Rapper Zuby, on Must Read Alaska podcast, has message for all of us: Use humor to deal with ‘humorless people’


British rapper and influencer Zuby joined the Must Read Alaska Show on Monday to talk about human potential, ways that the Left has gone too far, his podcast and books that encourage people to be their best, and how he questions the mainstream narrative.

Zuby has been a voice of reason in the left-leaning madness of popular culture, not falling for the new gender ideology that has transgender athletes competing against females. He’s asked uncomfortable questions such as, “If somebody was vaccinated against smallpox, measles, or tuberculosis, and they still got infected with the disease, became sick, and potentially infected other people… Then would it be fair to say that the vaccine did not work?” And he has called into a question a culture in which drag queens are reading to children.

But he approaches issues with positivity, which is one of his signature messages, even with “people who are super ‘woke.'”

“It’s kind of funny, whether you go to the super far-left end of the spectrum or the super far-right end of the spectrum, you kind of end up with the same personality types, and one thing that’s certainly there is just a complete lack of humor and an inability to laugh at themselves, and the ridiculousness and absurdity of some of the things they, themselves, are pushing.” Zuby told Must Read Alaska podcast host John Quick.

“I have a general policy that I do not attack individuals, so I will be kind with individuals but I will be fairly brutal with something that I think is a terrible idea,” Zuby.

Zuby is an independent rapper, author, podcast host, public speaker, and creative entrepreneur, with over 1.5 million followers on social media, the same social media that has tried to cancel him. He was born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia, and is a graduate of Oxford University who joined the corporate world, then left it to follow his dream. Since then, he has sold tens of thousands of albums independently, performed in eight countries, and gained 20 million+ online video views. His podcast ‘Real Talk with Zuby’ has surpassed 3 million downloads and reaches thousands of listeners every week.

In spite of his positivity and respect for people, he has been deplatformed from YouTube and Twitter at times for not agreeing with Big Tech’s social-bending mission.

On Twitter, someone wrote, “I bet I sleep with more women than you do,” to which Zuby simply replied, “OK Dude…” That was grounds for him being banned on Twitter. The YouTube video above was his response to that incident.

Zuby has published an e-book on physical fitness, and a children’s book that was published with Brave Books.

Zuby has featured on The Joe Rogan Experience, BBC, Fox News, Sky News, The Adam Carolla Show, The Rubin Report, The Candace Owens Show and The Ben Shapiro Show.

The Must Read Alaska Show can be seen and heard at the Must Read Alaska Facebook page at this link.

For those who listen to podcasts elsewhere, the Must Read Alaska Show is at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Google Play, and many other podcast providers.

Zuby’s podcast, “Real Talk with Zuby” can be found here, and at other podcast providers. Some of his recent guests have talked about “taboo subjects,” human trafficking, religion, psychology, and more.  “Don’t expect political correctness, but every episode will inspire you and make you a little bit smarter,” he promises.

Zuby’s website can be found at this link.


      • Have looked him up. Seems to have a better than most head on his shoulders.

        Not to promote someone else, but he is a regular guest on the British Podcast of the Lotus Eaters if people want to dig deeper

  1. Zuby is a British man that immigrated legally … His commentary is featured on all the hard conservative and centrist talk shows.
    He is known for his rap I guess.
    I just know that he was super skinny when he got here and now he’s jacked like a chaad.

  2. Wayne, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving his comments which covered several topics for the last two years, I had no idea who he is but found his message to be always spot on.

    Thank You Suzanne!

  3. I like Zuby, but he has been busy promoting himself and his message for so long that he comes off as a little plastic. But don’t get me wrong. I discovered him on Twitter back when I was in that cesspool and he was like seeing a lighthouse in a foggy raging sea of madness.

    What I find very interesting about him is that he’s British, grew up in Saudi Arabia, and has an American accent.

    Twitter banning him for his “ok dude” tweet actually promoted him. A lot. And it is because he is a very positive person and extremely nice. Just made the dweebs at twitter look like the arrogant fragile jerks that they are. Sorry Zuby, I do go after people. I hold people accountable as I expect people to hold me accountable.

  4. Interesting that I just heard of this guy a few days ago and now here is something about him. I am super impressed with him and laughed so much at his “OK, Dude” rap song. At my advanced age, I never thought I’d enjoy rap music!

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