Debate: Peltola promotes limits on First Amendment, and doubles down on more restrictions on Second Amendment


During the Debate for the State on KTUU on Wednesday, Congresswoman Mary Peltola doubled down on her statement about how the Second Amendment is primarily for hunting and subsistence, and that she would support legislation limiting the sales of firearms to 18-year-olds.

Taken to its logical conclusion, that would mean young men could go to Afghanistan and die for the country, but not be able to own a gun to protect his home.

Peltola also said there should be repercussions for people who spread misinformation in the media and online.

Taken to its logical conclusion, Peltola would want people punished if they express views she disagrees with or statements she feels are not factual, a violation of the First Amendment.

“The fact that across America people can go on television and radio and print media and online and tell lies and there are no repercussions, I think that being able to broadcast lies has really caused a lot of division on things that should be an open and shut case,” Peltola said.

Peltola also said she is for President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. That program has been ruled illegal. Peltola has also come out in favor of more food stamps to help veterans make ends meet.

In other words, fewer rights for Americans and more handouts.

Peltola appeared with three other congressional candidates at the KTUU-Alaska Public Media-KTOO Debate for the State on Wednesday. She and Sarah Palin continued their mutual admiration society, complimenting each other, and Palin nodded in agreement with Peltola’s answers, while Republican Nick Begich and Libertarian Chris Bye stuck to conservative principles.

In his closing statement, Nick Begich differentiated himself from Peltola, saying she was controlled by the D.C. lobbyists already. Begich said there are two teams: One that wants to take more money from taxpayers’ pockets, and wants no resource production in America, and another team — Republicans — who want to put more money in Americans’ pockets and give them their rights back. Peltola, he said, is on the wrong team.


  1. Peltola:
    Family. Fish. And FU, fellow Alaskans.
    Rank the Red.
    Begich #1, Palin #2. Peltola BLANK.
    Otherwise, WE are screwed.

    • Agree with Ted. Peltola’s ads say she is pro-family, yet she believes in killing babies. This is more than a contradiction. It shows how radical this Bethel Native woman really is. She gets no ranking from us.

      • Agree. And with regard to her pro-family assertion, one wonders why Mary has been married three times and has had several men on the side during her time in Juneau and elsewhere. Her “seven kids” have three different last names.

        My recommendation to Alaska voters is to vote this way:

        Nick Begich #1
        Palin #2
        and then nobody else.

  2. Is it not a merit system?? Mathew 29 Jesus states, according to your faith Be it onto you. SARA is the only one with accomplishments of for and by the people. President trump asked us for Sara. Look at what oath breakers gave us rank choice voting. Is it not ironic the group that swears an oath to GOD for the people. Drank the devils kool aid and let evil take root. Sara I have your back like you had my moms as governor. Suzanne thank you ma’am. Alaskans Sara Kelly and Dan has to go we are on the edge.

    • “……Jesus states, according to your faith Be it onto you……..”
      He also said, “…….with Man, it is not possible. With God, all things are possible………”
      Sorry. I have faith in no man……or woman……, especially if they seek elected office. My faith rests in God alone.

  3. Ah, Sarah. Conservative to her alleged core.

    I’m beginning to wonder if her campaign isn’t funded and backed by the DNC. It’s the only thing that makes her fools errand plausible.

    That and her future as an alleged “conservative” on MSNBC.

  4. “Peltola also said there should be repercussions for people who spread misinformation in the media and online.”
    The correct response to people who are misinformed is to inform them. The wrong response is to silence them.

  5. In addition to Peltola wanting to trample on the 1st amendment and totally bonkers on the 2nd amendment, she also want’s to make sure that babies can die at the whim of a woman who can’t control or take responsibility for her biological urges and uses abortion as a method of birth control. Mary is a misinformed and evil person, like many Democrats are.

  6. “…….The fact that across America people can go on television and radio and print media and online and tell lies and there are no repercussions, I think that being able to broadcast lies has really caused a lot of division on things that should be an open and shut case…….”
    Does that include lawyers in the courtroom creating doubt for their clients? Does that include elected officials who promised X and delivered Y? Does that include journalists who print part of a story and neglecting another part of the story in order to create opinions among readers that fail to reflect reality?
    The Bill of Rights was demanded, created, and ratified by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention specifically to hold people like Ms. Peltola in check.

    • Well, Derek, a few of our men did not pull out of Afghanistan. They were left to die. 13 to be exact. I think you may be missing my point. – sd

      • Radical leftist extremists like Derek are extremely good at missing points of all kinds … and missing logical arguments … and missing factual information that refutes their insane ideology … and missing reality itself.

      • But Brandon did not abandon his drug infested, incestuous, low-life prostitute-loving, idiot son…..Hunter. The entire Biden family is so dysfuntional……pedophilia and incest the least of which is discoverable……that they make the Trump family look like a harmonious choir.

    • Hello earth to Derek get the real news before you post on something you obvious know nothing about except what you are told to believe from your masters.your just a pawn to them.

    • And—left behind many nationals that were closely aligned with us. Translators and others that we could have not operated without. They were just tossed under the bus–or tank. Yet–those that are harmful to us are allowed to flood the southern border, free flow.

      I recently read an article on Yahoo News and then read the comments. Incredible, astounding display of brainwashing. I bet that is where you got your ‘information’…..

  7. Definitely rank the red. Palin & Begich in the top 2 spots, leave the others off the ballot. We need to unite to overcome the evil Democrat narratives.

  8. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
    Where do you see Hunting in these words? There not there so stop equating the 2A to hunting it is all about giving us the right to protect ourselves from a Tyrannical government.

    • Steve, the woman is clueless. Like so many others. Completely clueless. You’ll never convince her of facts or real truth. Truth to her and her fellow travelers is “what they say it is.”
      This unfortunately is the new normal. Somebody told me recently that we better all buckle up.

  9. Peltola is causing more problems by her rejection of the republic’s US Constitution. Hopefully her tenure will not be long. Hopefully Alaskans see value in electing Constitutional champions. The wrong side thinks the WEF and other foreign entities should dictate to Alaskans and America.

  10. Well I hope there are as many ads on TV and online from the republicans to equal her name out there. She will get the bush vote too, that needs to be addressed.

  11. Chris Bye was the most conservative candidate on that stage, followed by Begich. Palin said some conservative things and some nonsensical things, as is her style of speech. Peltola is whatever a Democrat is nowadays.

    I will be ranking based upon the actual conservative values of smaller less invasive government.
    1. Chris Bye
    2. Nick Begich
    3. Sarah Palin
    4. Write In Candidate

    • Understand what you’re saying about Bye, agreed with a lot of his points also. However, by voting for Bye 1st your first vote will be eliminated, you’re 2nd choice vote will go to Begich and if he’s behind Palin then you have NO vote. This will only split the Republican vote and result in a Peltola/Pelosi win. Please reconsider for the sake of the country.

      • If Begich is behind Palin, then Steve-O’s vote will go to Palin. His #3 rank would get the vote. The Republican vote is only spit if you don’t rank BOTH Republicans. I hate ranked choice voting, but Steve-O’s example is a good way to do it.

        Mine will likely be
        1. Palin
        2. Begich
        3. Bye
        4. Write in

        The most important thing is to leave Peltola off your ballot.

        • This won’t need to go to a 3rd choice count, just like it didn’t in the special election to reach the 50% + 1. If you’re not ranking a Republican 1st and 2nd choice, you’re splitting the vote. Unfortunately Bye doesn’t have a chance against Peltola.

        • Why would you vote for Palin? You actually know this person? Do you have any idea of her history in the state? She has no business in politics. Respectfully I would ask you to wake up.

  12. Suzanne,

    You wrote:

    “Taken to its logical conclusion, that would mean young men could go to Afghanistan and die for the country, but not be able to own a gun to protect his home.”

    No, not really. You can join the military at 17, but then you have to go through basic training, and then additional training for your specialty. Its remotely possible someone could get into combat before their 18th birthday, but very, very unlikely.

    But your overall objective of exposing Peltola, or whatever last name she goes by this week, is valid. She is a socialist nitwit who Alaskans need to fire.

    Sarah Palin is strong on the Second Amendment. She’s got my vote.

    • Sarah is unfit. You just don’t know her obviously so why would you get caught up in the cult of personality? You support a person that twerks on reality TV shows? Really. Are you a another child growing older too? Please wake up. Sarah is about one thing, herself. It’s all very “fun” to her and if you support her you are naïve and foolish.

  13. Nick never missed a beat and was the only one to challenge Peltola. Chris Bye did a great job and gets my second vote.

    Watch the debate and you can see Sarah’s head bobbling like a bobblehead doll every time Peltola says something. Palin affirms, affirms, affirms Peltola over and over again. She is pushing for a Peltola win, clear as day.

    • You are ensuring a Peltola/Pelosi win by doing this. Bye was good but has no chance and this will split the Republican vote.

  14. Someone better get mee maw Peltola the nice granny former river boat captain from Bethel brushed up on the U.S constitution… Also a shame knowing Alaska school education system has been screwed up even when Mee Maw Peltola went to school.
    Second Amendment
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Yep I don’t see anything mentioning Hunting or living the subsistence life..

    • On the topic of Mee Maw Peltola, is it possible for a 14-year-old to have a license to captain a fishing vessel? I thought the Alaska standards were higher than what she alleges.

      • It’s BS. She just ran her dad’s boat, probably put her as captain for tax or regulatory reasons.
        She’s just another rich kid like Murkowski, only on a smaller Bethel scale.

        How could a 14 yr old own a boat, motor, nets & a captains license if it wasn’t handed to her by her parents. The “cabin” at their fish camp is nicer then my place in Spenard.
        I am not jealous, but this woman is LRC (Liberal Ruling Class)

  15. I understand we need to rank the Red, but Palin has shown her true colors, when you continue to lift up the liberal candidate, than you need to go liberal, Sarah will not get my second vote, maybe third, has it even been a month and the liberal has gotten the talking points down, she has by her comments, that she doesn’t respect our constitution and will stand to allow our rights to be violated, the second amendment is not for hunting and subsistence lifestyle, it is to protect this country from tyranny, she and Palin cannot have 3 years to ruin our country, Palin is not a good leader but she is the least of two evils. Nick all the way.

  16. If you feel this way, then vote Nick Begich as #1, Chris Bye as #2, and leave the other two lines blank.

  17. To edit typos,
    Mary Peltola, you want government action on lies told in public. You should demand action on the following lies uttered by your party cohorts.

    1. I did not have sex with that woman
    2. you can keep your doctor
    3. you can keep your policy
    4. you will pay $2500 less per year for insurance
    5. the ambassador never asked me for more security
    6. the Benghazi attack was because of a video
    7. the 33,000 emails deleted were notes to my husband and family about yoga and weddings
    8. we talked about the grandkids on that tarmac in phoenix
    9. Fast and Furious started under Bush
    10. Fast and Furious was a weapons tracking program (no tracking devices were put on the firearms, and no one followed them)
    11. Bush policies caused the housing meltdown
    12. the IRS also targeted liberal groups for more scrutiny as well as conservative groups.
    13. there were no classified documents on that server
    14. there were no documents marked classified on that server
    15. we only destroyed the blackberries because we didn’t need them anymore
    16. i thought the little “C” was an editing mark
    17. Mills and Aberdeen are my lawyers (actually, when lawyers are co-conspirators in destruction of classified info, they can’t represent you in FBI questioning)
    18. everyone before had their own server
    19. we are not collecting data on every US citizen
    20. i did not pay 1.5 billion dollars in cash for those hostages
    21. we did not trade four terrorists for a deserter
    22. there is no picture of Obama with Farakan
    23. we only unmasked what we needed to investigate (said the UN Ambassador)

  18. I feel no obligation to vote for anyone that I doubt. I will vote for Nick, and nobody else. I will vote for Kelly Tshibaka and nobody else. I will vote for Ken McCarty and nobody else. I will vote no on all bonds and no on the judges because it doesn’t matter. Rank the red isn’t a great strategy when there are so many rhinos. Only vote for the people that you are sure about, people that you would have as a dinner guest. Voting for someone that claims the party of your choice without research of the candidates is stupid. Better to leave the box blank if you don’t know. Voting by name recognition or media adds is why our country is in trouble. Voting is a serious responsibility, don’t vote for second choice or third choice candidates. We can give them a participation award after its over. Play to win, don’t worry about the losers. They will recover and play again.

    • You are ensuring a Peltola/Pelosi win by splitting the Republican vote. Remember the shut down of our businesses and economy over COVID. Vaccine mandates forcing out first responders, healthcare/essential workers, and military personnel. Remember Biden calling Republicans fascist, vilifying the unvaccinated, the Afghanistan debacle, high inflation/gas, record crime and illegal border crossings, ODs from fentanyl. How about the war on fossil fuels, shutting down ANWR, Keystone XL (funny how Deb Haaland’s home state of New Mexico got 2286 permits, almost half the federal oil and gas permits last year.) Why did the Biden admin pass a big infrastructure bill after increasing NEPA regulations earlier this year, making it HARDER to build new infrastructure? It’s only been two years of this liberal, progressive agenda, please reconsider your vote!

    • You’re ensuring a Peltola/Pelosi win by splitting the Republican vote. Remember shutting down our businesses, schools, and economy? What about vaccine mandates and forcing out heroic first responders, essential workers, and military personnel? Record crime, border crossings, drug ODs, the Afghanistan debacle, calling Republicans fascists, vilifying parents as domestic terrorists. The war on fossil fuels, shutting down ANWR, the Keystone XL (except Deb Haaland’s home state of New Mexico that has received 2286 permits, almost half the oil and gas permits issued in 2021.) Why did Biden pass an infrastructure bill after increasing NEPA regulations earlier this year making it HARDER to build infrastructure? It’s only been two years of this liberal, progressive agenda, please reconsider your vote.

  19. Mary sounds like Lisa. And a Sarah sounds like a Lisa. There’s a pattern called Lisa.! She Crossed some borders too much!

  20. Mary’s main concern and focus is what the Tribes want/need. Palin gave me the the feeling like she was above it all and should just be anointed. Bagich and Bye both gave answers that I could agree with. Bye could have a future but I don’t think
    he could get 50%.

    Alaska can’t send a democrat to the House and will because of RCV, in my opinion, if the candidates are not ranked correctly. Not ranking one of the GOP at the 1 and 2 slot will hand it to the Dems. Bagich 1, Palin 2 period.

    Recind RCV it is horrible. Not a fair election. I am not convinced Al Gross dropping out was not planned. That would have put the Dems with the same issue Republicans currently have. If the primary would have been the normal vote, the Palin/Bagich issue would have been resolved and the general would be a real election between a liberal and a conservative.

  21. 40 years in Alaska and no home invasions that I am aware of. NRA is broke and irrelevant. I only need one out of the 5 in my 38 Special.

    • Good on you Frank.
      What will you do if more than one person breaks into your house and threatens you with violence? What will you do if there are more than five? What will you do if the first shot misses, or does not disable the attacker? .
      And, what difference does it make at all anyway? You make your choices for your reason, I will make mine for my reasons. And, I choose to own several firearms, in different calibers/capacities, and for reasons that make sense to me. As long as I use them in a law abiding and responsible manner, it makes zero difference whatsoever to anyone else.

  22. This past summer meemaw made some comments about anwr saying it was lost something like that. People in Alaska were like what??? She started polling not so great, her campaign scooped her up and Meemaw Peltola went radio silent for a few weeks. So my guess is after all this Meemaw Peltola will go radio silent, they will redo some ads to make it look like she’s just a sweet granny that cares about all of us.. Don’t fall for it..

  23. Rank the Red! Please leave Peltola off the ballot entirely. Do not vote for a candidate if they have no chance of winning because it takes a vote away from the ones that count! Do not have your ballot thrown out by voting 1, 2, 3 for a single candidate. Make sure you are voting America First, Constitution First! You have no rights without the Constitution, they are currently trying to pass legislation that are egregious violations of the Constitution. Vote like your freedom and your children’s future depend on it, because we are at a tipping point in America. You can have the slavery of socialism/communism, or you can have freedom from the treasonous acts of people like Murkowski & Peltola who will green light every radical policy that will directly affect your life and freedom as an American. This is more than just Republican or Democrat, because there is corruption on both sides of the aisle. This is about the candidates’ philosophical beliefs as a representative restrained by the Constitution. Peltola has shown she will follow the radical agenda. Do not give her the opportunity.

  24. How can you swear to uphold a U.S. Constitution YOU as a member of Congress don’t understand? U.S. citizens are born with 1st & 2 nd Amendment rights-we don’t ask you if it’s OK to excercise them- we fire you for suggesting that we don’t have those rights

  25. “…….people can go on television and radio and print media and online and tell lies”

    Does she mean like claiming the 2nd amendment is about hunting ?

  26. The woman Mary P has been cloistered and is clueless. She will never get it. The state has been infected by children growing older, uninformed entitled idiots and between them and the cheating we’re probably screwed.

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