Democrats advance legislation requiring women to sign up for military draft


The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved language in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act that would require women to register for the military draft.

Currently, only men must sign up for Selective Service when they are between the ages of 18 and 25. The all-volunteer U.S. military has not drafted anyone since last draft call on Dec. 7, 1972, near the end of the Vietnam War. The Selective Service may, however, be reinstated in a national emergency.

The language came out of the subcommittee on personnel, led by Chairwoman Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York. The ranking Republican member is Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina.

Highlights of the Act include a 2.7 percent pay raise for both military and the Department of Defense civilian workforce, as well as a change to the Military Selective Service Act to require the registration of women for Selective Service.

The Act also authorizes fiscal year 2022 active-duty end strengths for the Army of 485,000 (up from 480,000); the Navy, 346,200 (up from 332,528); the Marine Corps, 178,500 (down from 186,000); the Air Force, 329,220 (up from 327,878); and the Space Force, 8,400. It authorizes reserve component military end strengths in line with President Joe Biden or his successor’s request, with the exception of Air National Guard military technicians and full-time Reserve and Guard personnel, which are frozen at FY21 levels.

From the readiness and management support subcommittee, where Sen. Dan Sullivan is the ranking Republican minority member, the bill has language that requires defense contractors to publicly disclose employee training materials “for review and identification of Critical Race Theory or similar theoretical instruction.”

Sen. Jack Reed, of Rhode Island is the committee’s chairman, and Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma is the Republican minority’s ranking member.

A complete detailed summary of the bill is at this link.

The U.S. House is working on a similar bill, and the two will be reconciled in the legislative process.


  1. Just one more reason we need to leave the union. We are a shackled satrapy of America, America does not care about us at all. We are nothing more than a virtue signal or financial exploit to them.

    • I agree, especially in light of the fact that the US government controls over 60% of Alaska directly through its federal agency tentacles to ‘administer’ the state directly.

      The only way we can change this is to join the Alaska Independence Party and vote to leave.

      If we substituted the PFD disbursements as a replacement for Federal monies sent to Alaska, we could pull this off financially.

      • Hate to break your bubble, but the same deceptive deceitful progressives control Juneau as DC. Best to clean our own house first.

  2. So who will take care of the children when both mom and dad serving under a state of emergency? Unless these senators are hinting at something we don’t know about the covid shots possibly already sterilized millions of young American women and men? So they don’t have to worry about future pregnancies among upcoming young people?

    It’s onething for a man leaving a child behind while he serves his country or for whatever keeps him away from his child. Seperation can be a whole another thing for a Woman separated from her child like say that 19 year old single mother, or that young woman who is responsible to her aging parents. Women by nature are nurturers. I don’t know how a lot of young women will handle the fast pace and brutal force of combat. A few women can separate their nurturing emotions from duty, not many women can and follow through without getting emotional.

  3. Gillibrand double-crossed her constituents on gun control in order to be elected, first saying she is a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter but once her base was with her and expanded to include Democrats she then switched everything to become an advocate of gun registration and confiscation. In her NY state owning a handgun requires a permit, and carrying a gun as we in Alaska know it can only be done by cops and wise guys.

  4. I’ve got no issue with this. They want “equality”, let them take the risks that come with it.

    Israel had women in its military and they kick the crap out of all comers.

  5. Why do we have a draft requirement?
    There has not been a draft since Viet Nam. It did not work well then, why would we presume the draft would work now. The draft was started because the USA used to mind it’s own business. We did not look for Weapons of Mass Destruction or nation building.
    Also we did not fight 20 year wars and lose. Nope no need for a draft. Only the ones on the Military Industrial Complex payroll are pushing to be more inclusive.

    • Agreed. But if there is going to be a draft at all it should be non-discriminating. Many men have avoided the draft, especially during the Vietnam draft by simply enlisting into a relatively safe profession, Clerk springs to mind, as does ATC. The girls could take advantage of these safer trades by enlisting, before they are drafted. On a side note, *safe trades* are even available with special forces units, not everyone within them is required to be a real life Rambo.

    • Joe, kindly let me unpack it for you. The draft is a readiness issue. In times of urgent need, contacting eligible draftees would consume precious time. The need is obvious. The constitutional requirement to serve is another topic for discussion.
      The concept of drafting women arises from radical feminist ideology. As is typical with political issues, when reasonable women fail to speak loudly against the radical faction, they are then subsumed into the outcome. As a further logical extension, women soldiers need to be forced to have the same hairstyles as males; however, a reasonable compromise would be letting males have haircuts similar to women. Women soldiers will eventually need to submit to forced abortions since males are not allowed to depart for maternity leave.
      When pushed to logical consequences, even radical feminists do not want true equality. Rather, they are seeking equality of privilege and outcome and not that of opportunity and responsibility.

  6. All men and women have both strengths and weaknesses, and sophisticated operators like the Israeli Defense Force, use the best abilities of both sexes to their advantage! There is no question that men can out perform women on certain tasks, and women can out perform men in other tasks. The key to a top notch military is to utilize the best of each in their area of excellence to support the national security objectives!
    This development, along with our rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan in particular and the “Sand Box” in general, makes me think the upper echelon KNOW that these forces will soon be needed in another Operational Venue TBA Soon! It’s anyone guess, will it be defending the Taiwan Straits, Operation Cuba Libre, or maybe a frontal assault on “White Supremacy”?

  7. Democrats always support slavery of every kind. Republicans do too, but usually focus on agriculture.

  8. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with a Dem! Way past time for women to be in the draft! Women have done a fantastic job in the military so why not?
    With Women’s rights come responsibilities!
    BTW, my wife, 20 year USAF NCO all for this, about time from her as well!

  9. Equality for women is important, they are entitled to have to register and if we go to war can enjoy the experience of waiting for the draft lottery results. The excitement was too much for me so I just joined up.

  10. Draft . A very dirty word . Women should not be required to register for draft or be drafted. It’s immoral and unethical. In a free nation people will volunteer if the cause is just . Those who support a draft for men or women support slavery. Free America from illegal tyranny!!!

  11. If the government can force you into servitude of any kind for any reason then you are not free…you are property and government is your owner and master. That’s not how this country was set up to be but the unthinking acceptance of involuntary servitude by the masses highlights why so many simply obey whatever mandates the government lays down. So put on your mask, get your shots of experimental gene therapy and then trot yourself down to the bank to cash your stimulus check…sheeple.

  12. 100% completely on board with this. If women can serve in combat roles and volunteer in the military, then mandated registration for selected service is the next logical step.

    • Zack , what logical step? Enslave your mothers , wives , childrens mom , sisters and girlfriend? Yes women should seeve in military as they choose but only if they choose. Otherwise it meets definition of slavery or indentured servitude. Its not logical to enslave anyone and force them to kill other people in foreign lands against their will. Let them volunteer if its a war they believe in . Nothing much worse than the draft .

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