Poll: Americans more skeptical of government mandates due to ‘Delta’ variant


A nationwide poll conducted in late June by the Trafalgar Group reveals that Americans are not in favor of an overbearing government response to the Delta variant of Covid-19.

The survey was conducted during the third week of June and the participates skewed Democrat.

63 percent of those surveyed said that “Government should take no action. With widespread availability of the vaccines and treatments individuals can make personal decisions on how to respond.”

17.7 percent of all respondents said “Government should reinstate mandates for mask wearing, social distancing.”

7 percent said they favor lockdowns in addition to mask wearing and social distancing.

On Friday, President Joe Biden said Americans can “in all probability” expect to face more restrictions due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus’ so-called Delta variant. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, said on Fox News that the White House was also “looking into” mandating vaccines. Later she backtracked and said the Administration wasn’t considering such a measure.

The White House statements reflect the often contradictory and unsupported statements coming from the Biden Administration.

The survey shows Biden is facing a nation that has become more skeptical of the government’s official talking points on Covid-19.

In the Trafalgar poll, Democrats were more in favor of mandates, with 37 percent saying that masks, social distancing mandates and even lockdowns were acceptable. But 50 percent of Democrats said the government should back off and take no additional mandate action.

Republicans were different in their response Over 83 percent said 63 percent said “Government should take no action. With widespread availability of the vaccines and treatments individuals can make personal decisions on how to respond.”

7.3 percent of Republicans said they’d support mask mandates and social distancing mandates. Just 2.4 percent of Republicans support further lockdowns, compared with 11.3 percent of Democrats.

Those who don’t affiliate with either party trended toward the greater personal responsibility side — 55.5 percent said “Government should take no action. With widespread availability of the vaccines and treatments individuals can make personal decisions on how to respond.” 19.2 percent said OK to masks and social distancing mandates, and 6.7 percent said they could support the more draconian lockdown measures.

The poll details can be found at this link.


  1. Anything coming from the CDC, WHO, Fauci, the post office, ect.

    Fauci and friends did the impossible. I do not trust any branch of government anymore. It’s not IF they lie, it’s how much.

  2. Dare we hope that more and more Americans are finally waking up from their overblown, corporate-media-induced hysteria and Covidian zombie state of perpetual and irrational fear and paranoia?
    To all you rigid, dogmatic and still-brainwashed Branch Covidians out there, it is YOUR hysteria, YOUR unreasoned and irrational overblown fear, and YOUR cowardice and compliance that is furthering the loss of freedoms AND of lives in this country. It is YOU (and the sociopaths in power who have led you to such a state) who are the real enemies, not a very mild flu-like disease of extremely low mortality (< 0.2%).

  3. Just wait, Fauci and his band of merry Chinese communist merry men are hard at work upgrading the Epsilon variant to release as soon as Delta slows down some

  4. It’s all fraud,, nothing more than a bad flu,, just research PCR testing.
    These people should be arrested immediately for crimes against humanity.

  5. How can anyone in their right mind think that this is nothing but one big scam? The problem is there are too many blind communists in America that think the new variant being shoved down your throats is nothing more then propaganda? Any supposed variant is nothing more then the vaccinated causing the variant, NOT those who refuse to be injected with any covid scamdemic vaccine.
    Just like the mask and reasons for me not going to be vaccinated is if you think you are protected, do not worry about me. I won’t worry about anyone afraid of me and my choice because if you wear a mask or take the vaccine scam, you have nothing to fear but my right and choice not be be brainwashed.
    What does lockdown me? it means if you are for it you fear life more then freedom.

    • Those who are paralysed by the fear of the virus are unable to understand that the true pandemic is the psychological manipulation that is being aimed towards humanity.

  6. A very good letter to the school board.

    To whom it may concern,
    It has been proposed that this fall there is a possibility that the school district may require children to mask in class. I would urge you to dismiss this requirement as there is no sufficient evidence that this will or has had any effect on covid-19.
    Children are at such low risk of contracting covid-19 and even lower risk of spreading it that a mask mandate is just not supported. To punish them by restricting their ability to breathe clean air, which is impossible to do with masks, is absolutely inappropriate and dangerous. Bacterial pneumonia, as I’m sure you know, is deadly for children and everyone else. Covid-19 has reportedly killed less than 400 children, all of which reportedly had dangerous underlying conditions. In comparison, the seasonal flu kills an average of 200 HEALTHY children per year. COVID-19 IS NOT A HIGH OR DEADLY RISK TO CHILDREN. Masks, however, are.
    Here are a couple of links that directly refute the claims that masks are healthy for children (and everyone else).
    https: // www . ernestdempsey.com/bacterial-pneumonia-and-other-health-risks-of-wearing-masks-alarm-doctors/

    https: // principia-scientific .com/covid-19-masks-causing-rise-in-bacterial-pneumonia/

    https: // pubmed . ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25903751/

    I urge you to research actual medical studies that are referenced and linked on the above sites. Please stop putting our children in danger from a disease that they are almost guaranteed not to die from and even less likely to spread.

    • The reason masks prevent the transmission of this virus is because they (masks) prevent the spittle (water droplets that can contain the virus) from traveling far from the wearer.
      Next time you get the chance put on a mask and try spitting and get back to us about how far your spittle traveled. Take your time here as this exercise might be difficult for someone with your IQ.

  7. The question isn’t whether or not we should accept government mandates supposedly intended to protect us from others and others from us.
    The real question is where in the constitution did we grant government the authority to do so?
    The answer is that we did not.
    Government wasn’t instituted to replace our parents or to become our benevolent guardian.
    Government doesn’t exist to tell us to eat our veggies or wear our raincoat for our own good.
    Telling us to wear masks, social distance, get shots of some Franken-vaccine is just the grownup version of Mom telling you not to run with scissors.
    If the government can force you to wear a useless piece of cloth over your face for your own protection and the protection of others, despite medical evidence of the ineffectiveness of doing so, how long can it be before our surrogate government parents start controlling other aspects of our lives that we currently believe are none of government’s business?
    Not long.

    • Well said PJ!
      But I fear that it is far too late for our nation to recover at this point. Too many freedoms have already been lost, and more than that, too many intellectually lazy people have allowed themselves to be convinced by the sociopaths in power to surrender their freedom for some measure of illusory security. This nation, and this world, are sliding down a steep slope into totalitarianism and tyranny, while all the sheep and Karens applaud from the sidelines.

  8. Never isolated the “virus” and admit their PCR test is total BS! Now they expect us to believe they can identify a variant of a virus they never isolated and can’t test for? It all lies and BS!

  9. Since they now know the PCR tests can’t discern a Covid particle to a Flu particle, how the hell can they test for a “Delta” variant? This is total BS. Here is another news flash for you, when a virus mutates, the new strain is weaker than the original. It may be more contagious but is not as dangerous. I wonder why the corrupt and evil Dr. Fauci, who helped fund and create the COVID-19 virus in the Wuhan Lab in China, never says this. All he wants is to control you through fear! Mask up and hide under your beds, you cattle you. Any Doctors in Alaska that push this farce, are part of their corrupt system because they are not interested in facts and data. Their licenses are being threatened as well as their thousands of dollars pouring in from the CDC to push the narrative and promote the vaccines that bring those dollars into their clinics. What ever happened to the Doctor-Patient relationship and the Hippocratic Oath? It seems money talks and honesty walks!

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