Final vote count for special primary election: 161,274


As the election for Alaska’s temporary congressional seat moves to the next phase, 161,274 primary ballots have been counted by the Division of Elections as of Tuesday, June 21, the last day when votes were counted. The turnout was 27.52% of registered voters for the election that began April 27 and ended June 11. It was an all-mail-in election, the first in Alaska history, and there were 48 names on the ballot of those who hoped to have a seat in Congress until the next congressperson is sworn in in January, 2023.

The standings haven’t changed much over the past several days:

  • Sarah Palin gained 2,275 votes to reach 43,577, or 27.02% of the vote.
  • Nick Begich gained 1,992 votes to reach 30,851, for 19.13% of the vote.
  • Mary Peltola gained 2,085 votes, for 10% of the vote. 16,218 voters chose Peltola.

Al Gross, who dropped out of contention on Monday, reached 20,371, or 12.75% of the vote. He will not appear on the special general election ballot, due to having withdrawn from the race.

The state review board begins it work on June 22, and certification of the election is scheduled for June 25. Candidates may withdraw from the special general election ballot as late as June 26, and the sample ballot is to be posted by June 28, also the date that the printing of ballots will begin for the Aug. 16 combination election that will have a regular primary election and a special general election for the temporary congressional seat.

Still uncertain is whether there will be a lawsuit by one or more parties who disagree with the Division of Elections decision to allow Gross to drop from the ballot, but not allow the fifth-place finisher to slide into that spot.


  1. So… It will be between the top republican and the top democrat. And if Al Gross wouldn’t have dropped out, then it would have been between the top republican and the top democrat and an independent, exactly the outcome we always have with traditional party primaries. The only difference is that now Palin and Begich focus in on each other and Peltola will just sit back and be all nice and sweet letting them beat up each other and she will probably get 40% of the vote, less than either Republican that will now be busy poking holes in each others’ visions that probably have more incommon with each other than with Mary’s. “Alaskans for Better Elections”, more like “Alaskans for Giving Better Chances to RINOS and Democrats”. If half of the Begich voters don’t put Palin as their second choice, then there is a very good chance that Peltola will win while the majority didn’t vote for her. I know there are many Begich voters that really don’t want Palin to be the face of their party coming from Alaska and will leave their second choice blank.

    Personally, I just want to see the debates, but regardless I simply want Democrats to lose power in 2022. I’m not a big fan of Palin, but I know she won’t be voting for censorship of conservatives, pointless and distracting gun control, reckless Democrat spending that treats government money, our money, like monopoly money, carbon taxes, restrictions on oil production, “equity” initiatives, etc, etc and she won’t be soft or forgetful about the WHO, FDA and CDC’s incompetence, corruption, and power hungry totalitarian arrogance. So if she’s not my top choice, she’ll definitely be my second.

  2. Shame on you voters! 27.5 % voted. No wonder we are in the mess we have in this country. If you think sitting on your fat ass and collectively get your benefits while the rest of us do the work you’re in for a rude awakening. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket because we have let left radical liberals have control. Sorry, not we, you !

  3. The bottom line is …….Al Gross is a two-time loser. All of the conspiracy theories sound entertaining, but Al the Bear Hunter just doesn’t want to be a three-time loser. And he would be.

    • If The Bear Doctor dropped out because of health or family matters, then good for him and may God provide peace and health. If it was for for pragmatic political reasons or dealings, let me say no body likes a quitter. The doctor said he wanted to represent the people of Alaska, that he was the best guy for the job. I don’t quit, and don’t hold my fellow Alaskans as quitters either. 161,000 votes in the trash can. If he quit for some calculated reason, I hope his political career is finally in there too.

  4. The BIG lie continues ” It was an all-mail-in election, ” No it was NOT 10 days before the deadline to vote June 11 & the day of the vote anyone could go to a poll to vote in person , I & my Wife did! STOP THE BIG LIE!

  5. Here is another misconception “the Division of Elections decision to allow Gross to drop from the ballot”.
    No, it’s not an allow or not allow thing , DoE has no power in this matter, whether that persons name is on a ballot or not he QUIT! The decision to drop out of the election was and will always be the candidates decision unless he broke a law & that doesn’t appear to be the case!

    • State law will not allow Tara Sweeney to move up to be the fourth person on the August 16 general election ballot. What would a lawsuit by some ardent supporters accomplish except waste a lot of money and expand the bank account of a lawyer?

  6. This will be a test for Begich. What does he want more? To be a spoiler and help get a socialist Democrat elected by fragmenting the conservative vote? Or will he demonstrate statesmanship by dropping out before the deadline and ensuring a Republican victory by Sarah Palin?

    A reminder of what the Democrats have done over the last 18 months:

    Massive, inflationary spending.

    Worst inflation in 41 years.

    Hundreds of thousands of illegals flowing across our borders.

    Crime waves as Democrats have voted for prosecutors that let felons run free.

    Crippling energy costs due to their war on the oil industry.

    Tariffs on lumber and steel to make it more expensive to build in the USA.


    If Begich screws this up- it will be FNB.

    • M, sorry to break the news to you but the tariffs of which you speak were Trump’s tariff’s. That said I think you might look at a candidates motivation when you consider who you will vote for. Are they running for some sort of personal validation or future earnings? I mean didn’t your girl just lose a court case and a husband? Is that why she flaunts her scantily clothed self across the stage?

      Yes, FNB and every F every other Alaskan if your girl gets elected. Isn’t that really what you meant to say?
      I look forward to your response.

    • Why drop out? This is the perfect scenario for RCV. Vote your preferred Republican as 1st, then the other Republican as 2nd. If the Democrats don’t get more than 50%, then the bottom person drops out and then those voters’ second choice gets added up. If Republicans don’t put the Democrat as the 2nd choice then the Democrat loses. Do put in a second choice unless you want a Democrat to win it. I don’t care for Sarah but she will be my second choice.

      • Well, I should say if anyone doesn’t get 50%, then the bottom person drops out but it is unlikely that a single Republican will get more than 50%.

  7. Don’t be stupid. Nick was not raised by this bunch of the Begich family. He was raised by someone else — conservative grandparents. So you want to vote for Sarah so she can quit? At least he won’t quit. He needs to prove himself to you? What else do you want him to do? I think you are the deciding vote he is young he is ambitious let him do the job!! Sarah can’t handle it. She’s got too much baggage. It’s always gonna be about her kids and anybody thinks otherwise is crazy and misinformed.


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