Silence is deafening: Peltola, Alaska Democrats too fearful to admit the emperor has no clothes


The shock-and-awe effect on Democrats continues this weekend, a full three days after the stunning display of advanced dementia shown by President Joe Biden during Thursday’s 90-minute debate with former President Donald Trump.

Democrats across the country are speaking out — some trying to defend Biden, others calling for his withdrawal from the race. Four major newspaper editorial boards, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Atlanta Constitution, and even the Philadelphia Inquirer have called for Biden to drop.

But not the Alaska Democratic Party or Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola. They’re saying nothing.

Democratic National Committee former Vice Chair R.T. Rybak wrote on Facebook that Democrats must push President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race.

“Our elected officials are staying shockingly silent in public, especially considering how many of them acknowledge privately that this has to happen,” Rybak wrote.

Former U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, tried to brush off the debate’s effect on Americans: “Less than a third of likely voters watched debate. Very low numbers for first time a President and former President debated. People were expecting huge audience. Nope, smallest audience in 20 yrs. I imagine most of those who watched were hard core for one candidate or the other.”

She neglected to mention that because of social media, the audience was record-breaking, with 242 million views on X.

Democrat operative James Carville, whose nickname is “the ragin’ cajun,” was more blunt.

“I didn’t think he should run for re-election,” said the former Clinton campaign aide. “There’s nothing I saw last night that would dissuade me of that opinion at all. I still think what I thought. I can’t be any simpler. And I think I have a slightly unique perspective because l’m aged myself. And unlike most people, I have some vague idea of what that job entails. That’s not a — that’s for somebody a lot younger than that. And that applies to Trump, by the way. That was my view, that is my view, I hardly think my view is gonna change.”

Carville said the party has few options.

“I don’t know, because it’s never faced anything like this before. There’s no historical wisdom that we could bring to bear. A majority of delegates could do whatever they want. But what I think will be pretty persuasive will be a flood of polling that came in over the next week. There’s nothing that Washington pays more attention to than a poll. Nothing. Totally predictable. I mean, I got back to my hotel three minutes after the debate started and I’m like, well, ‘this is a two-gummy night.’ Then pretty soon the whole thing blows up: ‘Oh, well, you were right, huh.’ (I was hearing that) from 20 different people,” he said.

Peltola posted that she is pro-fish. The Democrats focused on the importance of food stamps.

Rep. Peltola has been in the White House 15 times in the past 15 months, and was with Biden during eight of those visits, including one time when she was one-on-one with him, according to White House visitor logs.

Peltola is on the record saying Biden is one of the “smartest, sharpest people” she has met in Washington, D.C. But now, she is not coming to his defense.

Peltola told Axios she is “not thinking about anybody’s race but my own.”

Alaska Democrats across the state have clammed up as well, whistling past the graveyard of the Biden Administration. They appear to be waiting for instructions from the national party to know what to say.

The instructions haven’t been given to Peltola or Democrats in Alaska because there is a civil war in the Democratic Party right now, a struggle they created for themselves in 2020 when they put Biden in as their nominee, even though his dementia was already evident, but concealable by clever candidate handling personnel.

Now they are paying the piper, having to decide if Biden’s successor Vice President Kamala Harris or some other candidate can be subbed in, and how to convince Biden and, importantly, First Lady Jill Biden, to let go of the White House.


  1. We need to move the anncients out of office. I don’t want my representatives, senators or president at risk of age-related illnesses.

    • The older you get the greater the risk of dying from any cause. From age 1 through 19, it’s a gun-related deaths. It used to be car crashes. There should be break-even point between the youth-related accidents and the old age worn out, broken immunity-related causes of death somewhere.

      • Just shaking my head!
        Oh and for the record Mrs. N the CDC reports 1262 gun related deaths of 1-17 y/o between 2003-2021, compared to 2116 car crash deaths of 15-20y/o and 1184 deaths in kids 14 and younger in 2021 alone. Motor vehicle related deaths are still #1 for your referenced age group!

  2. I guess dementia is a medical diagnosis. I am not a medical doctor and cannot use that label.

    Not too long ago, David Gergen said that the current President is senile. Some said that this adjective is not used anymore and were upset. Be that as it may, it sure is accurate.

    One element that is missing from all the discussion: It ain’t gonna get any better for Joseph. Seven months from now, Joseph Robinette will be weaker than he is today. And the Donald is only three years younger. Way to go, America. Thanks for the great choices.

    • Age is pretty much meaningless. Capabilities are what counts.
      I am sure you would not think that someone who reaches a certain age should lose their driver’s license without some kind of test, so why imply that politicians above a certain age are “too old?”

      • But at a certain age, most states require drivers to re-test. And Medicare required me to take a cognitive test at age 79. But I guess Joe doesn’t have to.

        • Took a few seconds and checked. Only two states require a road test based on age. Illinois and New Hampshire.
          Most states do start requiring more frequent vision tests, and I did not check on written testing, but road tests… only two.
          Now, interesting about Medicare requiring a cognitive test. I would guess that Joe did take it at 79, but will not release the results. Then again, as a lifelong politician at the Federal level, he may not have to have Medicare as his primary insurance.

    • If you get bit by a snake make sure you make an appointment with a doctor before doing anything because you are not a doctor. Anyone that has a love one that has dementia sees the same thing when you listen to Joe Biden.

  3. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” George Orwell

  4. What else can they do?

    They can’t effectively force Grandpa Bloodstains to quit. The delegates are legally bound to him.

    If the 25th Amendment him, we get Kamala and it’s a wipeout of Mondale proportions. Plus, he still is the presumptive nominee.

    They don’t have anyone except maybe Whitmer stupid enough to put herself out as a brokered convention alternative.

    If they go flat out contested convention, it will be mob rule and God knows what could happen.

    The Democrats are in a classic rock vs hard place position. They sold their con too long and may have to actually buy it.

  5. Sounds like Ms Peltola is even sharper than i thought. What else is she good for? Maybe she can provide some stock tips!

  6. ……..unless you consider dirty Depends as clothes. Democrats typically don’t complain of the stench when it’s one of their own.

  7. last read I had, the family is recommending “Feeble” to remain in the race, which is the best case for Trump. and I have to agree with Fritz. watching hogs waller in the mud can be a joy for sure.

  8. I watched a few morning shows and read a few articles and it’s clear that the talking points have been distributed but they are holding their cards close to their chests. Trump lied, Trump should withdraw because he’s lost it, it was a bad night, a cold, he was over prepped…it’s all somebody else’s fault and you can’t believe your lying eyes. It’s just more gaslighting because that’s all they have for the following reasons.

    If the 25th Amendment is used, remember they called for it to be used on Trump, then that makes Kamala the President. As the sitting President Kamala would be the logical choice to run for reelection, that’s a problem. As the first black asian woman President how could a party built upon identity politics turn their back on her and not chose her are the candidate? She’d lose to Trump, possibly by a larger margin han Biden would.

    So the next option is to force Biden to drop out of the race but continue to hold the office until he’s replaced by whoever wins the election. This also presents the same problem noted above, and a problem because of pledged and super delegates would then have to pick a candidate before the convention due to the issue with Ohio ballots. This would be a completely undemocratic way to select a candidate and wouldn’t allow the Democrat party true control over who was picked since it would be a wide open chaotic scramble with delegates and super delegates making all kinds of closed room deals.

    So then, what to do? Keep the show going and slow walk everything…kinda like how President Biden shuffles slowly everywhere he goes. Wait until after President Biden has been officially nominated by the pledged delegates, which avoids letting the super delegates being involved. Then Biden can drop out of the race and the Democratic National Committee can control the entire process and select whoever it is they want to install. Yeah sure it will be wildly undemocratic but what were they to do, their hands were tied and they had no other alternatives since allowing people to elect their representatives isn’t democratic.

  9. The Alaska Democratic Party had a big meeting at ex-governor Walker’s house today, undoubtedly trying to come up with a spin on the debate and how the Alaska dems still support Biden.

  10. I really, really wish that everyone would quit hammering the age factor!! It’s not the age, it’s the cognitive factor!!!! Brandon is failing. And he’s failing fast. There’s a reason he’s being shielded all the time. And that debate proved it. Just think what it’d be like to spend 24 hours with him.

      • Respectfully disagree that age is not the factor. Age is most certainly the factor for both men, as the older you get, the thinner the margin of safety becomes. A minor injury at 25 becomes really serious at 80. A serious injury at 25 becomes deadly at 80. And deterioration is asymptotic, you start declining slowly, then all at once. Biden is in the all at once portion of the curve.

        Biden is an 80-year-old going on 100+. Trump is 78 going on 60 (or less). But those are our candidates as of today. Cheers –

  11. We, as Alaska Natives, Mary Peltola the latest and newest token of the day – highly financed and willing.

    Good on her.

    I know Mary. Or at least I’ve said hi to her in San Kito’s house in Rabbit Creek.

    Here is the difference between democratic law snd republican native people.

    As a gold miners daughter, one of my best friends was and is a native commercial fisherman.

    He took his rite of passage role as the fisherman captain at 13 years old in Bristol Bay.

    He and I were out there getting what needed to get done.

    We bonded as native resource developers at a tender age.

    I would tell him the difference between you and I and our resource development is no one gets a bail out for being a miner.

    If the price of gold tanked, for native families mining. We did not get a subsidy.

    If the price of fish tanked, or if there wasn’t enough fish, there were federal programs easing the fallout for the indigenous commercial fishermen.

    And then I read nonprofit regional organizations like Kawerak are spearheading a movement to preserve and protect indigenous land rights from resource development.

    Kawerak does not have dog in the fight for anything-,except to perpetuate colonialism.

    Kawerak does not own anything and certainly has not improved the lives of the people their mission statement claims to.

    Kawerak has had millions upon millions of federal dollars and I challenge you to research their every year plight for appropriations.

    And they aren’t the only ones.

    This is simple.

    Begging at a systemic level requires keeping your people down as beggars.

    We as Alaska Native people- our ancestors fought so we could use our land rights for resource development- which is self-determination.

    We are the largest indigenous private landowners on earth.

    We are the role models for the world.

    Know your rights.

    We say the land was owned by all of us.

    Then why do we continue to transfer that power?

    Who is crafting the .

    #1. Organizations like Kawerak are limited by their authority- they are not private land holders and have zero jurisdiction authority.

    #2. Kawerak is a non profit organization with a high pass-through rate which limits the actual direct benefits for the 15 villages they have resolutions to serve.

    #3. Their general and administrative rate is often 30% to 50% conservatively – with the village direct services not receiving direct program dollars.

    We can do better.

    You can be at home in your village- and as an individual tribe you have the right to rescind the resolution you gave to organizers like Kawerak.

    You can take back your decision making.

    Kawerak and others like Kawerak do not have a voice when you remove your resolution.

    The money and your voice belongs to you.

    • Know your rights. The Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 protects Alaska Natives within all jurisdictions. Our right to due process is also a constitutional right for Alaska Natives.

      My ancestors and I fought for our land rights. We today are still fighting not only for our land rights but for the rights of our children and grandchildren.

  12. To be fair, the debate was a performance. Entertainment for some. Being on live TV in that setting was a worse case scenario for anyone. The Donald thrives in that situation. His inflated ego demands it. Decades of being “on” has taught him to perform adequately in the circus setting of a debate. His thinking process is clouded by his stubborn pride and lack of compassion. On the other hand, Biden is old and he’s showing it. He isn’t the circus performer that Trump is, not even close. Not as smooth or spit and polished. Can he sit behind the resolute desk and make difficult decisions with aids and cabinet officials assisting him like they are supposed to? Yes he can. Anyone could that has an average to above average IQ. It was determined that Reagan was suffering from Alzhiemers while in office but nobody knew it. The rate of decline will determine just how long he can do the job. Trump may fall over dead in a week from being overweight and eating all those cheeseburgers. The presidency is a figurehead position. Our country is greater that just one man or woman. We have safeguards built in to assure we as Americans remain safe no matter what the circumstances. You can dislike his politics, but making the tough chimes when the time comes is what we really pay the man for. Consider that.

    • I totally disagree with your assertion that (Trump) His thinking process is clouded by his stubborn pride and lack of compassion.
      He has shown. Impassion for all Americans. Those who are law abiding citizens and those who love the constitution. He has pride in America and making us great again. The world and its population is much safer with him in power as was proven for over four years while his policies were in place. No clouded thinking unless you happen to drink the coolaid narrative the leftists happen to be serving on a regular basis.

    • “The rate of decline will determine just how long he can do the job……… The presidency is a figurehead position. Our country is greater that just one man or woman”.

      Greg, you clearly are so invested that you have lost your sense of reality and reason, which goes also for a few other ideologues on this site .

      Joe Biden can not do the job now. The leadership of this country requires the ability to think clearly, logically and decisively, but also to precisely communicate his reasoning and orders (Without a teleprompter or 2 weeks sequestering and prep). None of those attributes Joe Biden displayed at the podium even remotely. After almost 50 years in government and running campaigns, a measly live debate should be a piece of cake for Joe.

      That you are not incensed that the entire cabinet, Kamala, Dr. Jill, KJP, Mary Peltola, leaders in congress and staffers have concealed his decline and shielded him for years, shows you care more about ideology than the country.

      The presidency is NOT a figurehead position. On Joe Biden’s command nuclear missiles WILL be launched, he is the commander in chief of the armed forces and he sets policy and direction. It should worry you that he or whoever is actually running the show has dictatorial tendencies of ignoring the law congress made and making executive orders and policies that directly contradict the law. The loan forgiveness, the border policies, which ignore the standard and established immigration law and vetting, the ban on LNG exports, the emission standards for trucks, the canceled lease sales, the shutting down of ANWAR and Ambler the list goes on and on and the lawsuits putting a stop to these actions do to only to find that his administration finds a supposed “loophole” to do it anyway.

      Interestingly there is another candidate ready to take over in RFK, but apparently nobody wants him, why is that, Greg??

      • I’m not sure
        Maybe the name Kennedy leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. History will do that to you. Using a teleprompter isn’t part of the job classification.

  13. As someone that has personally worked with people with dementia, calling it advanced dementia is inaccurate. It is problematic, he is not fit for office, but advanced dementia is a lot more severe than what we saw in that debate.

          • Sure, but should ANYONE with dementia be in a position of such power and stress? I think not!…. and no Reagan was NOT proof. Towards the last end of his second term you see the same pictures as you see today; Nancy grabbing his hand and guiding him around. He should have resigned as well. At least back them we had a decent VP.

  14. Quote from the First Indian Fish Princess

    “Peltola is on the record saying Biden is one of the “smartest, sharpest people” she has met in Washington, D.C. But now, she is not coming to his defense.”

    About sums it up. She’s met some of dumbest folks in America in DC . We’ve reached a new low . Thank god for ranked choice voting. Not really.

    Don Young wasn’t so bad after all looking back .

  15. When you yourself are naked, you don’t want to point out that the other guy is. Broken elections have put all of these people in office and no one wants to admit that for fear that it exposes them.

    • Only with removal of the crazy rank choice voting scheme. But until that happens we need to whittle down the Republican candidates to one before the primaries. But the Demon crats are counting on hubris and tradition amongst the Republican candidates by watering down the chances any Republican will gather enough votes to prevail. So far the left has been proven correct

  16. Ahem!………
    Excuse me, but in the meantime, North Korea has announced that they’re sending troops to Ukraine. France had announced the same thing, but it appears that another French Revolution has interupted those plans.
    If Brandon was a demented Republican, the Hamas/Marxist/queer/anarchist/etc social guerrillas would be burning American cities up right now, but since the Ice Cream Eater is Demonrat, Americans remained focused on ordering cheap Chinese junk from Amazon using borrowed scrip, thinking that there will be no price to be paid for this ridiculous drama. All along, a few unknowns issue orders to nuclear submarines patroling the worlds oceans with glowing red buttons begging to be depressed.
    Time is short………..

  17. The telling moment of what the Biden family, the Democrats, the White House staff knows was when Jill Biden has microphone in hand, looks at Joe and says “You did good Joe, you knew all the answers.” Just the way we tell a 3 year old “good job”

  18. September 19, 2022 I wrote Congresswoman Peltola a letter regarding the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 and the importance of federal laws that need to be amended to ensure Alaska Natives are afforded broad U.S. Constitutional rights that are secured to other Americans here in Alaska.

    Today, I would still like to hear from Congresswoman Peltola about her accomplishments for Alaska Natives, our resources, land and the protections of our U.S. Constitutional rights and Indian Civil Rights here in Alaska.

    Please don’t serve free beer.

  19. A corrupt tool of the left- we have ONE chance to rid ourselves of her or she will become an institution of corruption, ala Murkowski.

  20. The marxists are in full panic as President Trump’s numbers continue to climb and bribems continue to freefall. It’s getting harder and harder for the communists to cheat this time but beware they will not go peacefully.

  21. This demonstrates the fundamental difference between the Republican party and the the Democratic party. Democrats will stick to the party’s line at all costs, in the face of all facts counter to the party line, and they stick behind their members no matter what moral failings they exhibit. Republicans hold their members


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