Listicle: Race is on for Anchorage Assembly, School Board


The filing deadline for Anchorage Assembly, School Board, and service area board seats has passed. Candidates have until Monday at 5 pm to drop out or their names will be on the ballots that will go in the mail to Anchorage voters on or about March 14.

Of note, current Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance did not file for reelection. Other incumbents leaving the Assembly are Pete Petersen, Austin Quinn-Davidson, Jamie Allard (now House representative), and Forrest Dunbar (now state senator). The only incumbents who filed were Chris Constant and Felix Rivera.

Here are the candidates who filed by the deadline with the Anchorage Municipal Clerk:

Anchorage Assembly Seats

District 1, Seat B – Downtown

Danger, Nick​​ – TBD

Trueblood, John​ – conservative

Constant, Christopher – incumbent

District 2 – Seat C – Chugiak, Eagle River, JBER

(Seat vacated when Rep. Jamie Allard sworn in as legislator)

Anderson, Cody – conservative

Myers, Scott​ – conservative

Branson, Roger – liberal

Arlington, Jim – liberal

District 3 – Seat E – West Anchorage

(Seat being vacated by Austin Quinn-Davidson)

Darden, Dustin Thomas House 

Brawley, Anna – liberal

Flynn, Brian​ – conservative

Eibeck, David – conservative

District 4 – Seat G – Midtown Anchorage

Di Grappa, Jenny – liberal

Rivera, Felix​ – incumbent, liberal

Szanto, Travis​ – conservative

District 5 – Seat H – East Anchorage (2-Year Term)

(Seat vacated by Sen. Forrest Dunbar)

Bronga, Karen​ – liberal

Sloan, Leigh​  – conservative

District 5 – S​eat I – East Anchorage

(Seat being vacated by Pete Petersen, term-limited)

Martinez, George​​ – liberal

Moore, Spencer – conservative

District 6 – Seat K – South Anchorage, Girdwood, Turnagain Arm​

(Seat being vacated by Suzanne LaFrance)

Ries, Rachel – conservative

Insalaco, Mikel – liberal

Colbry, Darin – unknown

Johnson, Zachary​ – liberal

Anchorage School Board Seats

School Board – Seat C​​

​​Donley, Dave – conservative

Boll, Irene – liberal

School Board – Seat D​​

Cox, Mark Anthony​ – conservative

Holleman, Andy – liberal

Service Area Board of Supervisors​​

Bear Valley LRSA – Seat A

Birch Tree/Elmore LRSA – Seat A

​​​​​Bosco, Ed​ 

Birch Tree/Elmore LRSA – Seat D​
Birch Tree/Elmore LRSA – Seat E

​​Hansen, Howard 

Chugiak Fire Service Area – Seat A​
Girdwood Valley Service Area – Seat D

​​Edgington, Mike 

Okenek, Kellie 

Girdwood Valley Service Area – Seat E

Sullivan, Briana

Lavender, Brooke 

Glen Alps Service Area – Seat A

​​Schuster, Andrea 

Glen Alps Service Area – Seat B

Kuijper, Greg 

Homestead LRSA – Seat B
Lakehill LRSA – Seat C
Mt. Park Estates LRSA – Seat B
Mt. Park/Robin Hill RRSA – Seat C
Mt. Park/Robin Hill RRSA – Seat D

​​​​Emerton, Eric​​

​Paradise Valley South LRSA – Seat B
Rabbit Creek View/Heights LRSA – Seat B​
Raven Woods/Bubbling Brook LRSA – Seat B 
Rockhill LRSA – Seat B
Section 6/Campbell Airstrip Road LRSA – Seat A

Groeneweg, Robert

Sequoia Estates LRSA – Seat A
Sequoia Estates LRSA – Seat B
Skyranch Estates LRSA – Seat B

​Lyons, John 

South Goldenview RRSA – Seat A

Vendl, Lawrence

SRW Homeowner’s LRSA – Seat C

Kilpatrick, Kelly

Talus West LRSA – Seat A
Totem LRSA – Seat B
Upper Grover LRSA – Seat B

​Cottrell, Denise 

Upper O’Malley LRSA – Seat A
Valli Vue Estates LRSA – Seat B

Warren, Kirk

Valli Vue Estates LRSA – Seat E

Butler, Russell 

Villages Scenic Parkway LRSA – Seat A


  1. So once again Anchorage has the chance to actually change the school board.

    And once again Anchorage won’t. Requires work.

    • Here’s the big problem. Any time I see anything having to do with conservative candidates, it’s all about the next fundraiser at (any one of the same half-dozen spots) with dozens of co-sponsors, all so they can pay the grifter political consultant and/or advertising agency owner. Does the term “country club campaign” mean anything to you? Conservatives began losing their grip on Anchorage municipal politics 25–30 years ago for that very reason. My last campaign before leaving Alaska was for a Democrat. I saw their approach first-hand and can only agree with you.

  2. Praying for a conservative sweep for the sake of the children and the future of Anchorage. If you keep supporting leftists, you will continue to get policies that will decimate your families and future as a viable and productive society. Avoid 3rd world status and reclaim your city.

  3. All agree that the Anchorage Assembly has devolved into an odd group tightly focused on homosexual and bum agendas. To bring it to the next level every eligible voter should select Mr. Dustin Darden. What amazing events these meetings would become.

    • Is he the guy who’s 1st Amendment rights get trampled on by the Leftists before he’s removed by security every time?

      That guy ?

      Yes, by all means, Dustin is us and we are Dustin !


      Dustin Darden is the only choice for Anchorage, the man for the common man. He will stand up for the unborn and finally get the fluoride poison out of our water supply.

      No more 5G Covid mind control, no more nano chip injections Alaskans must unite behind Dustin Darden.

  4. Notice to all District 3 voters:

    You have TWO conservative candidates in the race. Muni elections do NOT use RCV which means you must coalesce around a single candidate to avoid vote-splitting. With AQD leaving office you have a real chance here – don’t squander it.

    • You’re saying that David Eibeck is conservative simply because he’s referred to as such in this piece? If you weren’t aware, Eibeck spent most of last year trashing NB3 and his family in a nonstop barrage of social media posts. I haven’t checked to see whether or not they’ve since been deleted, but they were a constant thing during the campaign. The allegations of the Begich family being mobbed up have been around for 25 years, but they’ve never made it past the tabloid media stage. Could it be that legitimate news editors know the difference between tabloid journalism and actual news? In Eibeck’s defense, if it weren’t for a combination of his state House candidacy and RCV, we would have Denny Wells instead of Tom McKay in that seat.

  5. Are you sure this is a final list? I saw Facebook posts from both Roger Branson and Dustin Sherman stating they had filed or were going to file.

    • Yes, they both filed with Alaska Public Office Commission but never filed with the Muni Clerk. – sd

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