Children will be masked in Anchorage schools this fall, superintendent says


Superintendent Deena Bishop ripped the bandaid off of the question as to whether children in Anchorage Public Schools will be masked to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

According to Bishop, she will propose a universal mask policy to the Anchorage School Board and it will discuss it during its Aug. 3 meeting.

Many on the school board have pressured her to enact the mask mandate for all in Anchorage schools.

Bishop, in a letter to parents stated:

Universal masking will be required for all individuals while inside any ASD school or building. Some exceptions will apply. Masking while outside is optional.
2.    Keep ASD Symptom Free. We must all do our part to minimize viral spread. Please stay home and get tested if you are experiencing ANY symptoms.
3.    Cleaning and Disinfecting. Regular cleaning of classrooms, buses, and offices will continue. Hand sanitizer will be readily available and frequent handwashing will be encouraged. Enhancements and upgrades have  been made to building HVAC systems to allow for optimal ventilation and air exchange. 
4.    Keeping students and staff in the learning environment. The District will continue to make COVID-19 vaccine clinics available to eligible students (with parental consent), staff, and community members through a contracted provider. Additionally, following new guidance from the CDC, asymptomatic, properly masked students and fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to quarantine if deemed a close contact.

“These past few weeks I have gathered information, heard from parents and staff, and spoken with experts. The science tells us the new variant is highly contagious, is circulating around the globe, and is at a high rate in our community. Given the rapid rise of COVID cases in Anchorage and the new public health recommendations provided last week by the CDC, I will recommend this mitigation plan to the Anchorage School Board. The Board will review and discuss it during its August 3 meeting, she wrote, ending her letter with the word “Cheers! Dr. Deena Bishop”.

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    • Maybe. In Asia they take the kids temperature when they come to school every day to weed out symptomatic kids. They also sanitize a lot. Taiwan is the best at controlling the virus and have almost zero covid currently. They have temp sensors similar to facial recognition all over the place. They were the first ones to stop people coming from china as they knew they had some kind of outbreak because all their airports have temp scanners. Some airports in the USA have them too. I tried to get the state to put them in Seattle to stop people from coming here sick. They didn’t listen yet. Anyway, we need them in the schools if we are going to be serious about our kids staying healthy.

    • What evidence do you have to support this please? I’ll be happy to accept peer reviewed scientific studies and/or video evidence of a direct reading instrument reading over a STEL or over a PEL for an 8 hour TWA. The one bogus study which claimed this has been rescinded because it was not valid. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

      • Ditto. What evidence do you have to support your comment, where are your peer reviewed scientific studies proving that masking children is effective against SARS-CoV-2.
        I too, look forward to hearing from you Dale.

      • OSHA PELs are for healthy adult workers. And don’t apply to children or unhealthy people.
        As a State employee in the State OSHA program you’d think you would know that.

        • I am speaking as a private citizen with personal opinions and not associated with the State of Alaska in any way.

          I agree that PELs and STELs are for adults and not children. The original comment mentioned the workplace specifically, and there are no children in the workplace. But we have to start with some sort of measurement, would you not agree?

          I appreciate your engagement in civil debate!

    • Then how come surgeons and nurses wear them during long surgeries, often lasting up to ten hours? While I don’t agree with mask mandates, especially for children, your argument would find more ground if it were logical. There are those who cannot handle wearing a mask (asthma, etc.), but please let us know the reasoning behind your statement, thanks.

      • Karen, it is disingenuous and ridiculous to compare the wearing of proper surgical masks by medical professionals, in limited circumstances, for limited periods, in a specifically fit manner, to the widespread mandate for the general public who are NOT wearing proper surgical masks, NOT in limited circumstances, NOT for limited periods (and one-time use only), nor properly and professionally fitted.
        I note that doctors and nurses do not routinely wear masks (or did not use to, anyway) in any situation outside of surgery. So the original post to which you responded was, in fact, logical.

        • Believe what you want. I had three kids masked in elementary school last year. None of them got sick, Covid or otherwise. The work. A simple test is trying to blow out a match with your mask on. Cheers.

          • The reason your kids didn’t get sick is because the science says the odds are extremely low, not because your mask works, but because they have a natural resistance to CoV-SARS-2. See the difference? #thinkcritically

          • Brian, your experience with your three kids is statistically invalid and therefore meaningless, which you would realize if you knew the first thing about statistical analysis, or science in general.

          • @Brian Well I haven’t worn a mask at work for the past year and a half and haven’t gotten Covid at all. So what’s you point?

      • They wear masks to protect the patient who is cut open and whose insides are exposed to the environment with the body’s natural protections through the airways, eyes, ears, skin,etc. circumvented. They are working in a scrubbed, sterile environment and they’re not getting a bunch of dust and microscopic organisms stuck on their masks for future rebreathing.

  1. They are never, ever, gonna let this go.
    It’s social control, nothing less.

    Looks like a test for Bronson. While he can’t override, he does have a bully pulpit. Will he use it, or will he Dunleavy?

    • The only real reason to force children into wearing masks is to instill in them, from an early age, compliance and conformity to arbitrary governmental dictates. They want the children to become inured to authoritarianism, so that they will think it is “normal” and not question it when they get older.

  2. The current Superintendent has completely lost her mind. She should seek mental health treatment. She has plenty of money. Please just go away.

  3. My letter tonight to the School Board.

    Good evening [ MB ] , President of the Anchorage School Board:

    With this new updated email below from the Superintendent , please let me know exactly how this updated decision was determined ?

    Your previous reply to me when I requested the names of each board member in-favor of another proposed mask mandate was; ” Contrary to the article you shared and your request for names, the Board has not discussed mitigation plan for the 21-22 fall semester. The matter will be discussed at its meeting on August 3, 6pm.

    Your response came right after Deena Bishop replied to me with the following: ” The School Board has an interest in making masks mandatory due to the current viral counts. I understand your frustration. ”

    Maybe I’m just tired and not comprehending. If the school board has not yet discussed this matter, then how was this updated mask policy today from Deena Bishop determined ? Who all was involved in making this latest decision for Anchorage children ?

    I hope the school district, the superintendent and the school board are not still putting credence in CDC’s directives for Anchorage children when the CDC has been absolutely wrong, inaccurate or indecisive at best with ALL past directives and involvement. And Dr. Rand Paul has severely exposed Mr. Fauci this last two weeks with extremely troubling testimony shocking countless parents. Please tell me that no one from our Anchorage school system is still putting credence in the CDC ?

    My son has been significantly scared socially and psychological because of past CDC guidance regarding Covid and masks as well as numerous other children and that does not even include several suicides involved.

    In addition, I absolutely value the factual words from another person I respect and she also echo’s my serious concerns with many other parents with the following pertinent comments; ” There is no sufficient evidence that this will or has had any effect on covid-19. Children are at such low risk of contracting covid-19 and even lower risk of spreading it that a mask mandate is just not supported. To punish them by restricting their ability to breathe clean air, which is impossible to do with masks, is absolutely inappropriate and dangerous. Bacterial pneumonia, as I’m sure you know, is deadly for children and everyone else. Covid-19 has reportedly killed less than 400 children, all of which reportedly had dangerous underlying conditions. In comparison, the seasonal flu kills an average of 200 HEALTHY children per year. COVID-19 IS NOT A HIGH OR DEADLY RISK TO CHILDREN. Masks, however, are.

    Please stop putting our children in danger from a disease that they are almost guaranteed not to die from and even less likely to spread”.

    I am very eager to get your response to my questions and concerns, and so are countless other individuals and parents I coordinate with regularly.

    Thank you for following up with these very important questions and concerns.


    35 year Anchorage resident
    U.S. Air Force veteran/father

  4. Cheers, I’m not gonna lie if that was a troll what a great way to do it, if not read the room lady that’s not a good ending on the deliverance of such news that ASD is gonna further mentally abuse children

  5. We are living in a time of weak men and women. Quite possibly the weakest we have ever been, as a society. The West is eating itself away from within.

    • Agreed. But, please be aware, you have potentially offended them/they with your use of toxic stereotypical pronouns. Yes, them/they are even more pathetic/sensitive than we could ever imagine, them/they have more hair triggers than Smith & Wesson. #bethoughtful #jazzhandsjazzhands #godhelpus

  6. Where does this bureaucrat get the authority to impose mask mandates?
    All political authority originates in the state and federal constitutions.
    Go read them and you won’t find anything in either that grants government the legitimate authority to tell us to wear masks or accept medical treatments or social distance or any of this other Covid related idiocy that’s going on.
    The reality is that over a couple of hundred years of political and judicial “interpretation” of the federal and state constitutions our ruling classes have simply taken power and authority that was never granted to them by the people.
    We’re seeing the culmination of this right now in the illegitimate Biden Administration.
    Government has evolved from being our servant into being our master.
    We now do what our supposedly elected representatives tell us to do instead of them doing what we all agreed they would do when we ratified the easy to understand federal and state constitutions…thanks to a long succession of power hungry politicians aided and abetted by equally corrupt judges.
    We long ago passed the tipping point where all of this could have been reversed through the political process.
    That’s as obvious as it could be when “elected” representatives oppose any open audit or verification of our “free and fair” elections.
    America has had a hidden ruling class for a long time and now that they’ve installed their demented puppet into the presidency and stolen sufficient seats in Congress to solidify their rule with the willing assistance of a liberal majority on the U. S. Supreme Court they no longer feel the need for secrecy or subtly.
    It’ll get a lot worse before it gets better, if it ever does.

  7. I will not be surprised at all if schools do not fully open, or if they open and then pull back in some way following incidents. I am sorry that elected officials at the state government level are not using our new-found tele=education discoveries and practices to materially reduce the state spend on education.
    Only government insists on turning a windfall into added costs! Our educational performance numbers were already lowest in the nation so why not try something new? There is also a possibility that the Chinese will now send another disease our way as we have done nothing to discourage them from doing so.

  8. The Liberal love COVID like a proud parent. They will go to any extreme necessary to keep it relevent into perpetuity. Strains, strains, and more strains. They’ll never end, when they run out of letters they’ll use numbers or symbols. Slap masks on poor young children? Not a problem.

      • Then the kids would actually be learning, and not being brainwashed by our public indoctrination, er, “education” system with pro-wokeist, pro-globalist, pro-corporate propaganda. I’d call that a win-win.

        • Nobody asked you. All I’ve heard is that this remote learning is not working out that well but you think it is preferred.
          Oh, you think I meant home-schooled-nothing of the sort but a few that are capable of that. Try not to make assumptions here Jefferson-you aren’t very good at it. Heheh!

  9. The safetyism cult of the Branch Covidians strikes again!
    They have found the ideal situation, where hysteria and irrational fear perfectly overlap with their perpetual desire for control, conformity and coerced compliance.

      • Maybe, I don’t know. And whether I have had it or not is utterly irrelevant to the discussion and to public policy. Unlike you, selfish, arrogant and self-absorbed as you are, I do not base my political beliefs and principles on my own narrow self-interest and my own chosen way of life.

  10. So, she is going with the anti science, totalitarian approach.
    Now y’all know who your superintendent is……

  11. Why stop at masks? Let’s bust out the medical leeches to suck the covid-19 out of these kids! Perhaps a few doses of colloidal silver for each kid during lunch? If we’re gonna practice fake science then let’s do it up all the way!

      • Personal attack coupled with the logical fallacy of having to be or doing something before you can comment. Nice start to the discussion. By that same logic, you shouldn’t be involved because you aren’t attending ASD.

        Here’s a fun thought: The chances of kiddos getting / transmitting COVID are somewhat less than an individual getting hit by lightning. So, like what are you doing to protect and defend your kiddos from lightning? Sending them out with lightning rods and grounding plates, perhaps?

        Kiddos don’t get COVID in any appreciable numbers. No do they transmit it to anyone. A blanket requirement is government required child abuse. Cheers –

        • Fantastic rebuttal to Brian’s sputtering Covidian hysteria and nonsense, Agimarc!
          As usual, it is those who question and who challenge the official narrative and orthodoxy who have logic, reason and common sense on their side.

  12. That is simply child abuse. The SCIENCE shows that children are at very low risk or getting sick or spreading the virus. The SCIENCE shows that wearing masks does very little to prevent infections. The SCIENCE shows there are a variety of health problems created by chronic mask wearing.

    The SCIENCE shows that the common flu is far more dangerous to children than Covid. Why were masks not mandatory every year if you were following the misguided logic of the Superintendent? The flu is never going away. Covid is never going away. Does the superintendent intend to force children to wear masks forever? Or just until the next teachers union contract?

  13. “The science tells us the new variant is highly contagious”

    The SCIENCE also tells us the new variant is far less deadly than the original virus.
    What is wrong with her? Children are NOT in danger from this virus; and neither are the adult teachers who’ve been vaccinated.

    This makes about as much sense as requiring students to wear helmets when they’re on the playground. At least then there is SOME risk of injury.

    • The Delta variant is just as deadly as the original covid-19 virus if you aren’t protected. It is way more transferable and just as deadly. End of story. Now if you got a shot earlier on then the Delta variant isn’t as deadly but you’re still going to get sick and you’re still going to have fatigue for about 8 months in a row along with other complications but you won’t be dead.

  14. Employee Health Policies
    Employer Liability Acceptance Form

    I, COMPANY OFFICIALS NAME: ____________________________ , as an official representative of COMPANY NAME:
    _____________________________________ in the official company capacity of JOB TITLE:
    _________________________________________ charged with the duty of executing said company’s employee health
    policies, which may include company policies potentially harmful to employee including the use of, coercion, bribery or
    any threat of loss of employment and income, or any other means of coercion, hereby state that I fully understand the
    actions I am taking, and that I ACCEPT FULL LEGAL, FINANCIAL AND HEALTH CONDITION LIABILITY, both professionally
    and personally, for any and all damages affecting employee, which may arise as a result of my actions to enforce and
    execute said “Company” employee health policy, and hereby acknowledge that I am executing and enforcing said
    policies without providing employee proper information in order for the employee to offer any “informed consent.”
    “EMPLOYEE” shall include all under direct employment and all private “contractors” that fall under said company health
    policies being enforced.

    Liability for “forced or coerced” health policies will include, but are not limited to; forced masking, forced quarantine,
    forced house arrest, forced medical treatments of any kind, any forced vaccinations, inoculations, injections, whether
    approved by government agencies or not, related employee abuse or “shaming,” discrimination, or otherwise
    infringement upon employee Constitutionally protected Natural Rights, individual liberties, or Civil Liberties.

    COMPANY NAME: _____________________________________________________________________

    COMPANY HQ ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________

    COMPANY PRIMARY PHONE: ____________________________________________________________

    PRESIDENT/ CEO NAME: ________________________________________________________________

    COMPANY OFFICER: ___________________________________________________________________

    OFFICER HOME ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________

    OFFICER HOME PHONE: ___________________________ MOBILE PHONE _______________________

    DATE POLICY IS BEING FORCED UPON EMPLOYEE: __________________________________________

    I, the undersigned, responsible for executing and enforcing company health policies upon employee, without their
    “informed consent” and “against their will” fully understand the actions I am taking and that I am completely liable, on
    behalf of company and myself, for any adverse effects, losses to the health, financial or other well-being of employee,
    due to my actions today.

    SIGNED: ____________________________________ DATE: ______________________
    Both Professionally and Personally

  15. I recommend that all the ASD staff and contractors be mandated to get the vaccination. This will protect all staff and personnel. It is a much better solution to the Delta strain than mask wearing. Did Superintendent Bishop coordinate with the teachers union leaders? Let’s see the emails, phone calls and meetings.

    • David, you need to keep up with “the science”, which is conclusively demonstrating that 1) the jabs are NOT vaccines, and 2) that the jabs confer neither immunity to the virus, nor immunity to transmission, in those who have received them.
      But the giant pharmaceutical corporations appreciate your support nonetheless.

  16. Those poor kids I really feel sorry for them, they don’t need to be going through this, it’s all politicized because of liberal mental illness.

  17. The dictators are at it again. Eternal masks for all! Thank you Legislature (sarcasm) for blocking any legislation that could protect us from these psychos

  18. When testing for Covid all they get is a positive result for SARS which is interpreted as “Covid 19”. BUT,..there is no test to differentiate between the variants like Delta. So how are they getting the supposed “Delta sweeping the nation” claim?
    WH spokesman was recently asks this same question and her response… “Because ….we trust the experts”.
    With the FDA officially recalling the PCR test (voiding all past credibility of “cases” counts) and George Soros & Bill Gates lead buyout of UK Covid testing companys, hospitals still getting 13 thousand dollar (incentive) for every “covid case”, how could anyone not connect the dots?

    Pull your kids out of the school system that perpetuates the NWO plans and the plandemic they use to get away with it all.

    • I note that all you Branch Covidians just LOVE to focus on “cases”. Cases as determined by whom and by what, exactly? A fundamentally flawed PCR analysis that even its inventor strenuously insisted was not and could not be valid as a diagnostic tool? If this very mild disease were really The Black Death 2.0, as all you hysterical, hair-on-fire sheep and Karens insist (and only because the corporate media has terrorized you into doing so), then you would be talking about the numbers of DEATHS, not “cases” as defined by novel, historically unprecedented, and medically dubious means. All you have to sell is irrational fear, paranoia, ignorance, intolerance, hatred and coercion. No thanks, Greg.
      PS: Why do you post here if you live in Florida? I doubt that anyone here is trolling any Florida online forums.

        • Yes, but in what REAL numbers, and in what numbers as compared to all other diseases and illnesses? Again, Greg, you cannot talk about so-called “cases” without putting those numbers into any sort of context — it is illogical and irrelevant.
          The simple fact is that the Wuhan Virus is no more virulent or deadly than a bad seasonal flu, along the lines of the Hong Kong Flu or the Asian Flu. And yet we did not shut down society nor run around with our hair on fire for those epidemics in the 1950s and 1960s, so what justifies doing so today?

        • Gregory, when will you learn that the corporate media is little more nowadays than a seething mass of propaganda? HOW can anyone intelligent enough to wipe their own butt (I am assuming you are able to do so) not recognize that?

        • It’s a guessing game. How are they differentiating between the CCP virus and the Indian variant? The WH Press Secretary was at a loss to explain when asked. Turns out, they simply grab a handful of random swabs, test for the variant, and extrapolate (that’s guess to you PBSMSNBCCBSCNN viewers).
          Then there are those PCR tests that run beyond 40 levels of magnification (cycles), they’re basically useless, if we’re following the (pseudo) science here.

  19. Okay, I’ll say it for the umpteenth time (lost count), MASKS DO NOTHING TO STOP THE VIRUS! There is ZERO clinical evidence to support masks unless it is a fully encapsulated hose breather. There are now numerous studies proving why not to wear them due to the horrible collection of contagions and bacteria that build up in the mask including the reduction of O2 intake for your body. They are in fact harmful to people unless you are changing them out every few hours and throwing them away. They now know due to the stupid people pushing them, they are polluting our environment and ending up in the ocean in the billions. You would think with all the greenie weenies in Alaska, they would have a problem with this environmental disaster. Guess is doesn’t fit the narrative!

  20. Here is another news flash for the people unwilling to do the research. Kids are not affected the same way adults are by the virus and in most cases may get the sniffles. Also, the Delta Variant (if it is actually real) may be more contagious but is weaker than the original as far as causing severe sickness. It is a natural fact that mutations weaken the virus! This is confirmed by virologist Dr. Malone who created the m-rna structure the vaccine is produced from. Until these bureaucrats start using facts, parents need to tell them to stuff it and leave your kids alone.

  21. One could be forgiven for encouraging and supporting mass disobedience.
    Suppose dozens, hundreds of mask-less children show up for class, what’s going to happen?
    Suppose parents organize a boycott and few, if any, children show up for class, what’s going to happen?
    To the teachers union hacks for your part in this child abuse, damn you to hell for what you’ve done.
    Sure and there’s no law to fit the crime you bloody lot committed against generations of children in the name of “education”
    … but we fondly hope what you’ve done returns in your darkest hours to be your worst nightmare.

    • Those same teachers, who’re for this abusive control, are the same parents who let their own kids play without masks, whilst running in and out of their friends houses in their own neighborhoods. See it, record it, post it. The only way to call out them is to publicly shame them with their own hypocrisy.

  22. There are less than 350 children that have died in the last 18 months out of 75 million children in this country.
    I believe 825 children have died of pneumonia in the same time period.
    Deena clearly isn’t as smart as her Phd. says she is because she can’t even read statistics. If parents want their children to wear masks that is a family decision but one size does not fit all.

  23. Obviously she is ignoring Mayor Bronson’s action which states mask requirements are null and void at all municipal properties. Again, ASD schools are Municipal properties and Mayor Dave trumps the mentally challenged Bishop. Cant wait until he starts combining MOA and ASD and cutting the repetitive jobs. Then the real squealing will start.

    • Yes, I wondered about that myself! Is not the Anchorage School District part of the Municipality of Anchorage? If so, then Branch Covidian Bishop has no authority to mandate masks in the schools, whether for the students or for the staff.

  24. If I were a parent of a child in an Anchorage School, I would tell them to “go pound sand”, where is the data that shows that this action is necessary? There is none, it is all about power!

  25. Wow, everyone is a scientist or a lawyer now! I believe in a faith, a person who sacrificed personal comforts, rights and desires for the good of their neighbor, and didn’t put His own rights first. I want to be an example of that kind of love, compassion and sacrifice. If there is even a 1% chance that putting on a little flimsy piece of fabric for a day could help save one life, help keep someone out of the hospital, than I am all for it. People will write analytically rude responses on social media, news pages and then go to Church and tell God how thankful they are for His love, kindness and mercy, then go home, get behind the computer and turn into a keyboard warrior who has more in common with the righteous Pharisees who attacked people with condescending hate filled words, sitting their smug and secure, and all the while, dripping in hypocrisy.

    • Great comment, Nate. I think the separation a keyboard gives is much like the separation a camera or microphone gives. It removes the personal responsibility that a real time conversation requires, and allows the speaker (or writer) to fill in the blanks as they see fit. It’s like a pitcher imagining the 6’5″, 285 pound gorilla half swinging before him is not wearing any clothes to give a sense of weakness. Sure, this tactic gives an ego boost to the fastball, but it doesn’t result in a better dialogue, philosophically speaking. It might be more entertaining. And it might get right to the point in no time. But it’s typically reflective of the person’s views, and a one-side argument is rarely productive. Which is now where much of the political dialogue resides in America.

      I do think it’s safe to err on the side of caution, when 600,000 Americans have perished with many more in recovery still, as medical resources are strained to the point of collapse.

      • Coleman, that so-called 640,000 Americans dead from the Wuhan Virus is a wildly exaggerated figure. Even by the CDC’s own admission, less than 10% (around 6%, to be precise) of those so counted actually died WITH COVID-19, not FROM COVID-19. That is “the science”. And moreover, one has to take into account that even that number (~6% of 640,000, which is 38,400) is probably exaggerated on the high side, due to the determination of those (supposedly) positive COVID cases having been made using the analytically flawed PCR method (not ‘test’), which even its inventor strenuously argued was fundamentally invalid as a diagnostic tool for infectious disease.
        In short, this “pandemic” was much more the creation of fearmongers and agenda-makers in the political establishment and the corporate media than it was of nature, and this disease is not much worse than any of the more severe seasonal flues that pass through every decade or two.

      • Uh I guess you are the née scientist who worships at the tree of faucci. Just a little FYI for you and Nate, fabric masks are like using chicken wire to stop mosquitoes. Proven over and over mr google/ yahoo / msn scientist. N95 masks are effective for 15 minutes, guess what, then you need a fresh one, and that is for performing drywall sanding, concrete grinding/ drilling. Go ahead and keep on inhaling your body’s exhaust and tell me how well you feel in 2-3-4-5 years, you will be dead. You are nothing more than sheep who have followed your Shepard to the cliff and are willing to jump into the abyss. BTW, ASD is part of MOA and will have to follow mayor Dave’s decisions. Again, I can’t wait to hear the tears when the duplicate roles in each entity are discovered and someones govt welfare position is eliminated.

    • Let’s lower all speed limits to 5mph then you know how many live that would save.
      While we are at it let’s outlaw guns, alcohol, airplanes, abortion, walking downstairs, leaving your house.
      Also it’s way awesome when people of the progressive religion try to tell Christians WWJD, so insightful

    • The fallacy of collectivism couldn’t have been stated more clearly…that we, in total, will be better off if we all sacrifice for the larger group by giving up our rights and always putting the needs and wants of others ahead of our own.
      From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs…aka Marxism.
      It’s been tried numerous times and failed every time at great human cost.
      Masking what is essentially communism behind a religious cloak doesn’t change what it is.
      You want to work to better humanity and society?
      Then work to better yourself by offering goods or services that others find valuable and useful…individual initiative motivated by the desire to better your own situation through the rewards gained by creating something that others want or find useful as they also work to better themselves.
      Individualism, personal responsibility and the desire to improve your own situation through hard work are what raise the standard of living for the larger group…not the false promise that sacrificing your rights or what you’ve earned will somehow result in nirvana for all.
      Just the opposite occurs as we’ve seen time and again.

    • Not sure that’s a good argument. There are a lot of things that don’t kill you that you still do not want in your life. Arthritis, invasive surgery, car wrecks… most of the time these unwanted obstacles in your life do not end up as a fatal condition, but you still do what is in your power to avoid them. Right? Or is preventive maintenance, like changing the oil in your car, something you prefer to do after the avoidable crisis occurs?

      • That is all true, Coleman, but again, like most of the hysterical, irrational and fear-driven Covidians, you fail to put this disease into any kind of context or perspective. Just to say that “people are dying of COVID-19!” is meaningless and irrelevant. People die EVERY DAY, from innumerable causes, but we don’t shut down society and destroy our economy in the attempt to forestall every one of those deaths, or even most of them. It is a matter of balancing risks, costs and benefits.
        In other words, should everyone remain indoors because 150 Americans die every year from bee stings? Should the national speed limit be lowered to 10 mph because 30,000 Americans die every year in automobile accidents? Should butter, ice cream, steaks and pastries be banned because many people (millions) die of heart disease every year? One could go on and on. But nobody is rationally arguing for any of those measure, because even the most risk-averse among us realizes that the costs to society as a whole would outweigh the benefits. THAT is the perspective and the context that all you irrationally fear-driven Covidians are failing to accept — that the measures adopted last year (and now again) in the attempt to supposedly reduce deaths from this disease are far more damaging to society, and to our freedoms, than the disease is. You are essentially advocating that we collectively chop off an arm in order to avoid getting a cut on a finger.

  26. Just another reason amongst many for keeping your children out of public schools. Save our children by stopping the fear mongering and brainwashing.

  27. Participation in the government indoctrination centers (aka “The Public School system”) should be entirely optional at this point. They have completely abandoned their common sense for the dopamine hit they get from exercising authority over human beings. They have no legitimate authority to force helpless children to wear silly (but dangerous) cloth covering on their face. What’s next, burkas?

    If there is no mechanism to remove tyrants from their little posts where they are buried like ticks on the public teat, then the entire system of forced taxation and indoctrination that has arisen over the years needs to be dismantled and redesigned. Authoritarian kooks should not be bludgeoning people with their fake “science” and abusing children.

  28. Annnd, the school district has fallen into line and is goose stepping with all of the other liberal Communists/Socialists! Your children are now following them.

    • Funny how it is the vaccinated who are the most susceptible to re acquiring the Wuhan. Keep telling the unvaccinated it’s our fault, lol lol lol lol. Put your mask on and follow the rest of the lemmings to the cliff

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