Breaking: Supreme Court says no Tara Sweeney on ballot, even with Al Gross dropping out of congressional race


The Alaska Supreme Court issued its opinion on Saturday morning, agreeing with the lower court that Alaska law does not allow Tara Sweeney to move onto the “final four” special general election ballot, just because one of the winners of the special primary election has dropped out.

The lawsuit had been brought by three surrogates for Sweeney — Alaska Native women who are shareholders in Alaska Native Corporations. The three had argued that Sweeney, as a fifth-place finisher, is entitled to be in the final four ranked-choice ballot on Aug. 16, because Ballot Measure 2 clearly intended that four people advance to the final ballot.

In many races in Alaska, there are not four people in the primary, and in some races only two people are running, thus negating the argument that the general election ballot always must have four people on it. But the justices did not make that argument or describe their reasoning for why they support the decision of the director of the Division of Elections. Gail Fenumiai had said that the statute governing elections says a candidate must drop out 64 days before the general election for the substitution provision to be applied.

This cements the congressional race into a three-way race between Sarah Palin, Nick Begich, and Mary Peltola.

The special hurry-up election is being held because Congressman Don Young died on March 18, leaving Alaska without representation in Congress. The winner of the special election will step into that role until January, when the next regular congressional representative is sworn in.


  1. Al can’t even fall on his sword correctly.

    Wonder what Walker/Kendall have on him?

    • Avenger, wake and be woke! Donald J. Trump reeked of depravity, but even so he was elected president. Deep down many of us “men” wish that we were just like him in every respect–arrogantly ignorant, hypocritical, depraved, and monied! It doesn’t get better than that, eh? And in spite of it all, we too can have a pretty woman all “baubled up” and hanging at our side! There is nothing “real” like a good American fantasy!

      Surely, if somebody has “any dope” on Gross he too realizes that in todays world it can only add to his stature!

      So much for your old world views, Avenger!

      • I never really warmed up to Trump, he is much like Sarah Palin, you know kicking at every Chihuahua that barks at him, however he appears to be a good Father to his children and that is a commendable trait. Perhaps as you grasp for synonyms to describe what a scumbag you believe Trump to be you might just for a moment ponder your man China Joe Biden. He has a son, named Hunter. Poor Hunter.

        • Yes, indeed, “Uncle Joe,” the same old Joe who “abused” Anita Hill during the confirmation hearings for Justice Thomas–Thomas of the family “Uncle Clarence” and “Aunt Ginni!” You got it, bud, this is where we are: the U.S. just keeps unravelling right before our eyes!

      • Adding to this, Joe also has a daughter named Ashley. She’s got a similar set of problems to her brother. They had a family tragedy early in life, but despite that had every opportunity handed to them on a silver platter. Yet, look at the adult dysfunction there. Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits. A good tree does not bear bad fruit, and a bad tree does not bear good fruit.” Since Hunter and Ashley prove that this isn’t a case of “one black sheep in the family,” you can make some inferences. What do the kids say about their dads, respectively?

  2. The Alaska State Supreme Court stayed true to the rules as placed by the Alaska Elections Division ….. and got it right. Play by the rules, or don’t play. No exceptions. No whining! Sore losers go to the very back of the line. Got that, Ms. Sweeney ….. and friends? Got that, Scott Kendall?

  3. Dems overplayed their hand. Someone in their liberal court holds differing opinion. I think its all subjective if
    Sweeney was
    another person i think the verdict been ruled different.

  4. Here we go folks!!!! Ranked choice voting confusion right out of the chute!! What can possibly go wrong with the rest of it? Now that we’re stuck with it this election, what’s it going to take to get rid of it? Ranked choice voting is a train wreck going to happen.

  5. Now Begich needs to drop out. Today.

    Lets not have a split conservative vote.

    Democrats are destroying our country- we need to take the House back. No more Pelosi.

    • Thanks to ranked-choice voting there is no more splitting the conservative (or any other) vote. Vote one of them for your first choice and the other for your second.

    • M, you have this thing right, almost… We need a Representative that will Represent Alaska and not themselves. Vote Nick!
      You can thank me later!

  6. Another epic demonrat fail.
    If you want a guaranteed RINO Begich is your man – he supported Ethan Berkowitz against Amy Dembowski in the Anchorage mayoral race and Glenn Biegel supports Begich – that’s all you need to know.
    If yiu want more mega MAGA – Palin is the one – tough on abortion and guns, pro natural resource development, and will gore the ox of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and the MSM every day.

    • Donewithit, Are you suggesting that we vote for the Woman who by her endorsement is responsible for the election of Bill Walker?
      Wow! Really?

  7. Just when the AK Supreme Court seems like they are functionally illiterate they surprise us by showing they do in fact know how to read.

  8. Nobody understands this RCV scheme. The one thing that is for certain, it was designed to prevent the potential for a candidate who is “unapproved” by our ruling Uniparty elites to gain office. Already accepting we are and will remain a dysfunctional failed state is a serious fact, but the irony here is amusing that these elites are so dysfunctional that their clownish tactics backfire and create problems between the inner circles of corrupt power. Clownish it is, but we are facing deadly serious consequences due to the government imposed destruction of our reliable energy availability, hyper inflation, what is becoming a mass public health issue from the indiscriminate forced use of immunocompromising adverse effects from the toxic experimental substances termed “vaccines”, and the loss of representative government at state and federal levels.

  9. In 1972, when Nick Begich senior beat Don Young, the seat didn’t automatically go to Young after Begich died. So no, the candidates behind the dropout do not automatically move up a spot.

  10. The rules were clear.
    This lawsuit was a nothing burger, wasting our courts time and our tax dollars.
    Tara is just a sore loser.

  11. It’s more important than ever that conservatives bullet vote in this election. Don’t let your vote be diluted

    • In order to guarantee a Democratic win? No thanks.

      Rank voting is stupid, but we need to beat these people at their own game. Rank whoever you think is the most conservative first, then the next most conservative and on down the line.

  12. I saw Mayor Barebutt walking the other night by his Anchorage home, holding hands with his lovely wife. She was wearing bib overalls, he was wearing pants for a change.

    I haven’t seen him in quite a while, he has kept a low profile for some reason…..

  13. Warning: The Left calculates that the Gross votes will move to Peltola, leaving Nick Begich in third place and out of the contest after the initial counting. This is a real worry. With this situation, the Left is hoping that enough Begich voters dislike ex-Guv Palin to make Peltola the winner. The Left may be correct. I might prefer an authentic progressive to the aging drama queen backed by Donald Trump.

    OTOH, if men stick together as a voting block, it may be enough to elect Nick Begich.

  14. If it stinks like a skunk and acts like a skunk, it’s pretty established that it’s a skunk… I political combatants act like enemies trying to destroy an opponent with lies, the stink will be pervasive….. Just what are Alaskans smelling??

  15. In the game of baseball, the audience is often beholden to where their eyes traditionally set their sight on i.e. the batters, pitchers – the obvious “players”.

    In an earlier thread on this general topic, I stated a few things.

    But back then, my reference was regarding the game of chess.

    Here is the secret-spread it widely.

    The rules are clear.

    Either participate or do not.

    That is on you.

    And NOT participating IS an equal right as Participating in a vote.


    If any candidate and their donors want to win, QUIT ASSUMING.

    This shit is simple. Do the work.


    Campaign harder where you assume you have support- because obviously its easier to maintain your supporters than to garner the unknown..

    MBA 101….

  16. Bye-bye, Tara. Maybe your people will welcome you with another fat salary in the “corporate” world.

  17. Al got the axe because everyone knows he’s liberal and he’d dilute the vote. He wasn’t woke enough. He did put some glasses on but didn’t go full tilt with dyed hair streaks and a crazy look in his eyes.

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