again to find out what else is “needed” by the secret globalists arrangement.

  4. So, Santa is still available. Why isn’t Constant suing because he didn’t receive any votes in his own district? There’s obviously something wrong with the election when the city clerk is not in charge. Unfair!

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