Monday: Anchorage Assembly to hear from public about its new homeless plan, after it delayed navigation center


The Anchorage Assembly will hold a special meeting on Monday to continue hearing the public’s opinion of its plan to house homeless at the Sullivan Arena and the Golden Lion Hotel, which will concentrate the homeless problem of Anchorage into a midtown area near Rogers Park, College Village, and Geneva Woods. The meeting will be from 6-8 pm at the Assembly Chambers in the Loussac Library, and the Assembly is expected to vote on the plan that appears to have been developed behind the scenes by the Assembly’s leftist majority in violation of the Alaska Open Meetings Act.

The Assembly majority conducted a special meeting on Sunday to hear from those who are not able to attend the Monday meeting due to the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year that started Sunday evening.

Components of the Assembly’s plan include:

  • Increase of capacity at Brother Francis Shelter of 20 individuals
  • Increase of capacity at Covenant House of 25 individuals
  • Semi-congregate sheltering at Bean’s Café of 40 individuals
  • Non-congregate use of the former Golden Lion as housing of 120 individuals
  • Congregate sheltering at the Sullivan Arena of 150 individuals

In recent days, documents have come to light that show Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who runs the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness, promising the public that the Golden Lion would never be used as a homeless shelter.

The Assembly majority delayed the building of the navigation center, which was the agreed-upon path forward by the Assembly and by Mayor Dave Bronson after a year of negotiations, and which was supposed to be ready for this winter. Instead, the Assembly majority double-crossed the mayor earlier this month, and now wants to put homeless people next to a neighborhood full of children, and a block away from a preschool.

The mayor would have to approve the plan, however, and the navigation center is already under construction.

Documents showing that in 2020 the Assembly said the Golden Lion would not be used for homeless. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz bought it with the proceeds of the sale of Municipal Light and Power to Chugach Electric.


  1. Translation: the Politburo will allow the serfs of Anchorage a chance to self identify as troublemakers of the regime.

  2. GREAT ACCURATE ARTICLE…. Centennial, for the record has human feces EVERYWHERE on every trail previously used by the PUBLIc…. LET SEE IF THE health dept is contacted at all ! Would you like more disease anchorage ? Monster Meg says she might use the ball park pavillion in muldoon to continue which keeps lots of Pooping in PUBLIC people all over muldoon. Thanks MEG and no you werent there much at all. Health Dept said they were uninvited to the public meeting and that the ONLY ASSEMBLY PERSON THERE DAILY WAS….. Mr CROSS !!!!

  3. They really don’t want public opinions, I don’t know why they pretend to. They will do as they have already decided and override the Mayor’s veto as well.

  4. Are those radical leftist neo-Bolshevik mindless drones STILL wearing those idiotic and useless masks?
    Whenever I see anyone wearing a stupid face mask today, I take it as the equivalent of them wearing a large sign around their neck, stating “Hello, I am an idiot”.

  5. Full of children????

    You all makes the homeless people sound so bad when it comes to homeless living near children..

    What about family members, friends Neighbors that might be more dangerous than the homeless??!

    Just saying………

    Excuse the misspelling and crappy punctuation ??

  6. The simplest truth is that the cronies of the assembly leftists make a lot of money off the homeless, offering “services” for which they are hugely compensated by funding from… the assembly and other programs. It is not in their interests to “solve” the homeless issues. And really, this isn’t about homeless people. There are programs to help with rent, with food, with all sorts of issues that might lead someone to be homeless. The issue is with the addicts, many of whom were kicked out of the villages and left to be our problem. Any “navigation” these folks need is to be sent back the villages or become wards of the various Native Corporations, since they caused the issues in the first place. That goes for the socially unfortunate who were born with fetal alcohol syndrome and now drink and wander. The Native hospitals are fully funded and yet do nothing. When did this mean our kids have to suffer and we have to pay enormous amounts of public money to clean up after them? Stop the idiocy. Solve the issue. Send ’em back where they belong.

  7. We’re under no illusions about the contempt Anchorage Assembly members have for the public and the public’s opinion.
    This looks a lot like a marvelous opportunity to register 355 brand-new voters at these street addresses, help them vote correctly, and help them mail their votes since bums can’t afford stamps.
    Then, assured of having enough votes in hand, Anchorage Assembly members can stiff gullible voters with a ten, maybe twelve, percent, sales tax to support Anchorage’s burgeoning bum industry.
    This oughtta work well. Nobody’s talking successful, life-changing treatment which, disastrously, could dry up a highly profitable victim base. No, the idea seems to be like a revolving door, shuffling bums between crises, shuffling profitable derelicts from one non-profit to the next, shuffling vagrants between physical addresses so 355 new voters could conceivably morph into 3550 new voters who conscious or otherwise, alive or otherwise, will be helped by helpful people to vote correctly.
    No? Who’ll check? Remember, Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor, the Conoco-Phillips guy, said it’s nearly impossible to purge voter rolls, so we’re meant to believe it’s not even worth trying?
    But again, given the political power and money at stake, the opportunity to be rewarded for helping those in power stay in power, who’ll check?

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