Incoming Anchorage mayor LaFrance takes part in parade featuring antisemitic-shouting by ‘Queers for Palestine’

Suzanne LaFrance, incoming mayor of Anchorage, takes part in a parade that featured anti-semitic slogans on June 29, 2024.

On Saturday, June 29, the annual Anchorage festivities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer, pansexual, asexual, intersex, two-spirit — and their friends and children — took place in downtown Anchorage, capping off “Pride Month” promotion of LGBTQ+ identifying Alaskans.

Unlike parades in other cities across the country, participants kept their clothes on in Anchorage, although some of the fashion choices were questionable.

New to this year’s parade lineup was an entry with a large sign that spelled out, “Queers for Palestine,” with rainbow-attired members shouting for a free Palestine and yelling out antisemitic slogan, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which is a slogan used by terrorist groups and their sympathizers, from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and Hamas, both of which call for Israel’s destruction.

Political luminaries who joined the parade and have not disavowed the antisemitism associated with it were incoming Mayor Suzanne LaFrance, Sen. Forrest Dunbar, Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson, former acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson, Assembly Chairman Chris Constant, Rep. Andrew Gray, and Rep. Jennie Armstrong.

Alaska Landmine received a video from a parade viewer that show the parade entry “Queers for Palestine.”


      • I am going to have to ask for some source of your info. Something.
        Last time I checked, Israel is the only country in the Arab world where homosexuality is not a crime. But, if you want to hate Jews, I guess no one can stop you from spouting delusional nonsense.

      • After his citizens have been raped and murdered. Israel is fortunate in that they have a leader who cares for their lives and doesn’t suffer from dementia.

  1. This could be funny if “Q for P” group wasn’t so absolutely stupid. I will buy the first one way ticket to Palestine if one of them wants to go and start a movement there.

  2. Israel keeps sending Palestinians to the west and liberal Jews keep pushing for more open borders, tolerance and dei. No sympathy.

      • Speaking the truth about Jews is not a “jew problem” no race or religion is above criticism. And critique of any religion or race is completely acceptable. The first amendment sets that freedom in stone.

        Jews are not special, they don’t get some special protection from the things they do. Jews have been pushing degenerate lifestyle’s since the mid to late 1800s. We can thank people from that religion/race for a lot of the modern problems of feminism, transgenderism and other deviant activities.

        Google Magnus Hirshfield.

        • What’s your Jew problem?

          And btw: you really don’t understand the 1st Amendment. Public school grad?

          • I don’t have a jew problem. I’m just pointing out their problems. Do the facts hurt your feelers princess? It’s ok, lower IQ people have a hard time seeing bigger pictures. Come on back when you can dispute my facts and not just emotionally react.

  3. There is such a monumental mental disconnect with people who would be given free flying lessons from the top of tall buildings, shouting their idiotic support for that very group who would give them the flying lessons…..merely for being who they are.

    We are living in strange days……

  4. Ah, Anchorage. Did it to yourselves.

    Maybe next time you’ll bother to vote. But considering the trends of the last decade or so, probably not.

  5. Let’s celebrate the “Queers for Palestine” movement by giving them and all the political leaders joining them a free trip to Palestine where they can have a pride parade there. One way tickets should be all that’s needed.

  6. Craig Medred is correct. Anchorage is quickly becoming the Portland of the north. Sad to know that we have educated people don’t know anything about how Muslim people treat gay people. It’s difficult to understand the linkage between those who support or identify as LGBTQ+ and antisemitism. Where did this stupidity come from?

  7. I find it ironic the whole premise of the “Queers for Palestine” movement since those in the West Bank and Gaza (ie Palestinians) #1 Hate queers, & #2 Hate Americans. The fact the very people they are trying to support in fact hate them and never asked them to do anything. It’s not like they have “Palestinians for Queers” marches in the West Bank and Gaza.

  8. Not at all surprised. There is nothing good at all that I can say about this group of politicians other than I thank God I don’t live in their city.

  9. Just stunning. That proverbial box of rocks has never looked more intelligent in comparison. It is chilling that Anchorage now has such a confused disturbed woman at the helm. Truly, did that many people in Anchorage actually vote for her?!

  10. I think they all need better studies in history in schools! The Middle East governments don’t like gay people! Or transgender! They will behead or stone you to death!

  11. What in the heck are they brain dead. ??? The Muslims in Palestine would throw gas on them and set them ablaze. Do they actually think this is a game and not real ??? How can you be this delusional ? The chickens are about to come home to roost.

  12. We can say ” Thank God I don’t live in Anchorage” all day long. This is a sickness that is spreading to every city and town. Why do you think the schools want to indoctrinate our kids in the gay lifestyle. As conservatives we must VOTE and stand tall for our beliefs.

  13. So dope. It is not about you any more. It’s us. You execute our will. Your will is on pause until you are out of there. You traded your freedom of political speech for benefits. Didn’t you know that?

  14. No it is true. Public servants exchange their unfettered freedom of speech for benefits while they are on the clock and their political speech rights are fettered and they are on the clock to execute the will of the people. there are people who will dispute what sixth graders knew to be the truth in the 1800in America. They don’t teach this truism anymore in Alaska
    how will this republic be kept.

  15. LaFrance is just T-1 from assuming control of the city and she calibrates herself by aligning with this stupidity !!

    Oh Lord please help us survive the carnage that she will encourage under her watch.

  16. The only real way to fix that situation would be for a huge mob of Georgian Christians, waving white and red Crusader flags, to drive all of them out of the street and send them running. Secretary of state Anthony Blinken, in a recent speech, stated unequivocally that part of america’s mission is to force this sick part of American culture on other countries, punishing those who will not accept it.

  17. They not only chop things off in the Middle East, they throw them off buildings, put them in cages and set them ablaze….. This slice of America is such fools. FYI: Last gig in Afghanistan was 2011-2013. Seen this first hand.
    Also, why would the incoming, Dear Mayor apologize? The lunatics all now run the asylum of Los Anchorage….. We deserve it…

  18. Comments on this string to “Round them up” and “ drive them out” is the same unfortunate terminology used by fascists in Germany to describe treatment of Jews and homosexuals in WW2 Germany. Sad commentary that we haven’t learned from history but appear destined to repeat it.

    • False equivalency, Godwin’s law, which makes one feel more interesting?
      “Tis the times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind.”

  19. She is an antisemite plain and simple and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Los Anchorage is going the way of Portland, Seattle and San Fransico really quickly. One can only pray that Anchorage survives this Marxist regime.

  20. Suzanne LaFrance truly is a piece of work! Anchorage…. really?
    I guess it’s your replacement population voting.

  21. I guess they are either not Christians, or they are and readily sin anyway gambling God will forgive them anyway. He forgave murderers, so why not huh? A man shall not lay intimately with another man. Liviticus I believe.

  22. Homosexualized clown show. Pedophiles in drag, using supposed civil rights to hide behind their criminal, demented minds. Lesbians looking for legal excuses to draft and brainwash young girls into their psycho club. A very sick subset of our society.

  23. Perhaps we should start a fund and offer anyone shouting “queers for Palestine” a free trip to see for themselves how much Palestine actually supports queers. We don’t have to tell them until they’re already on the plane that it’s a one-way trip.

  24. How many of these “alphabet people” boneheads have actually been to the middle East? My guess is pretty close to zero. Many Alaska residents have , either with military service or long haul cargo freighter pilots. Those of us that have visited these Muslim, Arab countries know full well the freedom of speech that these idiots enjoy here would never ever be tolerated by those they claim to defend. As long as these naive losers continue to make noise, those of us that know better simply consider the crap for brains source.

  25. Anchorage is fortunate. In several cities down south gay pride parades were attacked by pro Palestine supporters. They say they don’t need the gay community.


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