Races shape up as some filers drop out of Anchorage races


The final candidates for Assembly races narrowed on Monday with a few dropping out.

In the Chugiak-Eagle River District 2 race, candidates Roger Branson and Cody Anderson have withdrawn, leaving Democrat Jim Arlington running against Republican Scott Myers in that race.

In the West Anchorage District 3 race, David Eibeck has withdrawn, leaving three in the race: Republican Brian Flynn, Anna Brawley and Dustin Darden.

In the South Anchorage District 6 race, Darin Colbry has withdrawn, leaving three in the race: Republican Rachel Ries, Mikel Insalaco, and Zac Johnson.

The line-up, as of the 5 pm withdrawal deadline:

District 1 – Seat ​B – North Anchorage

Danger, Nick​​ – Filed 1/25/2023

Trueblood, John​ – Filed 1/26/2023

Constant, Christopher – Filed 1/13/2023​

District 2 – Seat C – Chugiak, Eagle River, JBER

Branson, Roger – Filed 1/27/2023 – Withdrawn​ 1/30/2023

Arlington, Jim – Filed 1/27/2023

Anderson, Cody – Filed 1/26/2023 – Withdrawn 1/31/2023

Myers, Scott​ – Filed 1/24/2023​

District 3 – Seat E – West Anchorage

​​​Darden, Dustin Thomas House – Filed 1/20/2023, amended

Brawley, Anna – Filed 1/13/2023​​

Flynn, Brian​ – Filed 1/20/2023

Eibeck, David – Filed 1/26/2023 – Withdrawn​ 1/30/2023

District 4 – Seat G – Midtown Anchorage

Di Grappa, Jenny – Filed 1/26/2023​​

Szanto, Travis​ – Filed 1/26/2023

Rivera, Felix​ – Filed 1/18/2023

District 5 – Seat H – East Anchorage (2-Year Term)

Sloan, Leigh​ – Filed 1/27/2023

​​Bronga, Karen​ – Filed 1/17/2023

District 5 – S​eat I – East Anchorage

Martinez, George​​ – Filed 1/13/2023

Moore, Spencer – Filed 1/26/2023

District 6 – Seat K – South Anchorage, Girdwood, Turnagain Arm​

Ries, Rachel – Filed 1/13/2023

Insalaco, Mikel – Filed 1/27/2023

​​Colbry, Darin – Filed 1/13/2023 – Withdrawn​ 1/30/2023

Johnson, Zac​ – Filed 1/25/2023, updated


  1. Hopefully Alaskans will ignore the mail in fraud conspiracies pushed in the Lower 48 and trust the system to work. Everyone should have equal access to voting and mail in voting has been used fairly in Alaska for generations. Encourage people to vote, it is your civic duty.

    • No, as always Frank, you are either wrong or are lying. Or both.
      Mail-in voting, except for VERY strictly controlled and isolated instances, for example for literal absentee voting, is nothing but another corrupt scheme for those in power, and for those who most seek power, to intermediate and corrupt the voting process to their advantage. Which is exactly why you, being the corrupt shill for the ruling class and the neo-Bolshevik revolutionaries, support it.

  2. Yes Frank. I would encourage Churches to ask as their congregations to form voter assistance CLUBS that are not Affiliated with the Church. The clubs could assist the elderly, and teach the youngsters the value of voting. The young adults could could provide the logistics. The African American Churches have been doing this for Generations,—Come on Alaska, DIVERSIFY. MAGA.

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