Peltola votes ‘no’ on allowing health workers to choose whether to get a Covid vaccine


Fish, Family, Freedom was Rep. Mary Peltola’s campaign slogan. But in the House of Representatives today, Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola vote no on a bill that would give health care workers the freedom to choose whether to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Freedom for Health Care Workers Act passed 227 to 203, with nearly all Democrats voting against giving health care workers the right to choose. Four member did not vote.

All Republicans voted in favor of the bill, while five Democrats voted with the Republicans.

The bill, H.R. 497, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, nullifies a rule titled Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Omnibus COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination, which was issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on Nov. 5, 2021. The rule requires health care providers, as a condition of Medicare and Medicaid participation, to ensure that staff are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

During her campaign, Peltola said that vaccine mandates should not be required nationally.

President Joe Biden has vowed to veto the bill if it makes it to his desk.

“The bipartisan passage of the Freedom for Health Care Workers Act in the House is a win for medical freedom and individual liberty,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan, the bill’s sponsor. “Over the past few years, far too many Americans were forced to get this shot against their will to keep their job, while others were fired or forced to walk away from their profession altogether. I began leading the charge against Joe Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate in 2021 when the frontline workers who were praised as heroes in the early days of the pandemic were forced to get to the shot or get out, even as we struggled with a nationwide staff shortage in the health care industry.” 

Imposing the COVID shot on health care workers is unscientific and un-American, especially as we now know the COVID shot is ineffective at preventing transmission, Duncan said. 

“Joe Biden’s draconian COVID authoritarianism has no place in this country, and I urge my colleagues in the Senate to ‘follow the science’ and see this legislation through. While this is an important step, the fight is far from over, and I will continue fighting to end all of Joe Biden’s remaining COVID mandates,” the South Carolina congressman said.

FreedomWorks, a grassroots group that fights for personal liberty, said it consistently believes the decision on whether to receive the Covid-19 vaccine should be left up to the individual and not the government.

“Congress should also be the branch that writes laws that impacts every American, not unelected bureaucrats. Hospitals and health care systems across the country are facing staffing issues that are directly impacting the quality of care Americans receive and keeping qualified individuals from working only worsens the crisis and harms more people. We thank Rep. Duncan for being a leading voice for Freedom through his service in Congress,” FreedomWorks wrote.

Associated Builders and Contractors also praised the bill saying, “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ABC member employers consistently demonstrated their commitment and willingness to create safe and healthy job site conditions because health and safety are always our No. 1 priority. H.R. 497 would eliminate unnecessary compliance costs and burdens imposed on contractors that provide vital services to our nation’s hospitals and health care facilities and would ensure work opportunities for thousands of experienced, skilled construction workers throughout the country.” 

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  1. It’s not too early to start finding Peltola’s replacement in 2024. She’s truly a disaster. We have Sarah Palin to thank for this, and all of Sarah’s brainless sycophants.

  2. Wow. Its like an extremely small clique of people control the rights and freedoms of the citizens and actively work against their best interests.

  3. Figures Mary would vote for government to control us. She thinks Alaskans can’t figure out how to do what is best for each of us.

    She may be right since we elected her twice.

  4. What else was in the bill. Sure, the covid shot is the shiny object, but what else could she be really voting against.

    • It’s a very short bill, Like….It has two sections: The title, and the one sentence below. – sd
      This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Freedom for Health Care Workers Act’’.
      January 13, 2023 (11:14 a.m.)
      The Secretary of Health and Human Services may not implement, enforce, or otherwise give effect to the rule entitled ‘‘Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Omnibus COVID–19 Health Care Staff Vaccination’’ published by the Department of Health and Human Services on No- vember 5, 2021 (86 Fed. Reg. 61555) and may not pro- mulgate any substantially similar rule.

      • Thank you Suzanne, well written factual article like usual, no slandering, name calling like Conservative media most of the time. Conservatives, if you wanna win again follow Suzanne’s way, not Trumps.

  5. And ironically, the party of abortion enthusiasts, the death cult……are always screeching angrily that the pro life people are “anti choice”.

    • Yep.
      Unborn and partially born babies…..-1.
      LGBTQ and other non-producers…..+1.
      The wacko, Left-wing life. Sickos.

  6. Remember this vote when her time comes up to get re-elected and the missed votes because she was “in the bathroom”.

  7. Family Fish Femdom

    to peltola the only thing freedom means is the right to destroy your fetus/baby up until birth

    • Haveno idea of the critical medical concern it would take for an abortion near birth do you AK4liberation.

      Oh, yeah, you’re a guy, amirite?

      • Speaking of no idea, what percentage of abortions after 12 weeks are for medically necessary reasons?
        Don’t worry if you do not know, I am not really expecting an answer.
        Maury Suttman

      • I do. Doesn’t take a man or woman to figure this out. They go in there with grabbers and the fetus as seen on video is trying to get away from the invading source because it wants to live. They grab a hold of parts and start ripping them out. The fetus feeling pain screams in agony, confused about why it’s mother is allowing this to happen. Does that come close for you Maureen?

  8. My body my choice?
    Only if Mary approves of the choice.

    Progressives want control over every aspect of our lives.

    • There is absolutely nothing “progressive”, nor “liberal”, about neo-Bolshevik totalitarianism.
      I wish people would stop using those words in relation to the radical and extremist (so-called) left.

  9. Based on SDs earlier article about potential influence peddling, wonder if she sold her vote, too?

    • Sold her vote, that’s a big fat no. More than likely she like the rest of us has seen how radical the left has gotten with their no holds barred agenda and merely start printing more of her thoughts, she still prints the truth behind you but I think maybe she’s laying it out more on the table. I’ve always put it out there and have been chastised for it but the more the merrier.

  10. Well, Alaska could have had Sarah Palin, she would have voted for freedom. Now, thanks to Begich, who Don Young felt betrayed by, we have a socialist who is aligned with Biden. That’s a really bad deal for Alaska.

    “I hired that young man to show him the ropes, run for the job, don’t run against me…it’s not loyalty, nor is it honest…That’s a person I don’t want to serve me in Congress.” Don Young.

    • Don Young had vaccine mandates in his office and lied about it. Only Begich call him out. I saw him do it at more than one district meeting. Clearly Don Young was pissed off but what is more important? Kissing Don Young’s ass or doing what is right? Many districts voted to endorse Begich and for good reason.

      Palin was a disaster from the start and we all knew it.

  11. Sadly, Alaskans are quickly learning that “Fish-Family-Freedom” really means “Bait-N-Switch” … a one-way relationship that only benefits Mary … reminds me of the lack of loyalty – commitment (ie: deviousness) of my X-Wife.

  12. It’s funny how people like Peltola, who are pro abortion, always complain about freedom for their bodies. Their freedom for choice, No one should be involved in their health care. Then, they go wanting to mandate a vaccine that is unproven, ineffective, and has a high probability of sickness or even death.

    • There is nothing funny about it at all, Jim.
      If the radical leftist extremists did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all. Their entire political and social(ist) agenda consists of hypocrisies, contradictions and lies.

  13. Doesn’t work, never did. Want this clot shot in the UK, and you’re under 50, now you have to pay for it. What does that tell you….. #followthescience

  14. “ Imposing the COVID shot on health care workers is unscientific and un-American, especially as we now know the COVID shot is ineffective at preventing transmission, Duncan said.” Mr. Duncan, it was un-American even when we had no idea of the vaccine’s efficacy. Is Mrs. Peltola actually representing us Alaskans or smiling a “mother knows best” smile while taking a wooden spoon to our society and heritage?

  15. Perhaps she believes she was voted in to be privileged to be true to her feelings about Jiden’s feelings about this and that. Actually Jiden and the WEF globalists are not her constituents. She holds an emolument, stipend to defend and secure all Constitutionalsvrights of Alaskans. Did no one tell you that ma’am? Can you even claim and articulate any Alaskans US Constitutional rights? Try it once. Defending and securing all these rights goes way beyond merely articulating them. Your loyal feelings toward the United Nations is not what we hired you hired to do.

  16. Typical D exclaiming R talking points. Once the time to support their talking points comes up. They follow the party line.

  17. Remember when the trolls were on here telling us how she would be a centrist… and we all laughed. She is a wholly owned subsidiary of the radical left and will always be. And she needs gone ASAP.

  18. Name one US Constitutional right you will even support defending. You won’t; can’t. You are actively against Alaskan’s right to life. You are against religious rights to beliefs. You are against rights to self defense. What else re you against with your little “no” button. Alaskans may tire of donating their one seat in Congress to Chuck Schwab, a German living Swizzieland. He doesn’t like you anyway.

  19. She is voting just as we had expected – wrongly. Health care workers across the USA ought to go on strike over this draconian and dangerous federal mandate, and state legislators and governors should support them. Declare a public health emergency!

  20. A number not made public is how many health care professionals left their careers in this industry because of the mandates. What is known is how shorthanded this industry continues to be, and how overworked the remaining staff who submitted continues to be a problem. There should have been zero no votes on this piece of legislation, especially in light of recent findings. All we have been hearing is “ follow the science “, but this needs to be changed to “ continue the stupidity “. Like so many people, I would not have confidence in medical professionals who would subject themselves to continued shots in light of recent findings. Of course we are talking about people that recently strapped down a sane school principal and administered harmful drugs to her against her will. Better think twice before signing those consent forms to get medical help at a hospital. Your chances of survival may be greater at home. And at least your estate won’t belong to the hospital should you pass.

  21. When Mary Pelota is up for re election, I will ask to borrow her sign and hold it up NO for her to be re elected.

    • And, Dallas would be in the Super Bowl if only those pesky Eagles did not show up…
      Begich came in third in every contest he was in. The special primary, the special election, the general primary, and the general election, but somehow, it was Palin, who came in second, who was supposed to step aside.

  22. Mary is a product of political incest that’s ruled the YK Delta for the last four decades.

    Someone should do some research and print up a history of powerful politicians that have bound their careers together to blind the Native vote too truth and reality.

    If you thought she would be anything but hardcore dimwit when she got to Washington , you’re too naive to be voting.

  23. Do people not realize that drug companies like pfizer and the like are actually convicted felons? They have been fined and convicted on many occasions for missuse of there manufactured products. This is why they were given immunity from future prosecution.

  24. No surprise here, Mary hails from Kuskokwim country where the primary regional industry is driven by the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation. Masks, mandates and Jabs are it’s stock in trade.
    What’s next? FISH!

    • I can tell you that back in the early 1990s, the YK Delta was one region where we never even considered going to work. We heard stories of teachers being ran out of villages before Thanksgiving. Those people should have been more appreciative of folks wanting to come in and help their children. I’ve lived on three reservations in the lower consecutive 48 states, and in five nationally recognized reservations in Alaska and have never heard of such a thing except for what comes out of the YK Delta so with people there like Mary Mary quite contrary, it’s pretty easy to see just how her garden grows.

      • About 4 years ago I was considering a job in FT Yukon. A buddy of mine has family there. He strongly advised me not to pursue it.

  25. Whenever I read yet another article about how Representative Peltola broke another campaign promise, three works come to mind. Partisan Democrat shill.

  26. Didn’t take long for Mary to change into those ever ‘slippery’ Pelosi, Murkowski booties. No sole on the heal, no soul on the tongue.

  27. Got that cushy government hard to fire job you play by your boss’ rules. I am good with this vote.

    Run government like a business. Refuse boss’ orders and be fired, right?

    If you can’t abide by your boss, yours is the wrong job for you.

    • The Boss, in this situation, are the people of Alaska.
      Somehow, I do not think the average Alaskan thinks this is a good vote.
      But, in your world, Peltola works for the Democrats? Or, did I misread your comment?
      Maury Suttman

  28. Pretty sure she should remove herself from committees, like Santos and possibly even resign for falsifying her education.

  29. You can bet Pfizer lobbyists were in Washington, DC handing out fat checks in Congress to any possible NO votes like Mary Peltola’s! A girl’s got to eat afterall. She’s got some tall boots to fill.

  30. Yeah, and this includes ALL healthcare workers, not just clinical staff. Forcing all the low paid support staff to be up to date is criminal. We are talking about some support staff that never interact with patients. Somehow people working in a healthcare facility are “different’” than all other people we interact with. Crazy.

  31. I got a nasty case of flu from the swine flu vaccine, haven’t had a flu jab since. Shots were suspended after a couple hundred died. It should be a private decision to get any injection, not an (un)elected bureaucrat with devious motives requiring compliance for personal/political motive. Democrat politicians are not able to think for themselves so they vote in lockstep. No core, no virtue.

  32. This is tough to take, guess I’ll head to F street station and have a brew.
    Fix the fraudulent voting system in this country or expect to see more of this.
    Don, lisa, ted, mary, mark and dan to name a few have sold us out. Soon we will reap what these folks have sown.

    • A take on Reed’s point: How about all of you ‘Sarah vs Nick’ people stop your bitchin’. We are stuck with peltola. The election for that seat is over. You can complain and point all you want but it’s not going to change the fact that mary is in D.C. The root cause of all of this is the rank choice voting. I think we can at least agree with THIS? So suck it up and prepare to fight for an accurate voting system. THEN we can start to argue about the specific candidates.

  33. Well that will kill a few more jobs for Alaska native people. Thanks german church schwab and his killjoys.

  34. Yeah what happened to a person’s right to choose- my body my choice she screamed about. Then claims she wants to run in Youngs footsteps he would be rolling in his grave especially with the BS whoops I missed the vote cause I went to the bathroom and wasn’t sure how all the voting works when it comes to keeping Biden out of Alaskas Petroleum Supply. Why wasn’t she on the horn ASAP getting that balloon taken down over A LOT OF OPEN WATERS! Before it crossed the Aleutians she could have protected Alaskans and US speaking up we have the best Military Defense in US. She is sitting on her thumbs. And voting no in favor of socialism is scary concept keep remembering that the more poorer you become and not being able to provide for our kids and kids kids.

  35. Good. People who are treating the sick and vulnerable on a regular basis should get vaccinated against things that could very easily kill the sick and vulnerable people they are treating. I don’t want my elderly mother to go in for a routine check up and come out with COVID because some ignorant wackadoo doesn’t believe in science.

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