Notes from the trail: Candidates and their volunteers are on the move


While Congresswoman Mary Peltola enjoys a honeymoon phase in Washington, D.C., Sarah Palin has was spotted in Fairbanks and North Pole, and Nick Begich has been campaigning from Fairbanks and North Pole to Juneau. Above, he’s seen with former Juneau Mayor Ken Koelsch on Seward Street.

Nick Begich won the endorsement of Mike Chenault, longtime Speaker of the House from Nikiski, on the Kenai Peninsula, where Begich hopes to win over some former Palin supporters. Nikiski is one of the most conservative areas of the state and produced the longest-serving House Speaker in Alaska history — Chenault.

Bernadette Wilson above, state director of AFP and advisor with AFP-Action, went door-knocking for Nick Begich over the weekend. The cool set of wheels was borrowed from a friendly kid.

In the door-knocking arena, Americans for Prosperity Action volunteers hit 700 doors over the weekend in Anchorage, and Bernadette Wilson borrowed a toy car for what became a priceless shot. The volunteers are out every weekend for the next five weeks.

The Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America Fund has endorsed of U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, rather than Alaska’s 21-year incumbent, not-really-pro-life Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

“Kelly Tshibaka is a trailblazer whose pro-life, pro-woman leadership will be a welcome addition to the U.S. Senate. We are proud to endorse her. Pro-abortion Democrats ‘can’t wait’ to destroy the Senate filibuster to impose abortion on demand until birth nationwide, paid for by taxpayers – a radical agenda the overwhelming majority of Americans reject,” the group wrote.

“It’s more critical than ever that Alaskans have strong leaders fighting for their values. As a mom of five and the first member of her working-class family to pursue a college degree, Kelly knows how important it is to protect unborn children and stand with mothers, including by supporting pregnancy centers that serve countless families in communities nationwide. Kelly will bring compassion and common sense to Washington, and we strongly encourage Alaskans to support her on November 8.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski was endorsed by the Inlandboatsmen Union of the Pacific, Alaska. IBU is the Alaska Marine Highway System workforce, primarily. She also has the endorsement of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation.

Kathy Henslee, running for House for Anchorage, House District 13, was spotted at the Food Bank of Alaska packing boxes of provisions for families that could use some help this fall.

Rep. David Nelson, running for reelection to House for District 18 (Formerly 15, Muldoon area) was spotted at the POW/MIA 24-hour Remembrance Run, where he was one of the 400 runners who clocked a combined 1,309 miles, never letting the POW/MIA flag drop once as they ran through the night.

Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club is having a “We the People” dinner at Evangelo’s on Oct. 1. Information below.


  1. What we really need to focus on is election integrity. You can campaign all you want but if we don’t have honest elections, it’s like jogging on a treadmill. Lots of effort and motion but no forward progress.

      • Yeah, you’re here Lucy, from the Democrat Headquarters, hoping that your intrusive and impeding little drivel exceeds the bounds of normal idiocy that flows from Democrat’s minds. Make sure you send Suzanne a hefty contribution for allowing nut jobs like you to appear here, when the rest of us know that you’re missing your next psychiatric appointment. You and Joe Biden could actually be cellmates.

    • And that is why we have a democrat Congresswoman right now…. The left knew Republicans would be stubborn and just vote for one which is why we have RCV. Not educating yourself on the process will ensure ANOTHER “D” win in November. Just rank the red people

  2. I wish the Palin Beigich people would take a note from West Anchorage and UNIFY their party. Go Liz Vazquez! GO Mia Costello!

  3. What Begich and Palin need to do is go after River boat captain at the age of 14 Peltola voting record. Also her stance on 2nd Amendment, oil, gas and mineral development. Her stance on giving subsistence hunters and fishermen more access to that resource, limiting that resource to the user groups from the road system. Nope they rather destroy each other..

  4. Republicans don’t vote.. that’s why they lose. Republicans bitch and moan amongst themselves and point fingers. Come voting day they don’t show up. Argue this if you will. But give me an explanation on why we lose. Not some stolen jibberish crap doomsday fairy tale.

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