DNC chairman tells Alaska Democrats that Biden might win Alaska due to ranked-choice voting

Jaime Harrison, chairman, DNC

While in Juneau for the Alaska Democratic Party’s state convention Friday, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee got a little confused. DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison told the state’s top Democrats in attendance that because of ranked-choice voting, President Joe Biden “really has a chance to win this state.”

Ranked-choice voting, which started being used for statewide and district elections in 2022, does not apply to the presidential election in Alaska in the primary, where the parties — whether the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or Greens — still get to say who their nominees are whose names will appear on the ballot.

The selection of the nominees is generally done via party caucus or caucus-by-ballot, all conducted by the parties themselves, not by the state Division of Election.

Most polling shows Republican Donald Trump beating Biden in Alaska by at least 8 points. The only practical way Biden could win is if Trump didn’t get over 50% of the first-round vote in November and if Trump voters chose Biden as their second choice, highly unlikely.

Trump won over Biden in 2020, 53-43. without ranked-choice voting in place.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify the difference between primary and general election rules.


    • Reads like an admission of fact that RCV is a biased, manipulative, method of cheating the vote.

  1. In other words, he knows RCV is a scam. We all know. And the nasty Murkowski, with her dark money, put this in place. She should be in prison for the rest of her life.

      • Kendall at the very least deserves that.

        The Princess ought to be shunned. She is no longer an Alaskan. She is a Washingtonian.

  2. Democrats aren’t very smart so this isn’t surprising, I mean look who’s leading their party.😂

  3. Trump beat Biden by 10 points last time. So unless a lot of those fleeing Californians and New Yorkers moved to Alaska, I don’t see how Biden gains support in Alaska.

  4. That statement in itself should be all the evidence needed to surmise just how disenfranchising this scheme is.

  5. We need conservatives to count the votes this time around.
    Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of tractor trailers ready in case they’re needed.
    Two can play the same game as the Democrats.

  6. I sent the assembly member a email that burned his stuck on stupid ass so bad I got a call from the police asking me to cease. WHO DO WE THE PEOPLE CALL TO REPORT OATH BREAKERS TO GET JUSTICE FOR THE PEOPLE THEN SOS??????????????? INTEGRITY

  7. And, all those who claim RCV is not implemented to support the globalists need to see this.

  8. LOL, So they think RCV will garner a win for poopy pants?
    Wait till 20 million illegals get to vote just because he invited them.

    • That’s why RCV was crammed down our throats. In order to ensure the ham sandwich does not have a fighting chance.

  9. Dumb Dems–too bad they are taking over Anchorage Mayor’s Office, right out of the gate spending $$$ Anchorage doesn’t have renaming public buildings. Let’s take care of essential services first!!!!!

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