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On Second Amendment: Peltola, now representing Alaska in Congress, supports gun control, gets a ‘D’ from NRA

Alaska is arguably the most pro-Second Amendment state in the country. The late Congressman Don Young was even on the board of the National Rifle Association since first elected to the board in 1995.

But Rep. Mary Peltola, the person now representing Alaska in Congress not only has a “D” rating from the NRA but got that D rating for her statements and votes that gun laws should be stricter. She’s had a record of pushing for “commonsense” gun laws since her days in the Alaska Legislature.

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Peltola, who is filling out Congressman Young’s remaining few months in office, is on the record for believing gun laws should be stricter.

While she was a legislator for Bethel, she supported gun control legislation. Back then, she was known as Mary Kapsner, Mary Nelson, and Mary Sattler, through her various marriages.

In July, the House of Representatives passed a bill to ban so-called assault-style weapons. The vote was sprung on the public by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just before the House broke for the August recess, and it passed 217 to 213. If Congressman Don Young had been alive, he may have stopped the vote. Pelosi said the ban is a “crucial step in our ongoing fight against the deadly epidemic of gun violence.”

It’s hard to know what Rep. Peltola would have done had she been in Congress then. She hasn’t had to vote on gun control in many years. But she has answered candidate questionnaires.

Answering the question in the Anchorage Daily News about whether she supports gun control legislation, Peltola wrote that she thinks that there should be gun storage laws, waiting period to purchase guns, and federal universal background checks.

To public media, she said she supports a bipartisan congressional committee to bring commonsense legislation to Congress.

Peltola said to the ADN, “it’s past time our nation’s leaders put forth more than just words to address the grief we all share. We can take common sense action, and we must. Provisions like secure storage laws, reasonable waiting periods and universal background checks can make all of us safer while still preserving the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

That is the kind of veiled answer that will get a politician a “D” from the NRA.

To Alaska Public Media, Peltola wrote, “I support the creation of a bipartisan congressional committee tasked with bringing common sense gun legislation to Congress that helps prevent tragedies in our communities, preserves the subsistence lifestyle that many people depend on, and respects our 2nd amendment rights.”

To Time Magazine, Peltola left the door open for what is called an assault weapon ban: “Of course, I support background checks. I don’t think that that is an infringement on Second Amendment rights. I would like to see the particulars of an assault weapons ban, because they are used in some instances in hunting in Alaska. And they are tied to food security. But right out of the gate, no, I don’t support a complete ban on all assault rifles.”

Perhaps only a ban on them for non-hunters? Only such firearms for rural hunters?

Her Republican opponents are not on board with her equivocating. Sarah Palin has an A rating from the NRA and is the organization’s endorsed candidate.

Nick Begich has what is called an A-Q rating, which means he has an A rating, but no legislative history yet to judge him by. Chris Bye is not rated by the NRA, which means he has not answered the group’s questionnaire.

Peltola is a “D.”

Candidate Sarah Palin was clearly not on board with the “assault weapons” ban: “No. The term ‘assault weapons’ doesn’t even have a universally agreed-upon definition, and politicians have proven time and again that they are more than willing to abuse ambiguity like that to infringe on our freedoms.”

Nick Begich was equally clear: “I strongly support the Second Amendment. I would not support reinstating the [so-called assault weapon] ban that expired in 2004.”

Alaskans have a lot of guns, an average of more than one and a half gun per household. But right now, it has two members of the federal delegation to Congress that are in favor of gun control. In June, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted in favor of a gun safety bill, which was then signed by President Joe Biden.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Don’t forget, “D” is a passing grade in our school system. If she is so bad, why didn’t the NRA give her an “F?”

    • Her Ad also says she’s was a fishing boat captain at 14.4 years too soon for that. Need to be 18 most everyone knows that.

  1. One gun control measure she should support is the requirement for locked gun storage in Bush Alaska. The regularity of kids killing each other or themselves with unsecured, loaded guns out there is outrageous. I’m sure a commitment to safety out there would be appreciated, no?

    • Regularity ??? Looks more like it’s the adults killing each other and it’s more than likely the booze not the guns that should be locked up !
      REALLY PELTOLA ? GUN CONTROL IN BUSH ALASKA ? LOCK YOUR GUN UP IN BUSH ALASKA ? Let’s see, there’s a bear eating the kids outside. Let’s go unlock the gun, go to the separate storage place for the ammo and get it out, load the gun and then go shoot the bear and bury the kids.

    • Where did you get your information? Very few deaths are from young children playing with parent’s guns. Most are negligent firearm handling in the field or gun use by criminals.

    • Gee, I spent over four years as law enforcement in Western Alaska and another fourteen years in the Interior. I didn’t work one accidental shooting involving a minor nor did any of my immediate co-workers.

      I’m not even curious as to where you received such garbage information, it’s incorrect.

      When these things happen it is immediate clickbait for ADN and it’s ilk. Your source is garbage.

        • Lived there for sixteen years, five of it off the road system.

          You can believe anything you want, I’m not looking for your vote and I don’t care about your feelings.

          I just take umbrage at your attempts at disinformation.

      • “……Your source is garbage.”
        Fifty years of life in Alaska is my initial source, but it wasn’t difficult to find a reference to back it up. Of course, you’ll simply blow it off as garbage, and that’s fine with me, Mr. Bush Law Enforcement:
        “……51 percent of victims — 19 children — were Alaska Native……..”

      • “Gee, I spent over four years as law enforcement in Western Alaska and another fourteen years in the Interior. I didn’t work one accidental shooting involving a minor nor did any of my immediate co-workers………”
        Gee, Mr. Law Enforcement, how did you miss this one? Are you as old as I am and retired decades ago?
        “…….In 2015, the son of an Alaska state trooper in Bethel found a loaded gun and shot himself……..”

        Four years old. Not a suicide, Officer. And in Ground Zero for this stuff; YK Delta……..right where you claimed to work for 14 years…….and where 22% of these deaths statewide occur.
        I guess you just missed it, huh? And none of this mentions the years before 2003.

      • I concur with that statement. 28 years in LE in Alaska, rural and city. I have never seen a minor death as described. Unattended dogs kill more kids in AK…

  2. And the radical leftist leopard finally shows its spots.
    That certainly didn’t take long. Nor did I expect it to.
    And why? Because, as the scorpion in Aesop’s fable said, “it’s my nature”.

      • No, I can’t, Lucinda, because the state of politics in his country is so irredeemably corrupt that I cannot name ANY politician with whom I can fundamentally agree. The last such one, and he was almost unique even then, was Ron Paul — you know, the man who would run away with the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, had not the national and many state Republican Party machines pulled every dirty, unethical, underhanded and corrupt trick to cheat him from that nomination.
        And by the way, the “middle of the road” is where you find the most roadkill. It is the place where wishy-washy, convictionless, and opportunistic fence-sitters like to hang out, such as Princess Lisa, Mitch McConnell and the particularly execrable neocon Liz Cheney.

      • Middle… no. Better road, yes.
        Chris Bye actually coached youth firearms and as a retired combat vet understand first hand the need to protect the 2A.

        Funny that a normal dude isn’t discussed much. No money in it I suppose. He is by far the better candidate. Even listened to me and my friends in Delta this summer. Took notes too.
        Think outside the repub box or live in it.

  3. How are Alaskan native women supposed to defend themselves without guns, Mary? Wait for the VPSO to show up the next week?

    And how are Alaskan Hunters supposed to hunt without guns?

      • Lucinda, yes, someone will eventually come and take “Dan’s guns.”

        I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do see the writing on the law and having spent a career in law enforcement I understand Federal capabilities.

        Just listen to prominent Democrat politicians and understand this…a Republic of states freely associating with each other is long dead.

        Our Federal legislature is controlled by heavily populated states populated by subjects less confident in themselves, more reliant on government, and a now ingrained fear of firearms.

        There has also been a diminishment in the abilities of local law enforcement to enforce order. They all work under one Federal mandate or another, generally several. If they don’t do Federal bidding and play by Federal rules, grants and access to information is curtailed or erased.

        So yes, it won’t happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen in our lifetime. Absolutely.

      • Then why a “red flag” law? Like the one Murkowski voted for?
        The very intent of that law is to allow someone to take Dan’s guns.

    • Mary Peltola, kamala harris, elizabeth taylor all had success based on by who is their partner. A smart woman knows she needs to have a smart man in her life to get anywhere in her life. Those 3 women are where they are because of multiple men,too bad they couldn’t find success in one marriage.

      • Women are brought up to believe we don’t need men. Truth we need men. Depending on the man in our life depends our success.sorry crazy feminists; however even self proclaimed feminists are or were married to a man. Hahaha

          • No, most of them cannot, Jim. They have simply transferred their dependence on a husband or father to dependence on the government. So ironically, all the radical leftist feminist extremists are implicitly supporting, and dependent upon, the ultimate patriarchy, that of an overbearing “Big Brother” and “Big Father” government.

        • …..and the Chief gets his pickings until the women stand up. Then the Chief goes for the young uns. Byron Mallott knew how it worked in the village.

  4. Well, my household has a hell of a lot more than 1 and 1/2 guns. And I was a dues paying member of NRA for decades,although I am no longer a member. I personally agree with Mary, background checks and waiting(cooling off) periods are probably a good idea. Like her, I have mixed emotions about so called assault rifles. In fact, one of the reasons I didn’t renew with the nra is that their advertising went from remington 700s, 870s, winchester mod.70s etc., to ar15 type firearms, which I have no interest in. That being said, I don’t necessarily oppose ownership of these types of weapons if the owner has passed a background check and hasn’t made the purchase on impulse with possible evil intentions.

    • Seriously??? You just parroted every single BS talking point the left uses, and did it in one paragraph no less. Nobody on this planet is as wishy-washy on the issue of guns as you claim to be. The only ones that act that way are hardcore lefties trying to sound reasonable and thoughtful hoping it will give them a chance to slip their nose under the tent.

      Who do you think you are fooling?

      Dues paying member for decades…give me a break.

      • Scott,
        I am not trying to fool anybody. And I don’t think my post would be considered wishy-washy. It appears you are accusing me of being untruthful. I can assure you that I was a member of nra for at least 2 decades. I was also a member of alaska professional hunters, national trappers,slaska outdoor council and other organizations. that support the secondamendment. I have owned firearms since a very young age, and still have a safe full of them.
        I still believe in the oldsaying- when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. However, I don’t believe everybody should have the right to own a firearm, just as not everyone should have the right to possess a firearm.
        Instead of accusing me of being untruthful, I would prefer to agree that we disagree. I respect your position and admire your passion on this subject. I was much the same, but advancing years make me realize that things are not quite as black and white as I once thought they were.

    • Huh?? Everything you just wrote makes absolutely no sense.. Majority of firearms owners including individuals that buy AR15’s have to do a background check.. 13% of gun sales are done without a back ground check in this country, so that means 87% of gun sales are done through an ffl dealer. SCJ Clarence Thomas wrote in his opinion about the New York law: “We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need. It is not how the Second Amendment works when it comes to public carry for self-defense.” You can’t pick and choose what firearm is protected under the 2nd amendment.

    • We have backround checks. We have waiting periods. What we need to do is enforce our current laws before we dream up new ones. Murder is illegal but we sure have a lot of it, what’s the root problem?

      • In a sense, you can also ask…we have a lot of drunk drivers, what is the problem? Do we have too many cars? Do we have too much weed, too much alcohol?

        The problem is, frankly, that when people ask questions like yours or the one I just posed, they come up with one or both of these answers instead of the correct one.

        1. They parrot the answer they’ve been told.
        2. They answer in the manner that is comfortable.

        #2 is never the right answer and #1 is rarely correct.

        I learned a long time ago that the easiest (not to be confused with simplest) solution to a problem was inevitably the wrong one.

        The problem of violence is in modern culture with it’s absence of consequential learning. It is no longer orthodox to hold any one person accountable for their own misbehavior. If you want to stop violence and larceny, begin by raising a child to be respectful to elders, to understand the meaning of the word “no”, and that you are accountable for your choices.

        So basically, it’s here to stay. It will never be in vogue again to tell a teenager that he’s dumb as a box of rocks, has bad manners, and if he doesn’t work hard he can’t have the latest iPhone.

        • “……we have a lot of drunk drivers, what is the problem? Do we have too many cars? Do we have too much weed, too much alcohol?…….”
          Too many idiots. And most of them driving drunk had a drivers license. Had to pass a test or two to get it. The license has to be renewed every five years. They have to legally be insured. Firearms? None of the above. No testing, no training, no licensing, no nothing.
          But there are plenty of idiots out there.
          Is that smart? Probably not. But, then, what does intelligence have to do with any of this?

    • What difference will cooling off periods make in any way? Please explain the logic.
      How many murders happen on impulse? If you cannot provide any data to support cooling off periods based on public safety, than you are pushing nothing but feel good meaningless laws that will do nothing.
      As to background checks, we already have that. Unless you are talking about universal background checks, which are unenforceable. Do you really think the criminal intent on committing a crime will report the purchase of a gun to the authorities? Not happening.
      Final note. Your choice to leave the NRA is your choice, and you made it for your own reasons. However, do you apply the same standard to everything else? Do you stop watching a show, or paying for a streaming service because you do not like their advertising? Somehow, I do not think you do.

  5. No way in all hades could I bring myself to vote for a candidate who is virulently anti-second amendment rights and most of a democrat.

  6. Pretty clear that Peltola, or whatever name she goes by today, supports:
    1. Bans on semi automatic firearms
    2. Nancy Pelosi
    3. Joe Biden
    4. Deficits
    5. Open borders

    Sarah Palin has high marks from the NRA, is pro life, anti- Pelosi, and is endorsed by the American Conservative Union.

    Rank Sarah first, and if you have to, Begich, second.

    Alaska can not have a gun banning liberal undermining what the majority of Alaskans want.

  7. “secure storage laws, reasonable waiting periods and universal background checks “. How can these solutions be a threat to gun ownership? The NRA and the die hards need to give an inch. Which is more valuable: the lives of children at Sandy Hook and Uvalde or the inconvenience of a waiting period?

    • Conservatives defend the Constitutional values. Tyrannical elite don’t. Man is a creation of God who does not need to change his status. GO regulate “foreign” commerce not interstate commerce. Servants do not dictate rights in this guaranteed republic.

    • Because an inch soon becomes a mile, as has been proven time and again. For example, what happens when the government decides that the NRA is an anti-government organization and decides that gun ownership be denied to its members? We are already seeing this type of stuff happening. Besides, a determined crazy will use other methods to do their harm if firearms were banned. Look at how many murders occur without the use of firearms.

    • False comparison Lucinda.

      Should the Sandy Hook shooter have waited ten days to kill his mother and steal her gun ?

      Connecticut already has a 14 day waiting period which stopped Lanza from buying a gun.
      One could make the argument that had he been allowed to buy the gun, his mother would still be alive.
      Unfortunately the waiting period benefited no one.

      As for “storage” laws, how is a gun that is locked in a safe or disassembled, or using a trigger lock, available for self defense in the home ?

      Suggest you read the Heller decision. SCOTUS has already addressed this issue

      • Did that waiting period stop Adam Lanza? I saw nothing indicating that was the case.
        You are absolutely correct, the CT law did nothing to stop him from killing his mother, and taking her guns. No waiting period for that.
        Besides, there is ample evidence that Lanza was planning this attack for a while. If he needed to wait 14 days, or even 140 days, makes not a bit of a difference. He would have just waited. Then proceeded to kill children.

    • Please demonstrate to me how a waiting period would make any difference whatsoever.
      Can you name a single criminal that was stopped because they had to wait to receive a firearm? Or, better yet, point to a single murder that happened immediately after the person received their gun from a FFL.

      • CB: Sorry to make you wait. I have 1.5 jobs and a lot of nonprofit work. I don’t have those statistics. Nobody does because it would be impossible to ascertain. Interesting thought though.

        A waiting period may (MAY! – don’t jump on my ass) prevent some deaths. So why not? It can’t be because of the inconvenience of waiting.

        • A waiting period will do nothing. And, you know it. “MAY…” Nope.
          On the other hand, it does have the following adverse actions:
          1. It requires the buyer to make two trips to the store for a firearms purchase. First to conduct the background check, second to pick up the firearm. Waste of fuel, emits carbon equivalent, etc…
          2. It requires the FFL to store firearms they cannot sell because they are being held for a customer. It essentially doubles the amount of stock space they have to maintain and pay for. (what if every gun they have in stock got sold? Gotta store them somewhere until the customer can pick it up.)
          3. It increases the likelihood of errors in the required paperwork and retention schedules a FFL has to maintain. The more times one has to write the firearm’s serial number, the more likely it will be done incorrectly.
          In fact, given the negatives, there is no justification for a waiting period. Especially since your argument is based on wishful thinking, whereas mine is based on running a business and the cost to the customer and dealer, as well as the cost to law enforcement, if a regulation based on wishes is implemented.

          • CB: Not sure there could be weaker reasons NOT to have a waiting period. Really pathetic. You’re a smart guy, try something else, maybe there’s some talking points on the Guns & Ammo website.

        • Let’s see if I have this correct.
          There is no demonstrable benefit from waiting periods. Zero benefit.
          Logic (and wisdom) dictates that if there is no benefit, any adverse impact, no matter how small, is enough to decide against taking that action.
          But, wait…. You said it “MAY!” prevent some deaths.
          May. May not. Wishful thinking.
          Whereas, I know the waiting period WILL have the adverse effects I list below. Will, it will happen. There is no way to implement waiting periods without causing those impacts.
          A hope, versus an assured drawback. Guess which wins.

    • It’s the forever talking point “For the children!”. The far left doesn’t care a whit for the children, just their globalist agenda. They use our children like the brush guards on our suv’s.

    • Again uneducated Lucinda the 2nd amendment says so. If you locked up criminals instead of slapping their hands that would make a difference more that gun control.

    • Glossed over the Universal Background Check part.
      How is that a threat? It isn’t.
      It is also totally and completely unenforceable, and does nothing to stop crime in any way.
      Let’s see. A criminal is intent on committing an armed robbery, or murdering someone, whatever. Some kind of crime. So, they search the classifieds and they find someone selling a gun at a price they like. They meet up, and the person sells them the gun without passing it through a FFL for a NICS check.
      How will anyone know it? How exactly will the authorities know the gun was sold? Wil the criminal report the sale? Doubt it. Will the seller? No. If they knew about the universal background check requirement and chose not to obey, they will not report. If they were unaware, they will not report.
      Oh, but wait. The criminal will leave the gun behind at the scene of the crime, and the police can trace it. News flash. No they cannot. There is no gun registry they can look to. Nor is there a requirement for people to register their guns in most States. The FFL does have a requirement to maintain their sales records, but in order to find the correct seller, the police would have to use a registry that does not exist.
      So, universal background checks will do… nothing. Not a darned thing.
      Is there are word in the dictionary for a meaningless and futile effort such as universal background checks, or does stupid suffice?

    • “secure storage laws, reasonable waiting periods and universal background checks. How can these solutions be a threat to gun ownership?…….”
      They aren’t, and BTW, we already have waiting periods (for the FBI to conduct checks) and universal background checks for FFL dealers. But none of that will shut your type up. You’ll never be satisfied.
      Secure storage laws? I secure my firearms simply because I’m not stupid. You’ll never legislate stupidity away. The proof of that is everywhere. The best such laws will do is provide yet another group of people for your type to send through the revolving door of justice, which is already spinning like a centrifuge.

      • Of course “secure storage laws” are on the list because the leftists want to get rid of protections under the 4th, and possibly the 6th, amendments.
        You have a fundamental right to security in your home and personal protections, protected by the 4th amendment. But, in order to enforce secure storage laws, the authorities would have to conduct no warrant searches of your home to ensure the law is being followed. A pretty clear violation of the 4th, in my humble opinion.
        Or is it just a way to double punish someone after the crime? Most likely yes. Because the police are not going to just show up to make sure your guns are secure, the intent of the law must be to add charges after the crime happened.
        So, making a claim this is for “safety” is disingenuous at best.

          • I prefer to think of myself as cautious.
            The law of unintended consequences is always in full effect. Ignoring it is just plain stupid.
            Besides, how would a secure storage law be enforced? Is there any way to enforce it without random warrantless searches? Please explain how it would be enforced. Very interested to know how you see it working.

          • Like all you radical leftist sheep and conformists hiding from a mild cold behind your suffocating and unhealthy Covid masks, in perpetuity? Like that kind of irrational and exaggerated fear, Lucinda?

          • Now, Jefferson, do not pick on Lucinda.
            Lucinda is a leftist. Her comments here on MRAK clearly indicate she thinks the government is a benevolent entity that has nothing but the best interests of the population in mind. Well, that is a government comprised of leftists, let anyone even slightly to the right of center show up and the tune changes.
            If the government tells her to fear a virus with an extremely low death rate, she will fear it. If they tell her not to fear their intrusion into the populations private lives, she will mock anyone who fears it.

  8. Looks like she gets a big fat F in the Marriage and Mother department. She can’t make even one responsible and unselfish decision in her personal life. What a dumb box.

  9. Peltola is an F- and she will not get ranked by anyone in our family of voters. Terrible for Alaska. But good for Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

  10. How many indigenous tribal enrolled hunters have prison records? Under the democrats subsistence hunters are going to decline unless
    they go back to homemade bows and arrows. Hahaha.

    • There are a few, mostly from domestic violence and it depends on how much injury whether or not it was a felony or not. There are some child molesters that are definitely felons and rapists that are felons. Most natives are law abiding as far as that goes but you need to be careful your racism might be showing.

      • The law states that if you’re a felon you can’t possess a firearm. Sometime ago they were trying to get it changed so that felons in the bush could still legally hunt meet for their family but that fell through. The second amendment applies to people who follow the law. Secondary laws take away that right if you prove that you’re not fit for society.

    • I believe that Alaska law allows ex-felons to have a long gun after being off paper for 5 years. 10 years for a pistol. While still illegal under fed, they have a hands off policy, just like with states having legalized pot.

  11. This will be our next full term Rep.
    Palin can’t beat Peltola and Begich can’t beat Palin but Begich can beat Peltola. Alaska is in a lose lose situation with this rank choice voting. We need start on repealing this screwed up system right away.
    AK may never have another republican representing them in congress.

  12. This is disappointing. She’s a native woman in an area that uses firearms for food. I was down in her neck of the woods for many years and witnessed felons carrying around AR rifles using them for hunting caribou and moose. I also witnessed people on snow goes with ar rifles running down wolfpacks. All this was illegal mind you, but I’m sure she realized the need for felons to supply food for their family. A wolf hide goes for $300 or more plus they attack moose and Caribou so they’re in competition for the food. In the bush it’s not about sport hunting, it’s about getting all the food you can for your family and the village. So all your tree huggers need not apply. Now at the same she’s wanting to take away all that but what she realizes is it won’t be enforced in the bush just in places like St Louis and Memphis. And she doesn’t care about those people or they’re rights.

    • Greg, I agree that one sees lots of AR , ( Armalite Rifles) in the ” Bush”, and yes they are employed in Subsistence Hunting. Most are chambered in .556 x 45 NATO ( .223 Remington). These weapons are fine for seal hunting and Caribou perhaps at closer range, but Moose? It is unethical to use such a light weapon in taking of big heavy game, many times the animal escapes, wounded and dies a horrible death. I know of incidences where large Bull Moose have been harvested but the meat was putrid due to multiple .556 wounds festering beneath the poor Moose’s hide.

      I believe that fire arm ownership is a Right. The use of that right however must be consistent with what the firearm, ( or tool) was designed to accomplish.

      • Well I agree with you but I think the mentality is more shots is better. Long range shots like you speak of are mostly sport hunting. I never knew of a shot from a native being much farther than 50 yards and most of those shots came from a boat. We’ve all heard of the story of a guy that killed a grizzly in Canada with a 22 rifle and I myself used to shoot deer on our farm when I was a yonker with a 22. Dropped them like a sack of potatoes. So shot placement is important. Caribou are thin scanned and you can just about blow them over with a bad cough. When you’re chasing a pack of wolves on snow goes it can sound like world war III out there. I think the cost of ammunition factors in in the the scarcity is 7 mm rounds or even 30 odd 6 rounds today is a lot more scarce than some 556.

        • Greg, agreed, still much to be said about Fire Discipline and a one shot one kill credo. I see an undisciplined belief today that having a 20 round clip will bring home the meat, without first becoming proficient with the weapon and it’s range limitations. I’ve killed more than my share and it’s that first shot that counts, especially on the big stuff like Bears.. .As for the .556, they should be outlawed for hunting any big game, (outside of wolves and seals). It’s about physics, bullet diameter, bullet weight, sectional density, velocity and energy. Some combos kill quickly and some merely maim, outside of that lucky shot of legend! The older I get the more I realize that Taylor had it right with his Knock Down Formula, based upon observation.

  13. How can this woman tell us she is for Resource Development (what the State was founded on) but not support the Ambler Road to the resource areas??? I think the answer is “I support resource development but not in the State of Alaska”.

  14. Pretty clear that Peltola, or whatever name she goes by today, supports:
    1. Bans on semi automatic firearms
    2. Nancy Pelosi
    3. Joe Biden
    4. Deficits
    5. Open borders

    Sarah Palin has high marks from the NRA, is pro life, anti- Pelosi, and is endorsed by the American Conservative Union.

    Rank Sarah first, and if you have to, Begich, second.

    Alaska can not have a gun banning liberal undermining what the majority of Alaskans want.

  15. Peltola knows she’s checked all the right boxes for the Democrats new face. She is now part of the elite and will quickly start acting like an elitist. I’m sure she’s loving her time in DC, Nancy P seems to like her much more than AOC.

  16. No surprise there! Just remember, when it comes to investigating Fauci’s criminal mismanagement of Covid & his cozy financial relationship with Big Pharma, when Congressional calls for Biden’s impeachment are occurring and the defunding of the billions of dollars in wasteful spending going into the money laundering operations in Ukraine are on the table, Peltola will be a reliable NO vote for the war mongering Left!

  17. To all the so-called Republicans who ranked Peltola solely out of spite for Sarah Palin. Thanks a lot. You F-ed over the entire state, and likely the nation.

    • CBMTTek,

      What of the 40% of Palin voters who didn’t rank Nick? Was that because Sarah indicated that she was going to vote Mary as her second? Gosh, ya’ think?

      Look, you and me are probably not ever going to be Pards, Pally’s, Friends, or Family, but perhaps we can be CO-BELLIGERENTS! At least we can coalesce around one common goal, that of stopping this Marxist take over of our Nation. Can the Palin Bots find that within themselves? Can they vote Nick Begich as their second? Do they really care for this nation enough to do so? I hope so…

      So you know, I voted Sarah as my second, this despite her being a dithering, screeching, back stabbing, Billy Walker Supporting, Bi-Polar, Media Attention Junkie, Strumpet dressing, debate avoiding, and dumber than a BOX OF ROCKS candidate! I put all of the above aside because I knew that Sarah was not a MARXIST.( trust me, this took some deep introspection) Voting Sarah would help bring about the downfall of Nancy Pelosi. It will empower Jim Jordan and his group of Patriots to begin righting this ship of State. I did it for the Nation I love, I did it for my Sons and Granddaughters, I even did it for you CBMTTek. I would hope that the Nick folks out there would do the same, vote Sarah as your #2.
      As Nick said, RANK THE RED!

      • Valid point.
        The folks who did not rank Begich carry just as much blame. However, I do not see comments here on MRAK about how much Begich is hated, and that having Petola for a term or so is worth it to get Begich out of politics.
        As someone who held their nose and ranked the red, I would not include you in the so-called Republicans i was thanking in my comment.

    • Don’t thank Palin.
      Thank the idiots who refused to rank Palin 2nd, or worse ranked Petola 2nd after Begich out of spite.

    • Oh, but at least she’s “nice”!
      Sorry, but I’ll take an undiplomatic, crass, rough-spoken defender of liberty over a “nice” statist and authoritarian every time.

  18. My idea of a “secure gun storage” law is to provide a once-in-a-lifetime tax credit of at least $1,500 (inflation adjusted, obviously!) to a taxpayer who purchases a gun vault. Those of us who own more than one firearm – and we always have a holstered sidearm, don’t we? – will then have some confidence that our firearms will not be readily stolen by one of the legions of thieves who are always roaming around our neighborhoods, many having been freed without bail following their prior thefts.

    Regrettably, an obdurate fool – the father of Hunter, who committed a federal crime when purchasing a handgun (he perjured on ATF Form 4473) – presently rants from the Oval Office. He is determined to infringe on our God-given right to keep and bear arms for our personal defense against criminals and tyrants, so we cannot hope to see this common-sense tax credit before 2025. Even so, we may recommend the tax credit now, even today, in a letter to our U.S. senators and congressman.

    And lastly, let’s be willing and ready to ‘rank the red’ for Begich and Palin. The great majority of Alaskans want and need a Republican to represent us in Congress. We must not be so obstinate that we shoot ourselves in the foot by permitting Ms. Peltota to win the November election, eh?

  19. A buddy at the American Legion noted that what Begich and Palin need to do is make an ad prior to the election where they show them checking their own name first and the other person’s as second, saying that they have far more in common with each other than with any Democrat and Alaskan’s deserve a Representative who truly represents them.

    This seat matters and if Sarah is going to stay in with all her baggage after jumping in late, then everyone who wants to keep the seat R for the next two years needs to just hold their nose and vote the other R as second choice so that every R vote counts for the eventual winner.

    • They can’t stand each other and likely don’t want the other to win. So…………..don’t hold your breath for that ad to come out. And I suspect Peltola will represent most Alaskans.

    • Jim Sweeney, sure the Y-K Welfare Plantation Model, zero development, no tax base, everyone on the Dole representative for all!

  20. All of her family and friends should give up their guns first as a show of good faith. No guns in the bush. Remember she’s been married many times so lots of family.

      • I don’t care about her marriages I just think that her relatives should step up and be first to give up gun rights that she is pushing.

      • “……More than likely she met real losers and it wasn’t her fault.”
        Mathematically it’s 50/50 odds the first time at worse. Each successive failed marriage increasingly puts one in the loser category, even if that loser status is simply a complete failure to figure out the problem. Ultimately, the failure to make marriage work multiple times is a sure indicator of somebody you do not want representing or leading at the highest levels of anything. It’s proof of an inability to successfully work through problems cooperatively. It’s “my way or the highway”, and now she’s in a position to send lots of folks traveling, not just her previous husbands.

  21. All Begich voters need to rank choice Palin 2. Even though oh golly gees Palin isn’t helping her cause by degrading Begich. Also standing on her soap box yelling donch’a you know just vote for me don’t rank choice anyone else.. I’m a Begich supporter and it pains me rank choice Palin.. But it’s for the good of this country..

  22. The rainbow mafia that hides behind their badges in Anchorage have STOLEN no less than 4 of my family heritage firearms. Even after this alleged “2A sanctuary” malarkey. Where’s MY RIGHTS?!
    This is clearly a violation of USC article 18 section 232, and the punishment is life in prison or worse.

  23. The rainbow mafia that hides behind their badges in Anchorage have STOLEN no less than 4 of my family heritage firearms. Even after this alleged “2A sanctuary” malarkey. Where’s MY RIGHTS?!
    This is clearly a violation of USC article 18 section 232, and the punishment is life in prison or worse.

  24. 1. Lock your trespassing thieving kids and adults up, because a person shouldn’t have to lock their own possessions/guns up in their own house.
    2. The early election proved quite a few Begich voters did Not mark Palin as a 2nd choice, otherwise Palin would have received plenty of votes against Petola.
    (But then again after 2 years, NO One in our state has done anything about Voter Fraud either.)
    3. Some, if not all of yous are crazy. I own lots of guns, I don’t need some so called smart man to shoot them for me, I didn’t use some man, government, or anyone else to get somewhere in life, and I’m a constitutionalist.
    I also marked both Begich and Palin as 1 and 2 on my ballot even though I didn’t think either one of them were worth voting for, and I left spot 3 blank, because I knew what Petola was and what she would do.

  25. “Lock your trespassing thieving kids and adults up, because a person shouldn’t have to lock their own possessions/guns up in their own house……….”
    There’s an attitude awaiting disaster. I’d ask if he has minor children in his home, but his attitude is indeed that of a child.
    Here, folks, is why government needs to pass laws to regulate stupidity. Imagine somebody like this after a kid kills himself or another kid with his gun, or after a thief kills somebody with his gun. Of course, it’s the “thieving kids” fault. Indeed, a rather inexpensive safe secured to the wall helps prevent theft itself by intruders, hothead roommates, spouses, teens, etc from turning an argument into a murder, etc. Obviously, this person either hasn’t experienced basic weapons security that the military and law enforcement employs daily, or resents basic security. Basically, there’s no clue.
    Somebody like this will never understand ‘responsibility’………the ability to respond to everyday threats.

  26. She supports unrestricted abortion rights and also gun control measures, both at the federal level. This means she doesn’t want us to have babies OR guns. Does not seem to be a winning recipe for ‘re election’.

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