Palin-Boebert fundraiser canceled


A joint fundraiser for congressional candidate Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado, scheduled for Sept. 24 at the Petroleum Club in Anchorage, has been canceled. It was a reception and dinner with the two political super stars, and the reason for the cancelation wasn’t given.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, this Saturday’s Anchorage reception and dinner with Governor Palin and Congresswoman Boebert has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule this for a time in the near future and will make you aware of any updates. We would still very much appreciate any donation or support to Boebert Palin Victory as we continue to fight for Alaska and our country. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we hope to see you all very soon!” is how the note from the organizers reads.

The cost of bringing Boebert to Alaska and having to split the proceeds may have been a factor. The dinner was $2,900, which would have to be split with Boebert, and yet many Alaskan supporters of Palin who would want to spend that kind of money may have already “maxed out” their donations to Palin, which would mean their funds would possibly go to Boebert’s campaign.


  1. Sarah:
    We will give you $2900 if you pull out. Let Begich take this one. You will be redeemed and move on with your life. The classy way out for you.

    • What Masked & Moose say!! Way too much money. Probably resulted in very few takers. An almost empty house would look bad. But it doesn’t look good to cancel either. Palin showing her hubris once again thinking she is worth that much to Alaskans.

      • They seem to think, that upon receiving our larger PFD check, they seem to think we all can afford it.. after-all, we are paying off Property taxes, credit cards, school expenses and “what not” other stuff. Who in the blazes thinks we can afford to pay for a $2900 dinner? Many of us still hasn’t recovered from the expenses from the covid pandemic/quarantine.. maybe some other year or another political season, we might be able to afford it, even though, I couldn’t afford it.

  2. The reason is obvious. No one bought the tickets. The idea that Rep. Boebert was a draw up here with those who would have that kind of money. Talk about not understanding your base.

  3. Once again, it begs asking. Why isn’t Trump coming to her aid? Even if he’s being cautious due to obscene levels of scrutiny, he could have easily covered Boeberts expenses.

    In Georgia Trump was all in on challenging the current governor. When his choice was getting smoked, Trump seems to have disappeared. Taking his money with him.

    My guess is Trump is doing two things. Distancing himself from losing candidates and hoarding money for his 2024 run.

    It brings up an interesting point. If most of Trumps picks lose on the big stage, will than hurt him politically?

  4. all i know is you people need to keep belittling palin supporters and palin and they will not come over to begich. making me wonder some of these people may be democrats. the writer of this page will be just as much at fault for the dem to be elected as you armike svenson

    • b,
      Please understand no body is belittling you or anyone else for supporting Sarah Palin. We just have a much more qualified candidate in the race. Supporting Sarah isn’t the most healthy thing for her or Alaska, at least at this critical juncture in history. I can tell you that I am not a Democrat, I would never have endorsed Billy “steal your PFD” Walker once he joined Mallot and the Demoncrats. Think about it please B.
      Sarah needs your love and support, but sure as hell not your vote for U.S,. Congress. She is incapable of doing the job at this time, her campaign finances are paltry and reflect the strength of her support.

      You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d think that the Democrats and Billy Boy Walker (her fellow Rouge) put her up to run? Ya’ think?

      • I agree ?! No one on here that doesn’t support Sarah voted democrat. If anything I worry about people not doing their due diligence and researching Begich. Palin has shown her true colors long ago.

  5. Well if it has anything to do with the Raw Story about her giving a speech in which they said she was an embarrassment. Ouch. And that’s what the lower 48 is saying. Someone has a brain. ?

  6. Sarah you need to throw the towel in and support Nick Begich. Let Trump give you a cabinet position where you can help the party. Please

  7. Palin and Boebert don’t have much in common. I’m surprised Boebert would want to do anything with Palin.

  8. B – Sarah has done it to herself. If she weren’t so loathsome, there would be no belittling. I feel like this whole story and thread is a PSA. For her to attack Begich and encourage him to drop out (after she entered the race on the last day possible) is just beyond the pale. The woman is a train wreck. If people would just do their own research on her. Thanks, SD, for your hard work.

  9. It would have been highly embarrassing for Sarah to have a half dozen supporters show up. Boebert would have felt silly. Sarah, listen to me just once. Cancel your run for Congress. And come to the BIG Palin bash for Nick. Bring your boyfriend. I want to meet him.

    • Todd, when is the big party the Palins’ are throwing for Nick Begich? I want to video it for a documentary film I’m making. Thanks.

      • I hope Sarah shows up for the Begich Rally. It will be her chance to get into a documentary film on Palin property, where the topic will be NB3 for Congress. A documentary made for today’s tv audiences.
        Viewers love public meltdowns.

  10. You know, if you look at Sarah Palin financial statement, you can wonder why she has been paid $70k a year since 2009, to Spy on folks?
    I mean, who has she been spying on? Who could be up in Alaska for her to go to so much effort to be a mean girl? Could it be why she quit? Money?Sometimes I think she’s been a spy for Russia for years and that blew up in her face and made her quit. Then when she realized she over-reacted she became enraged and tripled the incidents.
    After her grip on the law and courts disappeared, the incidents digressed, but never go away.
    Except for recently, like after ICC started seizing assets. Maybe that’s what her weirdo video was about. About to lose what she stole to begin with.

  11. Few people signed up for the 2000$ plate dinner? Maybe a 25$ bbq shindig be appropriate considering the inflation time. Hahaha.

  12. I have no personal axe to grind with Sarah Palin, but she is simply not the best choice to fill Don Young’s seat. With a 63% (or thereabout) disapproval rating in state, a victory in this contest is highly unlikely. Another defeat for Sarah would not bode well for any future elected office attempts. On the other hand a graceful exit supporting Nick Begich would insure that we retain this Republican seat for the State the party and the Nation. Give Pelosi no quarter and Sarah Palin would emerge with a shining reputation for doing the right thing. The alternative is a loss for Sarah, the State and the Nation. Stand tall, make us proud and do the right thing. It’s a 2 year gig, give Nick a chance and if the need is felt have another whack at it.

  13. Sarah is the only conservative candidate in the race folks. Wake up!
    Mary Peltola is a communist progressive that will help fuel the Biden agenda to destroy this country.
    Nick is an establishment plant to pull votes from Sarah and continue the reign of RINO Mitch McConnell.

    • Wait, what? Dude, Nick Begich entered the race a year ago. Sarah entered the race on April 1. Who is the plant?

      And Mitch McConnell is in the Senate. Are you that dense? Man, you make us conservatives look stupid.

    • Sarah has an over 60% negativity rating. She has not bothered to campaign beyond “it’s me!” That’s how we got stuck with Mary in the first place.

      Even if you’re right about her conservatism (hint, you’re not) she can’t win a statewide race.

    • Palin is only a Conservative when she is spouting her bumper sticker slogans.
      Her record as governor is very much NOT Conservative.

      Do you have any clue who actually wrote her favorite legislation, ACES?
      Hint….it was not Republicans in Juneau.
      Was it conservative of her to endorse CCP candidate, Bill Walker for governor?
      Was it conservative of her to publicly call for Ted Stevens to resign his Senate seat just a week before his re-election attempt, and giving it to Mark Begich in a squeaker?

      She cannot get elected, and by narcissistically staying in the race, she is only going to peel enough votes away from Begich to hand the seat to Peltola……

  14. I don’t hate Palin. Not at all. I definitely prefer her over Peltola, but it is nothing personal. I just don’t want another Pelosi/Biden voter in congress. We need people to hold the FDA, CDC, Biden/Harris, Big Tech, the FBI, and The CIA accountable. And we need people that will restore trust in the election system by doing something. Regardless of what Democrats want to do to censor people or call all evidence false, none of that will convince anybody. And doing and saying nothing, Dunleavy, definitely won’t work.

    Point is I don’t have a lot of respect for Palin’s character, but I have faith that she would want to rip all of the agencies I mentioned a new one. I think Nick, if motivated, would be more effective, but I don’t have any doubt that Palin is motivated. So I’m not going to discourage people for voting for either as long they vote for both.

    • Sarah Palin is simply doing as she has always been told. Recently, after the pow-wows at local coffee shops. How’s that going there Sarah?

  15. The more I read about this, the more it becomes clear there are three opposing political parties battling for this congressional seat: the Democrats, the Palin Republicans, and the Begich Republicans. When three political parties are opposing each other for one seat, the party that comes out ahead on election day will gain the seat.

  16. I should have been more succinct. The three parties are the Democrat Party, the Sarah Palin Party, and the Nick Begich Party.

  17. Well you can all thank little miss can’t be wrong (Sarah) for the debacle in Russia. Now go give her a big hug. Then kiss your ass goodbye.
    Putin is going to send nukes to Alaska first.

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