Has Sarah Palin given up? Candidate says she’s gotten ‘crappy advice’ from campaign consultants


Sarah Palin, running for Congress against three others on Nov. 8, told Steve Bannon on the War Room podcast that she wasn’t working with her campaign consultants, that they’d given her “crappy advice,” and that she is managing her own campaign now. She is not raising money, she said, but instead going into the general election on the strength of her reputation.

Fundraising mills have cost Palin’s campaign tens of thousands of dollars. Conservative Connector charges her for lists of possible donors; those lists are used to send out email and text message fundraising notes.

Campaign insiders say that Palin’s campaign manager and longtime ally Kris Perry has pulled away from the campaign. Jerry Ward, who is a volunteer and not paid campaign staff, is still with her and shows up alongside her at events, which are few and far between. In Alaska, Palin is using Optima Public Relations, and it’s unclear what she meant by getting “crappy advice” from them or if the company is still with Palin; her campaign’s last disbursement to Optima, for $9,144, was on Oct. 19. After debts are paid, Palin had just $75,000 in cash on hand as of Oct. 19.

“Ya gotta wonder if they’re really in it for the right reasons ’cause sometimes they give really crappy advice and effort,” she told Bannon, commenting on her hired campaign consultants. “So, I’m doing a lot of this myself. I’m not going to ask people for donations, though, which ticks off those in my campaign, you know, and other campaigns, because they look at this as a business and they get a cut of funds raised.”

It’s not the kind of thing a candidate who is in a winning stance would typically say. The admission that she was doing her campaign on her own now was surprising, but the cost of hiring campaign consultants has been expensive, siphoning off much of the money that Palin has raised.

Her total receipts for her campaign have been $1.7 million as of Oct. 19, but her campaign costs have consumed almost all of it before the final few days, when funds would be most needed. At least half of the funds Palin has raised appear to have gone to the fundraising mill that she contracted with, leaving her with little to work with.

Palin is running against Mary Peltola, the Democrat, Nick Begich, the Republican, and Chris Bye, the Libertarian. Pelota is the current incumbent, having won the seat to fill out the remainder of the late Congressman Don Young’s term.

In a call with supporters in Ketchikan, Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka also noted that Palin had pulled back from her campaign, wasn’t spending much time in state, and didn’t seem to be putting in the effort.

On the Bannon podcast, Palin blamed the Republican establishment in the state, and complained she was not invited to a get-out-the-vote rally at Anchorage Baptist Temple. She also blamed Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader for pouring money into Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s race and remarked that Murkowski is supporting the Democrat in the race, Mary Peltola.


  1. It looks like Sarah has lost it. After 50 people at the big rally, going to NYC for a week, firing her team, blowing off her friend for years, accusing the world and the establishment of being against her, kissing up to Peltola, abysmal debate appearances… she is done.

    Begich has what it takes. Sarah clearly does not.

    • If your aunt had male anatomy, he’d be your uncle. If you picked the right numbers, you’d have won the lottery.

      One must use the tools available.

  2. I’m glad she’s going down in flames. Laughable and absurd. Hey, Sarah maybe you should have spent some time in Alaska campaigning. And are you also on the record for wanting to vote for Peltola in the ranked voting scheme?

  3. Sarah, you don’t need money, you already got our votes,—-The same people who voted for you in your Primary win. And the other crazy first general. Your still the only one out there not owned by SPECIAL INTERESTS— Randy Redrich Republicans, or Unions for Nick. Or Mary’s Unions, Bush Coalition’s, Demo-Enviro, Gender Benders. While others have spent countless hours bashing you. You where stumping all over the lower 48 helping others get Elected—-Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump to name a few. Just like you, WE. Your Supporters AINT QUITTING ON YOU.. Drill Baby Drill, MAGA VOTE FOR SARAH.

    • You go Sarge! Just don’t be a fool, remember to Rank the Red so we won’t get stuck with that Democrat Tool!

    • Sarge,
      I got a question for ya, you hate on Eastman cuz of one procedural vote that you claim lost you your full PFD? Is that right? Yet when it comes to Sarah you stick to her like lipstick despite her endorsement of a fella named Billy Walker? In case your forgot’ Walker is the guy that shredded your PFD. What am I missing?
      Anyway Sarge, Carry on, Hang Tough and Vote Nick two as I vote Sarah #2 too.

      • Howdy Old Alaskan. Walker FOOLED ALASKAN VOTERS. Remember he won that election with a majority of voters of every stripe. I couldn’t vote for Parnell because of the National Guard Scandal. I voted Alaska Independence Party–I was a canidate for State House for them in 1994—-I lost to Bevearly Masek. Sarah Haters are fast with one liners—She Backed Walker. Sarah has ALWAYS BEEN HYPER PRO MILITARY–Like me, she couldn’t support Parnell because of his LACK of investigation by Parnell in the National Guard Scandal. She backed Walker because of The National Guard Scandal, ,AND because he was All Behind An In State Gasline–opposition wanted to build the line to Alberta Canada—-This was the major issue of the day.. Walker was a Wild Card then, once Elected he saw all the Crooked Opportunities being Governor opened up to him—He dove into those Crooked Opportunities like an Orca into a School of Salmon. I don’t remember how strong her endorsement was for Walker was, but Parnell’s loss was his owen doing not Sarah’s. The Quitter Line, and That She Destroyed The Oil Industry , CAN BE TRUTHFULLY EXPLAINED. Ask me and I’ll tell you. Thanks Old-timer let’s Make Alaska Great Again.

    • uh oh someone got into the cough syrup.. I don’t know if you know this but you need money to run ads. Especially right now this the most critical time to push ads. Sara campaign is broke, sounds like its just her and some volunteer. You notice I didn’t say volunteers, It’s never too late to jump on the begich train..

    • It takes money and commitment to run a successful campaign.

      To believe otherwise is silly and not in touch with reality.

  4. My Gaaaawwwwsshhh Sarah, Just endorse Nick. 40% of your supporters will refuse to rank Nick 2nd if you don’t!

  5. Sarah Palin’s reputation is this:
    Lousy mother.
    Drama queen.
    Closet liberal.
    Husband abuser.
    Status climber.
    But I’ll still rank her #2 just to block Peltola.

  6. The woman is dumb ….there I said it.
    She thought DJT could pull her over the line, and that’s a reasonable thought, but not working.

    “Palin blamed the Republican establishment in the state” ..that’s how she became Governor (fool me once)
    As governor she was a liberal (she will not fool me twice)

    She got one thing correct though …. how can Mitch McConnell pour all that money into hurting Kelly T. when his gal Lisa is backing a Democrat for Congress. He must be as dumb as Sarah.

  7. I have been watching politics (the freak parade passing by) since the 1980s- and at times had a very close seat to the action. Palin’s campaign this year has been one of the worst I have seen: unfocused, low effort, and unclear in intent. Blaming others is the cherry on top. Look in the mirror Sarah. That is were your campaign went off the rails.

  8. My main question is why is she complaining about Murkowski supporting Peltota, when she has said the same thing? At any rallies I have been to it has been encouraged to rank red. Palin has said the opposite. Just wondering and asking.

    • She’s never endorsed Peltola, but she said that she likes her as a person. She’s never told anyone to rank Peltola, that was just a misquote. Murkowski has endorsed Peltola and said she is voting for her, instead of the Republican candidates.

  9. Well Sara if you have only one vote it was me ma’am, my mom told me if it was not for you the seniors would of been trampled. As governor your accomplishments for Alaskans will never be forgot with me. Thank you governor Sara, citizens accomplishments of for and by the people SARA backed us. Let’s back her. Thank you Suzanne for your kindness.

  10. So, Sarah doing Sarah again, and “Going Rogue.”

    So sad that someone who could have been a force for good in Alaska, and Alaskan politics has felt the need to make it about her at nearly every turn. Even more sad will be when we end up with Mary Petola as our representative in Congress for the next two years (at least) as she votes in lockstep with the Democrats.

    How’s that Rank Choice Voting thingy working out for you now Alaska? Rank… that’s the right term.

  11. I watched that video podcast and it was painful. Sarah complained about Lisa Murkowski supporting Mary Peltola. That is laughable when Sarah Palin has been supporting Mary Peltola for months to Alaskans. To a local audience, she won’t say anything negative about Mary, and praises her up one side and down the other. But to Steve Bannon, she goes blaming Murkowski for supporting Mary. Sarah blames everyone but herself.

  12. Alaska is done for as a reliable republican state…2024 may end up being the year it flips. The governorship may take a little longer though.

    The GOP simply refuses to want to win.

    • Stop the dooming, its not gonna happen anytime soon. The only way we lose is because of stubborn republicans, and Alaska at the presidential; doesn’t use rank choice.

    • That’s right… One of the first things to get done, is repeal RCV if we have a chance–otherwise the dems will club us over the head with it every cycle. Then–closed primaries to weed the ‘plants’ out. The days of the gentlemanly, go-along get-along, turn the other cheek GOP need to be OVER…

  13. Lol. Gotta give her credit though. She’s getting really good at this whole “quitting thing”.

    Practice makes perfect…

    • I think she knew she was done months ago. But–still enough time to stick a knife in the party. She even wears the big, oversize glasses that the lefty women use to virtue signal each other. Lot’s of clues to who she is.

  14. Keep going Sara, don’t quit. Sorry that you got bad advice. There are a lot of supporters out here, enough to win!

    Alaskans got bad advice or the voting machines got us “Ranked Choice Voting”

  15. Somebody please get to Sarah and explain to her that for the Good of Alaska she needs to drop out and beg her supporters to vote for NBIII. She already brought us Bill Walker and her legacy will not look kindly upon her giving us a Peltola. Whatever it takes please, is it $? If it’s $, no problem, I’m sure that many including me will be happy to toss her depleted campaign coffers a meaty hambone, if she does the above. This will enable her to go south and do what she really wants to do with her life.

  16. The last time that Ms. Palin stood for election on her own in Alaska was in 2006. As with many elections, the circumstances of her success were a one-off. She was a confused and chaotic Governor for two years. A lot of time has passed since then. She has learned nothing. Her current failure is not a surprise. Recommendation: Move to Arizona, date a former hockey player and inquire about another gig on The Masked Singer.

    • JMARK, Funny thing is, Sarah Jumped in on April Fools Day and now it’s Halloween and her Trick or Treat bag has developed a serious hole in it. Sarah’s candies are falling out faster then the doorbells she is ringing. Was this really her plan all along? I mean she gave us Bill Walker, is it her intention now to also give us Mary Peltola? I wonder if the Palin supporters have considered this?

  17. I guarantee you she did not get bad advice.. The Problem she was never around to hear the advice.. As governor wasn’t she notorious for never showing to meeting? Her office was always rescheduling I read that somewhere. For all the Palin voters still sticking with her I commend you but their is a time when the ship is sinking you need to get into a life boat and help row away. Right now Palin ship is sinking and it’s sinking fast. Get on the Nick Begich life boat and help save Alaska!

  18. You know, Sarah really could be in a different role.
    If she had ‘gone Rogue’ long before politics. But she chose greed and grifting, since it worked out so well for those close to her family. Monkey see.
    Monkey do. And now she’s left with monkey chit.

  19. I think why most Alaskans fell for the Palin appeal was because of Todd. Her ex, was an Irondog racer, supposedly really down to earth kind of guy. He was what a lot Alaskans saw as the epitome of a what an Alaskan was. She just road his coat tails on the image. Todd no longer in the picture, most Alaskans don’t see her in that image. I know I don’t..

    • Actually, what got Biden elected was the field of communists in his own party he ran against for the nomination, then the industry of communists in the media and Deep State who carried his water and lied to get him elected, not to mention the ballot shenanigans in the seven key states. He didn’t have to do anything. The Party of Davos did it all for him.

  20. She is making me wonder how often she would show up to congress if she did win. She doesn’t have a good track record at this point.

  21. Dear Sarah, If you really care anything about the state publicly pullout of the race and loudly throw your support behind Begich.

  22. I voted Palin – 1 and Begich – 2 during the special election. I’m definitely reversing that for Nov 8.

    I wasn’t living in AK back when she was governor, but what I’ve seen from her so far in this race is… not impressive.

  23. How like Sara, to not take responsibility for her own success or failure. It’s always someone else’s fault.

  24. Who’s house is that she’s standing in? Doesn’t look like an Alaskan’s house. All that refrigerator white paint would seem cold has ice in the winter and stained up by the dog in the summer. Is she complaining from another state about how she’s being rec’d here?

  25. “…….It’s not the kind of thing a candidate who is in a winning stance would typically say……..”
    Yet another example that she isn’t like other elected politicians, which is why Trump endorsed her. I think she’s just worn from the hatred. It wears on a person. The kind of hatred she has to live with is so palpable that you can feel it on your skin like smog.
    Too bad. Alaskans just love the standard baby kissing lawyer type……..until they get elected and screw everybody over. They can’t get enough of them. If they say they have a great idea like ranked choice voting, Alaskans just punch the box like a drone without even thinking, “What can go wrong?”

    • Reggie, I don’t hate Sarah Palin, I do however have a good memory and because of that I find her candidacy inferior to NBIII.
      I was born in the Territory of Alaska so I’m not a new comer. I beg you to join me, just this once in Ranking the Red. I’ll vote Sarah as my #2, I sure hope you vote Nick as your #2.(or #1) Doing this simple act will help Alaska and the Nation.

      Thanks Reggie. We will get rid of this Lisa voting scheme after the election.

    • Sarah has paid the price for busting up the “Good Old Boys Club” They are still screwing with her just like what’s happening to DJT!

  26. Look – I love Both the republican candidates.
    That being said I will be endorsing Nick.
    I will be ranking the red in this particular race,
    but I pray that we learn to unify like District 16 did, and well … frankly just like EVERY SINGLE democrat race continues to do. If we do not show LEADERSHIP, then why vote for us at all?

    I must say … I am disappointed that Sarah endorsed someone because of their sex … and not their policies.
    She will be my #2 in this cooky rank system.
    Lord, Bless the people of the great state of Alaska.

  27. Everyone please rank the Red.
    No, Sarah does not deserve a 2nd place vote, but we must hold our nose and vote her 2nd after NB3 for the good of the state, and by extension, ourselves since we live here.
    We CANNOT allow a Democrat to get entrenched in our one seat in the House.

  28. The comments here prove that Peltola will win. ALL democrats will vote for her, and only her. The conservative vote will be divided between Begich and Palin. This is not a primary election! Why did a democrat who lives in New Jersey pour MILLIONS of dollars into the ranked choice voting referendum in Alaska??? Because it works to elect democrats! – M.John

  29. Sounds like she looked at the ‘gig’ and realized her ‘take home’ isn’t what she had hoped for.
    Whining and blame gaming is per usual for her
    It’s why she’s all by herself now. They walked!

    • I’m trying to remember if she has ever made an appearance as “guest contributor” or she just gets the “McConnell treatment”.

    • Then yes to Mary. Taking your voting toys and going home is what got us here.

      Just be sure you can live with the result.

  30. Losers blame other people, leaders take responsibility for their choices. Palin, like Trump, being a narcissistic grifter, needs to blame to keep her over inflated ego pumped up. I’m sure she only surrounded herself with the ‘best and brightest’ lol. Here’s hoping to never have to hear her BS folksy/screechy voice ever again. Bu-bye

  31. The one thing Sara had right in the debate was about fish. She said that she would encourage going after the pirates who were stealing our fish. There has not been any real enforcement of the Stevens/ Magnesone act(sorry for the spelling) under this administration. It seems to be much more political to blame it on global warming, but everyone who is missing their salmon and king crab should know that they can purchase it in quantity from the Russians and Chinese. This administration should pay the subsistence and commercial fisheries for this. Sara won my #2 vote for her response.

  32. She didn’t need money when she BEAT Frank Murkowski, or Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcrow, or Nick Begich lll—-3—times. She doesn’t need money for the last week CRUNCH. Her voters have been locked in since June. We got nowhere else to go, Ranking the Red makes us want to Puke. Sarah is on a State Level, what Trump is on a National level. Both Populists, but DISPISED by the Republican Party, and the MEDIA, and the Democrats. In 2015 Trump was a New York Bloomberg Republican kicking off his campaign. He hired Sarah on as a TOP ADVISOR. She taught him about AMBUSH INTERVUES, where an hour of tapr is cut-n-pasted to make you look stupid. She taught him about GOP Backstabbers like Mitch and Lisa, She taught him TEA PARTY VALUES—Pro Life, Pro Military, Support SMALL BUSINESS, Lower Taxes on FAMILIES, Less Regulation on Small Business. Trump was on board with most of these things, but Sarah helped to Cement them. Trump came to Alaska in July to help Kelly beat Lisa, he came to Help Sarah—“BECAUSE I OWE HER”—-His Words..Why isn’t he throwing money to Sarah And Kelly. He already has. BUT ALASKA IS A CONFUSED STATE TO DO BUSINESS IN. There are too many variables at play here to be solved by money alone. Nov. 8 we will know how they played OUT. VOTE SARAH,. MAGA. KELLY TRUMP

      • To the rest of you anti Sarah commenters.

        It’s too easy to comment on social media and criticize someone who has put their whole life into the public eye for trying to change the wrongs that the socialist mind set has brought us!

        Sarah like Trump are continuing to reap the wrath of the DAVOS crowd.

        • Or using place and power to deepen the crucifixion of those she’s scared of. Heard that the feds are getting ready to seize her “stolen assets”. Vote for a thief.

  33. She lost not because of bad advice. She lost because people don’t like her. She needs to stay far away from publicly held office.

  34. Sarah Palin throws in the towel, again. And also throws some of her supporters and confidants under the proverbial bus. She’s a hot, hot mess and needs to go away and stay away.

  35. Gee Sarah, where’s “Cinderella” at these days? Did you launder all that money yet? It seems that seized assets are a thing now around the world.
    Now why did that happen? Laugh. Oh Sarah. You better tell Cinderella before I do. Better hurry up.

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