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Peltola pivots on the Second Amendment: It’s now to ‘defend ourselves and our food from wild animals’

Congresswoman Mary Peltola, with a D rating from the NRA and increasing criticism from Alaska gun owners, has edited her views on the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Before this week, she said the Second Amendment, Americans’ right to own firearms, was intended for hunting. She said there needs to be stricter gun laws. She advocated for guns to be locked in safes at home.

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In her latest ad, Peltola says the Second Amendment is “To defend ourselves and our food from wild animals.”

Alaskans own more guns than just about any population on the planet. Former Congressman Don Young was on the board of the NRA.

But now, Alaska’s only representative in Congress believes the constitutional protections for gun owners were designed for subsistence hunters like her family. Not for self defense, and not as the nation’s founders had intended — to protect the new federation of United States against outside enemies and invasion.

Peltola also says she will “stand up for the Second Amendment — whether it’s hunting, self-defense, or recreation — because Alaska just wouldn’t be Alaska without guns.” That’s a new spin for her, as she has seen the resistance growing to her anti-freedom stances.

Peltola pivoted in just a few short weeks from her earlier statements about guns being for hunters, and is painting over her record of pushing gun control legislation. In a public forum earlier this year, Peltola said that 18 year olds should not be able to purchase guns, and she supports universal registration.

In June, she was on the record with Alaska Public Media saying she supports “common sense gun legislation” that would be brought forward by a bipartisan committee. President Joe Biden is eager for such legislation and uses the exact wording “common sense legislation.” His federal approach includes forcing all gun owners to own gun safes and to keep guns locked away.

On Twitter in May, Peltola wrote: “We cannot continue doing things the way they’ve always been done. It’s killing us.”

Peltola is a Democrat running against Republican Nick Begich and Sarah Palin, as well as Libertarian Chris Bye. She won the temporary seat for Congress in August, after Republican voters refused to rank other Republicans on the ballot, thus handing the victory to Peltola.

Alaska is a conservative-leaning state, where President Donald Trump won by 53 percent in 2020. But Democrats are pouring tens of millions of dollars into the effort to convince Alaskans to vote for Peltola, in spite of her anti-constitution view.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. She showed her true colors, she believes in hunting rifles only and wants them all registered. It doesn’t matter to her the Supreme Court has said registries are not constitutional. She’s willing to switch stances to keep herself in power like all other politicians. She’s already handed over her campaign to the big democrat machine and think tank and it shows.

    This era of “Phased adulthood” is 100% ridiculous. Either you are an adult at 18 and have all the privileges of being an adult or you aren’t. If you can die for your country, vote, and be put to death (states with death penalty), take on 100K in college loans and every other adult function then you should be able to buy any firearm you want and buy a drink or a pack of smokes if you choose.

    She wants to do something for the people of Alaska , I suggest advocating for native corps to invest in their non profit corporations and address alcoholism, incest, crime and absent fatherhood that plagues many villages. This will help on the drain on social systems and the criminal justice system. But it’s too easy for Mary just pander to whoever than to roll up her sleeves and be a voice and advocate for change.

  2. Guess you found out that Alaskans don’t play your stupid “no guns game”
    You are just like the rest of the Democrats, Worthless & Weak!

  3. When i hear she “represents all Alaskans” i want to see the proof. What separates her from Bernie Sanders? Any quotes showing her “opposition” to socialism/fascism doesnt count. Tulsi Gabbard is a nationalist, but otherwise agrees with far the left most issues.

    But alas, she will win because Palin and Begich are at each others throats.

  4. Soooo, yet another elected official who does not read/understand or care about the Constitution they swore to uphold and protect. A vote for this less than admirable un-patriot is a vote to deconstruct the US Constitution. What party is she in? What community is she from? Who are her supporters? All valid questions when your planning any trips, buying any goods or services….Which Native Corps support her because of race? Dont spend money in thier establishments. Nevermind voting due to race is……um racist.

  5. I suppose she means when saying guns are to protect us from wild animals that she really intended to say they are to protect us from out of control government? Is the government a wild animal?

    • Rich Thorne,
      I think George Washington likened Government to Fire. Something about it being a useful servant and yet a Fearful Master!
      However Thomas Jefferson might have summed it up pretty well in the Declaration of July 4, 1776
      “He has erected a multitude of New Offices and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and to eat out their substance”

      So, swarms sounds a lot like a bunch of locust, meaning that Government is an animal, only a pancrustacean hexapod invertebrate member of the Insecta class.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Begich immediately called her out at the debate over this. Palin played nice with her friend Peltola, while Begich hit back hard. Anyone who watched that debate with an open mind knows Begich is the only real choice we have in this election.

  7. Peltola is a low IQ phoney who will say whatever it takes to get her Democrat phonies to vote for her again. REJECT Peltola.
    Begich 1.
    Palin 2.
    Peltola. Blank.
    That will do it for the Bethel invader.

  8. We’ve seen enough of Peltola and her true – unique characteristic of lying, pivoting, and flip-flopping. If that’s what you want in an elected leader then, that’s your girl.
    Not me! I’ve already voted for Nick-B and Kelly-T … True Leadership bringing about meaningful change that Alaska and Alaskans deserve.

  9. People who lay around getting intoxicated all day, and collecting welfare should not have weapons. If the shoe fits , wear it.

  10. Peltola has stated her household has over 170 guns, the NRA destroyed itself turning from a hunter safety and advocacy group, to a group of 2nd Amendment shills

    • The dictionary definition of shill is: “One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.” Since when, Frank Rast, did the constitution of the United States including the 2nd amendment require duping or swindling? You should reread this amendment then pray for forgiveness for your complete misunderstanding of the constitution while opining freely. Shame on you.

    • That claim is often made, but it happens to be factually and historically incorrect. It has the causality reversed, the default was, outside of explicitly racist and classist controls, a relative lack of serious regulation. As the gun control movement started ramping up restrictions the NRA, driven by its membership, became more political in response. “The NRA” is not the monolith those who favor gun control project and imagine, it responds to trends in gun culture, it doesn’t drive them. Gun Culture in the US is almost uniquely grassroots.

      Prof. David Yamane of Wake Forest has been doing some research on the evolution of American gun culture. It is well worth investigating.



    • NRA has really never worked very hard to stop gun legislation, they even grafted a great deal of it. NRA endorsement means ZERO to many of us. Not Real Activists thats what NRA really stands for. Mark my words she will climb into the “legislate and register” crowd quickly all in the name of “safety” which is ironic that a Native woman will trust the government with her safety and well being, because you know the feds looking out for indigenous people has such a great track history

    • 170 guns, so what? Plenty of anti-gun politicians personally own lots of guns. Diane Fienstien, one of the most anti-2nd Amendment politicians to ever show up in DC has a CA concealed carry license.
      I do not care how many guns a politician has. And, I expect the same from them.

  11. Mary, Mary, quite Constitutionally Contrary how does your campaign grow? With lots of funds from Democrat Hides to fool the locals about what’s really inside. I’ve got plans to shunter all development you see so that there will nary be a job for thee. But alas take heart because you will have nothing but rest since I’ll load up the EBT cards called Quest. I’ll become the great welfare congress mom and bring home other peoples money back to thee since there will never be any production jobs to see.

  12. Dead babies, which can be monetized to the advantage of those who would seek it, don’t threaten the Communists/Bolshevists. But God does, and so do Guns.

    Would like to know more about Mary’s God.

  13. I hope all the bush communities get their guns taken away first. To much violence in the bush all that shooting going on. Start with her Relatives first.

  14. Oh, look… a politician that says one thing during the campaign, then does something different when elected.
    The only thing that differentiates Peltola from the rest is she has been in 100% campaign mode since she was sworn in. She did not have the luxury of time to hide her flip flops.

  15. She’s actually right on this. Anything trying to break into my house would be considered a wild animal, whether it be a bear, wolf, or [sub]human.

  16. Her tune changed just as gas prices fell a few cents (as Brandon continues to drain our strategic oil reserves) . . . What a coincidence. God have mercy on us, Communists are destroying our country!

  17. What Nick Begich needs to do, take his team out, go to any grocery store in Anchorage and go buy all the fixings for a thanksgiving meal for four. Then post the cost of it. Even liberals celebrate thanksgiving sure they call it fall festival but they still cook a turkey.. I saw prices for turkeys couple days ago and $52 dollars for a bird ouch..

  18. Sad, she still stands a reasonable chance of winning. No matter how much we complain, watch her numbers. Even if she loses, her numbers tell a story.

  19. Not once, well I haven’t heard MeeMaw Peltola mention in any ad of hers what she is going to do to help reduce inflation, high gas costs, high food prices (tied in with inflation). All she’s yacking about if women’s freedom ie; abortion. Nothing wrong with a good discussion on abortion, but right now? When majority of Alaskan are struggling to put gas in the family grocery getters, putting food on the table, paying gas and electric bills… But these are the things democrats do not want to talk about. Also Don’t kid yourself after the midterms gas prices are going to back over $5 bucks so enjoy that “cheap” $4.79 cent gas…

  20. Never forget that her main talking points are and always have been, to control speech, control guns, and control live babies.

  21. If the Pelosi incident is anything to go by then I am less afraid of a bear breaking into my garage and tearing apart my meat freezer than I am of a illegal naked Canadian busting through my window after bar closing looking to have an aggressive grapple over hammers.

  22. Mary is a radical leftist trying to convince Alaskans she isn’t. The dark money is pouring into the State for her as it is Murkowski. They will turn on their voter fraud scheme here as they did in 2020. Be familiar with their schemes and work as a Poll Watcher or Worker. Understand what the Drop and Roll System is. You can take a look here.

  23. Remember, Peltola went from 7% support to 40% overnight. There is no way that happened fairly in a Red State like Alaska without fraud. People working in the elections divisions need to be vigilant and call out procedures or actions that violate the law. See something, say something! We need election integrity now!

  24. Gun ownership shouldn’t just require safes, but regular training in accuracy, operation, and safety. You don’t want that? Fine. Then how about they become legally culpable when their weapons are taken in burglaries to be used in other crimes or when their children take them to injure themselves or others.

    How about treating the 2nd amendment as a responsibility instead of just something you get for free.

    • Ben, are you “legally cupable” when your automobile is stolen and used for who knows what illegal and awful purpose? Should people that sell food be “legally cupable” when their customers eat to much of it, and get fat? It sounds like you would desire that…

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