Just in time for special session, Juneau starts up mask mandates, crowd limits again


Starting Friday, the City and Borough of Juneau is reinstating 50 percent capacity limits at bars and gymnasiums. Indoor gatherings are once again limited to 50 people or less, with masks required, unless the gathering has an approved Covid-19 mitigation plan on file with the city. Already, the city has made masks mandatory in city-owned buildings, including the Augustus Brown Swimming Pool.

This, in a small city that has seen about 65 percent of its residents completing their vaccinations against Covid-19, and over 200 new vaccinations being administered per week. Over 78 percent of Juneau residents have at least one shot of the two-shot series. In addition, more than 1,545 Juneau residents have had a bout with the virus, and three have died, with their deaths attributed to the virus.

It appears herd immunity is difficult to attain even in such a compliant community.

Health officials say that there’s an uptick in coronavirus cases in Juneau, sparking these new mandates. Juneau saw 29 new cases of Covid-19 on July 20-21, and 16 new cases on July 22.

In addition to the capacity measures, personal service businesses in Juneau must now require appointments, and cannot have waiting areas inside.

The Legislature will gavel into special session on Monday, Aug. 2, but it’s not certain there will be many legislators in Juneau as the first day is predicted to be a technical session, with no quorum to conduct business.


  1. Branch Covidians unite!
    You have nothing to lose but your sanity (and our collective prosperity and freedoms).
    In all seriousness, though, I wish these weak-minded and gullible sheep could be made to understand that they have much more to fear from such kneejerk and blindly conformist mandates and restrictions than they do from this very mild “pandemic”.

  2. Juneau has every right not to allow any Legislators back into city limits if they are not vaccinated.

  3. Before the usual folks start criticizing these decisions and denigrating those that make them, let me say this: It’s the unvaccinated who are perpetuating this pandemic. The hard-won progress of the past six months is being undone by those who refuse to be vaccinated.

    Said the unvaccinated man on the news last night, as he was (luckily) being discharged from the hospital after a double lung transplant: “Not getting vaccinated was by far the worst decision I ever made in my life”. Or how about the woman who begged the doctor to vaccinate her just before being intubated, only to be told: “Sorry, madam, it’s too late for that”.

    Does this even register with those who refuse to be vaccinated?

    If you aren’t, you will eventually get Covid. Will it kill you? Are you really willing to roll the dice?

    It’s easy, free, and safe. Please, go do it. It’s a sign of strength, not weakness. It’s a sign of wisdom, not foolishness. It is Patriotism at its finest. Help yourself, and help others by doing so.

    • If your vaccine works, then why are you afraid of me without a vaccine?
      And if the reason you are scared of unvaccinated me, is because your vaccine does not work……..then what, exactly, is your point in shilling for them?

      • Because you are endangering our children that cannot be vaccinated yet! You think you are entitled to just go about endangering them for what reasons? Your freedoms? You are a pretty low-watt bulb here IMO.

        • No, Bill, you are the one without any intelligence or perspective here. This mild disease is infinitely less of a threat, especially to children, than 1001 other things that they face in the course of their lives — particularly the threat from fearmongering idiots like you who would so gullibly and easily surrender their freedom and personal autonomy to self-serving authoritarians, bureaucrats and “experts”.
          Always and invariably, the arguments made by statists and conformists like you are laughably shallow , illogical and irrational. Your only crutch is to fall back on the talking points of your political and corporate media masters who spoon-feed you all this crap.

          • I’ve noticed you’ve not included your expertise in such diseases but continue to shoot off your face about how it’s no threat. You are nothing but a science denier but thankfully you are in charge of nothing.

          • Boy Jimbo, you and Jefferson make a great pair. Together you have no expertise on anything you parrot on here.

      • Simple. Because your unvaccinated status allows you to contribute to the production of viral variants that may eventually defeat my vaccine. Haven’t you been keeping up with the science? Get smart, and get vaccinated. If you don’t, you may very well regret it someday soon.

        And in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the privileges granted to the vaccinated, while those without will sit outside.

        • Thank you, but no, I will not.
          I chose to educate myself on achieving optimum metabolic health, and am living my best life, while you keep insisting others conform to your anti-science paradigm.
          I had the Kungflu and came through just fine, thanks to doing what it takes to get myself healthy.
          I am fine, and do not require anything from you.
          Again, since you and Bill Yankee seem a little slow……..if your vaccine works, then shut up, and leave the rest of us who choose solid science and proper nutrition, alone.
          Pestering others to conform to your vaccine paradigm, is just you admitting your jab doesn’t keep you safe, so your insistence that we get one too is idiotic.

      • They are not even “vaccines” by any generally accepted definition of the word. They are gene therapies or treatments, but do NOT confer immunity to the virus, only amelioration of the symptoms if the virus is contracted.

      • When the unvaccinated flood hospitals and max out capacity, then folks that need medical care unrelated to COVID find there aren’t enough resources to go around. In addition, unvaccinated adults, who have a choice, present a risk to unvaccinated children under 12, who don’t have a choice.

          • You mean like how they overran the hospital here in the valley during the peak of the pandemic before the vaccine? Oh wait that never happened, and the valley was open the entire time, with churches gathering and people not wearing masks indoors. The ER was empty when I went there in the peak of this pandemic before vaccines were available and I was able to get care super easy. And the ER nurse even told me this whole thing was a scam and nothing close to what the media was promoting. Stop being a medical fascist and follow the science not the big pharma fear for profit scam! What a tool you are B. A laughable, fearful fool! Because people don’t need to be told and need enforcement of healthcare regulations when empirical evidence is obvious. If you are over 75 by all means get the vax if you want you are at the end of your life so suffering from vax induced health issues like cancer and autoimmune disorders in 10 fifteen years won’t affect you that much ( that is if the jab doesn’t cause you to drop dead in the first 14 days like some have), but if you are younger than that and get jabbed your a damn fool enjoy the rest of your long term diseased life of being a pharmaceutical cash cow with no compensation.

    • Okay, I’ll bite.

      I would like to pose some questions to your statements, and would be delighted to learn of what you know or have found….

      – Can you produce the study or the “Science” that supports the “unvaccinated” perpetuating this “pandemic”?

      – Can you produce the study or the “Science” that supports what they are calling vaccines, actually are vaccines?
      — (granted, with this question, you would have to recognize that all medical literature regarding vaccines states that a vaccine confers immunity of a particular virus or bacteria to the recipient, reduces mortality, reduces hospitalization burden (not all literature recognizes this one), and prevents transmission of a particular virus or bacterial strain.)

      – Did the studies conducted by the pharmaceutical companies meet the criteria above or did they simply show a modest reduction in symptoms for some of those in the test group?

      – Is it legal to mandate any medical intervention (testing, injections, etc.) under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)? –I think US Code, Title 21, Section 360 bbb-03 has something to say about that…

      – What is the mortality rate of COVID? Since you clearly believe that those “unvaccinated” will eventually be killed by it…

      – What are all the ingredients in these “vaccines” and have they ALL been studied either with short, mid or long term trials?

      – Is it really “wise” and “patriotic” to put something into your body that you know nothing about?

      Anecdotes are great if you are only attempting to trigger emotional responses. And finally, I would humbly submit that Science NEVER trusts. Science questions…EVERYTHING!

    • The panic-demic is being perpetuated by hysterical leftists (yes, Bill, you) and government officials who see it as a road to power and social control over others.

      They ignore uncomfortable conflicting facts, follow the rantings of a proven liar and fraud Fauci, and best of all do it under the guise of “compassion”.

      When confronted with facts, cue hysteria, accusations of some “ism”, and loud stupid chants. The best rebuttal when reality isn’t on their side.

      It’s always funny how the left, the party of the working people and minorities will happily see them destroyed to “ help” them.

      But give them credit. They are winning the cultural wars. Conservatives sit on their butts until it’s too late.

    • Whidbey – you are a master propaganda writer in the North Korean genre, especially so with that little mix of Patriotism tossed in at the end. Your use of supposed repentant former jab scoffers is a nice twist. Such sad stories tug at peoples heart strings, softening them up for the big question about the inevitable, DEATH from COVID! Detracting from your story however is the COVID recovery rate, (99+%), and the known dangers from an unknown experimental substance being injected into your body, which has to date KILLED in excess of 7,000 healthy people. Unfortunately for you Whidbey not everyone has an IQ below 70 and gets their news from Corporate Controlled Media. I salute you for your efforts here Whidbey, I am sure the fear and concern is heartfelt on your part, keep trying Comrade!

  4. Here we go again. Placing bets now that nothing will emerge from the 30-day special session. Just more costs to the state. The only good thing is that the rest of Alaska gets rid of these legislators for a month.

  5. People who live in Juneau should tell the city government to “go pound sand.” Masks don’t do much, if anything and social distancing is pretty useless. We are a social species and being away from our people does more harm than good. Covid will be with us for a very long time and the death rates are relatively small compared to other diseases. FEAR is more harmful.

  6. What will Biden, Fauci and the CDC say when 100% of those old enough and eligible to receive the shot not the vaccine. It really doesn’t meet the definition of a vaccine. It has no element of the virus in its manufacturing. So it is a GMO substance manufactured to tell our bodies we have the virus and to build anti-bodies to fight the virus if we ever get it for real. Some develop more anti-bodies than others. So if you get it and your body made the correct anti-bodies to fight that form of virus you may have a milder case. No one with or without the shots will ever be immune and “Herd Immunity” has never been possible. That’s why you see people that have had the virus or the full shots getting the virus again or after the shots. The more highly contagious Delta variant is sweeping through more of the unvaccinated population than those with one or two shots. However no one with two or more shots will ever be immune from this virus with the current vaccinations. Government might be more believable and get more cooperation if they told everyone the truth and stopped changing their warnings and protocols more often than the weather changes. My wife and I had received both our shots within two weeks of it becoming available in AK. I am not anti-vaccination but I am opposed to constant lying and harmful mask wearing and shutdowns and liberty robbing public officials.

  7. Expect more variants just in time for the midterm elections next year. Gotta keep the fears stoked to make sure the votes can be safely”fortified” again.

  8. This CBJ action is in complete accord with the Wednesday noon-time ECHO session held this week by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. Where the Chinese flu epidemic will be this winter in Alaska and across North America is anyone’s guess. I honestly wish the Trump administration had dealt with China militarily over this, and I do not expect the Biden administration to have the courage to do so.

  9. This has nothing to do with Covid and everything thing to do with social control. Juneau will never let mask mandates go unless forced.

    Juneau is a good place for testing the bounds of just how much you can boil the societal frog. It’s mostly liberal and sheep like compliant.

    Big question remains: are they gonna ban cruise ships? God knows they want to.

  10. Sucker bet. Nothing good was ever gonna come from this crap show.

    I’m just wondering what else are they going to inflict on us.

  11. What a great way to keep the public out of Juneau during the “Special Session”. Beer Pong anyone?

      • Yet. Just wait.
        Radical leftist authoritarian statists will never, EVER “let a good crisis go to waste”. Every crisis, even (and especially) those of their own creation, are only further opportunities for them to restrict our freedoms and to further expand their power and control over the citizenry.
        If you really think that this is all NOT about power and control, you are a naive and gullible fool, as innocent and as ignorant as a young child.

  12. I knew something was up a few days ago. We have been getting bombarded by radio and other media about the Delta variant sweeping through Alaska. This happened just about the time tourists started rolling in and the cruise ships started to arrive. Our mayor is doing nothing and our city council reminds me of those in Seattle. So sad.

  13. I wonder after last year how many Juneau residents have moved out and how many current residents are seriously considering moving out of Juneau for a freer town. California, Oregon, and Washington plates I see arriving here on Alaska. I hope they are smart enough and learned their lesson about socialism/communism not to carry the same ideas into their new town. Hahaha.

    • Several have left due to dwindling economic opportunities and the erratic nature of getting out of Juneau.

      Most have stayed. Juneau is a very left of center town. It is also a government town. Most are not affected by lockdowns. Their jobs are safe and most get their food delivered.

  14. Are people literally falling over dead in the streets like the China propaganda we were being fed a over a year ago. Ill just do what the pretend VP Kamala Harris said….”No I will not get the vaccine” If she can refuse it, than so can I.

    • Stupidity. Dishonesty. Arrogance. Coercion. Repression. Restrictions. Irrationality. Hypocrisy. Destabilization. Degeneracy. Intolerance. Projection. Hysteria. Depravity. Diversion. Duplicity. Corruption.

  15. People in Juneau are getting a paycheck no matter what happens… unless you’re in business for yourself. Mandates are in place, but cruise ships are unloading people by the thousands as we speak.

  16. Nothing will change until the capital is moved. Took me 20 years to see the light, but this legislative year has convinced me. The lack of respect, responsibility, and decency from this legislative body has eroded the public’s trust. They hide in Juneau and rob our pockets. I pray people will start to pay attention.

  17. In Juneau, we do have a lot of faithful conservatives. We all have full time jobs, houses to maintain, raise our families, spend time with our children, help neighbors, and time permitting…enjoy the outdoors. Liberals all have some type of cushy gov’t job or foundation job if they even work at all.
    As a result, they have lots of free time. They all join PACs, committees, groups, non profits, the spectrum. It’s where their power comes from.

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