On July 4, Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant looks to England for leadership: ‘Biden will clean Trump’s clock’ in November


Anchorage Democrat and head of the Assembly Chris Constant has a warning for Republicans: Look what happened in Great Britain, where the Labour Party has just unseated the conservative Tories in Parliament.

“Biden will clean Trump’s clock. We will hold the house. And the Senate,” Constant predicted on X on American Independence Day, posting a video from England of students dancing in celebration of the Labour Party’s victory.

Britain has just discovered what unfettered immigration will do to a country. Muslims now make up as much as 30% of the electorate in important districts like Leicester South, where in May, the Labour Party won a seat in Parliament with a pro-Hamas candidate by a margin of 979 votes. Four other seats in the Labour Party have been similarly taken by pro-Hamas, anti-Israel new members of Parliament.

In the city of Birmingham, U.K., Muslims make up 300,000 of the 1.2 million residents. There are many parts of the city where westerners can no longer be guaranteed safety because police won’t enter.

Constant, who ran for Congress in 2022 and trailed with 3.8% of the vote in the special primary, is sticking with the Democrat party line, along with Rep. Mary Peltola. He believes what happened in England is proof the tide has turned in America

Alaska Democrat Party Vice Chair Jessica Cook also issued a statement after the shocking debate performance of Biden, which was so revealing of the president’s mental decline that he was examined by a doctor afterward.

“President Joe Biden is and will be the next president of the United States. Donald Trump is a misogynistic, egomaniacal narcissist, pathological liar, and racist who attempted a violent coup to overturn his massive defeat in 2020,” Cook said in a statement to the mainstream media.


  1. Proving that she hasn’t been paying attention.. The Tories lost for being insufficiently conservative. Like our RINOs

  2. Assemblyman Constant has a shallow understanding of Great Britian’s history—their Conservatives are left of our Republicans, and our Democrats are right of their Labor. Thee post-WWII order has led to warm relations between the countries, even when “opposite” governments are seated in power.

    Most of GB’s muslims are from Pakistan (officially a major US ally) and India (who President Trump cultivated
    closer relations to).

    It is tempting to think that due to shared language and intertwined military policies, that the two electorates will align. They won’t, and it doesn’t much matter. We are allies, and no matter who won there yesterday and who wins here in November, the special relationship will continue.

    • Jimmy, beyond your observation above, it is important to remember the preceeding 4 years when looking at the UK election results.
      Labor was opposed to the draconian civid jab mandates and lockdowns, the cuckservatives were those implementing those useless freedom squashing edicts.
      Perhaps The ASSenblyman should rethink his position?
      Oh, how did Nigel fare in the vote?

      • Um, Incoming MP Farage won a seat. His party won 3 others. The UK Green party also won 4 seats. There were 650 local elections. Labour won a majority. How they govern will be decided in the next round of by-elections and eventally the next national election.

        If you are trying to be cute about proportional representation, I’m not convinced. The UK system is based on local results, somewhat like ours. Large national shares don’t apply, it would be as irrelevant as saying “well California and New York had huge Dem majorities so the Congress should reflect it!”. Nope.

  3. Constant is smoking from the same pipe as the rest of the Assembly.
    MAGA is real and going to bring back America in Grand Fashion.

    • Since he is so confident and knowledgable, I hope Constant is willing to step up, apologize and Resign if he is wrong….

      • He won’t, everyone knows how he acts at the assembly meetings and he’s the same way on X and other social media sites. He can’t take any kind of criticism or debate anyone without crying and blocking them. He’s worthless like the other 8 assembly members.

  4. Let me introduce some reality into Mr. Constant’s celebration. This was one of the lowest turnouts in years and further….

    Labour’s vote share in England has *stayed the same* since the last election

    — Most of the Tory losses are explained by former Tory voters choosing Reform

    — Keir Starmer (the winner) has won fewer votes than Jeremy Corbyn did in 2017

    The boost of the night was Nigel Farages’s Reform party.

    “The vote for Reform was astonishing. This is a party that loudly opposes Net Zero, the trans lunacy and cancel culture. And now it is the third most popular party in Britain. There is so much populist anger out there — it’s wonderful, says Brendan O’Neill”


  5. The British are constantly throwing out one leader in favor of another, expecting the unreasonable and instantly turning on the newly elected PM because they didn’t get their free stuff or get a change fast enough.

  6. Man is as clueless as he his obnoxious.
    British politics are more prone to wild swings from left to right.

    The only people who need pay attention to what happened in Britain is the feckless GOP. The Tories governed as democrats, opening the door for Farage to and his fledgling Conservative Party. 13 or so seats from a party which effectively didn’t exist a year ago is stunning.

    The right in Britain has told the Tories they are irrelevant. Not “fit for purpose”.

    The same will happen to the GOP if it doesn’t pull its head out of its backside, fast. This country is realigning politically. If they want to be part of it, they better fix themselves fast.

  7. Constant lives Shakespeare’s line from Macbeth, “full of sound and a fury, signifying nothing.”

    He is one of the worst Alaskans and I pray God removes him from our state in any way He sees fit. And I pray He moves soon.

  8. I do hope Constant is wrong. Sadly though given not much has been done to clean up elections, nation-wide, and we are still stuck with RCV and too much leftist control and corruption of much of our local elections – we likely could have a repeat of 2020. I for one am not counting any chickens.

    • In addition, the Lt Governor, who had the power to deal with all of the election disasters – including RCV, chose instead to run for a congressional seat instead of using her power to do what she was supposed to be doing all along.

  9. Even the left knows they cannot beat Trump. That is why they are in a panic and are desperately searching for a plan, which will likely lead to further cheating or worse.

  10. “…….Biden will clean Trump’s clock. We will hold the house. And the Senate………”
    The Left might very well take the House and hold the Senate. We shall see. But Biden’s election prospects are dead, and he should be removed from office due to his undeniable mental decline. Failure to do so by his Cabinet and VP should be considered criminal in and of itself. If a foreign adversary takes this golden opportunity to strike during Biden’s demented presidency, his Cabinet should be held criminally responsible.

  11. The polite, caring, loving tolerant quiet conservative giant will awaken to reclaim culture.


  12. Is Chris Constant in the thinking he is a colonist? That went out over two hundred years ago. Does this guy know where he is? Is he sober on the job or what is wrong with his screwed up thinking? Anybody got an idea?

  13. Why don’t conservative people vote? Is there an honest reason? WHen I speak to friends I know who don’t vote, they almost always say “we forgot.” Like, I never hear a conservative person say “because its a sham” or “because I hated the conservative candidates on the ticket.” I hear them say “we were out of town” or “That was yesterday? Shoot!” “Conservative people” I know are folks who generally work very hard to make sure their houses are in good shape, their careers are in order, their kids are educated well, and they are making ends meet. They believe that Jesus Christ saved us from our sins and they don’t think boys can become girls (or vice versa). The down side to conservatives–well, there’s two: they are too busy doing “life” to engage in political activism, and they are often entrenched in in-fighting about who-is-more-conservative-than-whom.” Get out and vote, people!

    • It’s because their paychecks don’t depend on it, like democrat voters’ do. Democrats get their income from the government.

  14. It’s about how we shine in the end with JESUS all, this rigged elected clown only the weak who can’t control themselves will be blotted out then. Now is the time we prove ourselves worthy or fake on earth. Can you imagine being stuck on stupid for all to see drunk on the kool aid dem clowns put on a show for all to see. Exposed to all we shall see who laughs very last. GOOD or evil? I read the back of the book stay tuned all we will be jaw dropped.

  15. Constant is wrong. Biden will either bow out in August or will be replaced unless Trump really fouls up and the polls reverse. Some major democrats are already speaking up. And before Republicans get too complacent, this is what could happen: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be replaced by Newsome and Jeffries and marketed as two young leaders ready to lead the charge to better times. The honeymoon will last until election day. Meanwhile Trump will have picked another white guy which will lose him the African vote. Sadly, the BS couple will win and republicans will be scratching their heads trying to figure out how they lost another “sure thing.” And no, I am not a liberal or a democrat. I have just watched the democrats pull victories out of the jaws of defeat too often to trust republican strategy.

  16. All the alien abductions and this one was left behind?
    How special, Anchorage’s very own Anglophile… we must call somebody.
    This Biden clone forgot why the whole July 4 thing happened in the first place?
    Surely some village is mourning the loss of their idiot, maybe we could do the neighborly thing and donate this one?

  17. I agree with Constant. Biden will clean Trump’s clocks because that’s about all Biden is qualified to do after he loses to Trump in the election. 🙂

  18. The Anchorage Assembly is poking the conservative bear again. I want to know who gave the Anchorage Assembly such “authority” over the nation like this?

  19. As His Corpulence, Constant I, “looks to England for leadership” he should be reminded of what happened 248 years ago when colonists had enough of taxation without representation and pulled off their own Eaglexit.

  20. I’ve never considered how similar Alaska and Great Britain are, but come to think of it… No! Not similar!

    • Exactly!
      Can anyone name a single thing that Biden, and 0bama before him, did as President that did not support the WEF/Davos and COP agendas? A single thing?

  21. “The worst part about Creepy Joe isn’t what Ashley wrote in her diary. Its that his supporters know about it and support him anyway”. Same with the laptop.

  22. Want to see Chris lose his mind? Go remind him he lost to SANTA CLAUS in the House of Reps race. He gets so upset. Use your three minutes at the Assembly Meetings to rock his world.

    Or even better, remind him that during the 2023 Assembly election only 3803 people voted for him out of 35,664 registered in that district or the 235,546 voters in the MOA. So, he was elected by 1.6% of Anchorage or 10% of his own district’s registered voters. Christy, stop thinking you won the city-wide mayor’s election. You are pathetic, you could not beat SANTA in a House race.

    THANK GOD, seriously Thank God, he is term limited out after this current term (ends 2026). We get to flush this turd and his “buddy” Felix. Makes you wonder what these two will be doing soon.


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