Peltola on Biden: Biden will lose by a landslide in Alaska and her opinion about him ‘is irrelevant’

Peltola walks away from reporter, wont' answer question about Trump verdict.

In an interview in Fairbanks, Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola broke her silence about Joe Biden: She predicted that Donald Trump will win Alaska in a landslide in November.

Peltola also said that her opinion about Biden’s mental capacity and the growing concern about his dementia is “irrelevant.”

“I don’t think there is any benefits to Alaskans weighing in on this issue,” Peltola said. “My opinion is irrelevant.”

Peltola was working to suppress Democrat expectations, but she also contradicted the proclamations of her own party. In a May visit to Alaska by Democratic National Committee Chairman Jamie Harrison, he said that ranked choice voting could give Biden a victory in Alaska.

Peltola has a markedly different view from DNC Chairman Harrison:

“Alaska is not in play in the presidential race and that last I heard, Biden was 33 points behind Trump in Alaska,” Peltola told the Fairbanks News Miner. “The last presidential election cycle, it was 10 points above for Trump.”

The reporter did not press Peltola on what a landslide for Trump might mean to her own race, but her prediction may have been off script. This may be the last newspaper interview her campaign agrees to.

While there is no poll that has been made public showing Trump to be in landslide territory in Alaska, it may be Peltola’s own internal polling that she accidentally spilled during her interview, or it could be just something she thought of on the fly.

In December, Peltola was cheering Biden on, calling him “one of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve met in D.C.” Even then, that was an extraordinary claim, but is now widely viewed as a political white lie.

Alaska is still somewhat a red state; Peltola is somewhat of an anomaly in its history. For 49 years, a Republican served Alaska in its only congressional seat until Congressman Don Young died in 2022.

Going back to 2016, and Trump’s first run for elected office, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 14.7 points in Alaska.

Four years later, Trump carried Alaska by 52.8% compared to Biden’s 42.8%.

Liberal pollster Data for Progress predicts Trump will win Alaska 53% to Biden’s 41%, a 12-point advantage for Trump. That was for polling up through early March of 2024, before the recent disastrous performance of Biden in the presidential debate on CNN, which took place June 27.

Peltola, calling a 33 point loss for Biden, infers that Alaska not only handed Trump the closest presidential victory state Republicans have seen in decades in 2020, but this year will give him the largest landslide a Republican has ever had in Alaska history.

In 2004, a significant landslide in Alaska was won by incumbent President George W. Bush by a 25.5% margin against Democrat John Kerry. It was Bush – 61% to Kerry – 35.5%.

In 2000, George W. Bush won 58.6% to Al Gore’s 27.6% of the Alaska vote, a 31% landslide. In that year, however, Ralph Nader, a candidate for the Green Party, had drained 10% of the liberal vote from Gore’s totals in Alaska. Without Nader as a spoiler for the Democrats, it would have been closer.

In 1980, Alaska was won by Republican California Gov. Ronald Reagan with 54.3% over incumbent Democrat President Jimmy Carter’s 26.4%.

In 1976, Gerald Ford won 57.9% of the Alaska vote, making Alaska Ford’s fifth-strongest state, after Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Jimmy Carter won 35.65% of the Alaska vote that year. Ford would have done better if not for the Libertarian in the race scraping off 5.49% of the conservative vote.


  1. Mary, if your opinion as an elected representative of Alaska, and we its citizens are irrelevant, then you need resign from your office office immediately. I thought Joe was the sharpest, most intelligent politician you had ever met in D.C.?

    • Technically, she is right. It is reasonable to assume her opinion on what the outcome of the the presidential election in Alaska will be has very little effect or relevance to what the actual outcome will be.

    • Joe might be the sharpest, most intelligent politician Mary’s ever spent time with in D.C. Consider the company she keeps….that includes herself.

  2. Alaska has voted for Republican presidents for decades, but the observation that “Alaska is still somewhat a red state” is optimistic. Alaska is one of, or the most socialist state in the populations’ dependency on government grants and spending in liue of private industry and business. Don Young called himself a Republican but he, and both Murkowskis are/were simply big, generic corrupt government placeholders. Our state government is completely dysfunctional and there is nothing conservative or sustainable about it.

    • Contrarily, Alaska is quite a red state because its citizenry are in the top ten for most dependency on the Federal government (which is an amusing thought considering that under Ms Palin the Republicans were supporting secession) although Alaska simultaneously has one of the highest percent of independent voters. Ms Peltola practices pragmatism.

    • It is like that with all rural states. I’m in a rural district with a blue dog democrat too, and our government even own a theater. We own an orchard. And, like most rural areas, our power is public too. I don’t know why rural folks vote against themselves so much. I’m glad to have a Democrat in office finally, feel my small city is actually booming for the first time since 2007. Our democrat fights for us to have the resources we need.

  3. With Rank Choice voting and how many natives vote were thrown out I am surprise more league suits were not brought up by senate or house of Alaska.

  4. If she thinks Alaska is irrelevant she needs to step aside and let someone who’s all in for Alaska take over the show.

  5. She said her opinion was irrelevant regarding Biden.

    But let’s look down river and ask what is her opinion of Kamala Harris?

    That is an answer I would be interested in hearing…

  6. There is an article I read years ago or watched about an influential woman in Congress that used fashion choices – colors, styles, etc to add to or offset whatever media implosion or explosion she was a part of.


    Fashion, branding, color choices are high level, high priced consumer conversion choice deals.

    Why then, is Mary wearing red And walking away in this photo?

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    But is it?

    A picture can create an essence AND reduce the amount of actual words a politician needs to be held accountable for.

    Marketing at the highest priced of levels.

  7. The tone of the interview and the reporting of Mary P’s reply are missing the point – she’s trying to look intelligent enough to say the obvious without disrespecting her leader. This is not to defend her alt-left communist history! Mary needs to be history too – please vote for Nick Begich III.

  8. Mary may have a point… in that her opinions on virtually everything are pretty much irrelevant to Alaskans!

  9. “ “I don’t think there is any benefits to Alaskans weighing in on this issue,” Peltola said. “My opinion is irrelevant.”” – I don’t think there is?? I wouldn’t think there ARE… The truism here is her irrelevance.

  10. She’s irrelevant and she’ll find out in November. However she will be a DC socialite from that point on ingratiating the fruits of DC . That’s how our fine political system works folks.

  11. So her opinion about him in December was that he was the smartest guy in D.C., but now she’s distancing herself from him like he’s yesterday’s train of jettisoned husbands. She hopes nobody remembers. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  12. What’s the play here? Oh, that is right, old Joe is going out the door and the left has been given their talking points to help push him out. It isn’t going to be Joe though, so of course Trump will win in a landslide against Joe. I believe that Big Michelle is going to step in eventually as the next Resident candidate.

  13. SWF seeks SWM preferably rich, retired to catch her after this election cycle. Previous marriages are 5, so I know what I want. Will pander for votes…er… love. Not as smart as the President, but close. Please send photo of boat and/or plane. /Tinder

  14. This women will say whatever she thinks the listener wants to hear. She is a total waste as a representative for Alaska.

  15. One of the reasons that Alaskans are so dependent on the feds is the failure of the federal government to honor the Alaska Statehood Act of 1959 and instead use every means of denying Alaska the rest of the land the state is owed. Add the rule of the radical environmentalists and getting money from the feds is the only way for the state to survive. Alaska needs a representative that will hold the fed’s feet to the fire and settle the land issues for Alaska.

  16. She lied about Biden to Alaskans about his mental problems. After 5 husbands you would think when a man lies to her face, or is she that stupid.


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