Early results: Downtown Assembly seat goes to Daniel Volland


The left-leaning, Democrats’ favorite candidate for the new Assembly seat for downtown Anchorage is leading in the hyper-local election that ended Tuesday night.

With 3,801 votes counted, Daniel Volland won 1,452, or 38.49% of ballots counted so far. 3,801 ballots were cast of the 36,655 voters mailed ballots in the district. The results are unofficial but unlikely to change with any remaining ballots still in the mail.

The election for the 12th seat was held after Assemblyman Chris Constant asked Anchorage voters to award downtown Anchorage a second seat on the Assembly, and voters approved. Only voters in the Assembly District 1 voted in this race.

The other results:

Robin Phillips: 231

Tasha Hotch: 618

Rob Forbes: 163

Cliff Baker: 126

Stephanie Taylor: 1,182

Unresolved write-ins: 18


  1. The assembly is buying votes. We have reached the point, where if the populace can vote themselves a benefit from the national treasury this country is doomed think it was Madison that said that

  2. Robin Philipps had no chance in this race. And if she had not run, I wonder if most of those votes would have gone to Stephanie Taylor. Probably. And now we are stuck with another Chris Constant. Damn!

  3. Who is Daniel Volland, never heard of him, didn’t see any signs for his campaign, did hear any radio ads or see TV ads. Where did he come from and how did anyone find out about his campaign?

    • Try reading everything instead of just what’s pushed on you. First of all, he’s vice-president of the South Addition Community Council. South Addition, Bootleggers Cove and the west half of Government Hill have controlled this Assembly district pretty much from the start. Second and perhaps more important, he’s a board member of Alaskans for Better Elections. In other words, get ready for the introduction of ranked choice voting in Anchorage. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  4. A lot closer than I thought it’d be. The People’s Democratic Republic of Downtown Anchorage hasn’t reached Saddam Hussein levels of electoral victory margins … so far.

    • In 2017, Constant received a majority of votes in a six-candidate race, so don’t say so far.

    • Patience, dear friend, is a virtue. Have no doubt that Anchorage will soon outshine even lofty San Francisco in quality of live for those who take all and give naught.

  5. This outcome was predetermined. In Juneau we had a write-in candidate win. Mail in voting is a way Democrats can be assured victories across the board, no stopping them now.

  6. I contributed to Taylor’s previous campaign. I wanted to on this one too. However with so many spoilers in the race I knew it was a waste of money. To …….. almost make it.
    Remember there’s not only spoilers to overcome, there’s has to be enough votes to upset the stash of conveniently placed additional mail in ballots.
    Zero confidence in our election system.
    I monitored daily to see if efforts got concentrated and there was a chance.

  7. Just curious, who is this guy, how ling has he lived here. Sems most of Alaskas political woes are caused by liberal transplants who have little time in the saddle here. As a 60 year Ak resident I left Anchorage. It became a crap hole years ago. What we have is end of the roaders and liberal brain dead Marxists coming here. We are losing what used to be a wonderful place to live. We dont give a damn how they do it outside. If you dont know what that means, you might want to relocate….Heres your sign.

  8. daniel volland clearly stated on film that he had no problem with removing our mayor. He said this a short month ago. he was installed like a bad build back better TOILET

  9. Just shows people are stupid here in da hood. Wonder how many votes were harvested or showed how to vote. Why does it not matter he didn’t get 50% of the vote. The top two should be in a runoff election since there were so many supposedly people running. Also been in da hood since 2004 and never heard of or seen voodoland. But Stephanie did stop by. Another sneaky election. GOD help us.

  10. This entire thing was cooked up in Constant’s communist laboratory long, long ago. I heard Volland’s name floated around before he ever announced his candidacy. I live in South Addition and never heard of the guy – and he is vp of the community council? Anyone that is endorsed by every leftist from school board to state senator should be the biggest red flag of them all. As soon as we get rid of a leftist on the assembly, they cook up another one to replace them. It is like whack-a-mole. I taste vomit in my mouth.

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