Murkowski votes to advance gun control, and Tshibaka blisters her as anti-Second Amendment


Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted with 13 other Republican senators to advance the gun control legislation currently before the Senate. The 80-page gun-control measure moved ahead on a vote of 64 to 34, a vote taken an hour after the negotiators of the bill had released its details.

The National Rifle Association has come out against the bill, saying the group will support legislation that improves school security, promotes mental health services, and helps reduce violent crime, but the NRA said the bill falls short.

“However, we will oppose this gun control legislation because it falls short at every level. It does little to truly address violent crime while opening the door to unnecessary burdens on the exercise of Second Amendment freedom by law-abiding gun owners,” the NRA said.

The legislation can be abused to restrict lawful gun purchases, infringe upon the rights of law-abiding Americans, and use federal dollars to fund various gun control measures being adopted by state and local entities, the NRA said, leaving too much discretion in the hands of government officials. It also contains undefined and over broad provisions – inviting interference with constitutional freedoms.

“Decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States in the Heller and McDonald cases make clear that the Second Amendment is an individual constitutional freedom. We will always fight for those freedoms – and the fundamental values we have defended for over 150 years,” the NRA said.

The NAACP took the opposite approach, praising the bill as a step in the right direction and asking Congress to pass it swiftly.

“We are encouraged with the outcome of the bipartisan effort. This bill will save lives and we urge Congress to bring it to the President’s desk promptly,” said NAACP President Derrick Johnson’s statement.

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka issued remarks critical of Murkowski’s vote:

“Time after time, Lisa Murkowski demonstrates why people on both sides of important issues just don’t trust her. When she visits Alaska, she pretends to be a friend of the 2nd Amendment, but when she’s in Washington, D.C., she sides with the elites and the insiders and votes against the interests of law-abiding Alaskans. At least Democrat Pat Chesbro is honest about her support for restricting the rights of our citizens, so you know where she stands,” Tshibaka said.

“The lawful ownership of firearms is part of who we are as Alaskans, both for hunting and for self-defense. Perhaps Murkowski missed the part of the 2nd Amendment where it says, ‘shall not be infringed.’ After 21 years in the Senate for Murkowski, there is no question that it’s time for a change. When I’m the next senator from Alaska, I will always fight for the constitutional rights of our people, and I will always defend the 2nd Amendment,” Tshibaka said.

Among its provisions, the bill incentivizes states to pass red flag laws and requires background and mental health checks for 18- to 21-year-olds.

Tshibaka is challenging Murkowski from the right; both are Republicans, but Murkowski is a centrist who often votes with Democrats.


  1. Lisa Murkowski is 100% untrustworthy. She is willing to remove from Alaskans the tools we need for subsistence and survival in a hostile environment. Firearms are required in small airplane survival gear, if she didn’t know that. This woman should never, ever have been a senator. It’s time to remove her as far from office as possible.

  2. Murkowski leans so far left, she can pick up a ruble without bending her knees. Time to go, Lisa!

  3. Princess Lisa is not a “centrist”, she is a consummate swamp creature and radical leftist in Republican drag, always advancing the pro-globalist, anti-freedom NWO agenda. She is consistently despicable, predictably loathsome, and a diehard enemy of freedom.

    • What we really need is a red flag politician law. Would be a good idea to bring back a policy regarding ostracism like the Romans had, too.

      Murkowski is preening for a cover shot on Communist Vogue. They ought to give it to her, because she has fought hard for it…

      • She should be banished from the state. Just like the villages do to trouble makers, drunks and other low life.

  4. The first thing Murkowski should do for promotion of gun control is eliminate her armed guard detail. Lead the way, show how guns are evil and we don’t need them. A few mental health clinicians should do the job just fine. C’mon Lisa, lead by example…

  5. Just read this on Tshibaka’s abbreviated platform: Kelly, without exception, opposes murkowski. A reporter asked, “ but what does Ms Tshibaka support? Answer: whatever murkowski opposes.

  6. This new gun control bill is full of dubious rules, such as enabling state and local bureaucrats to “adjust,” “modify,” or “impliment” additional regulations as necessary. Most of the bureaucrats who would be in charge don’t know how to load a BB gun. Democrats are known for their slight of hand tricks and devious motives. I doubt Lisa Murkowski even read through the entire bill before voting for it. Another reason I’m voting for Tshibaka.

    • Me too. And Kelly T looks so much more youthful and full of energy. Lisa is wearing down. Without her full compliment of make-up and Botox, she looks closer in age to Nancy Pelosi. God, what I’d pay for a date with Kelly.

      • Your wife must be so proud, House Husband, that you joyfully proclaim your excitement and interest (in the name of God?!?!?) to go on a date with a different (and also married) woman. But as long as your next Senator is someone you find attractive…thanks for contributing to the debate about what (if anything) should be done about gun violence.

        • Look, I’m just the dude of Alaska’s senior senator. I’m a tag-along for the ride and the benefits. Not having to work for a great living is the goal of all drone dudes. However, I did run a noodle stand back in the day. Give me a break. Lisa is old and outcasted by her own party. Kelly T is hot and moving on up. Can you blame me?

  7. Not voting for Lisa ever again, but has anyone making comments here even read the 80-page text of the proposed bill? Think for yourselves! If anyone has read this, please state with specificity what exactly in the proposal is objectionable. Any thinking and literate person should know that to enact any new legislation, it is necessary to “adjust, modify and implement” new measures. At least one provision in this proposal is direly needed: Section 12001. Juvenile Records. For those under the age of 21 wishing to purchase firearms, to investigate for possible disqualifying (medical and criminal) juvenile records for the purpose of allowing or prohibiting approval for firearms purchases in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). This is a very good idea! Most/all of the recent mass shootings by killers between 18 and 21, who had legally purchased their murder weapons, would have been denied that purchase when the NICS background check discovered disqualifying information in their juvenile records. Don’t take anyone’s opinion on this bill to be correct before reading it yourself.

    • You are asking a lot of this crowd. The overarching theme of the comments related to firearms on MRAK is full-throated support for abolishing all gun laws/restrictions. Much like the NRA, this audience seems to think the solution is “hardening” schools (and then I guess movie theaters, malls, churches…) and “addressing mental health” (how about having to take a mandatory mental health exam to acquire a firearms license?). Attempting to inform or ask serious questions here will almost exclusively be met with derision. But good luck to you, Lance, trying to make an informed and reasonable decision fell out of style some time ago.

      • “…this audience seems to think the solution is “hardening” schools…”
        And, making it difficult to impossible for a mass murderer to get into a school is a bad thing? Not sure why you are opposed to that as a common sense approach. And, the Aurora shooter clearly demonstrated that the No Guns/No Weapons signs only attract mass murderers, so theaters as well.
        “…how about having to take a mandatory mental health exam to acquire a firearms license?…”
        No. Too ripe for abuse.
        I file that under “mandatory training.” If there is a requirement for mandatory anything before you can purchase a gun, the government can stop you from purchasing a gun. Try to get an Illinois FOID in the major Chicago area? Try to get into the mandatory training. Good luck. The classes are few and far inbetween, there are only a few students, and they get cancelled for no reason whatsoever.
        Try to get a carry permit in DC. Good luck.
        Required training, mental health checks, etc…are just a tool the government can and will use to stop the people from getting guns.

    • This is politics. Lump good ideas with objectionable ideas so that everyone is equally unnerved with legislation, then it passes. I’m with the NRA and Kelly on this one, but you are correct, there are some good intentions hidden in this bill such as addressing youth records as well providing much needed mental health funding. Let’s do those things without bribing states to implement red flag laws. There’s no place in our country for more infringements on the 2nd Amendment. Today’s Supreme Court ruling was a win. Murkowski’s defeat will be another.

  8. Drugs are restricted and many are illegal to be in possession of, and yet drug addiction and overdose deaths from illegal drugs are all significantly up. The Governments ” war on drugs” is an epic failure.

    Obviously restrictions placed upon law abiding citizens to own firearms will not result in a reduction of use of firearms by criminals.

    Citizens have a right to protect and defend themselves.

    I am voting Kelly, she understands this principle.

    • So how do you explain EVERY other western nation that restricts firearms having a significantly lower rate of gun violence (death and suicide)? Europe, Asia, Australia…they have social media, they have mental health problems, they have ineffective political leaders, they have inflation, etc. What they don’t have is routine mass murders.

      • Ohhh…. I can explain that.
        Drop the word ‘gun’ from violence. Compare violent crime and suicide rates without regard to tool used.
        I know… you are going to cite Japan… Pointing out the exception does not disprove the rule. And, when you include cultural difference between the US and Japan, the difference is explained.
        Everywhere where gun ownership is significantly restricted, violent crime is rampant.
        I am curious. Why are you limiting your argument to gun violence? Are you somehow less dead if you are stabbed in the heart, or beaten to death? Is that not a violent crime?

      • Remove the Democrat run cities (where guns are heavily restricted or outlawed) from the equation and gun crime is way down on the list of other nations. Cities such as Chicago are the direct evidence that gun control does not stop gun crime. Criminals do not obey gun laws.

      • Public education?

        1-No other western nation on earth has a Second Amendment guaranteeing the rights of the citizens to protect themselves FROM government.

        Chicago has gun control. Dozens shot every week. But no one cares cause they are inner city black kids.

        2-regarding the rest of your poorly stuffed straw man. You really should watch the news. Even CNN.

        Canada is a fascist government. They lose rights daily and are probably headed for disunion or civil war.

        Sweden is crime ridden and has explosives on a daily basis.

        Britain has a knife epidemic.

        Germany, until recently, had an ongoing terrorism problem leading to several bombings and losses of life.

        China is committing genocide and locking its citizens into their homes via force.

        Australia has had massive civil unrest over Covid and only held power because they disarmed their population. But they did use force to keep kids from getting lifesaving treatments.

        France has several no go zones. Charlie Hebo ring a bell? Ongoing knife attacks on Catholic priests.

        The IRA ring a bell?

        It does on and on and on.

        But let’s talk about the European country the left loves to ignore. Switzerland. Everyone is armed and has military training. Plus they are very immigrant stingy. Yet they are beyond peaceful.

        Armed societies not stuck in the 14th century are very civil.

  9. I do not see anything in the legislation that prevents me from bearing firearms, or self defense. We need legislators that can compromise on common sense legislation. Senator Murkowski is the only Republican Senator that broke the filibuster and is up for re-election this cycle. She has political courage and my vote.

      • Fire, how is that comment even acceptable in mixed company, let alone polite company or on a public comment forum? Considering the reasoned comments I’ve made on MRAK that have been censored and not posted, I’m left wondering what the rules are here. Civility is clearly not one.

    • You see what you want to see. Not the implications of the votes which give you warm fuzzies.

      If you have studied the history of the world at all, it clearly shows government, any government, given power abuses and expands it. Your NIMBY approach tp difficult issues works as long as you are aligned with government. The day WILL come when you will be in their crosshairs. It already has in Anchorage when the politburo took your civil rights “for your own good

    • Frank.
      I doubt you really read the bill. It is not a terribly difficult bill to read, but you do have to have the current editions of Title 18 USC, and the Brady Bill available so you can really understand all the “strike this…” and “add this…” statements in the bill. I have been doing that on and off all morning, and it is not as innocuous at it looks on the surface.
      However, the legislation is not the issue. It is the regulations that are going to be created to carry out the legislation that are the real scary part. The bill, if signed into law, directs the FBI, ATF, and likely several other agencies to implement new regulations, or alter existing ones. And, that is what scares me. A lot.
      Just recently, the ATF decided to redefine what constitutes a firearm, which also redefined what a person owning a firearm can do legally to that firearm. It places requirements on law abiding gun owners to never cross over the line, otherwise they will be considered firearm manufacturers, and require FFLs. Accidentally breaking the law suddenly got easier.
      Finally, do you think anything they proposed in this bill will make a damned bit of difference? Is there a single thing that will prevent a criminal intent on causing harm from doing so?

    • Frank, A classical Liberal knows that you cannot compromise when it comes to individual rights. Giving the State power over who is capable of holding these rights is always a scary thing. Certainly these Red Flag Laws do just that. Thankfully our Constitution provides for due process, however this bill would subvert those important constitutional rights of due process. Would you like to live in a country that suppresses Due Process? I would not!

      Regarding your assertion that Lisa has political courage, I disagree, political courage defends your rights and liberties. Lisa is a Creature of a system that seeks to suppress and subvert your liberties and rights. This isn’t courage Frank, it’s a symptom of exactly the opposite of courage.
      , it is fear. Fear that she will be shunned from her Death Cultist left wing authoritarian society and gaggle of “friends” back in D.C. , which Lisa holds more dear then our Constitutional rights.

      Vote Kelly, hell anybody other then Lisa!!!!

  10. “However, we will oppose this gun control legislation because it falls short at every level. It does little to truly address violent crime while opening the door to unnecessary burdens on the exercise of Second Amendment freedom by law-abiding gun owners,” the NRA said.”
    I took a quick skim over the text of the bill, and the NRA is exactly correct. This is a bunch of stuff that will do nothing, but opens the door for abuse by the ATF and FBI. For example, it sounds good to include juvenile mental health records when doing the NICS background check, but the law limits that to records after the age of 16. First assumption is the juvenile records are not sealed, second assumption is the States will share that information with the FBI. I can think of several mass shooters who had reasons to deny the transfer, but the State or Community did not share that information with the NICS system.
    Which means this bill is a lot of “keep not doing what we are not doing now, but with more unshared information.”

  11. When one does the job one is paid to do should not that individual be awarded full honors?
    Question is: “Who is paying……”

  12. Caniglia v. Strom’s 9-0 decision has the potential to create lasting effects and set precedent as powerful as was DC v. Heller in 2008. See ‘
    5 Million NRA RISE UP! 2.4 Million AMAC members RISE UP 110-150 million firearms owners RISE UP!

    Mike Coons
    President Matsu Chapter AMAC Action
    Life Member NRA

    • Mike, I don’t think you want me to “rise up”–as someone who owns multiple fire arms, I’m more than willing to restrict who can own them. I’d give up my “long gun” as well. And if there’s no progress on this issue, me and many more reasoned gun owners are going to “rise up” and push for actual restrictive legislation. Be careful what you wish for.

  13. Note to Lisa Murkowski’s staffers, that monitor this website. No US Senator from Alaska will ever win reelection if they have voted for this bill. Lisa’s career is finished. That is, if we have a free and fair election. With this crazy ranked-choice voting system we will use in November’s elections, anything is possible.

    • It is this RCV system that Lisa got instituted with Scott Kendall as the highly compensated patsy, based upon her good pal Susan Collins of Maine’s experiences that she gleaned the potential for her to avoid all accountability now and for the foreseeable future. It is what she knows about all of this, that experience of how she ‘miraculously’ overcame Joe Miller, and what the capabilities are now, that give her the confidence to continue to vote against the Constitution and the rights of the people. We are disposable to her, just like the Constitution is, and God’s law is.

    • Greg. “Anything is possible”. Indeed with ranked choice voting. But what is likely is that Murkowski will get re-elected! GOP voters may vote Kelly as their first choice but many will vote Lisa as their second choice. Then there are those who vote for Lisa as their first choice. The problem is that their is no winnable democrat candidate that will be on the ballot. So many Dems will vote for Lisa as their 2d, 3d, or 4th choice. Some maybe as their 1st. As a result, once all the votes for Lisa are counted, ( 1st through 4rh) it is highly likely that she will get re-elected. The very best way to vote is to never vote for anyone other than Kelly. Period.

  14. Nancy and I have to pay our NRA dues again.
    All Murkowski families got notices that we had to re-register with the NRA because our lifetime memberships we’re expiring.

  15. Murkowski’s gun control vote was expected. She delivered again for her constituents: the Democrats. Whenever she discusses “good public policy,” be sure to clutch your constitution and be ready for a fight, because she’s usually advancing public policy that bit-by-bit strips away our constitutional rights. I’m so done with Lisa, and have been for years. She has to go. The sooner the better.

  16. A blind dog with a note in its mouth, would do a better job than Murkowski!!! I’m voting for Kelly 🇺🇸

  17. “The strongest reason for the people to RETAIN the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to PROTECT themselves against TYRANNY in government.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Period. Our government is tyrannical and needs to be stopped.

  18. Uvalde police failed. They stood outside the school for an hour. Those sickos would not let anyone go in while a mad man killed children. Thank God a Border Patrol Agent had the courage to march in there and stop it. Murkowski is on the side of the cowardly Uvalde police by advancing this bill and doing nothing to punish those cowardly police. Murkowski is a swamp creature that would let children die.

  19. I talked to Lisa’s Chief of Staff this morning. Per the conversation, Lisa is voting yes because of “mental health”. Could care less about $1.5 Billion to FBI, denying 18 year olds and above their 2A right to keep and bear arms, could care less that the Supreme Court ruled that Red Flag laws violate the 4th Amendment. This is all about “mental health” when, I can’t think of a single “mass shooter” being found mentally Ill and not able to stand trial because of mental defect!

    • Which is a stupid reason for voting yes, unless she knows of a mass shooter that did not seek mental health help because it was not available. The issue is not funding.

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