Rivera makes pitch for money to fight ‘frivolous’ recall in court


In a Zoom conference call with potential supporters, Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera spoke about how he has a group that is suing to stop a group of citizens from recalling him.

“This is the time to fight,” he said. “This is our time to do good and keep this majority on the Anchorage Assembly. We start that by sending a clear message in court that this is frivolous, that if you want to take me out, guess what, I’m up for reelection here soon. So come at me in reelection if you wanna take me out. But recall is not the way to do it, folks. So let’s win this.”

Rivera and his group called Midtown Citizens Coalition is trying to stop the grassroots group that calls itself Reclaim Midtown, which is trying to recall Rivera and is collecting signature in Assembly District 4 to do so.

Wearing a prison-orange t-shirt, Rivera said that 2020 is “the year of transparency.”

Transparency is at the heart of the recall effort, as it turns out. Alaskans for Open Meetings filed a lawsuit against Rivera and others on the Assembly for violating the Alaska Open Meetings Act in August, passing numerous controversial measures while shuttering the public from the public process, including locking people out of the Assembly Chambers.

Must Read Alaska has learned that a canvasser who answered an petition employment ad placed by the Reclaim Midtown group, was reached out to by Rivera.

“Felix Rivera is paying me more $$$ NOT to petition…Goodbye,” the man told the Recall committee via text, withdrawing his offer to collect signatures.


  1. And if money can’t buy off opponents, goons are next. That’s how fascism/communism and all other forms of “socialism” work – they are not capable of rule without an enforced dictatorship, because people always resist restrictions to freedom.
    NO actions taken by the assembly from behind closed doors are legally valid or binding – even the results of executive sessions are to be made public – Open Meetings Act. Emergency or no, this assembly and mayor are operating in violation of federal law.

  2. I am re-reading Barbara Tuchman’s “A Distant Mirror”. Last read some 30 years back, I picked it up since it is about the 14’th century when a REAL pandemic struck the planet. One of the lessons we can learn from this time period is how incompetent officials like Mr. Rivera fared in the aftermath of the pandemic. In summary, society became less tolerant of nincompoops like the aforementioned Mr. Rivera.
    Oh, BTW, didn’t a court recently rule that a public official can be recalled for any reason, including a group not liking the ” cut of his jib”? That is what I remembered reading about the Gov. Hmm.

  3. The year of transparency? And this coming from a socialist member of the Assembly that does everything behind closed doors without public input. Can he hear himself? Shame on anyone that takes his money or gives him a dime.

  4. To Rich Thorne may we suggest the goons are here now.
    We refer to them humbly, respectfully, fearfully as Peoples Municipal Code Enforcement Officers.

  5. There would be no “frivolous” recall efforts if the Assembly actually paid attention to the people who they are supposed to represent. It is the small stuff…
    Forcing a plastic bag ban because they read a scary headline
    Ignoring five days of testimony (it would have been a dozen days, had the Assembly not shuttered the meeting) against buying buildings with CARES Act funds.
    Having people who say things you do not want to hear removed from the Assembly chambers, but ignoring people who are in agreement with you doing the same level of disrupting.
    Continually shirking your duty as an elected member of our representative government by repeatedly extending the Declaration of Emergency, because it is convenient to do so.
    Yeah, maybe if you actually did your job as an Assembly member, the recall effort would not exist.

  6. The guy wants his own little monarchy where he can wield power and feel important. Common sense, dignity, self respect, humility, statesmanship, public service, are all virtues that are non-existent. It is really sad.

  7. I have one question for you Mr. Rivera (with my finger pointing directly at you…). If we looked at the recall Dunleavy petition… would we find your signature. If the answer is “yes”… then you have no room to complain. You have “made your bed”… now lie in it!!!

  8. This little inpugnet must be investigated for fraud maybe embezzlement or inappropriate use of public funds if he is in fact payind off recall petitioners where’s the funds coming from???

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