Pants on fire: DNC chairman advised Alaska Democrats that Biden can win the state

Jaime Harrison, chairman, DNC

As Democrats look for ways to retain control of the national agenda, it appears that the chairman of the Democratic National Committee has a full plate of crow to eat on the White House china: He’s been parroting the party line that President Joe Biden is competent, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

While in Juneau for the Alaska Democratic Party’s state convention in late May, DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison told the state’s top Democrats that because of ranked-choice voting, Biden “really has a chance to win this state.” 

Like Rep. Mary Peltola, Harrison was repeating the lie that Biden is fit for duty as the leader of the free world.

Most polling shows Republican Donald Trump beating Biden in Alaska by at least 8 points, and that was before the disastrous debate with Trump on June 27. Since then, the polling shows Biden is tanking with voters across the country — Republican, Democrat, and swing voters are all losing confidence in him. The only practical way Biden could win is if Trump didn’t get over 50% of the first-round vote in Alaska’s November General Election, and if Trump voters chose Biden as their second choice, which is highly unlikely. 

Trump won over Biden in 2020, 53-43. without ranked-choice voting in place.

Harrison has not responded to the request by at least one member of the DNC that the party consider the practical process for replacing Biden as the head of the ticket. James Zogby, senior member of the Democratic National Committee, said he wants to see “a unified, energized party with a lot of excitement because they were part of a historic process of change.” Zogby is president of the Arab American Institute. The process would begin with Biden dropping out, he said.

That may mean an open nomination process at the Democratic National Convention, which is just six weeks away.

Convention delegates, some pledged and some unpledged, cast votes during the convention until a candidate secures the 1,976 votes needed to secure the party nomination. Through the primary and caucus process at the state level, Biden has nearly 4,000 votes, as he is the presumed nominee.

According to Morning Consult, a polling company, a bulk of Democratic voters nationwide now say Biden should be replaced at the top of the ticket. Just 37% of voters say Biden is mentally fit, down 6 percentage points from a survey conducted just before the June 27 debate. Among Democratic voters, 68% say Biden is mentally fit, down 9 points from before the debate. Both numbers are the lowest on record since Morning Consult began asking the question in 2020. Read more at Morning Consult.

On July 3, Party Chairman Harrison wrote, “It was so great to see and hear from POTUS & VP! They are focused on winning this race! #StillRidingWithBiden.”

He also wrote, “Just pump the brakes. Polls and debates… if polls were the final say and debates were so definitive y’all would be calling me Senator right now. Stay Unified… Stay Focused (and good grief some of y’all should Stay Off [television] to Beat Donald Trump! #StillRidingWithBiden24.”

The next day, Harrison seemed to contradict himself by reposting the thoughts of a Democrat Party ally: “Biden’s age and poor debate showing is obviously a legit story, but what we’ve seen over the last week is a hysterical feeding frenzy aimed at some combination of self-vindication, settling old scores, claiming a scalp, and the desire of some in the media to have Trump back in power. If Biden can’t campaign he should consider passing the torch, but the elite press (and especially the NYT) is desperately trying to will this into existence. And it’s really gross.”


  1. Only ballots count. Only ballots count. Only ballots count! And the DNC has sufficient ballots generated to guarantee victory for Dementia Joe (and Mary) to guarantee victory. Remember, people vote, in person, with valid ID, but anyone can make a ballot, often with just a keystroke. Look at Anchorage.

    • That is exactly why the Dems cannot dump Biden at this point. The cost to reprint all the pre-filled out ballots would be staggering.

  2. If you look at the number of government employees, the number of people that are dependent on government hand outs, the number of people that do NOT work but are supported wholly by taxpayers and printed money, it is not hard to believe that the state could go for Biden. Too few of Americans understand how the United States came to be, nor do they understand that the US Constitution was not written to enable the government to rule our lives, but to PREVENT that very thing. Our country is in a terrible place where the independent person with drive and ambition is in the minority and the new majority believes in coasting, with government driving their lives.

  3. Democrats still think Alaskans are really stupid. They’re counting on it. With selfish Nancy Dahlstrom in Nick Begich’s congressional run, you have to think that Nancy Dahlstrom’s small band of supporters ARE actually stupid.

  4. The sun has set on the President and it isn’t going up ( sundowners) if he had any love for this country and not money he would step aside Jill should be ashamed of herself I worked as a Nurse until 81. I knew when to quit.

  5. Does anyone have the number of illegals that are now here in the state of Alaska? Isn’t it between 11,000 to 17,000 or maybe even more? Just think of how many of those are now Biden voters.
    Alaskan voters have been apathetic in getting out to vote and the democratic regime is counting on this. The illegals will win the vote for the democrats if Conservatives don’t get out and vote ON Election Day.

    Don’t vote early because this will give the democrats a chance to figure out how many ballots they need to print up before the election.
    Vote on Election Day! Take the day off if you need to. Stand in line. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT CONSERVATIVES.

  6. Wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss Chairman Jaime’s optimism about Biden winning Alaska.
    How can it happen, one might ask?
    A clue as to how it might happen appears in: “Federal court orders Alaska to reveal data from controversial voter registration system”.

  7. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” George Orwell


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