Racist? Juneau educator asks that fewer whites be allowed to testify on mandates


It was a public hearing filled with varying points of view. Most who weighed in with the Juneau Assembly last Wednesday said the emergency measures being enacted to combat Covid-19 need to end. Others supported them.

But one woman participating online wanted fewer whites testifying about the matter.

Many who weighed in about the continued mandates in Juneau were concerned about constitutionality, personal responsibility, and said the community had done everything right — gotten vaccinated, masked, and limited capacity in restaurants and gyms. This, in a community that has been highly compliant with previous mandates.

“With such great vaccination rates, it would seem appropriate to remove fines at this point. We’re likely to live with COVID in some form for the rest of our lives. No need to be punitive about it. Publish guidance or best practices. Trust your community,” commented Dan DeBartolo, in the online comment section of the meeting, which was broadcast on Zoom and Facebook.

“The community has followed the guidelines set forth by CBJ/CDC/DHS this entire time. More than 70% of the community is “vaccinated,” and it seems a farce at this point to mandate or mitigate. It doesn’t “follow science;” it makes NO SENSE,” commented Leisa Barnes Hydock.

“I support extending the mandate. Your job is to help the majority of people and this kind of protection helps everyone, particularly the most vulnerable residents. Many people resist vaccination which can harm others. I’m very sorry to hear so much extreme positions. Thank you for your effort,” wrote Laurie Craig, who appeared to be in the minority.

Then came the racist commenter on the Assembly’s live Zoom comment box who said there were just too many whites testifying.

“Can we put a limit on how many white able-bodied, non-immunocompromised people who get to testify?” Megan L. Cochran commented. She appears to be a para-educator with the Juneau School District.

That comment was eventually removed from the discussion panel. She removed her educator status from her Facebook account.

The Assembly passed the ordinance keeping mandates generally in place, although a few restrictions have been lightened to take into account the community’s current vaccination rate of over 70 percent, wrote the city’s deputy city manager.

The Covid-19 Community Mitigation Strategies were set to expire on July 31. They will now go through Oct. 31.

Juneau’s mask mandate is for those indoor in public, regardless of Covid-19 vaccination status. It began on Friday. Masks are required for people outdoors where social distancing is not possible.

“This masking requirement is an attempt to prevent continued case count activity while having as light a touch as possible on our local economy and activities,” said Mila Cosgrove, Juneau’s incident commander.

Bars are at 50% capacity and restaurants are asked to reduce capacity. All indoor gatherings have 50-person limits unless a mitigation plan is approved by city authorities.

Read: Just in time for special session, Juneau to mask up again.


  1. Nobody is more racist, hateful, and desperate to control the lives of others than well-to-do, college-educated liberal white women.

      • Yes! There are hoards of white (radical) leftists who are viciously anti-white racist. I know, it makes no sense, on multiple levels, but it is an undeniable fact, and just another part of the insanity that passes as “wokeness”.

        • It’s absolutely silly to claim people are racist against themselves. The definition of racism does not agree with your claim that a fact is embedded somewhere in there.

    • “Cept for privileged, white, rich, entitled, power hungry, ignorant, etc., etc., men who are used to telling everyone what to do and what to believe.
      They have a “tradition” to upkeep.
      Just sayin’.

  2. Well, we were abòut to spend some time in Juneau, but based on this article, “no thanks”!

    • Most every community has a few idiots (or folks that make idiotic statements) and you thinking this is a regular occurrence in Juneau. Good riddance, as we don’t need your imbecilic kind anywhere near us.
      Tough noogies to you Chester.

      • Billy, Ah yes, “every community has a few idiots”, great come back, but it begs the question, do some communities have more idiots then others? Could the culture of a given community foster idiocy?
        Your thoughts please…

          • Billy of the Back Loop, I asked you a question which you sought to deflect. Given that the stench from the Lemon Creek Land Fill has permeated the entire area and that this affront to public health has been allowed to grow in the heart of Juneau, would you consider the notion that some villages have more idiots then others? Can you address this Billy? Please sir, I await your response…

        • Robert, the logic of your question works like a sharp stick poking at the ribs of stubborn, self-aggrandizing, pseudo-intellectuals.

          • Wayne, It was not my intention to stick Billy Boy in the ribs. My intention was to raise a question. Could the culture of a given place allow for, enable and or create more idiots then say another place? It’s a fair question. I must believe that in the case of Juneau, my beloved home for over 4 decades it appears that the citizens have at the very least become olfactory impaired. This belief is reinforced upon every visit to my former home since the DUMP stench will knock a dog off a gut wagon. Do you think Methane inhalation can lead to village idiocy?

        • That’s an interesting question. Who and what are the village idiots? I suspect that Alaska has an abundant supply, as elsewhere.
          This may be the ultimate argument against universal, public school education.

      • Lets call Juneau for it really is- the honey pot. The capital is there and so are the parasites. Interestingly, most Alaskans don’t consider Juneau part of Alaska. More like a suburb of Seattle.

        • What does your comment have to do with anything Herman???
          You not wanting to visit Juneau either because of one idiot’s comment? Tough noogies to you Herman.

          • I’ve visited numerous times for work. A few nice spots to visit and a trip out Auke Bay to eat at Chan’s on every visit. But that’s about it. The rest of the town is full of fruits and nuts. Eco-friendly but we won’t mention driving down the highway made of mine tailings.

          • What’s the problem with using mine tailings Herman???
            Nobody wants those Green Creek tailings that a full of lead but that’s just a special case.
            You just like to whine and think you speak for most Alaskans-Tough noogies to you.

    • There are plenty of wonderful people that live in Juneau! We’ve been here over 40 years and have a ton of conservative hard working friends here. Just because there are a few outspoken liberals that live mostly downtown doesn’t mean everyone feels like them! Please come on town! It’s a beautiful area.

      • I resemble that description, yet I live in the valley.
        There are a few right-wing yahoos, I’ll admit, but nobody pays any attention to them Deb. Heheh!

  3. If you’re worried about Covid stay home or mask up but don’t infringe on my Freedom. I’ll worry about myself.

    • So you’re saying if I’m infectious, I have the right to spread my miasma far and wide as I please, and if you don’t like it, tough? What if I don’t know who you are? How about you carry a sign with you, as you practice your freedom, that says, “I might be carrying a deadly disease.”
      Then, I might be OK with your argument. Especially if I were female.

  4. She’s an “educator”? OMG, that’s a frightening thought. We don’t need bigots teaching the children.

  5. The only significant racism in the USA today is coming from those who hate whites, many of whom are white themselves, and who seem proud to display their racism openly. I really can’t figure out this self-loathing mentality, but it is despicable nonetheless.

  6. Megan has made an industrial-strength stupid statement that will follow her big-time if she is anyway involved in Juneau’s school system IMO.
    I can see why she has attempted to rid herself of her connections to Juneau school system.
    Too late, it appears and she will be given a chance to change her mind IMO. Heheh!

    • Wow, Bill Yankee, I am quite surprised to read that you are not automatically taking Megan’s side in this matter, and not attacking Julie Piotrowski for calling her out on her race-baiting and hateful statement. Have you had an epiphany regarding “wokeism” lately?

      • She made a stupid comment-wokeism may have influenced her but who cares?
        Further, she apparently realizes what a blunder she’s made and wants to hide her affiliations. She will get a chance to correct her blunder but I’m always of the opinion that stupid comments be called out-as you’ve been called out numerous times Jefferson. Heheh!

  7. Can we put a limit on how many white able-bodied, non-immunocompromised people who get to testify?“ …I think she means the people who pay all the taxes.

  8. Censorship, racism, and health discrimination all in one comment, Megan Leeann Cochran’s words here are just horrible. I’m stunned that she works for JSD and will be happy if she is dismissed quickly, people who speak such ugliness have no place around children, or anyone else really.

  9. Our Assembly and many members of the Juneau School District are indoctrinated robots who cannot think for themselves and follow their preprogrammed narrative and agenda. Not all Juneau is this way so please feel free to visit. Like any city plagued with Liberals in city leadership positions, stay away from the downtown area and head to the valley. However, downtown is becoming 3rd world so many of them are moving out here. They’re like locusts, they strip one cornfield to nothing and move on to the next.

    • The locus are moving to the valley. With the expansion of the St Vince facilities near the airport the Nugget Mall area is ripe for infestation.

      The area around Superbear is already turning as well.

      This is what Juneau wants. Far more Covid monies went to homeless and on line drag shoes than actually helping people. Juneau wants to be a 3rd world cesspool so liberal white women can feel good about themselves.

      The only real difference between Juneau and Anchorage is Juneau is better run. For now.

  10. And yet so many of you wonder why Alaska’s kids can’t count, read, and why they troll the bottom of every educational ranking

    • Actually Juneau students perform quite well. However, Palmer, Wasilla, North Pole, etc have extremely poor performing students. It’s not Alaska… it’s certain parts of Alaska.

      • I’ve seen data and know testers. It’s Alaska, with some parts not sucking as badly as others.

  11. Oh oh! More partisan blog wars and screenshotting private citizens dumb and thoughtless online comments to get back at the other party’s and party leaders.

    If Meghan Leanne Coachan was facing what Dunleavy faced everyday: a corrupt judicial system, a corrupt legislative branch, corrupt state labor unions, corrupt lobbyists, corrupt government managers, she and us all are nothing but shrills and be pulpulized under the pressure.
    I dont think it’s right what I am seeing Democrat and Republican leaders screenshotting private residents thoughtless made comments. Our leaders are supposed to be smarter than us. True! We are supposed to be respectful to our leaders, even to the immoral ones (and I am trying), but still our American leaders should be smarter than the residents when they are raised up higher than rest of us. Battlegrounds is what it is! When political nations or parties are warring the residents will become casualties either by their own loyalty or innocently caught in the crossfire.

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